0:00:10hello everyone
0:00:14so this dish and with the those from dean that think those from the intense
0:00:19for this year phone would be starting in just a few minutes
0:00:23i just have the few things to step to the interns before the session starts
0:00:31a so if you are an inch and who's going to still doing decision a
0:00:35please see it in the first two words it would be easier to switch between
0:00:40the turks
0:00:47when we switch from once you don't we know that would be saying okay so
0:00:51next speaker will be blah and i would be giving the name of the students
0:00:56after that talk but that you can get ready to go is not very easy
0:00:59to move around the so please get ready in advance
0:01:03also for that i mean this not going to be nice sounds like waves or
0:01:10birds or anything "'cause" it you don't have time to wear it
0:01:13some i mean i will be showing signs first you'd be screen that which means
0:01:19you have ten seconds left
0:01:21and then when you are done with the time she will be like showing very
0:01:25high the
0:01:27that i would have time signs to tell you these quickly finish on if you
0:01:32could finish in twenty or thirty seconds if you get to see that sign it
0:01:36should be great
0:01:38you are doing that might just be
0:01:41and we have a pick up to switch slides so that is whites
0:01:48so right is means a button next slide on that means go to the first
0:01:54and i think that's it's
0:01:57what the image it's
0:01:59so we can get started
0:02:04i mean are you want to so if you was before we start or not
0:02:08okay so at things tool you always should done for all your good work on
0:02:13this year this summer on is very nice to have you here in a what
0:02:21and thanks for all the other people who came to see you present your work
0:02:26and say on an expand much are working on but expecting stuff them is going
0:02:32to get thanks to be a lot
0:02:34and we are going to start with our first you don't who isn't and then
0:02:39and the next you don't will be i casablanca
0:03:06hello i am aren't on and i'm from your letters is this is my second
0:03:11here in the summer of course and i'm working on proxy and it in for
0:03:17P T V proxy it in is ability just well
0:03:23origin our video clips by well resolution we deal rocks as the process
0:03:31more suited for dating
0:03:34but the performance
0:03:36more stable playback
0:03:39then as oregano full-quality clips will be use it only for exporting and then
0:03:46this is great when you cave is G we don't
0:03:50and your computer is not
0:03:53well for an hour to handle realtime playback
0:03:57or when you read a lot
0:03:59over effects on them
0:04:03the T V use
0:04:06gas my first it is to implement and you a P I N G S
0:04:12i have already implemented transporting from or denounce
0:04:16to process
0:04:18and sum up to work
0:04:22i could completed the api design for the tomb and scenes from my slide
0:04:28my know what S as automatic mode and
0:04:32hello venues is to choose which we joke leaps a
0:04:36must use proxy it in this calls thank you know
0:04:50so the next speaker will be i guess when and after i just and a
0:04:54company would be presenting his work
0:05:10so hello everyone my name is what actually in got and like it would like
0:05:14it to be a part of with some of code if you're looking normal
0:05:17and working on events so for those of you
0:05:21don't know the name actually events of the document data which we haven't norm and
0:05:26my project is about adding a bookshelf your recent documents and i'd rendering grievance
0:05:35first of all let me just to fabric like we need a bookshelf
0:05:39so for the main thing is that it provides a better user experience for of
0:05:43accessing the recently opened documents then it looks very cooler than a blank window and
0:05:48it can easy add get kind of ideal for showing more documents rather than a
0:05:54right decent buys many a very can probably only see four to five
0:05:57so there is a screenshot of whatever had been implemented already and you have just
0:06:02nice big some names of every document that you have these and a lot of
0:06:05you but events
0:06:07and the menu the to the do that in a simplified and we don't have
0:06:11the regular tool but which is that in the events when you open up a
0:06:16now this is the first combat in which everyone does when they see the screenshot
0:06:20all when i talk about this project every to that so i would like apply
0:06:24to fire but i think this presentation is the perfect time to do this and
0:06:29so the view all of the people behind events is that the it is not
0:06:34the same as long document and it is not the beginning the functionality which is
0:06:38because of the this view which we are using you know just for the recently
0:06:42view document and
0:06:44specifically you just but you vent better than all documents you have it for all
0:06:49the documented you have that
0:06:51so it's not the same and the use case it's quite different the next part
0:06:56and talk about briefly is that i surrendering which is the next media part of
0:07:00me with someone of court internship we need time rendering because currently the we events
0:07:05odin does the documents the maximum them level is four hundred percent and for the
0:07:13documents that big it is it is even less it so we need to make
0:07:17efficient use of memory and i think the challenges which will be is to get
0:07:20it working for the V is more like do will continuous presentation and everything and
0:07:25get it make sure there is fast enough and think it with the scrolling and
0:07:29and actually make use memory properly so and this is the last but
0:07:35i the things i learned well working on this project is that the just ask
0:07:39people if you are unsure i don't because it and
0:07:42be patient it's not like the people to look in your that will you doing
0:07:47then if you to scott about just white it instantly because might forget it all
0:07:52the last part is actually old recorded programming in C I and you it was
0:07:56theoretically possible to but i'd never done before and
0:07:59that's it thank you for listening to me
0:08:10so they speak your is that is on a company and after him we will
0:08:13hear awareness and karen died and then
0:08:29a time and some complaining shot an i am working on a dual screen presented
0:08:36to in leave you by means
0:08:43i think this is good because you having such as to doesn't rely on what
0:08:49you used to write your presentation so open office has this feature but you have
0:08:53to write just like we'd open office and maybe you're writing with something else
0:08:58them in class is basic basically gtd box
0:09:03and we pack need this slide view and some good is
0:09:10this nice view is basically custom widget and you have the current slide and the
0:09:16next slide
0:09:18and we use lots of stuff from ravines for example if you this is jobs
0:09:24for and they're the pages
0:09:28mm what we're going to back with this is presented notes so you don't forget
0:09:33what you have to say he and a time very so you you're not afraid
0:09:38of talking too much because you know when you started and maybe something else just
0:09:44we can think about
0:09:47this is how it looks like i'm sorry for this creation because the white background
0:09:53doesn't help but you can see on the top left the couldn't slide and there
0:09:59are you can see the next slide and the notes on the right side of
0:10:04course it lot some graphics but we we're going to get a better
0:10:13okay so there's ice you what it is working the notes are working to we
0:10:19just need how to you just need to figure out who and how to write
0:10:25notes i had some interesting so it shots in this they we had some people
0:10:31that help me being a body but there's some design stuff to do so if
0:10:38you have ideas on happy to hear it
0:10:42okay thank you
0:10:52can you hear me okay next be guys going to be i would now and
0:10:56after i would be listening to build that in two but
0:11:14hi on the documentation intern and my presentation score like ducks the cool that's just
0:11:20a reference to the documentation to is that we use which is dull and mel
0:11:24a sword all this is really i think this complicated beautiful bird represents topic where
0:11:30you will because the whole book is a manual base format so if you're looking
0:11:34to get well to a particular head page we'd have to flip through the pages
0:11:38of the manual suggests imaginable and you want to get to a page some in
0:11:42the middle of the but you'd have to flip through all the pages that come
0:11:45before that particular page to actually get to that get to that page mad as
0:11:49well as represented by the i can it's for the list user the question for
0:11:55so it index place had so you can just click on a particular page that
0:11:59you want to see at that but at that point of time and just get
0:12:03the job done and you're done with it
0:12:06so that's the main point of using matter for user a you don't let things
0:12:10overwhelm you just look at the task we just as necessary
0:12:15so what the main thing in documentation is the paying attention to do you do
0:12:20this is a lot of stuff the remember the huge X it probably makes sense
0:12:24so we don't use american capitalisation be used british capitalisation be doing use british spelling
0:12:32use american spelling and there is you can you know it out us contraction do
0:12:38you suppose that's the you know things like you can see it or you or
0:12:41and he's she's your pc it is you are key is she is and you
0:12:46can use apostrophes value to think the objects they can see the keys shape of
0:12:51the people's colour your pc the shape of the key and colour deeper and things
0:12:54like that so there are some parts of documentation that is also compute complicated
0:13:00yes it about that until now is the board of the head for all these
0:13:05applications to matter some go well
0:13:08that's for a little normally the then known problems i hope some of you will
0:13:12be leading the meeting data by you're using games
0:13:18i am working on device you that had it in the dog will format and
0:13:24you're creating a really comprehensive not out here that's about sixty to sixty five pages
0:13:29at once i'm done with this ad be working on the head for it right
0:13:34so thank you that's nice if
0:13:43so next be carries but then a after he will be listening to can the
0:13:48so i don't know
0:13:59hi everybody i'm able bunch a bottle i'm from romania and i'm here us part
0:14:04of the logo summer for a school project
0:14:07J's for is my mentor hand helps me
0:14:10sorry and helps me on creating a new avatar peak or dialogue
0:14:16maybe you wonder why we need a new avatar speaker that's because currently it looks
0:14:20like this it's a created with the G T K manual widget and it doesn't
0:14:26really look like non cheese tied and because it will be used in so many
0:14:31places like initial set up control centre contacts and so on we have to implement
0:14:37the new design something like this
0:14:41also i will work on the utility part tool because now if or users what
0:14:47user want to choose a new avatar his mainly three options to smooth speaker starcube
0:14:55major we provide to browse is five system to select one of his photos or
0:15:00to take a picture with his webcam but there are instances where and this is
0:15:05not enough and the solution for this is to fetch his profile pictures from online
0:15:10accounts like baseball we will blast avatar everything that can be found in a not
0:15:16know norm online account
0:15:19also i would change the way that the choosing a file from the computer works
0:15:25because now it's it simply opens a new window a file chooser dialogue and i'll
0:15:32make it part of the actual avatar peak or something like
0:15:37the way how you choose a new background from of old so this is pretty
0:15:41much all about it i'll keep you posted on planet normal how it works thank
0:15:46you very much
0:15:57as the next big ice colours and after him we would have your guinea booking
0:16:03hi my name is kind of for the and i'm working in the know miss
0:16:07a lot because
0:16:09clean the sign has some problem for example i guess assumption that that's you scroll
0:16:15rate which makes it very difficult to set for navigation so we have to resource
0:16:19list you have bad lot
0:16:21also collects jumps our percent that that's elderly then that overlaps the main deal like
0:16:27games so it's very difficult to navigate to the bait so i'm sorry so the
0:16:34maybe you for the collection so it's not that good that's right
0:16:39so we will send you assign that's it on the idea of pages
0:16:43you can see here that it just indicate or
0:16:45and you can be the icons to navigate through the pages also implement up i
0:16:50think we which makes this basing and a comes themselves to this cannot that planning
0:16:55is can faces
0:16:56also with the work the connection response which now taking control the other the C
0:17:03E with they used to give to action
0:17:06i'll so we will make the icons the overall design
0:17:10now collect don't open i in line
0:17:13for example if you click the sound the icon in the second row
0:17:18you can see that the role of the i can move to the top and
0:17:21owl very dense grows old site the real to give and all first place to
0:17:26look like sympathy
0:17:27if collection percent be we at the scroll bar
0:17:31i'll so you can see that the items now i don't line to them angry
0:17:35following the minus doctor
0:17:38in conclusion we had to five at the user experience we it's makes that or
0:17:44i please and body talked really
0:17:48in the other hand we did that this approach for an use kind size out
0:17:52that if implementation of know michelle
0:17:54to finish i want to science for em for the house and they to if
0:17:59need the opportunity and the idea to work that summary in the you know and
0:18:05that go for you smoke i hope you enjoy you might work and that for
0:18:08your attention
0:18:17i well not going to listen to your guinea and after name i will be
0:18:20listening to fled so we waited this
0:18:32hello my name is if any booking and i would like to introduce you briefly
0:18:36my contribution
0:18:39you can clocks
0:18:40we work in a glass collaboration was it norms nineteen especially with L and a
0:18:46in here so works as a lot of the
0:18:50google some of god
0:18:52and things amazing this project X
0:18:55probably and
0:18:57it is me next thing and my mentor bolivar really and we both work for
0:19:04so in the smalltalk i would like
0:19:07to give you a basic overview what can clocks actually is and show some of
0:19:12the upcoming futures
0:19:14so he you see
0:19:17some screen shots of for
0:19:21major months basic properly aligned so you can
0:19:28clock work lock for your desired location you can have multiple alarms enabled and there
0:19:36is also stopwatch and at the time their functionality labelled
0:19:41so that's it and one of the things
0:19:46we have done is the new selection button
0:19:49rework so once you click on the action button your find selection lot and there
0:19:56is no way to escape you should do an action because it writes the close
0:20:02so in the top where you have more options to select items
0:20:06and the bottom bar there is
0:20:11content sections in the case of listing collection it is a line to the right
0:20:20as a next future
0:20:23is the C D images support
0:20:25so it's meant so that there are two images one a day like in one
0:20:30night so want to click connect
0:20:33once a week on it is john in the background right now are only is
0:20:38the local storage is appointment that's so next that would be the where the flicker
0:20:45another future for example which cannot be probably shown on the screenshot is a location
0:20:54support thing going clocks it is meant so that if you have an internet connection
0:20:59than able
0:21:04based on it you know what occasion is
0:21:09discover it
0:21:11based on your T so
0:21:13a new clock will be added automatically to the basic you and
0:21:22if it's
0:21:26so it can be added permanently so if you wish
0:21:31so that's actually all and i would like the thank you for your attention
0:21:48so the next speaker is that after her show is that it would be presenting
0:21:52his work
0:22:07i love it i should to come from italy yes message name that's what and
0:22:12who is not i hear you can and an idea appeal be a P a
0:22:17P W intern we kind of sound then ser and increase not and i work
0:22:23of course a marketing team i was and i can them round for still their
0:22:31own five sorry the winter two hundred thirteen
0:22:35okay i you participate a in the marketing team and then what it or to
0:22:39do it was to give my i i'm a journalist a so i try to
0:22:44bring my experience in the marketing team in both in the internal and external communication
0:22:51i think that generally in the normal and the in generally known in the open
0:22:55source of there is the they are very good converse about if a lot of
0:23:00the communication so what to try to do is bring a nice try to have
0:23:06the community to know what's a bargaining or what's cooking around making a sound interview
0:23:13and for example i have i interview them i can about the new feature in
0:23:18the new feature of thing of doing coming and release and reading some articles in
0:23:27which a spain
0:23:29some few torsos what we are going what we are developing a and the boston
0:23:34accent not communication and helping trying to view my helping them right in the personalities
0:23:41and sometimes the social networking associate communication now
0:23:46i'm it is a research a research about the to trap what that percent the
0:23:51here but i am very happy about this and i try to focus on to
0:23:56focus was the most important problem then you com could the face when they're right
0:24:01when they doing that and it in you community and the of course the that
0:24:07depends from the kind of types a new comments and of course the type of
0:24:13and the kind of or floss communities i try to announce them the that was
0:24:20provided by non foreign you comments it's a impressed especially number L A's the quick
0:24:26to start of course a backtracking and of course try to highlight the importance of
0:24:32the membership and in every steps of the of the outreach
0:24:38this is was main where i hope that you enjoy you know we could be
0:24:42useful for thank you
0:24:53rhino going to listen to show his and after him really here can to from
0:25:04okay hello everyone i'm sure is about it and i am working on P T
0:25:09V on the project called motion ramping so basically i'm another one from the french
0:25:15conspiracy in P G
0:25:17okay so
0:25:20how is it going to look slide on the U I side the first implementation
0:25:26that i'm doing is to simply speak to keep and apply your rates
0:25:31it's almost implemented now and it's easy to use so i think we'll keep it
0:25:39the next thing is to use and key frames that much implemented which is for
0:25:46example use we use to control the volume over time and it with the simply
0:25:52control the rates here
0:25:54it could be pretty intuitive to use
0:25:58the next possible implementation which jeff talked about is to just
0:26:06take two points and extend or reduce the size of the kid so it would
0:26:13just change their duration and it's very easy to use and i think very intuitive
0:26:20alright and so on the back inside it's mainly work on the G streamer and
0:26:27so on this tumour i change the V there right element to either rate purposely
0:26:33and this is already done
0:26:36so now we can already change the video speed and there's also some work to
0:26:42do on the audio proper see to change the right as well and it would
0:26:47be probably on the scale temple plug in
0:26:51on gas the work to do that i've already partly done is to simply add
0:26:58the elements that i'd change to the pipeline and
0:27:03and just to fix bugs
0:27:06okay in the next cool things that i could do i don't know it's just
0:27:11an idea but it could be frame interpolation for example or for time lapses to
0:27:17have this move view do we would just interpolate frames if the frame rate is
0:27:23tool for example
0:27:24okay so thank you everyone
0:27:35so next big ice can F and at after he will you send to and
0:27:39then you're gonna secure
0:27:47hello everyone my name is called level and i'm starting at the called number encumbered
0:27:55sweden a in the ish almost university of technology
0:27:59this summer i'm participating in the summer of go program
0:28:05and i'm working on system settings
0:28:10my mentor is see shun
0:28:21i haven't talked the top in the front the public a for a long time
0:28:25so i'm a little bit nervous
0:28:28and i'm at i'm working on that the date and time panel
0:28:33and implement think a new deciding at and they is the designer who's been working
0:28:39on that can system settings and he has recently well not so we recently over
0:28:45the several last releases redesigned the pretty much it the full of the gnome conference
0:28:54centre and now it's taken time bandits with design so what i'm doing is i
0:29:03am implementing the new we shall the design in the can conference centre
0:29:10and i'm also implement think i geolocation support in can ohms
0:29:16gnome settings them on
0:29:18the way it would work you set is that
0:29:23for instance if you have a laptop and travel to another country
0:29:26it would automatically pick up that all any time zones it changes this pretty much
0:29:32say be basic feature that them almost all of the
0:29:37phones have but it's still so far missing in that can also
0:29:42we are we are going to be on par with the without our mobile devices
0:29:48i have some screen shots year this is the
0:29:53main or real of the new panel and
0:29:58clicking on different roles opens up the new
0:30:02some of windows
0:30:04for instance so i think the setting the time itself and
0:30:08and when something changes can on channel is going to display modifications like
0:30:18well the first row is the is the best example for instance if you have
0:30:24travel to another country than it it's going to show going to tell you about
0:30:28the about that the
0:30:30that it has speak about the time zone changes
0:30:34well course that's not me anymore
0:30:37so thank you are about the and it's been a very bright flash our seeing
0:30:42care all the wheel
0:30:54so this is eleven with going to give the next okay and after i will
0:30:59be listening to much as banks and
0:31:07leaning an event but since and i mean initially and id socks today and nine
0:31:13then there is not quite a
0:31:15and i'm not convinced you do you compress you'll our what is do you compose
0:31:21it's an education so that
0:31:23for this year is that what do any
0:31:27it's a it's all about out it just you compress we have olympia only of
0:31:33having i do and was a so you right
0:31:36and for a meeting doubled using examine and for mentors using X M and
0:31:42and i had a
0:31:44sample for eczema mentors
0:31:47it's as easy as possible but i knew are can deal with that
0:31:52and it also contains in the end a combination with them that
0:31:55and this is a sample for
0:31:58how easy it is possible to create a graphic items using by do canvas
0:32:04just furious you can created done that a lot of the ship you want to
0:32:09then these are that in this sure what i have that
0:32:13and i'm gonna be looking on complete assimilation activity
0:32:17and show you can expect as many as i think back to this a good
0:32:21you competition
0:32:23and yes i use my finals like before ending up i would like to time
0:32:27all the
0:32:29no be because obviously like i'm that that's a mentality and so don't like this
0:32:34concert i think i don't i then i don't know many financing example hey
0:32:42and there is it for our nice it for right and i think that like
0:32:46that i mean they do you don't know thank you angela
0:32:56so they speak
0:33:17so if the it's a question so this is much as and have to him
0:33:22will be hearing meg last night so we but then that's
0:33:29i'm bernard was
0:33:31okay so my name is not just been some i'm working on trip planning in
0:33:36maps so i've been kind of working on maps for since forced on this year
0:33:42a little bit about the only
0:33:45but started really now doing some of code and the reason most rules to work
0:33:50on trip i'm having is that i think it's really important to have a
0:33:53well functioning map supplication in on the gnome desktop because that's more becoming
0:33:59like a common that for all other platforms
0:34:03next is
0:34:06okay so i might scope is divided into steps i'm trying to like the first
0:34:12step that i was supposed to be finished by now
0:34:16was about having support for getting roads in maps for walking biking and
0:34:22and driving a car and the next step for the supposedly going to start working
0:34:30on or hopefully going to be able to finish after that is public transportation like
0:34:35buses and trains and stuff like that knots aeroplanes
0:34:38and next please
0:34:40and so the first step up
0:34:43for walking in writing courses that race is done by service called always are and
0:34:50more open source routing machine that's a really big fat service that unfortunately norm probably
0:34:59cant's host for ourselves right now so we using an idea most server that they
0:35:03are allowing us to use
0:35:06and open source routing machines based on purely
0:35:11open straight map vector data and that's very good coverage a so some is
0:35:17growing really fast these days
0:35:22next please
0:35:24and the next one is for the public transportation and i decided for the scope
0:35:30of my product to work with a plug in interface for accessing a different local
0:35:37services for this there's other work the other possibilities for this in the future that
0:35:42i want to look at specifically G T F S that or general trance it's
0:35:47feed specification that is made by google
0:35:50because more of the wordless getting support for dcf that's like sweden has support for
0:35:56all of all sweden has G T F S data
0:36:00next please
0:36:02so this is so it looks right now i don't know if you can see
0:36:06about the there are also some for us just about select the you are darts
0:36:11right now but it's still finished so like the world is not supposed to be
0:36:16connected in them but straight red line for example but it's work in progress the
0:36:23is working work my is
0:36:27it's a you my notes i'm sorry but got "'em" a bit sidetracked on locations
0:36:34like work or place sorry
0:36:37next slide please
0:36:39so please join us we need help we need more developers thank you bye
0:36:52so next be carries make that enter and after i would be listening to my
0:36:56question like that is you
0:37:07i schuyler and it is it to you that in the main thing take a
0:37:12zinc had checking in and then shell my name selected and then and that's the
0:37:17outline you to look at the unlike in five you of your desktop and then
0:37:23and nicely you retry from anyway that and wouldn't have too much difficulty says it
0:37:28and to having around to get the widgets and that then i would like you
0:37:34to the cat and the evening the view at T times might be vacation which
0:37:39is the and there is definitely of magnification that you can get and
0:37:45with the magnify a and you'll find that and three quarters of your test all
0:37:51the and you can see and so if you wanna talk to which it or
0:37:57something like that and you would have to sort of use the mouse can navigate
0:38:02around which and a higher levels of magnification becomes much more difficult because you can
0:38:11see less and less and it's is actually quite annoying say and try it and
0:38:18see what it's like and the same problem with them and if you're writing a
0:38:24document and you'll find that when you typing off the page and it the viewer
0:38:32father and
0:38:34and i so you'll have to use the mouse again to navigate and not can
0:38:39be quite annoying especially your quite false type and you would have to keep stopping
0:38:47to kind of
0:38:49to get so that be and just try it "'cause" it's quite it's quite easy
0:38:57to just turn it on and see how frustrating is and so that's what my
0:39:04projects about it's about solving that problem and to do this and we change and
0:39:11add to the A P I and in them in a very "'cause" syncat saccharine
0:39:16javascript which is and then kind of done and that's like a will admit notifications
0:39:24and it will idea met them to clients that connect to so it doesn't it
0:39:31doesn't in the any notifications and i sent and some things connected to it like
0:39:36the magnify a and is the size of the a long term maybe for the
0:39:42key the keyboard thing and all so we
0:39:47thank you for listening that was my project implementing make a signal attacking fey name
0:39:52shell and my might elements come to the accessibility well on the six i think
0:39:59is that okay and i think he all right
0:40:11so the next week your remote course on after him this would be much as
0:40:15you portion
0:40:21hello everybody i'm our customers studying reconcile for putting like what we know
0:40:28and easy are your green working on are really signing on whiting one tutors later
0:40:34what i'm big on my search for a simple some of cold i discover like
0:40:39to translate was used only by a few people
0:40:44i think that is because it hasn't know future as that
0:40:48it make a different with our system tools are also recorded cost very important box
0:40:57our remote being sold it's easy
0:41:00so i decided to write a new application
0:41:03where in the main goals are making it a very robust but also that it
0:41:10will be easy to write a new pattern centre stations that made rectification read i
0:41:17also decide to write a combat a because
0:41:20i want to
0:41:22this is in language in chorus people and that's a new corner to
0:41:28to you can to real do you know because i think that
0:41:32writing code in C with the object is quite a more difficult
0:41:37and what this is the current state those of the application
0:41:42it's quite similar to the i know that you just later application
0:41:48made it into because different are these
0:41:51and i called deep so that dies think that show
0:41:55show that just later that maybe them the messages and i think the slates it
0:42:00has something we're all
0:42:02another thing for us number one i modify they use interface and you let many
0:42:08of our hourly and the tool bar diane are there about that i think that
0:42:12is more another shot i
0:42:16well that's it
0:42:18thank you so much
0:42:28so it speak i would be match a i don't have to him will be
0:42:31listening to make for
0:42:52this works better i guess i mentioned abortion and i've also been working
0:42:58general bug fixing in P T V and the yet
0:43:07i was the one who actually introduced all these new bugs two years ago so
0:43:11i felt like i had to fix them
0:43:16so i'm gonna explain the general process life although to fix bugs
0:43:21which is this
0:43:24i we we've been what writing and integration this student which that's this trimmer for
0:43:32i from what i level and with them been working on fixing the bugs we
0:43:37observed with that
0:43:40integration based you
0:43:43this is an example of what i did a currently if you use video mixer
0:43:48i'm sorry
0:43:50you can see of your mixer in the middle and the fact is that for
0:43:55now you can to mix different formats
0:43:58we with the current state of video mixers so i guess just rimmer people we
0:44:04might understand better what i'm talking about but this is an example of the bugs
0:44:08i'm currently fixing
0:44:11this is one bucket just fixed and i'm working on a lot of sort of
0:44:18like or
0:44:19likes a lot
0:44:30so in not be listening to make it and after her i will listen to
0:44:35bit a risk is a nice
0:44:37just a quick announcement for the students wanting to speak after where from though there
0:44:43is a contra screen here showing the same thing as on the screen so you
0:44:46can just look here if you want to know what's being display at the moment
0:44:53and i nine and i for
0:44:57and i and at can around slash G stream are at the percent of code
0:45:04and this summer i'm writing a new sound recorder for you know and my mentors
0:45:11semester and road and radar that's re has man doing the markets for me
0:45:18so what am i working right i can't even remember and so that creates basically
0:45:28a special directory or special recording directory and then automatic automatically saves the recordings to
0:45:37that directory and then a on startup i have i used you file info and
0:45:43then also G stream or discover to go through and collect information about each of
0:45:49the files and then i just lay that information now a that
0:45:55the first part of the U I that i've been working on and i display
0:45:58the information basic information on the list you and then i have different buttons so
0:46:04that you can do things like till the show more information about your file go
0:46:09to a place screen where you can play your file and then i also am
0:46:13planning to implement sharing
0:46:16and the recorder allows you to record either in
0:46:23flat mp3 a see a or opus
0:46:29and so i finished the backend code for the road we record and playback functions
0:46:36and two weeks ago last week i finished my first iteration of there's a probably
0:46:42need some more work and this week and beginning to work on the waveform window
0:46:49which use on the first markup and i'm using a G stream or do gas
0:46:56and cairo to implement the waveform window and when that's finished i'm going to a
0:47:02display the waveform window as you saw for recording and then also for playback and
0:47:09allow editing up by pulling and things like that
0:47:16i think i'm kind of interested in is and for sharing a media got mine
0:47:21actually has an intern this amateur a P W is writing and you at high
0:47:26and send interested in possibly doing media gobbling sharing and also things like you to
0:47:35and probably so that's the future thank you
0:47:54as and they students is the terrace and after him really listen to that information
0:48:05higher one
0:48:09the my name is but there's response i'm a four time and google some of
0:48:14course to than the to the second time for we know
0:48:18my mentors are for live with and all and the superpower kermit one round of
0:48:27the so i am i didn't google task support to ali G that which is
0:48:34a proper library for all things google protocols
0:48:40and i think also to the evolution so we can all of a fonn sharing
0:48:48our task list with the bit google
0:48:51but for open source it's up and then away so who cares
0:48:56okay so that little bit on my by itself i am using the norm for
0:49:01quite a long time
0:49:03and the one day some six years ago a decided to start have jack can
0:49:10test everything so
0:49:13a little bit about the salt are involved in my work is lee G that
0:49:17so i said it's a library
0:49:20evolution is application but are actually that tasks apart could be seen
0:49:27and it E in some support maybe someone will add
0:49:31also application where the tasks can be simply seen there is more cups for that
0:49:39and the google tasks is the first although new
0:49:43up a protocol format which google normal force
0:49:49and it's a in G song
0:49:52and that's the one of the mind tasks but my work was still a G's
0:49:57on support to them
0:49:59well E G that
0:50:01and the that's was is almost on also then specifically google task support which is
0:50:11much less more because them up most
0:50:15of the work is too hot G zone
0:50:18and that's is all also almost done
0:50:21currently testing things
0:50:24and no i'm started to cut convolution so we at the and the project we
0:50:29could have this support in this devolution version thank you
0:50:42so next be carry spamming and after him will be listening to process X in
0:50:52i am but in and i am here to introduce you to load the word
0:50:56of G D G online though that application for getting things know that screenshot of
0:51:01thing and that's and example page all of our customer the display at a you
0:51:07can then choose to modify then jane that you would it's or team that speakers
0:51:11from active than but except
0:51:13that's i don't know that will take you to the different for adults and a
0:51:17also fill that's based on X
0:51:21creating new tasks has been completely revamped in gtd online you can now create one
0:51:26ask please instead of just a task at a time i have said that controls
0:51:30to be as easy as possible much but they go to the next up us
0:51:36should present a bit of the description more and start and you want to you
0:51:40what is what i'm getting started units
0:51:44connecting with the users is also another important aspect of gtd on line and you
0:51:49can search users my name email and add them to a groups you can add
0:51:53custom groups as we requirements and also said that allows us so that you can
0:51:59identify as easily as possible after you have added users story or groups you can
0:52:04then share tasks with them
0:52:07or the left is that by sharing dialogue and you can join spanish at a
0:52:11cost either with the whole group or specific users or any combination you want
0:52:16that's right i'm not sure that ask be is it will only be shown if
0:52:21you if any cost has been shared with you or you have shared it does
0:52:25with someone else
0:52:27doesn't it is contains a own on connected users and ask lot a small with
0:52:33people track of each and every mortification there is been me to the task and
0:52:37so you can easily find out what and the whole bit of what changes
0:52:42thanks to is about remote control and then my and from michael mentor line the
0:52:48record for customer them or comes i will not work on synchronisation and signals in
0:52:54your customers do the john lennon got and that's completed you thank you
0:53:06so next speaker is so and after where we will listen to refer from second
0:53:15hi i'm would so i'm an L P W been done this yet and i'm
0:53:18working on improving unknowns you i found which is kinda that so do that i've
0:53:26been pondering the pretty of straightforward work flow which i talked might be interesting for
0:53:32all if you because i guess and if you're typeface designers so i begin with
0:53:37a lot of testing which usually involves printing the fallen in various sizes in a
0:53:43lot of text in different combinations and stating a date for very long very closely
0:53:48to see whether shapes don't look right or if they're not space property or if
0:53:53you know something is just plain wrong obviously
0:53:56the next step then is research if it's required if a shape is incorrect and
0:54:03i don't you know how it should be i'll you know to for two more
0:54:06language and script resources to see how it should be john and look at a
0:54:10lot of other good quality phones to see what kind of situations they have implemented
0:54:15for that the problem and the band i would move on to the actual enjoying
0:54:22and spacing off the font which probably takes up the largest amount of effort so
0:54:28first i'd go over the and collect all the outlines and then see if
0:54:34the cliff is based correctly which would mean that if it was in text it
0:54:39doesn't look like that is too much space you don't on the less or on
0:54:42the right
0:54:44so that's what i'm doing and during the internship i hope to basically look at
0:54:51all the latin and see really that exists currently and see if there's any improvement
0:54:55second me done it make a knitted any corrections
0:54:58next at sign add some monotonic a peak support in both uppercase and lowercase and
0:55:05hopefully also
0:55:07start throwing the beginnings of a lightweight for kinda to so that's that thank you
0:55:23so we are going to listen to refer and after him i would be listening
0:55:28to recharge fourteen
0:55:32i'm a i'm rockwell my projects about what working the colour measure management from you
0:55:39know to will and western
0:55:43and so first we need to define what a colour profile is and to put
0:55:48it simply is a set of data that describes the colour at remotes up a
0:55:52device different device i have a different colour profiles and you might want to convert
0:55:58between them for example if we want to show to the user and what one
0:56:03team if you will look like when printed on a paper
0:56:07maybe it's
0:56:10a little bit hard to see here because the colour space of the it actually
0:56:13is different from the colour space of the monitor but that you make you on
0:56:16the that is being displayed with the current colour profile and the image on the
0:56:22right is slightly different because it uses a different profile
0:56:26right now the colour profile information is it starts on the as a knock at
0:56:32about of the X server window
0:56:34so it doesn't work on whale and rest of
0:56:38and we want this conversion to be as efficiently as possible
0:56:43and for that reason
0:56:45and my project is to write a shaded so the colour conversion can run on
0:56:50the gpu and with this we sort of the ephesians problem and also to heart
0:56:56into waylon weston and not place applications that use the
0:57:01that use colour profiles so they can talk to each other and applications like dean
0:57:07our image viewers can get from day
0:57:11grab survey what colour profile it's be incorrectly used thank you
0:57:23so which at is going to speak right now and after him will be listening
0:57:27to assembled
0:57:42i spoke to have here
0:57:46things google
0:57:48so you may remember me from the last two years
0:57:52and emails remember my little furry friend
0:58:03i have to confess she does most of the work and i just sat around
0:58:07like enjoying conferences
0:58:10so what am i doing this year
0:58:13it's as easy to use
0:58:16that the right so the slides that's from twenty twelve
0:58:28okay so i'll be seeing you again later
0:58:40okay so he will give you start at the and when we sub decided sorry
0:58:44for the inconvenience
0:58:48okay and so that switching directly to the next speaker who is that somewhere
0:58:53and after him really listen to set the D that's
0:59:08you need comments lights
0:59:12i'm sample i'm talking about designer's usa which
0:59:18done a brilliant talk on
0:59:22well i like to do is to i'll see will now we need to design
0:59:26the user in mind
0:59:27and so i'd like to think about what the easiest most straightforward way to
0:59:32achieve each task is
0:59:35and then you have to ask if you commit that design without losing security which
0:59:40most of time you actually can
0:59:43us and my produces fixing on protecting documents on the uses local machine which means
0:59:49encrypting the photos of the choose to incorrect
0:59:52and then decrypt and then transparently on the fly
0:59:56so i first asked what is most streamlined design to encryption decrypt
1:00:01to in creates the most of what design is that's use the choice so you
1:00:06just right click on the folder also it's a menu option from the files application
1:00:12and clicking great
1:00:14and then to decrypt just open the folder and
1:00:18it just should just decrypt on the fly
1:00:21so in summary security shouldn't interfere with the user experience and nice on some cases
1:00:28it doesn't need to
1:00:29if you want to quickly grab of your are you can get a working also
1:00:33is plugged in
1:00:35thank you
1:00:45so that's going to be sent to set the D and after there will be
1:00:48listening to so we had we did
1:00:54i am show that be a i have been in nlp don't need any nostril
1:00:59a round fight a
1:01:02i was blinded by that's true and i worked on a joke or chili bowl
1:01:07like really so i implemented the server and the client of for all and now
1:01:14out of the you might be based tell you location information so this so i
1:01:21implemented this over and klein ford you i'd be biz it you information so these
1:01:25and i also implemented the side but for white a based information service the client
1:01:31is not completely it so maybe i'll be of pushing the changes sometime soon so
1:01:37that i thought i'd be this so this the way ready would return your L
1:01:43C D you mean the name of your C D the country it's not very
1:01:47acute it but say if you if you're right be is registered from born also
1:01:52to show that you're from brno but the wife at this point at is more
1:01:58accurate than the I P B is still so this so it to get return
1:02:03your let you do it long to do it and also the accuracy in this
1:02:06case i think there's so this quite acute it it's enough meters most will be
1:02:12so like photo P W i started wfsa in the of which stands for women
1:02:17in free software and cards and basically i was quite to over app and but
1:02:23my O P W experience it was quite remarkable so i wanted to share my
1:02:28experience with other women in india to promote so of for some on them so
1:02:34that they can also start contributing start first start using then contribute to open source
1:02:40then i joined a job and then i have a if i have some time
1:02:44left and i lied in me i'm i plan to
1:02:47it's a take up new things learn new things thank you
1:03:00so the neck speaker we so we are and after her this would be another
1:03:04so we are some to protect
1:03:15hello everybody i'm some activity i'm from to politely had dividing yammering piano be to
1:03:20being done
1:03:21and are and guess think that vienna
1:03:24so my project is responsive design phone or website
1:03:29so what exactly is responsive design it's the use of C S media queries to
1:03:34adjust the layout and the content of your website according to the device it's you
1:03:41wouldn't so for example if you open i know website in your mobile phones right
1:03:47now it requires a lot of resizing scrolling here and there shows on then summed
1:03:52up and down to actually go to page you want to go to
1:03:56so unresponsive design provides so clean i need and probably to present your websites
1:04:05so how is it different from having a different mobile version for your website
1:04:10the problem is there are or you would
1:04:14the problem is there are used number of will mobile devices now available then you
1:04:19cannot create and number of lesions for and number of websites so responsive design basically
1:04:25tricks on only a single C S file and makes think that it's i consistent
1:04:30across all the available device sizes and make the overall double up main bug tracking
1:04:36everything easier
1:04:39so this was what is the response of design for what i've done in my
1:04:44internship there now is but we don't know website not or flash will be don't
1:04:49know it's not responsive i have used a couple of frameworks
1:04:55like responsive great like i've tried using responsive great and adopted us and finally ended
1:05:00with bootstrap
1:05:03spree user friendly lot of features customisable and life available community so it's not responsive
1:05:11it bootstrapping what
1:05:13and i think i am working in the responsiveness of the mean on website it's
1:05:17based on what press
1:05:19also thinking about some design changes so i'm working with the marketing community about the
1:05:25iraqi of the kind and the display so that's it
1:05:31these are some screenshot ask to how do website
1:05:36we eighties across the device sizes
1:05:38thank you i like to kind my mean perhaps specially and yes to be and
1:05:42now at alan everybody we help me out and have a good evening
1:05:59so this is so we are getting on stage afterwards will be listening to shiver
1:06:04in the or for works for most minimum so we surely put a
1:06:14hello everyone a some about that i'm currently working as an O B W and
1:06:18on the be web development team of know i'm just nelson and to be honest
1:06:22and was a mementos so and basically are working on the project to the lab
1:06:29on even bedside manager
1:06:32this basically of is made the life of the organisers you know of conferences easier
1:06:38be we have seen that every the basic conference system look what has the same
1:06:44basic requirements but every time you need to set of the websites from scratch and
1:06:48that requires a lot of work so we thought why not to solve this problem
1:06:52a so ugly i thinking of them nothing some basic modules a basic might is
1:06:59that would have some basic modules which every conference requires like the sessions module speakers
1:07:04modules with the organisers would be able to use very easily and set up a
1:07:10so you can see like there's the speaker module screenshot the organisers just have to
1:07:16do some basic details and it'll be ready be have not decided on what we
1:07:21are going to use as for the as for this be could also end up
1:07:27using some custom bows types from what press but to decide upon that
1:07:31the and also they having a customisable P so that over not all the conference
1:07:37website and have a basically out but we could be still be able to make
1:07:41some changes regarding say the cutout images the for wants so that look can be
1:07:50the one that had done so far includes basically i was asking around people who
1:07:56actually will be using it the basic needs to the system
1:08:00we have been researching on the bayes maybe assistance that can be used because they're
1:08:06also some existing once of you have to decide upon that and the basic is
1:08:11that design development on the team has started and we are also aiming at making
1:08:17the team response it so that the it will also works and all the smartphones
1:08:22and all the other devices
1:08:25so since that's insane tons of started the learning curve is just been awesome for
1:08:30me if you will by the technical stuff it so i had i've been be
1:08:34mainly looking one vote there is by researching on some system i have also what
1:08:39blue be andreas
1:08:41and in the team that meant i am also you be looking at the sponsors
1:08:45C S and the a probability opens that's coming to be it's been a great
1:08:51learning experience with the well the norm people they really had one specially men meant
1:08:56that i a be will be the web development team back but a lot about
1:09:00other things say i thank you everyone
1:09:11so with a speech your is she's really are on the or so
1:09:22hi every one i'm save money what dollar and i'm and outreach programming done with
1:09:28other non music i will be speaking for my school interns that is scientists number
1:09:35couldn't be here and so one need to speak for them do we are working
1:09:40together on music be able to be project is to and up with the successful
1:09:47application which plays music which searches your music which helps you organise your music the
1:09:54way you want that
1:09:56what we done so far we started out with bob big thing
1:10:02and we cleaned up of all the viewers which were implemented and bend a we
1:10:10started implementing both but when faced to be is to included selects a new and
1:10:16cleaning up and putting the you why did so that was a lot of learning
1:10:20we don't a lot of things and also we implemented selection you just you and
1:10:27of you started you moved on to implementing sort
1:10:32so i had a real experience i would just like this chatter experience we had
1:10:40so it's something i've been working on and at the now we have filtered sort
1:10:46i bought a i didn't a lot about why did not group will and i've
1:10:51been we i realised that you can about designers as much as you want and
1:11:03and whether than understand why they want what they want
1:11:07and so we implemented selection we implementing service there was there that then some very
1:11:16high like moments in my journey so far there is a and this three when
1:11:21you would sounded entry we had and we will and we we're are trying to
1:11:26see how the outlooks and by then and we will be i'd like crazy so
1:11:31i have learned not only O G Z S but by then and i've learned
1:11:37so much design that learn so much it i'd learn about
1:11:42and i like to find my mentors by demands that and we are so happy
1:11:48that i think i can speak for all three of us and turns that we
1:11:52are dying to still part of music in on even after the internship and then
1:12:00thank you
1:12:09so like speakers do or on the proper will listen to choose from you
1:12:28sell i'm single
1:12:30and this tacky slide was inspired by last year's liking talk slides
1:12:37sell to be honest i haven't put much effort into the slides because then i
1:12:42was busy fixing stuff on but the lot
1:12:46so i just talk about just screenshots and so you'll have to take my word
1:12:50and what i did there i my previous job around outreach program problem an intern
1:12:56for documentation team i wrote to use them anything else one was for your favourite
1:13:01application domino
1:13:06from looking like a pretty hard mass
1:13:09it when looking like hey i got me somehow
1:13:19sell terminals good to go now
1:13:22and dictionary
1:13:25so again a nice to pretty
1:13:31dingy sell a during the time of a object remember men i learned a lot
1:13:37about get doing we bases in messing around with branches i don't know why recording
1:13:44experience of mcmillan stock
1:13:46that so i decided to give it a shot in down here i am i'm
1:13:52this rounds google some of code students argue D
1:13:56in this is the gift do you like lion
1:14:00for both newcomers an expert users as a bunch of features already in there i
1:14:05could and like i said i'm lazy so i just a one big screenshot
1:14:10stop the features you are is might work from three G socks to G you
1:14:16know up to limit terms a the main formal top that i proposed in my
1:14:20T saw a application was
1:14:23that you will have a you why for a get format patch and are a
1:14:27you wife sorry you maybe if interactive
1:14:31so that's upcoming and the expand a buttons in that if you are might work
1:14:36and you can set your get user name and email so that's there are lots
1:14:42of other bug fixes for the history we you and stuff like that so i
1:14:50this was what i propose very good interactive re base that design is a bit
1:14:55want you still i'll be starting work on it soon you can clone G from
1:15:00get master and check out all the cool features that we have in tell if
1:15:05you want to help out there is of course the same channel irisa channel by
1:15:10the same name
1:15:11and dog doesn't mailing list as well in
1:15:15so i'll be tried in buttons another thing i did between these two internships was
1:15:22i try it's a couple of bucks a good G in i released dictionary because
1:15:27i found out that my health that i will was not available for people to
1:15:32see so i said let's do it let's release this thing and i didn't know
1:15:37dictionary really still and like the unofficial mending apparently no cell
1:15:50so i'll be doing themselves like a and if you want to know what you
1:15:54can find me a nasty channels
1:15:57thank you
1:16:05to the speakers differently and after work this will be run into models
1:16:14hi everyone just me out and the marketing intern as part of their P W
1:16:21program and my men to already more than amazing island and three
1:16:27and my an internship began with looking for ways to start contributing and landing on
1:16:34the waking and being a little confused about how to navigate and then have the
1:16:39starting so part of my product a looking at
1:16:44like that know not work and with the neighbours are percent of eyes and hopefully
1:16:51streamlining the how to start contributing pages and so i started a staging area and
1:16:57have just been working on josh's for making it as legible and accessible to new
1:17:04contributed as possible and hopefully a little less intimidating
1:17:09and another project i've been working on is the
1:17:16met assuming around browsing people with the camera and that's "'cause" are hoping to create
1:17:22a can video that captures the spirit of the project and so i've been talking
1:17:28to the people involved with the project about and their motivations and what jobs and
1:17:34to work on the project and be a part of it and so huge thank
1:17:39you to everyone who are out of already browsed with questions and they're still a
1:17:44huge number of you that i haven't had a chance to talk to yet and
1:17:47i would love to do so if you're interested in being a part of it
1:17:51please come find me i'd love to give you a platform to share with people
1:17:56inside and outside of the greater community what your motivations are and why you're part
1:18:02of the project
1:18:06come find me
1:18:15us and they speak areas of an indian or and after him we listen to
1:18:19the doctor so
1:18:27hello people my name is well in team but was my mentor is just eventual
1:18:33and this year i'm a in this google some of code project we a with
1:18:41model bright but people from no matter so nice that they invited me to do
1:18:50a last couple of the us i'm at the others cup the last couple of
1:18:56somewhere of course
1:18:57i did
1:18:59a tool faces to initial with a that tool a
1:19:06that tool enables the user to type people's face in folds thus in the same
1:19:12way you can do we in facebook for example
1:19:16a but it this year a people for on your back within a be a
1:19:23in this is some of code so i switched
1:19:28a for a long shot will to ask what to implement the same tool
1:19:33a so basically i important in the tool for a long shot well which swiping
1:19:39in by that
1:19:40to at which were a it's one of
1:19:45well i think in C shop
1:19:50this is shot well with the really available basis tool a which is not the
1:19:56in the stable and bryant because then people from job our so perfectionist and it
1:20:04is a something and this is the same tool a you have it you can
1:20:11you can see because is and screenshot but a bit too late school only really
1:20:18broken you can is served in june to for us what it
1:20:25if spot basis tool and you can see this well i'm planning to phoenix home
1:20:32quickly got levels to make it work and in that way phase detection
1:20:37a and in september i will be clean up the code because use so actually
1:20:44right now
1:20:46and that's all
1:21:09okay we learned of that and if a smack and suddenly speakers utah and of
1:21:15to him we go back to we channel and try to get the good side
1:21:18this time
1:21:23and how about in and victor total and i do some of code student from
1:21:29brazil my mentor my mentor is one spot is
1:21:33and then here to talk about and will support for real routines
1:21:40of the main goals of the project is to have a new language to implement
1:21:45sources for real
1:21:47and who has
1:21:50i small footprint is quite nice to integrate with C and
1:21:56we should learn also it's a good language to implement rubin's
1:22:03it's also important to knowledge that this project is important
1:22:07she you
1:22:08is important should be transparent from core of real so i'm also i i'm doing
1:22:15add glue coach to communicate from see each you to
1:22:20and doing also i delivery to
1:22:25and that's
1:22:26important and
1:22:29the less sources need some how to communicate with the application so we need to
1:22:34we need to implement seventy very to do that
1:22:40and those is important used to note is that good documentation to bring new developers
1:22:46to implement a new sources
1:22:49as you can see here
1:22:52in your are left i see buildings right
1:22:57i gem and the you to be the way the communicate with real
1:23:01in green you can't green boxes there it you can see the glue code and
1:23:06and materially eric's is a source to lyrics
1:23:11and it's the first to a will be and doing
1:23:16and that's most of it
1:23:19some reference
1:23:20and thank you very much for a petition and thank you was that is for
1:23:25all the help also bastion for the idea
1:23:28and for the feedback and that's all thank you very much
1:25:29okay so i think that idea now
1:25:33the facts is that
1:25:36the fox is not happy that i sent the wrong slides
1:25:40i'm in trouble
1:25:44so yes this time it's the cracked slide with a crack to mentor sorry our
1:25:49pair to i really enjoyed your mentoring of the past two years but now loans
1:25:53taken over
1:25:57so yes this year what am i doing i'm actually here to break api is
1:26:02take away your candy and clean house and show you how it's done because apparently
1:26:08not many people are using it yes
1:26:12and the first thing that i ended up tackling because there was causing problems was
1:26:16memory it turns out that you actually have to for your memory
1:26:24well the concept
1:26:26and also there are reference cycles that were introduce because there is using about what
1:26:30i'm doing quite understand went use unowned in week but now it's all nice and
1:26:35the document itself controls all the memory and there's just one and ref to free
1:26:40them all
1:26:43and i added tests so you testing memory everyone should do it
1:26:48and next there was error handling i was told that year was being greatly abuse
1:26:55but so nice imbalance javascript to do use trying catch on everything "'cause" you doesn't
1:27:00like running three lines for everyone call
1:27:04so now we just use gee warnings any case you really want to the warning
1:27:08was there's a variable called last air that's just kind of global orgy X know
1:27:13last or
1:27:14kind of unix old school
1:27:19after that so you actually know how to use that's
1:27:22there's been a lot of documentation changes and some api changes to make things a
1:27:27bit smaller to rights because you know you like to save five characters when writing
1:27:31out a type name
1:27:33it's actually mostly for api compliance of actual dom spec
1:27:39so there are some changes are outlined there which if you're not using it you
1:27:43don't really care yet but at least really zero point five which i'm going to
1:27:47make at the end of the summer will have those
1:27:51and if
1:27:53finally some examples and documentation changes and the docks actually now a link to the
1:27:58place and the dom spec so if you have any this thing ambiguity in the
1:28:03documentation they wrote you can actually check the original realise that it's just as confusing
1:28:08and you still don't know what the C data section does
1:28:11it's not like a C section
1:28:14there are more examples for javascript and see him but in the summer i will
1:28:19have an example for every single method call
1:28:23it's really boring but no one can complain after that in you all have to
1:28:27use it
1:28:28also one thing val a dock it generates G T K docks which is lovely
1:28:33but they're kind of really ugly
1:28:36so if anyone has tips for that i would really appreciate that
1:28:41so there are some different projects that i'm actually porting over to using okay so
1:28:47i'm out of time those are then if you want your support over out do
1:28:51it for you just come and talk to me
1:28:55have a nice day
1:29:02and one last thing the most common feedback about is ported to see so the
1:29:07fox would do that
1:29:15and sell it this slide is very nice because a to at the end of
1:29:19us so this at the last setting dog wise thanks for to what the students
1:29:24for their thoughts on for this presentations
1:29:27and thanks everyone for coming tonight at my analysis is something so
1:29:33i just i just a if you want to work was a talented you contributor
1:29:36add yourself as a mentor on know lab slash mentors
1:29:44can a really get that huge hand for marine increased staff