0:00:10okay thank you can be and
0:00:14so i was quite surprised i was trying some people that you know some project
0:00:19i was working on a mentioned i maintained is attacked the other day and you
0:00:22know half the people in the group actually said i use easy tag i didn't
0:00:26realise use the maintainer so who is the information of what is it's an audio
0:00:31file tag like you know when used to get your M P three files medically
0:00:36server and used to be able crappy with attacks and everything is something where you
0:00:40can tell you about it's really all application of the specimen in two thousand we
0:00:45display one buys you room for the and he to get job maintain until two
0:00:52thousand may well
0:00:54he became you know a lot of other things to do an didn't really do
0:00:58much of that time there there's can see which is you know but also patches
0:01:02lots and lots of uses quite surprising you know "'cause" moderate which you are anything
0:01:07that he didn't keep it in a version control system there was no get business
0:01:11up version that wasn't even C V S it was just travels that he dumped
0:01:14every now and again
0:01:16based on source forge side awkward to contribute to not really a nice bike track
0:01:20are also stuff
0:01:23so some of the people you know use this and actually fill that help out
0:01:27it was kind of rejuvenated a little bit and late two thousand and ten that
0:01:31was a republican get have some good patches played in that work and distributions of
0:01:36and that was a release also wasn't very much you know few patches here and
0:01:42that nothing major
0:01:45that was some good discussions so the main this someone can abilities case we what
0:01:48was people asking for that was a mac us export let the good stuff happening
0:01:53but the maintain is didn't really know much about the project they kind of
0:01:57can barely make a release they didn't really understand all to do you know it
0:02:01was it didn't really what
0:02:05so i came along and so picked up doing the each case people stepped how
0:02:12old the old stuff you know with stepped out all of the all dependencies so
0:02:16depend on the latest you to the whole quite a lot tighter but it occurred
0:02:20your the build system all the horrible and took or that actually patches up really
0:02:25maintaining for ages match those
0:02:28and then you release to promote right
0:02:33alongside make a new release midgets and all because it's wages to contributed and it's
0:02:38also is in my opinion you know we moved about solar everything so i think
0:02:42so and they have very for doing a lack and andrei for doing the bugger
0:02:45stuff segmenting this that's great
0:02:50got again way will contributions
0:02:52little patches medicines massive amounts of people looking pretty good i'm menu website the translations
0:03:00are also like we were really start with translations are really quality ones i had
0:03:04people you know german guys coming up to me and saying is translations not we
0:03:08get the name translation guys really high quality translations think very much about
0:03:15there are a few annoying licensing things like usual event if will be to and
0:03:19it was a G P L application that in P few and it will be
0:03:23to is and libraries size that was licensing about that you know so i had
0:03:27to get rid of that the guy for debian have in the past to get
0:03:30stripped out and use time and sets of much that it was using
0:03:36live and you want to three which can potentially decayed mp3 so that wasn't shipment
0:03:39for dora so we have to get rid of that as well and if you're
0:03:43bound help with that this is really cool with much total this number support which
0:03:47was never there before so that's great all the firewire and everything that was horrible
0:03:53that was using like public stuff and a really nasty way so it's thank you
0:03:57see file and things how to few summer okay students who are helping to pull
0:04:01things you see file sort of finally modernising the could a software been so languishing
0:04:07fixed lies of memory leaks it's now basically valiantly
0:04:11not quite a but pretty good
0:04:17current state where we can see a very well still looking let the horrible that's
0:04:21it still it and finally it is get application i did actually suggest on the
0:04:25main is that i was gonna make this display three only in take it runs
0:04:29of lazily features but
0:04:31they complained
0:04:33i know that they complain i was easy settings as well i finally convinced people
0:04:37that maybe it was an okay idea
0:04:39let's most of planned when this package things been requested a lot
0:04:45if you wanna help please do and this last think well is very guys that
0:04:49i already think mostly in the tall and sleeveless
0:05:11so next ones going to be see change
0:05:13our about of and boring i think that writing libraries and by that's a good
0:05:23it's getting better now you just write applications and rather
0:05:28actually the latest application and or does endorse
0:05:32hello so what did we do in boxes loans since last year's kodak be introduced
0:05:39it that was the first product we introduced this project into if you still don't
0:05:42know what it is contact you know explain everything to you
0:05:46if i'm in a good mood so what have been doing well relaxing
0:05:56well actually mark on the didn't catch any fish in the trip and he looks
0:06:01pretty system will giving and some more lights
0:06:09that's all
0:06:16okay now we did some more
0:06:19actually a lot of our a lot of work went into a lot of hours
0:06:24fixing all the bugs it's it was a very fragile application glottic at least the
0:06:31last year but now it's very robust it's very much more efficient there's a lot
0:06:36you know you i fix is the you i didn't look as much like the
0:06:42you i mock ups as it does now it's a lot more similar and it's
0:06:47that therefore it's a lot more friendlier and looks much better and as you know
0:06:51every detail matters
0:06:53so those bugs and all these stability fixes they were the most important thing and
0:06:58that's what we concentrated most on
0:07:01apart from fixes we have some new features to search it what within boxes and
0:07:06in a shell you're gonna search your ubms the anywhere anytime you want you have
0:07:11a federal box just right for door and then you hit enter
0:07:15more customization options these are this is that you are few examples i think there
0:07:20are some more options we do that too we had to do this since all
0:07:24the or distillation of us place we didn't and these drivers which means that now
0:07:29you can have water resolution and when you install the box you just the resolution
0:07:34changes automatically in the V M and you don't need to do much and copy
0:07:40and paste between host and yes that's a very useful thing and everybody wants that
0:07:44so we have that you know out of the box
0:07:49you have your direction you have a use we device you want to use it
0:07:52inside your em so we allow that and we have options for that you can
0:07:56enable individually which devices you want to share with your that actually it's not sharing
0:08:01but you say that you want the V M to use it rather than the
0:08:05host and then you can disable for each device separately
0:08:09smart cards i'm not so familiar with this part because it's comes from a spice
0:08:15for free for us and there's some particular kind of smart cards that we support
0:08:19and we don't support all of them marc andre snorting so i guess i'm right
0:08:24over support re finally have this chris talked was working on it for a lot
0:08:29and he has is still working on that making improving it a lot and if
0:08:33you have a all worked up and set up some very or you have access
0:08:36to it from your work you can now access all your boxes by just giving
0:08:39the U R L that and you will get older machines
0:08:43options bosnians more product logos you can see and how it is good is to
0:08:50our docks team
0:08:53and i recently also added image import so you have some other okay we hands
0:08:58where you have an image and you just take that then imported although it in
0:09:02image doesn't to tell us all the information that we need for a for we
0:09:06and so it might not work correctly or it might work it's up to the
0:09:11image like which architecture and all that but we are working more on that and
0:09:16we'll have support you import and export of ian's from more toolbox and then
0:09:23member and all these you i so
0:09:26import or export
0:09:30that's all
0:09:40thank you jan so next going to be like to make the very long way
0:09:44from tokyo to run like "'em" to but
0:09:47but no
0:09:49as they job he actually works on replacing the pantheon other infant libraries
0:09:55but he's probably going to talk about something it's
0:10:13i a sort who mine but we knew this
0:10:18this talk with the quick up little bit when you get text
0:10:23as you know get text cz to help real guys programs that's qualisys over two
0:10:31parts that i read about on to spot and a as a most of people
0:10:39know it is a really
0:10:41it has a very long history
0:10:47in that i ready about it provides basic functions to create straws initials from database
0:10:55nothing goes get fixed and you get they just you get text
0:11:01on but
0:11:03basically and this libraries not the unnecessary or when you linux systems because
0:11:11those functions a must go into the main when you T V C
0:11:18and in on the outside that tools a still necessary to
0:11:23extract transitions from source code and also money be at the database files such as
0:11:30your files so i'm all right
0:11:37i as i think you know get text has a baby roman history it has
0:11:43a beam probe also
0:11:45eighteen several on
0:11:50it had to be maintained by bring hyper for two areas
0:11:56and he lastly actually became easy and i happen to take will but maintenance
0:12:04and there i used to buy shows and
0:12:10directives buzzer wasn't used or
0:12:14last months
0:12:16and it has some with this for
0:12:19we don't program us
0:12:22the main improvements well
0:12:26zero point eighteen point three is new programming grantees sampled it has now sampled for
0:12:33G D K be the and javascript and the do on about a on the
0:12:38also it's has sampled for by some three what is the syntax for want a
0:12:44risk the syntax for want strings sampled
0:12:48here is that example
0:12:53with our greatest it fixed we chat
0:12:57real party ski because
0:12:59confusing steering seen that you know especially there's on the also we can use unique
0:13:07will escapes
0:13:08in source code
0:13:14it's also
0:13:15it's not also sampled bar on so
0:13:20now we can use smart multi line strings in source code on it can be
0:13:25extract it into P O files and easy utterance if it
0:13:32and also it has some portal bichsel so you will not the strings
0:13:40we use
0:13:42pretext are formants the rings
0:13:45for us officials but we can use well the last scene tax all want strings
0:13:54and some
0:13:57tutors provided by get fixed can chicks
0:14:02so it has of the
0:14:05well what the strings
0:14:10we also have save our feast has brand and currently we don't have a sampled
0:14:16for you called escape scenes see on fire so recently by gets in you go
0:14:23escapes so we need to out that
0:14:26on also there are some ideas xing round she's
0:14:32and also we have as a
0:14:39well closing we don't project
0:14:41so many other things to do
0:14:45so socks
0:14:57next going to be in a big from bungalow
0:15:23everyone minute be drawn and i'm here to talk about using system but manage well
0:15:31so and not associated system in any way except for being the user but i
0:15:36really like the massive clean up the system didn't brought to the system itself and
0:15:40actually users is that
0:15:43so i mean there's all these features and that's all well documented to be able
0:15:49to a to know more about if you can look at layers but post about
0:15:52these i've been talking about
0:15:55this how we can use these in the users yourself
0:15:59so now the users itself has that seem requirement as a system you have so
0:16:04is it starting up i need to manage we had the starting up properly or
0:16:08what but it's you order there in and are we keeping track of how they
0:16:11are doing
0:16:12so you don't like this and so i don't as it
0:16:15you don and of remote quite a not right what happens is that
0:16:21this subtle differences between the two mostly because of X but also because of everything
0:16:29everybody around gnome session and nice decision it's to so the first i'll talk about
0:16:36a couple of things are different
0:16:38on one of them is of them and results so we do not for instance
0:16:42have any pi defines
0:16:44for the president users that so we can't is that you can decide when of
0:16:49us so it's a started based upon that be at five if you have it
0:16:55be the service which likewise i mean on the bus is fine you just wait
0:16:59for that in your dot but and for a lot of them if you don't
0:17:02get places it's you use if you have a bit a startup once
0:17:06and they don't care what that and the minimize obsessively it's fine i mean you
0:17:10will get some religion or what is what you can eventually
0:17:13but for some you do get
0:17:15for also audio forms or and for give us or cell
0:17:21one of these just you can the others
0:17:23it's after the next
0:17:25and so for plus one you and give us once you have a fixed part
0:17:31you can do is okay recognition and it's not a properly so this is what
0:17:35are usable socket looks like if you were sort of system be
0:17:38what for X we have this
0:17:41and that's dependent upon the display variable we spend the fee vd and that is
0:17:45to be found over system do before starting X or started by excellent figured out
0:17:50to do so that's kind of tricky and the way to fix that is by
0:17:53making excuse also look at inside it wouldn't be a is a but that's like
0:17:58the previous one
0:17:59so there's a lot of other problems like this and all and what is working
0:18:02on that right now i'm here is of figure the stuff out and then you
0:18:06know more or you don't
0:18:08that's talk about some of the features which will get for decision once this happens
0:18:15so first of all this eclipse we get uses control you'll be able to use
0:18:18firefox and actually got look over in be it's a G five and not have
0:18:22advisable more usable you have and then you that for five is rebounding your head
0:18:26wondering what i to don't know life the second thing is weeklies right now we
0:18:32need have a very limited time and not really a part of your law decision
0:18:36with this can be able to have
0:18:40the united G D bus id settings and other things which are part of normal
0:18:44so works on the media's that you'd have display you that believers available you have
0:18:48a acquisition available all those things decided i you have session my really bugging so
0:18:53you can figure out which so this is a starting up which are services are
0:18:57running right now what has crashed why isn't evolution what can right now all this
0:19:01distinguishes that right now and you can even figure out it depends a great figure
0:19:05out which is which is a session with services taking was not and using startup
0:19:09you login so you will be able to figure that out and will get more
0:19:13results in getting possible contains
0:19:16so combined with this and the fact that system the a system that's what recognition
0:19:21the i'd evacuation laws that by the startup also together we would save up like
0:19:26these i guess half the time i don't know i don't have to try to
0:19:30say because it is that you work it
0:19:32but we'll see how that would be all right and that thank you
0:19:47next going to be we actually as
0:19:51she's I O P B R O P W income prague know aren't venture doesn't
0:19:58work we're going to norm stuff she designs part process for living
0:20:03hi i'm a i'm a typeface designer and i'm also it will be W intern
0:20:09working on norms you i found kinda and even though i'm giving an internal i
0:20:14think talk tomorrow i thought it would be nice to show you guys some of
0:20:18the improvements that you can expect in the font in the next couple of months
0:20:22i will mostly be focusing on the improvements descriptive language support but i thought i'd
0:20:29so you some general improvements which would make some people happy
0:20:34so i'm going to the entire had to set of the phones looking at each
0:20:39and every cliffs and seeing if anything looks bad so in the next couple of
0:20:43months you can expect most clunky shapes
0:20:47things which don't look like to look right
0:20:52i well before i started my internship that a lot of criticism about kind to
0:20:58those bald we had more particularly the fact that it was much wider than the
0:21:03regular and it looked in some cases nothing like the regular so there's gonna be
0:21:08able which is practically brand new it's
0:21:12narrow it looks much more like
0:21:16the regular so if you look at the look is give for instance
0:21:19at the top and the bottom it sort of different because there's a slight space
0:21:22in the middle which for some reason the original didn't have if you look at
0:21:27the lowercase E you could see that the first shape is kind of ugly which
0:21:31is being improved
0:21:34so there's something like that but more importantly there is gonna be some improvements to
0:21:40language and script support
0:21:42well so i think that work with the doing a small sort of V such
0:21:47projects but i like that
0:21:49those sort of top sixty of the dot sixty like know how do i see
0:21:54this all so i looked at how normalising localised and the sixty languages which have
0:22:00the maximum percentage of localisation already done i sort of sat down and so which
0:22:06cat it does they are required to be you know used on screen and then
0:22:11looked at which characters existed in the font and which ones were missing and the
0:22:16attempt is gonna be to try and add all those characters to the form and
0:22:21whatever i'm not able to do that i hope to five some extremely detail about
0:22:27so that leader if someone wants to add let's see vietnamese support you know exactly
0:22:32which creates they need to add and so there's no sort of you know well
0:22:38he didn't miss that you want to do vietnamese but you miss five kids
0:22:42the next thing is much better
0:22:46of support for extended lot and less
0:22:49which means that well it soon as i can get an "'cause" working on font
0:22:54forge there will be a different set of diacritics for uppercase and lowercase letters which
0:23:00will harmonise much better with them of also you know make sure that the diacritics
0:23:06are hanging at the like this from the let us so if you look at
0:23:09the look is are in the before image the palm ability doesn't sit weighted should
0:23:15so making sure all of that is perfect in all the diacritics actually look nice
0:23:22the next thing i will work on it is us is really even though can
0:23:29to data has syria like support its kind of patchy and the quality of lives
0:23:34at least i felt was really not up to scratch also you see a lot
0:23:39of that does i mean actually a large part of the characters that has been
0:23:43completely redrawn to make sure that not only are that lives better looking but there
0:23:49is better research about what it's cliff should look like
0:23:54and if all goes well and i worked really hard there should also be greek
0:23:58supported can to data by the time i finish my internship
0:24:02and in general i hope that in all the work that i do of that
0:24:07is a whole lot of research that goes in then the typeface you have in
0:24:10the end is good so you know if you look at
0:24:14the latin cyrillic and greek scripts they all look not the similar but there are
0:24:19the letters onto the identical so you can expect things to be
0:24:24you know really well researched and make sure that each script looks like the way
0:24:29it should
0:24:31so thank you and if you have any ideas any feedback on the front there
0:24:36is a high fest on monday and i love to hear from you
0:24:50so next as don't store could be currently living and we don't know
0:24:54probably not drawings or string for too much doesn't roll
0:25:05sorry i'm gonna have a short hard we demo so maybe all people pray to
0:25:09the hardly calls
0:25:10for a moment well the get set up
0:25:43okay hi so i would can vienna is a biologist and we do behavioural experiments
0:25:48and an important part of doing visual behaviour experiments is understanding and the latency and
0:25:54the time characteristics of the animals that are on drugs and it is
0:25:59and so latency is measured in an experiment car contains line see from the display
0:26:06driver from the windowing system the way that you're rendering and from the hydrant monitor
0:26:14assuming we're running prefix offer an idea stop compute and we can minimise the first
0:26:18three or to we can we still have the problem of that great variability and
0:26:23latencies and monitors
0:26:28so to me show the latency the component of the total latency that was and
0:26:32you know it by the monitor doing whatever image processing it's doing we created a
0:26:36simple little hardware widget and some open source software to do that and i would
0:26:43just trying to do it here but just give me a moment and the motivation
0:26:47is to it's selfish it's for our purposes because of with building equipment the requires
0:26:52buying you know twelve monitors we wanna trying by the ones with the lowest latency
0:26:56that we can
0:26:58so the point of creating this tool was to create it so others can use
0:27:00it and they can taste the latency of monitors they are in and by the
0:27:04way weeks the project is and everything else as well and then hopefully and when
0:27:08it's finished you can could submit this to some sort of database if you wish
0:27:12and then way selfishly could query that in by the my monitor with the lowest
0:27:17latency it's slightly faster than what we currently do which is going in to all
0:27:21the electronics shops plugging it in measuring the latency ourselves
0:27:47step because to hardware goals
0:27:50also unstable upon to
0:27:54and when was the last time the and you speaker driver crash for anyone that's
0:28:00is be serial port i mean
0:28:04this one
0:28:08so when you run the software what you see is basically there's a flashing black
0:28:14and white our panel at the top so we major black white black transitions all
0:28:18we use black what like transitions to mission latency
0:28:21and you simply take your hardware which has a photo diode and some signal processing
0:28:26running on board and how it up to the screen
0:28:30and wait a while
0:28:34if it isn't right
0:28:45that's fine right
0:28:48lower level than that
0:28:50you know a show me come simulators wanna see not grace "'cause" was working twelve
0:28:54seconds ago
0:28:56is everything
0:28:58once again
0:29:08alright so this is not gonna cooperate but essentially you
0:29:14you all the sorted right up to the selection panel and you get a single
0:29:18number latencies timit and we're also recording like the precise shape of the rising and
0:29:23falling age and so that's kind of useful for us like as well but is
0:29:28useful to our user and you just get a single latency number might twenty four
0:29:33milliseconds if you've got a good monitor or forty milliseconds or if you go to
0:29:37bed monitor so sort interesting if you wanna build one the really simple if you
0:29:41wanna see it actually work i'm can see me in person but check out the
0:29:45website thanks a lot
0:29:58thanks don't for showing as far like the most of that idea
0:30:02next going to be adam doesn't admit that you were touch upon because it's got
0:30:07was responsible for the last financial crisis
0:30:10right so i am item not a typeface designer but i'll show you how to
0:30:16create a gnome logo font
0:30:19so what do you need you create unique your logo in this case you can
0:30:24get stick non look different are grown brenda kind and we decide
0:30:30you can take it with inks capes or and i did inform forge and directly
0:30:34after you imported you create your problem that you can then use with your application
0:30:40of choice and if you want to do some funky stuff then you can also
0:30:44create a method post version of it that piece do it it's so this is
0:30:50how it looks like it's one for just a you import your logo and scale
0:30:56a streak it i just about of the cliff
0:31:01once we created to have fond you can preview time all different types of points
0:31:06that we have
0:31:08but only three lines of code you can exchangeable appliance in your attention process of
0:31:14your choice
0:31:15so you have your nice know votes as bullet points you can use it in
0:31:21deeper office presentation or document and with mid post you can create to funky animations
0:31:31but counters page count as or just cutouts for example to go for the of
0:31:38your bitmap picture
0:31:41and the five sound get top if you have any suggestions improvements just any email
0:31:47me you can try out the font or just create your own logo font
0:31:52that's all thanks
0:32:01thanks adam next going to be mitch is going to freestyle which means those flights
0:32:07exactly i didn't bother hi i'm i image from to get projects so you have
0:32:11to listen to me
0:32:12so the topic of the talk is a how to port the main
0:32:18image display expose callback from the old to you can wait the to you could
0:32:23to way to it that you can frame dropping to because we ate
0:32:26and the underlying problem is that what do you do in your exposed ten term
0:32:30and you have something to render that is really hard and expensive to produce like
0:32:34you can possibly do it and every frame so you have a buffer you cash
0:32:38the stuff that's easy someone's you have to buy for you can displayed instantly but
0:32:42what do you do if you don't have to buffer yet so if you have
0:32:44to it suggest to catch problem like
0:32:47if they say there are only two hard things it's naming and cash innovation at
0:32:51that disk exactly cash innovation here
0:32:54so what we did in G T K to risk into we had an idle
0:32:58callback that would just go over this you which part for that is invalid and
0:33:03validated rectangle by rectangle and after each rectangle it would just expose it and because
0:33:09i will hand there was running at a slightly slower priority then the G D
0:33:13K expo centre this should would automatically regulate itself so after each and if you
0:33:20would in validation of your you which image cash the expo centre would run one
0:33:24which just flashed a stuff to screen so and i thought you know that's very
0:33:28easy so i just go ahead and for this idols thing to adjudicate frame clock
0:33:32callback very easy super easy trivial tried that
0:33:36to me about an hour and it worked immediately but at a strange thing that
0:33:42it just was super slow so if you have an image like this from your
0:33:46you which digital camera in C D K tool disk into it would like validate
0:33:50liked this and in C D case read would like
0:33:53slow and
0:33:56the fact this year and counting the number of rectangles it was doing and of
0:34:00course at sixty frames per second i had hundreds of hundreds of rectangles and that's
0:34:05what was just wondering so what is going on here so i thought sure and
0:34:10each of these rectangles is validated much a faster than in the sixties of the
0:34:15second which is
0:34:16fifty milliseconds or what was it again so something like that so i thought i
0:34:20just measure the time that i have in one take
0:34:24and pre calculate how many of my small the rectangles i can render so
0:34:31and have if you look at the G D K frame plot api it has
0:34:34a lot of stuff as predicted time and predicted presentation time and whatnot and i
0:34:39was kind of going mad and consulted on and he together we added like a
0:34:45ton of print absent a cheetah came in searching for the problem and in the
0:34:50end it turned on that was all on the completely wrong track because you kind
0:34:53of possibly expect your expensive
0:34:58cash construction function to run in the tick callback because the T callback should just
0:35:03run as fast as possible you have to use the time between the takes
0:35:06and move your construction load of your
0:35:10well you cast construction function into the idol
0:35:14and so i did that so the entire topic i want to talk about is
0:35:17completely white and would because i'm not using the T callback at all so my
0:35:22liking talk fails i had to do it differently but i can assure you that
0:35:26if you have to construct something
0:35:28expensive don't do it in that a callback do it in the time between the
0:35:32takes and few and i do that is that the lower priority than she dekai
0:35:35parody redraw and do it there in small chunks and once
0:35:40that a callback comes it will flash but you have entered so far so
0:35:45i think that's about it thanks
0:35:54it's going to be that the who is part of the local organising team
0:35:58that organised this conference so maybe special ploughs we all
0:36:07thank you so i additionally i know slides but i am we show you some
0:36:14so let me
0:36:17should be what the implement data or with the and it you know three point
0:36:24this part of normal help or non documentation for end users
0:36:29it this
0:36:32get it's not the videos
0:36:34which are made by a cooper steiner and i the actual content or that subtitles
0:36:40and packages into well known getting started looks package
0:36:43so this is all ending screen for though for the getting started
0:36:48videos or tutorial
0:36:50which you can see a then you of any finish setting up don't know system
0:36:57if norm initial setup
0:36:59there's also one in the really over the place
0:37:07looks like this
0:37:10you know like this version
0:37:12this is example of music but well it's muted know
0:37:24basically shows you have to
0:37:27an application z-norm shown which is probably
0:37:31holes interesting topic to users vastly channel from other environments like well like a environments
0:37:43so going back to this guide we have some pretty probably most important topics you
0:37:50and you click a thumbnail it's place a video in a and i've been the
0:37:54whole build a video you can see subtitles
0:37:59i think shoes things that you can see in the video store in the stop
0:38:03light us build the video or and died in the yelp of in though with
0:38:09translatable so the external whilst on that
0:38:15to link we have been known which is ideas tool and
0:38:19get text
0:38:29so just a quick look at the markup for the landing page
0:38:34me be here we imply man dull sorry here we have the thumbnails for videos
0:38:46hear it can see the subtitles detection was things
0:38:51we also use not conditionals to show different version to users and running a stand
0:38:58out know show and users running an show they've got signal the extensions
0:39:06and all this is in the in the signal single version all the whole of
0:39:11the package
0:39:18now let me
0:39:21show you something for from though i perspective
0:39:26yes i mention we make use of well implementation of the i yes and that
0:39:35made by W pretty
0:39:37see so this implement facials made by shown like hands
0:39:42for the know but for males but from basically
0:39:46it allows you to specify context and then so this commands
0:39:52an actual strings then you need to
0:39:57i why i would get thanks marching a little stings in different places into single
0:40:04place no translation file
0:40:07so for example
0:40:10in the guide we have a couple of S E G files and chuck will
0:40:15actually show in the L
0:40:19for example than on the big problem a lot of pictures basically this is your
0:40:23final exam take shows things like the activities are the name username and all these
0:40:29are translatable
0:40:31because we put them in S P G and make them
0:40:36and look like not information
0:40:41so when we have for example be which stands for tuesday and thursday we have
0:40:45a problem because there is this basis can't translate
0:40:49it so we implement the will look not at the good you know i'm and
0:40:55and that way
0:40:57we can easily made the content
0:41:02i again friendly so i think that's about it
0:41:13next but not last skate to be right talking about it couple editor
0:41:19break i'm sorry
0:41:22sorry i'm a plan to still kind of time and the most gonna go for
0:41:25my that
0:41:51okay i guess us
0:41:54so we this is a project i've been working on the last year or so
0:41:59but sort of part time as ways
0:42:04i'm a graphics guy and serve kind of what's on kind of all levels of
0:42:08the start really as ways of work from sort of silicon enabling for G P
0:42:12A is up to sort of kernel driver development open G L driver better i
0:42:17three toolkits and windows is and stuff helped us with class a lot and currently
0:42:24maintain the couple
0:42:26three gpu graphics api
0:42:30it is time working on there is you are technologies i've kind of had this
0:42:35mounting feeling i suppose of
0:42:37the fact that we tightly waste is really flexible a gpu hardware this in all
0:42:43of our what about consumer devices finds out tablets and laptop somewhat know and
0:42:50been wanting to try and see what we can do to try and take a
0:42:54different approach maybe to take better advantage of the hardware as well is that i've
0:43:00being for to fortunate enough to work in an office where there are visual design
0:43:06is colocated with engine is and
0:43:10seen the process by which
0:43:12design is come up with their ideas using one set of tools and there is
0:43:17this big impedance mismatch in translation problem in then communicating well they one and actually
0:43:23engineering not ring onto a
0:43:26onto a device
0:43:27so something i'm really interested in is trying to improve that what fly between design
0:43:33as an engine is
0:43:35this is the approach that we basically taking here is to
0:43:40well we learning a lot on where was stealing ideas basically from the game developers
0:43:45actually because these guys are facing so many the same issues as you are developers
0:43:49they do a much better job of using the gpu than compared to you are
0:43:54design as and so
0:43:58with building a you why rendering engine essentially which is shared between a visual design
0:44:04tool and something that's gonna be deployed another vice
0:44:08the actual visual design process is gonna be constrained by the actual capabilities about technology
0:44:17and it's
0:44:19so there they can so that what is that you show there is the idea
0:44:24you can also connect this visual design environment to a device that represents a devices
0:44:30connected of the network which should be sitting on the desk of the visual designer
0:44:33while they work and
0:44:36they connect it and as soon as they make changes to the animations in such
0:44:41things then they should be have to get immediate feedback by picking up that phone
0:44:45and actually playing around with the responsiveness and performance of what they're working on because
0:44:51there's no subsidy for testing your ideas
0:44:55actually on the hardware that you're intending to deploy your interface on
0:45:00so we're trying to optimise that whole work flow
0:45:06right from the very beginning waste are actually prototyping and
0:45:11so you and as it as it being a kind of game engine approach
0:45:16we do
0:45:17for practical reasons have to leverage algorithms and ideas come gently from rendering photo realistic
0:45:24scene so you'll see that we're using that the field so the things further from
0:45:28the viewer look softer and we've got shadows here in inside the idea this is
0:45:33show you have popping up the notifications in the thing this most recent is
0:45:38most prominently that is clearer
0:45:42that's kind of our practicality because the
0:45:46researching G P R reasons takes time we have to be extracted so in the
0:45:50future we were and we'd be interested in researching the non photo realistic stylised the
0:45:56uses of the G P as well
0:45:58such as painterly kind of making something that
0:46:01is painted with an oil
0:46:03with a little pain so schedule it will go kinds of
0:46:06interesting things but
0:46:08basically this gives the tools so this it you would certainly enable you to shoot
0:46:13yourself in the for in terms of the
0:46:16pretty horrific design if you tried to you know look like of a and a
0:46:22massive three D user interface see if you went overboard but i think with the
0:46:30the judgement have a good design i think that
0:46:33okay so i'm out that but that gives you gives you an idea of what
0:46:37we're trying it and this is on get up to is ugly up their one
0:46:42or such reagan or just come an estimate you're interested in
0:46:55next going to be for the recover who no longer has a big idiot page
0:46:59because he's not can so that significant anymore
0:47:06it was deleted because
0:47:09how do according to be a lack of not ability or something more
0:47:17are what can see if the time and this thing works
0:47:23five minutes okay
0:47:25so these days i am a
0:47:30can everybody read that
0:47:33or should i should i make it bigger
0:47:41is it this they sent me tomboy called change eclipse
0:47:50so we just the cost is one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth
0:47:56century she died in two thousand and six unfortunately
0:47:59i've been trying to read all of her over
0:48:03and let me talk a bit about that the first book she wrote children you
0:48:07got she was born in scranton pennsylvania but she move to new york city up
0:48:12and she was like a teenager i think the first actually wrote which everyone should
0:48:18what's called a dash
0:48:20and we life
0:48:23of grey and marry and
0:48:28fumbles i mean see peace
0:48:31that the death and life of great american cities and it's like the first book
0:48:35on orbit need some
0:48:37that you should read it's probably the last one you will ever need to read
0:48:41if you're interested in why C Ts work
0:48:44why some cities work why some C D's don't buy something surplus into living by
0:48:47some six or not this is a book you should read people to have who
0:48:51have been following me it might belong will know that i'm a big fan of
0:48:54christopher alexander
0:48:56i hope it's a relax on the road the geometrical mathematical aspects of
0:49:01well designed places jane jacobs wrote about the social aspects you know what's the purpose
0:49:06of the sidewalk
0:49:07it's not just to let you go from the street to the shop on the
0:49:11other side of the street it lets you keep people safe when people can watch
0:49:16them at so it's a it's a very interesting book
0:49:19after this but jane jacobs wrote a few others one a very good one is
0:49:24called the economy of C D's
0:49:27well if i keep writing i'm gonna over on my time and the next one
0:49:30was called economy of C D's
0:49:33and holding to research on are gonna some topics she started thinking well how com
0:49:41there are countries right and countries are seat is how come there even though you
0:49:45might think of a country as rich like the united states
0:49:49why does the united states have very rich see this and very pour C D's
0:49:54or any other country you know
0:49:56so she by at the other ring a lot of evidence like connect that the
0:50:01latest evidence from newspapers and economical economics papers and this and that she was able
0:50:07to figure out that
0:50:10cities that allow for small scale commerce and production to happen in them
0:50:18are the ones that gets richer over time and i don't just mean reach are
0:50:21in and in a monetary sense
0:50:24but also in the sense of people being skilled people being civil to each other
0:50:30so it's a very interesting book
0:50:32the next book is called citizen the wealth of nations
0:50:35and it explores why the traditional ideas from like adam smith and young that john
0:50:43games or kind of i don't know how to pronounce that
0:50:47why those ideas of macroeconomics don't really work in the real world micron about macroeconomics
0:50:53as it is this big abstraction that doesn't really working the fine details
0:50:58so should for that down
0:51:00and shorten you economic theory based on actual evidence from the real world and it's
0:51:05basically an expansion of his previous work and it's very interesting many years later
0:51:11when we had a lot more knowledge about the origins of life and ecology and
0:51:17biology and this and that
0:51:19she rewrote air economic theory in terms of
0:51:23ecological terms what's ecology is the movement of nutrients
0:51:29in the living world or the movement of nutrients and energy you know and it
0:51:34turns out that it works exactly the same as economies working see this
0:51:39amount of time
0:51:41so you're telling me my phone different role
0:51:45okay and the one of the other books you wrote this call systems of survival
0:51:50and is able can reading right now it's about
0:51:54how come the commercial system
0:51:59or people who do commerce or production of goods like we do they have a
0:52:02completely different moral system from governments and guardian type things and it's a very interesting
0:52:08thing i think this book allows most explain why ugly known got very productive
0:52:14at some station and right now i think we don't think it is getting a
0:52:17bit territorial and it should not do that
0:52:20i think the this because explains that and what i mean
0:52:23thank you
0:52:57ran out of juice
0:53:01last for today is going to be and this of course up talking about stuff
0:53:05that no one of us one street
0:53:08so i see a room full of people who care about their privacy who care
0:53:16service we treat them right and the data ownership but will you actually reads the
0:53:24terms of service when you sign up for web service
0:53:30okay really so i wanna talk to you guys because we doing this little project
0:53:36called the terms of service didn't read because that's what we do read we see
0:53:42a new service and it online service we signed up for it and there's this
0:53:46little checkbox i've read and agree to the terms service check it and so not
0:53:50okay so no one actually reads them which is kind of a problem because what
0:53:56these terms actually say is most of the times a not what we know what
0:54:00we like or what we want so this is an initiative to rates or you
0:54:06read we actually read the terms and then rate them on a and a to
0:54:10E scale like from green to red
0:54:14just like the european washing machine label for instance
0:54:19so we have a browser add on for instance which automatically puts the rating in
0:54:25the in the browser so we have some we have some ratings already so there
0:54:31i will friends and so let me let me zoom in or something can you
0:54:34see that okay or
0:54:37so goal is classy us like average you do this class the other let's see
0:54:43what youtube is wrong there's lots of thumbs down there so we so we rate
0:54:50based on paragraph so we so we
0:54:53or based on sentences are based on specific criteria so data retention for instance or
0:54:59if they can just delete your account or if when you delete your account they
0:55:03don't and keep your data
0:55:07and so for instance you to the copyright license is broader than necessary which might
0:55:14not be a very good for you if you're if you your you're doing videos
0:55:20professionally or something a similar thing for five hundred pixels for instance or to fit
0:55:25pick you probably heard about the what was it the hudson river folder thing where
0:55:32the hudson river plane crash there was the first folder of it taken was uploaded
0:55:39to or it was treated i which means it was uploaded with pick and then
0:55:43to a there was a copyright compared which would take on it so the original
0:55:48owner didn't on it anymore or the original takers the photo and that's kind of
0:55:55a problem i think do you agree
0:55:58that's what i wanna hear okay so yet fit biggest classy it's like the worst
0:56:03rated so far we have doctor go for instance its class a because it doesn't
0:56:08have tracking i it's not open source though it's that's also kind of a problem
0:56:12but that's a different issue
0:56:15because we thought like there are open source services but these are the service people
0:56:21use so we need to rate them
0:56:24and so we have some more there's some which aren't rated yet we have some
0:56:28points like your face but we have
0:56:32some data points so
0:56:36so if it looks like it's gonna be a classy probably also
0:56:43we're very small team only working part time on that we're completely nonprofits we recently
0:56:49collected donations and are working certainly working on it but we need more especially low
0:56:56expertise working on that and just people wanna read from the service also you i
0:57:02guess and you and maybe there was someone who wants to me it's terms i
0:57:07wanna talk to you and have you on the mailing list and contribute to that
0:57:13we just want to help people who i mean not everyone can read the term
0:57:20the service it's just like a an unbearable and delusion of text like the right
0:57:25fun fact the i choose turns service are longer than that so gives you like
0:57:31an idea of the scale so
0:57:36so it is the website and i so i really recommend like just installing the
0:57:41browser add on it will show a rating like the a small i can next
0:57:45to the next of the thingy next endeavour spar and you will know this is
0:57:49a class a or D service and you know thank