0:00:09alright see so
0:00:12hello everybody
0:00:13thanks for being here can everybody hear me directly in the back and in that
0:00:17side yes
0:00:21so if you hear in this room you probably already know what it is it's
0:00:26a video editor resonant typhus and made of also
0:00:29it's cheese weaponry includes such elements as a huge file formats but it see you
0:00:36can pretty much throw anything in to the T V like
0:00:39you could we makes windows media video files with your cameras quicktime files and you're
0:00:45used videos
0:00:46it has the best of breed you are design it's very user centric it values
0:00:52efficiency and
0:00:55it's designed in collaboration with filmmakers and if this experts
0:00:59in a rather well so and
0:01:03it's also an avid it's or that aims to not have
0:01:07this notion of market segmentation that you see in the proprietary well where in the
0:01:12propriety world you would see well we're making this low and videos it is or
0:01:18less meat super simple with limited features and the super high in super complicated thing
0:01:24with five hundred how options in the preference dialogue just so that it looks professional
0:01:29and we're gonna price differently and this features more interest act and we don't have
0:01:35that here
0:01:40i want to spend a few minutes to actually talk about the mission the vision
0:01:44we see why we're working on it why it matters
0:01:49because i haven't done that very often
0:01:53i was based i sat down and i started thinking about this after all these
0:01:59years of being involved in one way or another
0:02:03with this that project there ought to be a powerful reason
0:02:07why and other contributors are stuck around and continue pushing things forward
0:02:15of course everybody starts by scratching an image so i and i remember how in
0:02:19two thousand five
0:02:21i want just wanted a replacement for big S
0:02:24and i thought well this projects really cool it's open source so we don't need
0:02:29six months right
0:02:31so that's the reason you get involved in the beginning
0:02:35but then as time passes
0:02:37as you make friends to the project
0:02:39as you see people being enthusiastic about what you do and people putting trusting to
0:02:44you even this takes a review notes i mean you're fighting against impossible odds
0:02:50you need to find something more compelling to keep you motivated
0:02:55and here's what came to my mind
0:02:59the T V in pretty we believe in allowing everybody on the planet
0:03:04to express themselves through filmmaking
0:03:06we choose that they can own and improve
0:03:10unsurprising yet but that what segment on the website in a surprisingly
0:03:14recently it's you can to be assisting to means that wow that really resonates with
0:03:19that's exactly my thoughts
0:03:22so okay at first and this might seem like a very
0:03:26draw insignificant state
0:03:29but now it's very powerful actually
0:03:32it gives you a goal in life to run these people around it
0:03:36and it's a very important facets of our goals
0:03:40like allowing everyone that touches upon them know market segmentation thing i mentioned earlier that
0:03:47means ground much as well as the kids in school doing short films or an
0:03:52activist recording public protests or and event independent professional filmmaker wants to be a master
0:03:59of for tools
0:04:02we want to capture to all those people
0:04:06and the notion of mastery brings a second element in that statement
0:04:11which is owning and improving the software it has to be open source
0:04:16it has to be easily tractable
0:04:19so it's disgusting partition
0:04:22of course made of also
0:04:23you have to clean code base
0:04:25and has a clear documentation around how to get involved in the project
0:04:31so how do we do all these things
0:04:34well that this means a couple of things
0:04:37this means the at the forefront of technologies the latest educated latest use your
0:04:43we have this upstream first approach which
0:04:48people in the just in the community and of to the right i mean see
0:04:51will probably be familiar with already it basically means no axe
0:04:57you discussed we actually such as opportunity streamer three P K and everything
0:05:03and you work out solutions in corporation with them and you don't put some stupid
0:05:07have in your application downstream
0:05:11in that a fixing the problem for everybody
0:05:16and you each your own that food of course so you and you talk with
0:05:20filmmakers i have to make a right to consider myself a filmmaker and go on
0:05:26with are rather we have
0:05:28and to T V also acts as a catalyst
0:05:31it's a torture test for G streamers so these guys we kind of like you're
0:05:35scared of me way ready and running a
0:05:39at chasing them down conferences
0:05:44completing this mission is the property it's rather difficult
0:05:50technically speaking it's a very complex piece of software
0:05:54and to add some more difficulty well your users are typically not developers otherwise they're
0:06:01of every we are a there are your users are typically not developers and your
0:06:05developers are often not users
0:06:08or the ones that where users and became developers are not uses anymore sometimes a
0:06:13very interesting station
0:06:15and there is no sustainable business model around an open source we do it it's
0:06:19or because it's just too much of an each
0:06:22and you have too much competition from the provided video editors which are actually pretty
0:06:29and that's just the surface of this thing if you're right interested in details of
0:06:36the economics of open source video editing software and everything i you can check out
0:06:41the presentations i gave that did like graphics meeting two thousand ninety two thousand eleven
0:06:46or maybe we can discuss those things and now something but that those presentations are
0:06:51actually on the P G website so they are easy to find
0:06:55and for this for the next the or for this a talk or the next
0:07:01lose you slightly i'll be focusing more on the technical side and a little a
0:07:08little bit of gonna mix
0:07:11i'll be mentioning what we've been doing for about one or two years you're doing
0:07:15now what will be doing next
0:07:20so in two thousand and ten
0:07:25G S came out
0:07:26it's a nice you guys very there is part of this tumour and allows you
0:07:30to create
0:07:31audio and video editing applications without requiring at the H T in astrophysics
0:07:38so it's meant to be a complete highly and high level solution and not just
0:07:43for everything but also playback and coding media discovery et cetera
0:07:49and it's basically the result of the years of experience in developing it's easy another
0:07:54applications in the despair world "'cause" you have seen on and but you know i
0:08:00mean it's nineties timing and dynamic pipelines and all that that's nearly not enough
0:08:06for you need you need far more than that to be able to make a
0:08:11real we do it at the
0:08:14so G S is nice a uses also uses very subgoal centric technologies like G
0:08:19to G object so it uses G T K dot still i think
0:08:24and it's fully introspective so you can use it in parts and you can use
0:08:27it in that in the other languages
0:08:30but fight and it's best of course
0:08:33and then in late two thousand ten so one year and something later and early
0:08:39two thousand twelve we decided in the P C project well
0:08:43it's time to switch to gas it would be a good thing to do because
0:08:47it doesn't make any sense to maintain your own if you think back and anymore
0:08:51and it would be stupid not to make a reference usable for other projects
0:08:56so at one last year
0:08:59this was a status report that we have on this was are tremendous that's is
0:09:04around E S
0:09:05you had the core features in the first group
0:09:08that were implemented
0:09:10and some features the second group that we're being worked on as power to the
0:09:15summer of code
0:09:16and the remaining features on the road map or left to the future
0:09:21and this does not include the features in an improvement simply T V itself that's
0:09:25pretty much just centric around the port to gas so i don't really have time
0:09:30to go over this in this presentation but if you're curious you can go to
0:09:33the T website
0:09:35there is a on the showcases a recording of my talk and what it two
0:09:38thousand twelve which turns out to be the only surviving record of what the two
0:09:43thousand twelve and it was it would be T V coincidence i think not
0:09:51and then in early two thousand well without okay the plan is we stay will
0:09:55actually a gas we try to get a release out of the door a sad
0:10:01before looking at working to just one or one point zero because i just run
0:10:06point there is not yet ready you know we weren't sure
0:10:10but then assess you once we were in a situation where
0:10:13well nobody was looking at system is over that's anymore
0:10:18and were quite behind already the are initial schedule so at this point in time
0:10:22to make incense
0:10:24to keep going with zero that ten
0:10:27and to get any amount of support we needed to use just or one point
0:10:33well other than that
0:10:36we didn't foresee a huge amount of work left to be
0:10:40able to make a newbie to release
0:10:44the biggest obstacles we predicted
0:10:48where that we would have to switch to discover one point zero and you take
0:10:51a three and you to construct spectrum all at once
0:10:56because of the complex tonight's topic sixteen this picture
0:11:04not such a big deal
0:11:08and then
0:11:11and system of one point zero and one of so will be here
0:11:16and i'll see all those little a you know like with the
0:11:20you know if we just take care of those where we're done right but that's
0:11:25really vote
0:11:27is a hard thing you
0:11:30i'm sorry
0:11:32a violent
0:11:33this however
0:11:37this one point zero
0:11:48wait what going off like
0:11:53i think that's
0:11:55but exact holes
0:11:57over the
0:12:02really that is gonna take care of this time
0:12:07my i think she it is
0:12:11all this work
0:12:15there is a stuff can in the just replace plug-ins
0:12:21it's not a summary of what has happened the last few months
0:12:32and that's here we are when you're to what it two thousand well with that
0:12:36bunch of new regressions that have been fixed and well and you features implemented and
0:12:42at time of worked on two dates use your
0:12:47and contrary to the last year this light only talks about the president's
0:12:51the first list of items are what's don and either all features that we're reimplemented
0:12:58usually much better than before or new features
0:13:02and the lower the last is the buttons that we items or stuff that we're
0:13:08still working on this summer
0:13:12so let's look at the future what are we doing right now what's
0:13:18in the compare
0:13:20well i have always have a bunch of plants based on my own intuition and
0:13:25my experience as a filmmaker once in a while is good to take a good
0:13:31hard look at yourself and we evaluate the priorities and ask your user days what's
0:13:37the most urgent and important then
0:13:41so we recently made this survey asking well what the users want because it's you
0:13:47know all about users
0:13:51so we have a sample of that thousand three hundred and eighteen people when certain
0:13:56these survey
0:13:57the source the internet's
0:14:00so i don't know trying to be T V social networks
0:14:03likeable close all my god we want to thanks mate i have to say thanks
0:14:10to joyce a then there is always a nice a nice to
0:14:16because the allowed us to get a lot more coverage from different from a different
0:14:20audience than
0:14:21if it was just from planet the home or
0:14:25did you fans
0:14:27so we have a sample that is a lot more representative of the population at
0:14:32large sets is to be statistically speaking
0:14:36some pretty confident in these results
0:14:39for once
0:14:41you may think that a sample size of a on a little bit over a
0:14:45thousand users is not that much
0:14:48actually i that's something you can find out from my talk that L G M
0:14:53it's pretty close to the size of the population of people who do video editing
0:14:59on the next
0:15:01because you have like you could to estimate to the amount of people are using
0:15:06and actually this are one percent of people in general do you anything and then
0:15:11one percent of four percent of one percent or something you end up with not
0:15:15many people
0:15:17so it's pretty close to the population size
0:15:21and so before we and the lies to results let's take a closer look at
0:15:24the sample
0:15:29i don't know why i said that the is just
0:15:34we have a
0:15:35i a good portion of people who actually strike a T V or arctic to
0:15:39be users
0:15:41but we also have a bunch of new people that's a never heard of it
0:15:46and some people who
0:15:47just like other software and that's fine it's interesting
0:15:51because this the surveys not just use for us it's also useful for whoever is
0:15:56interested in that we do it it's or the point so as to do it
0:15:58it's a nice
0:16:02we that could very sample which mostly follows and all normal colour sure
0:16:08so i have a question in the survey that says how do you rate from
0:16:13the scale from one to ten how familiar you are would video editing are your
0:16:17professional or you be so we have a bunch of newbies on the lead well
0:16:22it's not just like a bunch of newbies and a bunch of professionals that we
0:16:25have a nice
0:16:27normal curve
0:16:30this can work things up a little bit in the next chart because you like
0:16:33mixing professionals with normal people
0:16:37but that's okay because we need to we want to capture to everybody and remember
0:16:43market segmentation is a construct of the mind
0:16:48rather unsurprising result here
0:16:51mostly nobody cares about able to platform
0:16:54or these nobody in our sample
0:16:56and among those who do only a small fraction would be willing to pay for
0:17:03an open source we do with the church reported created platforms
0:17:06so i'm not gonna care about that much
0:17:09and because frankly we've got enough on our plate already
0:17:14but if someone offers
0:17:16so you help or think to be to other platforms are even write a new
0:17:20video editor based on to yes
0:17:22you're welcome
0:17:26do experienced users have a different requirements require regarding the multi platform thing i just
0:17:32talked about well there's a slightly bigger proportion of then
0:17:36that care about other platforms but still the vast majority does not care about other
0:17:41platforms and the next
0:17:45and now what do people in general want the most out of an open sort
0:17:49we do it or
0:17:51surprise people want basic shape to work first and foremost
0:18:00no one cares about collaborative editing actually
0:18:04well at least until you've got everything else nailed down
0:18:08and people didn't believe me when i said that two years ago
0:18:11well let me say this now i told you still
0:18:16but i can this is for the entire sample
0:18:18what if we limit ourselves to a subset that sample let's check what happens if
0:18:23you take only those we evaluate their skill level to seven or more on a
0:18:27scale of one to ten
0:18:30interesting enough
0:18:32the number one feature is still simplicity and stability
0:18:36and then comes proxy editing anti free mobile effects properties
0:18:40suddenly to becomes pretty much just as important as stability
0:18:46and then really simply to number one feature that instead of stability
0:18:51all the other features suddenly become a little bit more important
0:18:55so the take away is that pros want everything and we want all the rock
0:19:01solid no big surprise
0:19:04but it does confirm the order of priorities that i didn't suspecting for years
0:19:11and it validates the features that i'd be in prioritising in the upcoming to be
0:19:17the good news is that much of it also has implemented the key frame able
0:19:21effect properties recently and that and some of that is a thing is laid the
0:19:26groundwork for proxy that thing and then so is that it is actually working towards
0:19:31these slow and fast motion feature
0:19:36we're on our way
0:19:40be people one quality and stability
0:19:44and in one of the top users and wanted for free and they want to
0:19:48know well we knew that
0:19:53it confirms what we suspected features are nice when stuff works
0:20:00historically we have a quality and reliability problem including being sure
0:20:05see those that nice reading we got among which is users
0:20:10and there's so much that can go wrong in a nonlinear but you know to
0:20:14meet a pipeline that
0:20:16below the surface of the you why
0:20:18we have to address that some
0:20:22stability is far
0:20:24stability with a mind boggling complex underlying a non linear fitting application is even harder
0:20:31it's time for quality so let's try so that's that
0:20:38they with been thinking about various things
0:20:41that we might need to do this might be one of the
0:20:45actually we probably won't field in on in the traditional sense
0:20:50we're hoping to do some phrases have you respect me around
0:20:53and we're entertaining the idea of merging it with gas or merging it into that
0:20:58system or basic workings
0:21:00and the argument for remote merging it into this same because it's re as yes
0:21:05is that would make it easier to harmonise releases
0:21:09the argument for merging to non in into the G C plug-ins space is that
0:21:15welding on is an elements not library like D S and S
0:21:21dft plug-ins basis meant to have elements of all types including to do with the
0:21:25use cases
0:21:27so you are the big advantage of putting on this debate is a would be
0:21:31under the responsibility of those guys the commentators and that would be better tested i
0:21:38hope which is certainly an interesting prospect
0:21:42so if you're curious about things we brainstorm the little bit you can see about
0:21:47number know about seven hundred one two the two eight seven for details
0:21:56but this thing
0:21:59test all the things
0:22:02we recently started experimenting with and automating
0:22:07automated test server for everything for P T V N G S N G stream
0:22:12originally and everything so everything it runs pretty much on every time someone come it's
0:22:19something in G stream or
0:22:21which is quite often
0:22:23and it's allows us to spot regressions and know where they come from instead of
0:22:29just spending two days trying to track down wanting is in everything broken why is
0:22:34the my quicktime file not seeking anymore or something like that
0:22:39it's much easier with that at least i've been told
0:22:45the interface is and french sorry about that but that it's a difference conspiracy
0:22:52and the other things you can do
0:22:56well we also have these don't tell tests to just you want
0:23:01automatically so right now we have the most common to be like scenarios that as
0:23:06well as some corner cases known to figure bug like try to split a hundred
0:23:10times it and also makes it very easy to write you access you just tell
0:23:16a sequence of things to do you like click this button and then search for
0:23:21the existence of this you why elements with this label or something
0:23:24and it's actually really good way if you're looking to get involved in project in
0:23:28the quality
0:23:29i if you know some of the corner cases or
0:23:32some of the things that are annoying to test and to reproduce bugs
0:23:36come right to test for first test for your issues
0:23:41systematically so that we keep working
0:23:47stability is paramount
0:23:50but people including me expect to have you know all some exciting stuff to make
0:23:56complex sitting possible
0:23:59so let's take a look at some of this exciting stuff from the last few
0:24:05we killed good and that's
0:24:08this is thanks to matt suitable sell you be factored and for to our time
0:24:14like to clutter
0:24:15in two weeks
0:24:17see so if you don't that just before this summer of codes project started this
0:24:23just to show how much of about that is
0:24:30and the all this is another awesome
0:24:36you can finally animated properties of your effects
0:24:40so let's take a moment to marvel at how also places
0:24:44here on my old let since there are key frame curve for this clip and
0:24:49i can click on the key printer and miss the target but i can click
0:24:52again and moving some T from upwards to nine controlling the saturation
0:25:00this will change the amount of like how popping the colours are and it fits
0:25:05so well way too much and
0:25:13you'll be able to see the institute and result soon
0:25:17so it goes from black and white to full colour
0:25:20and black to back to black and white so you can animate here stuff now
0:25:25which is super importance for crazies like me
0:25:34pretty cool
0:25:36speaking about that see
0:25:57matters some real good project can be summarised in two words
0:26:04so this goal is to fix bugs all atrocities from is that so that we
0:26:08can actually really something without causing protests and riots in the streets
0:26:14and so since the beginning of this do you some project from what i can
0:26:18see from long but see that he's been involved in something over forty bugs in
0:26:23G stream or
0:26:26well we have a lot of the
0:26:28nice stuff coming up we services
0:26:32project for the some of code is quite different than matthew
0:26:41which is basically you can be we are the clip
0:26:54so that's example of one but roads are is will be ready finishes
0:27:13no pressure
0:27:20so regarding motion renting i have some thoughts on how to make an easy to
0:27:24use you why for it and would like to discuss that with the advanced filmmakers
0:27:29in the room us with your we do anything and this these can talk to
0:27:34me interest about this
0:27:38other stuff when rendering we actually cast use humour pipeline errors now and we show
0:27:43them to you instead of just randomly freezing up without saying anything
0:27:47i think a
0:27:50is a feature that about
0:27:53and we have a nice with high resolution logo i can to which is always
0:27:57nice and we also have new icons for the buttons on the in the you
0:28:01like the timeline which is our pixel precise which is nice until you're running how
0:28:06you guys we know
0:28:09i'm also working on a more than fully responsive website design for P T V
0:28:13which i will publish continue please comes out any day now
0:28:18and i should hold of other stuff the stuff i mention here is
0:28:23just what has happened in the last few weeks
0:28:26the list of improvements is why that last year is really don't i'm not sure
0:28:32i would have time to cover here
0:28:34actually been working on it for the lot
0:28:38i've been working on my talk for the last few weeks but
0:28:41did still didn't have enough time to prepare for it today
0:28:46and there's too many interesting people in glottic so this is annoying
0:28:52so anyway you're curious you can take a look at or blog posts
0:28:56and you have a nice very nice summary of the improvements
0:29:00since last year
0:29:02so for now simply invite you to join us and share the software we've got
0:29:07a great technology got nice contributors and mentors very find friendly i see channel
0:29:14call these will architect the that you want is separate from the core we have
0:29:18a long project is three and we have a lot of experience
0:29:22don't make the mistake of reinventing the wheel like countless others well unless you reinvent
0:29:27the wheel using G S that's okay
0:29:31we have a three weeks merge policy which we try to follow as much as
0:29:35possible so if you try to contribute something to be a pasture artwork or something
0:29:41where at least gonna try to we're gonna review which and if possible marriage at
0:29:46the main that one branch and there's plenty of other reasons why it's cool to
0:29:50and it to be to be on the website
0:29:52and we want to make this stuff using so we have an automated build report
0:29:58so this stuff will check if you're disrespect is recent enough and will allow you
0:30:02to build everything in one go so it's a pretty easy
0:30:07to get started it to be hiking and it's also useful a starting point if
0:30:11you're trying out development versions of thirty streamer without touching rest of system is actually
0:30:16useful to also test some simple bugs like those quicktime files actually play or see
0:30:24so as you can see there's many ways you can help us
0:30:30even you can writing new specialised it using of vacations
0:30:35that's helpful for example
0:30:38do you guess could be used to create a give you answers based realised for
0:30:42recording and processing talks at conferences such as glottic
0:30:46i'd be happy to help with guidance a not by support that
0:30:50so i wouldn't code because well there's just so many hours in a day but
0:30:54to come and see us and will help you get started if you're interested in
0:30:58subdirectories project
0:31:01and if you want to do you want work what we have some stuff but
0:31:04this is just an example please finish my title it for brunch i'm sick of
0:31:09from i think this feature and there isn't much work left to do and it's
0:31:13a fun project that so come see us if you're interested
0:31:17is save lot see in the room
0:31:21i'm looking at you
0:31:26so we will be having a fact is the this week so not sure where
0:31:30we will be located
0:31:32maybe we'll just be in the auditorium or that's a lot of tables
0:31:36or something will see we can check our google plus event based or might sort
0:31:41of what i would there be for details
0:31:43and that's pretty much it thanks for your attention
0:31:48any questions
0:31:54my killed them all
0:32:06you use P T V on any of the was you were showing us
0:32:10want to right
0:32:12i use that you were showing inside
0:32:15your presentation i cheated and then use at id marks or something else
0:32:20just to cut the middle and the end because i didn't want to re encode
0:32:23the videos or maybe i did you speak to be for one or two of
0:32:27them i don't remember
0:32:31i had to fight but id marks box
0:32:34that's that
0:32:36very frustrating when it crashes and you have to start over again and again
0:32:41every we do it in supper socks in a different way
0:32:48other questions
0:32:52rotten fruit
0:32:55there's rotten fruit over there
0:33:03so i'm sorry i'm is the beginning readable
0:33:05down but i know that about the T what's your plan in
0:33:10because there's gonna be a lot of issues of the me and it's really in
0:33:13the end
0:33:14as you already said
0:33:19what plans you have to have as many tests as possible
0:33:23in P T V would you yes
0:33:27so that in the end us G stream of can
0:33:32and something break speaking
0:33:36i guess needing to find additional time to write those
0:33:43did you see is that i was i missed the beginning so did you missed
0:33:46the automated testing thing
0:33:48the want was the dock no before that actually me remind for five no point
0:33:54ultra melissa like
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0:34:53and then the idea is to have a like verification with the human eye
0:34:59we just check
0:35:01usually it's right
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