0:00:10welcome to my talk and
0:00:14let's start what am i babbling about
0:00:18about brno of course like way to grab lunch where you are well i'll tell
0:00:22you all about brno because i know a lot about it it's my second time
0:00:26here so of course and everything
0:00:28no i'll be talking about judge you of air go to make it make that
0:00:34happen right now in you know you don't have for example map see don't know
0:00:40like if you want to just check weekly where you are in map you can't
0:00:43do that so and you need to find places and stuff so that's not there
0:00:50and you do
0:00:52do that so what do we need to do to make it the geo where
0:00:56the organ on experience
0:00:59one first thing is your location to find your location the users location and where
0:01:06you are and sure to of course and the next thing you need is once
0:01:13you know where you are you you're probably finding where you are because you want
0:01:17to go to some place and want to see how much distances there between the
0:01:21place you place the want to go to and you and how to get there
0:01:25and that would be the second thing to find a route to the place very
0:01:29work go to or if you want to plan your journey so that also needs
0:01:35a solution in bloom and this is something that is on all black problems like
0:01:40android and i us or whatever it's called the apples so always i know use
0:01:46it so i don't know the names even so they all have it they all
0:01:50have first solutions for these things integrated into their voice always so we need something
0:01:56like that and also of course in the end they all these things should need
0:02:01that you why that shows you know all these things roots and maps and everything
0:02:06and also to save but you like if you do your search for route which
0:02:10save it for you and later if you want to access that it should be
0:02:14able to give it to you matt very fast because it's cash and also like
0:02:18the places you have search for be is these so it should be able to
0:02:22show it to you very quickly and not use network at all
0:02:26so i'll be talking a bit about these for things that i mentioned and the
0:02:31first of the thing is the G location
0:02:35we have solution already for that since two thousand five or six a bunch of
0:02:41people mostly from finland for some reason like others the hundred bridges and you see
0:02:46click on and they both of our very much involved in this project but not
0:02:51sure like for the last few years they are not so involved and they kind
0:02:55of created a good solution and it was the like all of the things that
0:02:58it sounded very good ideas of the time but they ended up making it really
0:03:03complicated i actually haven't really worked on there's you to myself like the old one
0:03:10but no
0:03:14has been working on that and he founded very complicated so it's like it's
0:03:23create some if you guys and then those api tsar divas if you as are
0:03:27implemented by different services and then you will have to choose the differences services which
0:03:32you want like based on if you want G P S R I P address
0:03:36or all those things so it's not so nice and we something better so we
0:03:43mainly bust and came up with the idea of geo clue and your clue to
0:03:49completely rewrite it and the main point of this rewrite is having simplicity and have
0:03:57one service one simple service and make it really the well documented and apps can
0:04:03just use that service and they don't need to hear about or users that means
0:04:07a nobody needs to care about different kinds of like sources of where you get
0:04:14to the location information from like gps or three D or all those so that's
0:04:20the main thing that should be simple and it needs to have privacy so currently
0:04:27do you include gives your location information to all the apps
0:04:31and that you although that that's not what you want you want to have control
0:04:36over that so why don't have needs your location it ask you be ask you
0:04:41that you want to share your location to this particular i or not and then
0:04:45when you say yes we do that and we also save it the or preference
0:04:50and then you should have the chance to also change your preference later for different
0:04:55so this is all coming i already have actually like a bastion give me a
0:04:59design for what you talked that you could to should look like and i most
0:05:03agreed with it so i implemented it and what previously was on my private you
0:05:09get oreos or something but just before the talk like to our before bastien wanted
0:05:13to do you clue repository so now as you could you and your crew with
0:05:18just merged and just you could and the old stuff just doesn't exist there all
0:05:23the court is origin and maybe it releases and stuff but there's one really is
0:05:28already and you can already tried a currently it
0:05:35i'll talk about
0:05:37the sources a bit so you need a different sources that i mentioned the for
0:05:43location and do you clue is supposed to use these sources and like tried that
0:05:51it's best to get your location as good as possible so what are the sources
0:05:55the other person is gps and it gps assisted gps so if you have hardware
0:06:00which gets very accurate information "'cause" U P Ss for getting your information a location
0:06:06information very accurately so if you have it and you're is connected to your machine
0:06:11running a normal it's
0:06:15the best thing so your we can find your location and we displayed on that
0:06:22i'll talk about maps later
0:06:28and then there is life i've missed a but your location so there is some
0:06:34A P eyes like there is gone all not sorry go will api for this
0:06:38and then there is the free so results light i forgot the name
0:06:43almost open wireless i think so it's
0:06:46the both the services they did send them your what which likewise are in range
0:06:52and what's the strands of it and they give you a indication of the location
0:07:00don't have this right now we do we have some patches for do you college
0:07:06you who do that but should be your clue to at this but it's based
0:07:14on google and we don't think real get permission to use their api because it's
0:07:21meant specifically for google maps
0:07:23so we can't use it more most likely so we will probably use this open
0:07:30like five
0:07:33and for privacy concerns as well with this and they say stuff going on
0:07:39and also three G nowadays is three Z modems they give you location information it's
0:07:46not that accurate but it's much better than the next one i'll talk about so
0:07:52it's a maybe really need this and i'll be working on that currently we only
0:07:57have this last one I P based geolocation it's only usually city level information so
0:08:05you can we can only detect your and helsinki or violent and stuff like that
0:08:09and i think it works pretty lively for that is
0:08:12so that that's there already and you clue us so you can at least get
0:08:17your C D look at information if you want to new or up to you
0:08:20to do that you should use your clue already or if you had the previous
0:08:25you clue support for that you need to order to the new api and it
0:08:32so once you know where you are the next step is to of explore the
0:08:38syria around you or to find places like you're going to some country a next
0:08:44week you want to know about what's kind of restaurants out there where you're staying
0:08:47and stuff and the place where you're staying in the exact so for that we
0:08:52have something called G accord agility
0:08:56who to blame for this once again bust and
0:09:01who doesn't know who's busting on here
0:09:09good one
0:09:11so and you don't know cool stuff so this is one of things you did
0:09:18and recently i've started contributing to it so one so it's what it does is
0:09:24it's something called you coding enter words you coding geo coding is the process of
0:09:33stringer checks into
0:09:37location information like to student long which you'd mainly and also about like getting more
0:09:43details what kind of place it is like where this that search results that you
0:09:49get you also get those with the with this you could really and rewards you
0:09:54according is the opposite of that you your point in a map in a place
0:09:59and you say which what's here
0:10:01and then surely words you according you can find what's the name of this place
0:10:06and other actors of the place if it's a restaurant so what kind of restaurant
0:10:11and all that stuff
0:10:12so we don't have currently that much support for like what kind of place it
0:10:16is but we do have support basic support for like if it's a city or
0:10:21country or that things like that or a point of interest which could be many
0:10:26and we so we have this you're putting in reverse you putting already working in
0:10:33you could you live you can already use that
0:10:37and one of the things we recently did with this beautiful jill it was that
0:10:42you was using
0:10:45i think it's for price we have somehow and i it's not open it hope
0:10:50places it's that that's what it was using and i order to norman a team
0:10:55which is a three service and open service and you can do whatever you want
0:11:03it's open source
0:11:04stuff so it's all good
0:11:07and it's also a lot more populated then joe places in general sorry but
0:11:27does to say like places are you mostly talk about like cities are like i
0:11:31mean i know there's also like stuff like i wanna go to this last right
0:11:34guy type many am restaurant will give me location of longitude latitude i also never
0:11:40gonna number need to i guess that a pronounce it i believe open street maps
0:11:45has been trying to build some it's open straight now this nominal thing is from
0:11:50open straighten that up there service okay it's actually the same data beta like a
0:11:56same database if you have some something to know open street map it gets okay
0:12:05okay right so i mean
0:12:08how hot it i assume it's really popular because of street maps but i assume
0:12:12that it's like
0:12:14that like restaurants i don't like we will not very populated you can type a
0:12:17name a restaurant or some building and you'll just it'll they are the this also
0:12:22find that there's a lot of data and they're standing i'll talk a bit more
0:12:27about the data for alright thank you know what one of the things that we
0:12:31want to be able to do at some point once we get
0:12:35once we can access gps is some a inaccurate souls of location
0:12:41then will be able to in the data and probably data for them you know
0:12:48i think that's very important because it's data that will end up using
0:12:56for some more questions
0:13:03well there is a way of using the G P S and cell phones the
0:13:10up to
0:13:11so you exposing you i it's also i doubt so
0:13:16you have to connected
0:13:18like it's some for that they expose themselves as the act normal what i'm and
0:13:26you can get to the location information through what a manager this knock and nine
0:13:30is one of them okay so i'm hoping that the new you all i'm about
0:13:35to do the same so because they're based on the same software so that should
0:13:38do what we can hope we can help
0:13:41all you can get a dedicated to a team or them
0:13:54if you're specifically talking about exporting gps info from oldham couldn't you do that with
0:13:59an application so and get on the phone that we have like a nap in
0:14:04the and weren't however and
0:14:07we exported over shape loses
0:14:10okay so you're saying that we should put up a at that people can download
0:14:14and then you can if there's interesting do we have anything about that's actually good
0:14:19idea okay i think about if i can time out there
0:14:26so in the end we need to you want to expose all these things together
0:14:30like how do you need to show it like you need you can get the
0:14:34location of the user you can
0:14:38i find out place is so how do you showed all this information so first
0:14:42thing is like some plan it's of the library that was it in by this
0:14:47guy big in the beginning here look at doing we lost this guy to this
0:14:51company call apple because i don't know they don't allow him to work on the
0:14:56things related to his work or something that's actually a lot of companies do that
0:15:00they don't allow you to work on open source on the same things they are
0:15:04doing in their work because it's conflict of interest or something at least according to
0:15:08so but before he went away he did already a lot of good a job
0:15:13with this like simple and it's a really nice api already and we have been
0:15:18using it and it's not like guys your clue that we need to replace it
0:15:22because we don't see the point
0:15:25so we are working on that as well like as much as needed although it
0:15:29already works pretty well and now this is maintained by this guy G is here
0:15:35G guy
0:15:37it was supposed to be here you'd it's quite nearby and he said he will
0:15:40come by so
0:15:42okay so he's a nice guy and is maintaining it for us and this election
0:15:48one as the just for was saying about opens treatment so it's uses that an
0:15:52is pretty cool because it's has opened data and it's there is no problem or
0:15:58for an essay or anyone's fine that's that the
0:16:01well actually they can anyway
0:16:05it's user driven
0:16:07which means that if you'll find like to find some information it's not there you
0:16:12can go and just put it there if they have multiple clients not today one
0:16:18api but multiple clients for different platform all the platforms federico where is very is
0:16:25not here and you had to go we showing me on his iphone that they
0:16:28have a client for that multiple clients and you can very easily add information to
0:16:33it especially like something small there's like a street or something like a there's and
0:16:38restaurant different restaurant is missing and it so you can very easily add from with
0:16:42those us and that is why you know what the last few years this open
0:16:47street map has come a very long way like there was so much data that
0:16:52was missing but now it is it's very if you play a little data that's
0:16:55missing so i'll encourage you guys if you are just in math and stuff since
0:17:00you're here you are just right so please do contribute if you if you can
0:17:05and it's very see easy and simple is will be will very easy way to
0:17:08contribute you can it's a one of them is to contributed we don't know actually
0:17:20okay a that i so well period was working on is not stuff the also
0:17:25wrote and i call a marilyn it
0:17:29the problem it is that wasn't meant for going on three so the you eyes
0:17:33that doesn't look like anything like a going on three up and it's very little
0:17:37work it's it was pretty incomplete so there was no point of view we using
0:17:41that part at least but we are using mission plan which is the bigger part
0:17:45of the of the work and we went for a new application called max for
0:17:51it's the designed specifically for going on three and it's designed by these folks john
0:17:58we can and can steiner and the second
0:18:02and so that's not a nice swedish
0:18:08access writable correct right
0:18:17i would like to know my
0:18:22and andreas was as being the lately a lot more involved unusual design was from
0:18:27don't like and he was supposed to present admitted as you could see his name
0:18:35was there but that's it was we showed you the talk so
0:18:41i think got a not very saying so in the end so i've decided vigilant
0:18:54okay and i'm to see this guy from the same city not text that's the
0:19:00that i sorry
0:19:06so i don't know there's some weird thing going around in the city of bottom
0:19:10work because the designers from bottom board this summer of course remind much as is
0:19:15from their these are working on that and this guy over there college is also
0:19:20living in gotten bargain is the working on something related to the geolocation stuff but
0:19:26not entirely is working to control centre
0:19:34actually and there was there was recently a block in map that it was talking
0:19:38got onboard because that's where i was last time and just put an abatement location
0:19:44other than us and it was thing you're not number sorry
0:19:50so not us is that working on the grow some of course project to us
0:19:55roots once you know where you are really ready to find places now you need
0:19:59to know to find routes to places
0:20:03what we that's is some records there's four types of fruit right mainly walking
0:20:11bicycle car and public transportation there's also flying chips and stuff but that's the data
0:20:21do that huh
0:20:23and we have different sources for those things first this always are and we want
0:20:28to use this as much as possible this is yet another project by opens treatment
0:20:32guys and since its ears the database with the able straight men so it's all
0:20:37cool because it's all open it's all the same guys same forks and we can
0:20:41just we can even five bucks and it's just pretty good and
0:20:45so when you when you i did data and add more data do it so
0:20:48we also contribute this project as well at the same time
0:20:54so we will be using that for car at least that they have call routing
0:20:59they should have bicycle but i don't think they do in this service although in
0:21:04the database they have all the data to do it and it open street map
0:21:08you can like render all the like you can select that's a map type at
0:21:13that renders all the cycle routes all over but that's not what we want we
0:21:18want something specific like you want to know from here to here i want only
0:21:22the second week from this business but and that's not they're not sorry i'm at
0:21:26least right now as we as far as we know so well there's also other
0:21:31than this there is country and city specific routing it the eyes and
0:21:38we will be have planned for
0:21:42and plug-ins like if it depending on where you are since we can detect where
0:21:47you are so based on that we will choose the plug in the best plug
0:21:51in for you that will not give us the routing information about or finding rooting
0:21:57for your city or at least your country there is like in at least in
0:22:03all the european countries there is that the it the eyes available and cities as
0:22:11well like the big cities that we have really good have a especially in the
0:22:15nordic countries there's really good at the eyes and very reliable people use them everyday
0:22:20so we will be using that and much yes is working on that so if
0:22:23something goes wrong it's a small
0:22:40the pinpoint us teams manuel so
0:22:50i'm really sorry i can't see
0:22:55is there a shortcut to move my
0:22:59window to there
0:23:05i know but is there a major like
0:23:13okay iphone somehow
0:23:16put them off there
0:23:23i know
0:23:30can use you
0:23:40how we came here
0:23:42okay now i am also it's not able
0:24:03so as you can see that should you agree with that knows your location so
0:24:07it shows it there and this may basic right now we just started so don't
0:24:13expect much for anything at all
0:24:18you can search for places
0:24:23all sorts of places that are already cached so it doesn't take long you on
0:24:27this network
0:24:29network then
0:24:32that there's a there's a fronts i don't know
0:24:41okay so and then you can zoom in and stuff and there is this button
0:24:46that takes you right your location
0:24:48we are currently is that although
0:24:51and excuse me whatever second just
0:24:57what the demo something that needs like not so you can see is the currently
0:25:02that but are satellites information is very limited in this open street map source it's
0:25:07it if you zoom in if you aren't us it's pretty good like it's that
0:25:11information i think it's coming from some you is government agency so it's because of
0:25:34it's coming on this network so
0:25:43someone had a question i can
0:25:46yes a thing that i was asking about the one thing about the map projection
0:25:52sorry what not projection or you see
0:25:58okay that explains why the eyes and the nor the compass was a huge
0:26:14so as you can see
0:26:22if we will doing this just as we what interviews web macaw to we will
0:26:27do something like forty ninety or something like that
0:26:30but that's
0:26:32not something that you need to care about
0:26:39it's that's
0:26:43that's mostly it
0:26:51there's many places by new york
0:26:58so as you can see it's pretty good in for new york at least so
0:27:01if you're a new yorker
0:27:03not only was a pretty good
0:27:39was there any love
0:27:43nothing left so
0:27:47except for this
0:27:48nice picture
0:28:00what colour you have a question
0:28:02nobody on my can
0:28:06okay no questions like a question
0:28:09about that you could if you i does it include other your compass orientation
0:28:15which direction you are facing
0:28:17is it is seriously haven't plan okay
0:28:42it's nudity
0:28:46i don't know
0:28:48i know i was just for just commenting that velocity and a construction so variety
0:28:53i especially if you can catch that when you lose your gps between
0:29:19you don't like epic
0:29:27you was a pi
0:29:34in what form like the X M L
0:29:37okay in changes
0:30:41okay say that
0:30:45wait a second i'll just put it on or
0:30:49so that's as simple as it is right
0:31:03that's it
0:31:04and a question
0:31:36you get case from a construct that how do you know that we currently we
0:31:40have doubts but yes that's been dreaming about our entering the vector to sell yes
0:31:47it would be good
0:31:51not just okay so there's been a lot of work on "'em" or that there's
0:31:56a trend of moving to vector data and actually running it by themselves from actually
0:32:03doing that that's times
0:32:05so i've been what you want to the like math books has been doing in
0:32:10this report and that's interesting and something that i would like to work from if
0:32:14i had infinite time this for
0:32:18so if someone your mi infinite i'm sure
0:32:32i so back and i actually attended a session on open ads and one thing
0:32:38is that i think that some countries that have issues with people to a there
0:32:42like i don't pieces i'm not even in open office number not which is they
0:32:47got the new project that's nine like this is just that and then you if
0:32:53i remember reading it right i had a problem it google not been places you
0:32:57like bring it on C D's and then not being questions or not is really
0:33:01saying that it's focus of all civilians and on a hard disk or not and
0:33:06hasn't how decide you could you know and not standard either that newt was neck
0:33:10and so
0:33:13that we will have the resources to go around and like do those things but
0:33:18still one street map doesn't and that's why as a so this user driven so
0:33:22if you're if you want your counter be in the open street map you have
0:33:27yourself going at it there
0:33:32like what about hell on a lot of people undocumented okay would googling around a
0:33:37to you know not been places because i'm never going to
0:34:21okay so anyone else know
0:34:25okay thanks for coming and appreciating my swedish accent adam