0:00:10okay so let's get started with they talk so you all talk about the average
0:00:15problem for women's that we have
0:00:17you gonna in don't really since two thousand and six and i got involved was
0:00:21it in two thousand and nine O we can introduce or no okay
0:00:28this is for questions later okay and also you know we were able to apply
0:00:36a lot of the lessons that we learned a certain entries problem for women are
0:00:40to run in our outreach program and google summer of code in general
0:00:45so first like non joint google summer of code in two thousand and five which
0:00:52was the first years it was doing a google summer put in a i believe
0:00:56most people here know really well global summer codas but for those who don't it's
0:01:01a problem where a google bayes students five thousand dollars for three months of some
0:01:10of work a on a different free software projects and over two hundred and fifty
0:01:15different free such organisations participating and don't has been fortunate to be participating every year
0:01:22since two thousand and five so you know there were no women applicants and then
0:01:27in a two thousand six hunter will can principle know what is that like among
0:01:32hundred eighty applications that norm received for global summer of code you know twenty people
0:01:38was selected that your but one hundred an eighties there were no women applicants so
0:01:43they decided is that they could do something about it and
0:01:49started the first of the know women some our outreach program and a it was
0:01:54like really trailblazer because that's when they had to field a lot of the scepticism
0:01:58in a community where people said you know well if women are not shown opposite
0:02:02they might just not be interested and that's how it is and they had the
0:02:08received about a hundred applications and that really prove that women are in fact interested
0:02:13in a six women participated was known for a two months intercept that was like
0:02:19put together
0:02:20just the same here right after the google summer of code that line
0:02:29i think the hope was that just kind of
0:02:33saying that once that we are communities that is friendly to women would encourage women
0:02:39to apply for google summer of code in future years but as you can see
0:02:44you know the numbers improved slightly but we were like getting like this kind of
0:02:48binary code one zero one zero like you know that's a you know maybe there
0:02:52was one woman in a particular year
0:02:57and also so that was like around the time when i started being involved was
0:03:02can all it and what it can just of the nine which was my a
0:03:07and second what can grant can area so for five percent women am i think
0:03:12is in that actually meant each women and the funny thing is that like when
0:03:16i like started looking into this i started by saying well zora for women and
0:03:21that picture but later and the raffle women in the picture but later more women
0:03:26like karen sensor or some on her hers wire were like our that sylvia was
0:03:33there so more women are keen to me and like i kind of learned that
0:03:39like you know they words there to a so this is number you know but
0:03:43maybe is a one more like i also kind of like hundred sixty people in
0:03:46the don't picture i don't know exactly how many people to work but it was
0:03:50about five percent that were eight women at the conference
0:03:56the gonna condition like really noticed that and they approached me ask me to organised
0:04:03the outreach problem for women to revive the previous efforts that we had so i
0:04:10was like really new to this type of
0:04:13activity because i was a software engineer and you know i just didn't want to
0:04:20focus my attention on that before i was asked and then like when i start
0:04:25thinking about it and when i started going to other are free software
0:04:30what women participation tracks like i want to a women participation and all that post
0:04:36that present high nowhere on and you know i was just basically little learning from
0:04:44that you know we should be doing something about it and
0:04:49and basically a the first thing i started doing it encouraged women to apply for
0:04:56google some of but so we created an average pro for women and but i
0:05:00also said that okay like we should make it an ongoing initiative
0:05:06but we started by encouraging women to bifocals summer of code and in two thousand
0:05:10ten a that you're like we already had like mentors for that which problem for
0:05:14women and we kind of did a round of introductions and they don't women list
0:05:22you know also in the end like that were six applicants this year for google
0:05:26summer of code and all only one participated two so again like not a very
0:05:31high turnout so this is like when we realised we need to go back to
0:05:36do in the dedicated internships
0:05:38and this is how you noses poster came about and we went back to doing
0:05:45dedicated internships
0:05:50and we are aware doing them twice a year
0:05:55and we had eight to twelve participants each round and also we decided to run
0:06:01some around in parallel with google a summer of code as that a lot of
0:06:06to you notice
0:06:08in white women to apply for both programs and women code reason more students they
0:06:14where able to participate in google summer of code and that would really
0:06:20kicked up the number of women that we have in will summer of code
0:06:27and also you know we have more women in a community now and last it
0:06:32was seventeen percent women at the project and this year it's
0:06:36eighteen percent and this year will also like we soon as a milestone which is
0:06:41with triple the number of speakers a whole women at what it as a percentage
0:06:46so we have twenty one percent women speakers of what to basically more women are
0:06:52you know stepping up in our community and that's wonderful and
0:06:56you know the program seem to work and i'm gonna talk more about
0:07:00why was tickets working
0:07:05so well we're doing this in brno it really does like had of other
0:07:11free software project still like last year can really did this study of newcomers who've
0:07:16joints twelve free several projects in the last three years
0:07:21and for the norm fifty percent of respondents were women and for other project six
0:07:26percent of respondents where women and like this is your to fifteen basics highest concentration
0:07:32was stuff like an but still and we can be idea which was fifteen percent
0:07:38that actually meant like to women replied from bikini D and three women replied from
0:07:42a still and in fact like we had don't have more women responded and all
0:07:48of the project combined
0:07:51so people in the wider free software community of course nobody stand that disparity in
0:08:00we're representation in the project and there is a lot of interest on the on
0:08:05behalf of like all those projects to do something about it and since we already
0:08:11had i'd say when in formula up we started inviting as organisations to join us
0:08:19and last summer free separate conservancy was a twisted project joined us you know kind
0:08:26of like stealing from want to which you know is people in computer science that
0:08:31was like the hardest pro problem and then you know in the winter and then
0:08:36this number of skilled from to too many and
0:08:41and that's you can see the a good all martial artist girl is gonna poster
0:08:47and now we have more of
0:08:51free software robots
0:08:53and the world
0:08:55as a logo
0:09:00so this is this is the information about how much the program has grown a
0:09:05right now we have us thirty seven in terms participating was sixteen organisations and that
0:09:11includes we comedian was the lot and you know not include linux kernel
0:09:16open a morass lots of great projects
0:09:20and you know at the same time like i mean the climate is changing the
0:09:25culture's changing and in google summer of code goes we'll team and
0:09:33i and the either initiative after that it be need to in course more women
0:09:39to participate in free software are also be reflected in the fact that
0:09:44just years there's a nine point five percent of google somehow of code participants the
0:09:50women and like that number has been climbing from really low numbers in
0:09:56earlier years and like another example that i have is that a bikini dear has
0:10:02only ever had like one woman participative will summer of code before and because the
0:10:07work which is to be in a in the access problem for women
0:10:11this year as a summer they have seven out of about twenty of their google
0:10:17summer of course participants this year are women so the can experience it can own
0:10:22had with also increase in the number of women for just being able last summer
0:10:27of code is like was basically replicated by a bikini D a
0:10:34and accurately sponsors of the surround a longer than google are a really big general
0:10:42sponsors and then mostly other musicians our sponsor in internships where people are contributing each
0:10:49choose their initiation specifically
0:10:52but yes of really just you know we're learning where working together with a lot
0:10:58of great projects to advance women's participation in free software
0:11:03and right had
0:11:05if a having mean workmen's this which is great and ropes and great our we
0:11:12go park with helped us dropped the contracts for everybody which is something we decided
0:11:17to introduce this year as the program group
0:11:23and so why it works first like when
0:11:31people are applying i mean first things that we do is we address women directly
0:11:35because this just seems to grab their attention to let them know that a like
0:11:41that would thing might single unlike what they've observed around them this is something that
0:11:48is really open to them and something that is welcome enforce them and we can
0:11:54that woman was mentors which ensures that like to have a one on one attention
0:11:59do an application process and we really
0:12:03emphasise the application process what we want to see a house killed somebody is the
0:12:10and also you know how much they're willing to learn
0:12:14so we require a contribution during the application process for the application to be considered
0:12:23i think is just like also really important to us that the people we bring
0:12:30are qualified and you know both them and a and the community have a good
0:12:37experience and also we ask people to spread the word far and wide interest from
0:12:43marketing perspective making a sample tweet an example e-mail available for people you know helps
0:12:51some spread the word for you
0:12:56and then
0:12:57during their internship
0:12:59the reason
0:13:02they need to be
0:13:04they three months internships is because you know women often feel
0:13:11quite behind when us a feast was technology where
0:13:16kind of the after that you know if you guys we're born with the laptop
0:13:19attached to them and women where so providing that focused opportunity to work and something
0:13:29for three months to really developed experience
0:13:32to basically catch up is essential for to jumpstart
0:13:37a women's participation free software
0:13:41and also we depart somewhat from like what's been typical for google summer school would
0:13:47like google summer of code messages this originally was like prove your rock star propose
0:13:53the project
0:13:55in you know put like put you idea into reality and you know we actually
0:14:00learned that doesn't quite work for global summer of code either so we kind of
0:14:04changed approach to it as well so we're really try to emphasise a project that
0:14:10unmanageable that allow participants like interns to land a tasks throughout the internship period kinda
0:14:18happens beautification of lending something
0:14:22and also definitely they have to be like agreed upon a basic community and
0:14:27also relevant so you kinda have to accept at the project plan might change throughout
0:14:34a so basically we define the actual for women insertions as more of a fellowship
0:14:41which is more free flowing and
0:14:43we apply that to will some of go to the extent that that's possible was
0:14:49in the google summer of code framework
0:14:51and another very important things that we're doing was interested but that we're requiring participants
0:14:57to block every are two weeks
0:15:01and first that increases the visibility of their work and second it let the community
0:15:06know that women are participating make women a part of the community and i think
0:15:12in brno we had a
0:15:15of various moves
0:15:17transition to have an a discourse
0:15:21in the project that just gradually changed to be more a polite and to be
0:15:28aware of the fact that women are part of the conversation like we're really never
0:15:32had to like
0:15:33force that issue and say like let's just like
0:15:37drop all the corny jokes how but people became more sensitive overtime because women's voices
0:15:44are visible in the community and you know you can contrast that for example with
0:15:49like linux kernel which right now is have an like rampant discussions
0:15:54about what is the appropriate language to be used on mailing
0:16:00and i think that we're doing is the team
0:16:03internships are
0:16:05open to
0:16:07balls non coders and
0:16:09i believe that was in the previous slide
0:16:11yes this is the programs open to both non students and not coders which basically
0:16:18extensive field you know we want we definitely need to have outreach programs for designers
0:16:25and translators
0:16:28in general but at least right now we are able to do that was in
0:16:31the out reach program for women
0:16:34and nancy this is also very important because that basically allows women to transition into
0:16:39work in a on free software
0:16:42after this students you know and free suffer is not like notably has a little
0:16:47barrier to entry you don't need to have a diploma to work on free software
0:16:52so you know people from different walks of life can joint free suffering to join
0:16:59with the help of the outreach program for women
0:17:06and the couple of the points and this slide is that you know well
0:17:10some like a woman might still be like the only woman in the project that
0:17:15she's working on we have this community of interns where they can talk to each
0:17:20other and kinda network and i have the support network of women who participate in
0:17:27and of both men and women who are mentors in the program and you know
0:17:31face to face communication like we're having here quite because very important and
0:17:38you know that's what gets people addicted so we try to bring everybody to the
0:17:43events and encourage other organisations to do the things in fact this front would be
0:17:51introduced to five how hundred dollar allowance for travel affords the out from for women
0:17:59insurance and that's actually some sort google some of code provides as well
0:18:04for travelling to relevant events
0:18:08and then
0:18:09after the
0:18:13program and you know we of course encourage
0:18:16participants to stay involved to continue working with their mentors you nosy interaction soul but
0:18:22cement are shipping teen years and i have also encouraging turns to present at conferences
0:18:27and you know many step up to have very active roles in our community
0:18:34and also like it's important for us as organisers to understand it's a good support
0:18:39for both other from for women and google some of course to understand that
0:18:44you know
0:18:46people have their own life and like that
0:18:48path like you know it's great to have like a very fast online so somebody
0:18:53moved on two different community or to just do something entirely different
0:18:59haven't been able to share of values was them and the values of free suffering
0:19:05and knowing that more people understand it and can carries that message is also very
0:19:11so that in itself is tremendous value and privilege of
0:19:17have an you know being able to have those internships and providing those internship opportunities
0:19:27and you know you might have seen some of those flights in my talk at
0:19:32the A G M yesterday but here are some examples of how the alumnis of
0:19:38the program are starting initiatives that in there
0:19:45areas and also going off to conferences talking about the program
0:19:55so now like to switch to like what did we learn and like how did
0:20:00we applied to make known better for everybody
0:20:04so one of my favourite
0:20:08things that came out of this is that i don't know has a mentors list
0:20:12that you know basically mentors for everybody in like i think the informal mentor ship
0:20:18is just so important just like haven't this human touch like i'm just like remember
0:20:23in like five years like i don't for this word a five yourself look at
0:20:26this like a slide of like a hand with this smiley face and it's not
0:20:31human touch and i think this is just so important at this is this is
0:20:36you know people who can give you a hand right and going on now like
0:20:40it started was like nine mentors for the actors problem for women people interested in
0:20:46outreach problem for women and then we've just moved just list over just a than
0:20:50a lot of initiative and right now has forty six mentors and i'd really cars
0:20:54people to add themselves to it
0:21:00along with that like of course we've been improving resources for everybody us in particular
0:21:05with created and you commerce tutorial a step by step tutorial to take somebody through
0:21:11the process of downloading in brno module submitting a bug for com submitted fix for
0:21:16it cools in a bog so just really something that helps people get started and
0:21:22about forty people have gone through system the last and months and then actually alters
0:21:29from for women participants have worked on developer tutorials in multiple languages like ball and
0:21:35javascript and see and pies and so we know have improve developer tutorials and along
0:21:43was those we have you know other
0:21:46initiatives that i'm not directly related to search for women but that are part of
0:21:51our you know what we do to make
0:21:55you know newcomers haven't immediately finding a their way starting with can also it's a
0:22:02you know the can on lot harder and the every detail matters initiative by designers
0:22:06where they identify a
0:22:09bugs and features that they definitely want to see fixed and implemented in brno and
0:22:15those a great beginner to intermediate task
0:22:22and you know ever since that we did for the ad for women which is
0:22:27kind applied to google summer of code as well i said before we did not
0:22:31require tool summer of code applicants to engage with the project that they were applying
0:22:37to work on do an application appeared we just said you know give us the
0:22:41link to some bulk you sold in free software and i
0:22:47this engagement and like during the application process and
0:22:53seen simple bugs some simple patches land kinda makes a detective and very encouraging and
0:23:00to the students and prepare is them to start to be ready to dive in
0:23:06into their project so you know is i mentioned at the aegean we had like
0:23:11an exceptionally high rate of engagements was i will summer of good students
0:23:19this year and
0:23:22we also require everybody to block see it used to be a requirement that people
0:23:27have to send their updates to me a little list and then we realise that
0:23:31the meal on this is mostly just being read by other insurance and we realise
0:23:35that you know it's really good to get people to just blog on the planet
0:23:39and you know get the feedback from the community and you know just kind of
0:23:45also feel more integrated with the community and again we have the size more manageable
0:23:51agreed-upon tasks instead of like grant idea projects
0:23:58and you know we do things together like for a you know which free bows
0:24:03programs as our outreach program both google summer of code and outreach group for women
0:24:09so for example
0:24:12you know what do i i'd yearbook a post last year and this year with
0:24:16old interns
0:24:20your screen there
0:24:23never believe very special and to see and then do have participated in both programs
0:24:31and that
0:24:34and you want to more for quite a few actually
0:24:39and tiffany
0:24:43and those the things you can do it to help like you know first just
0:24:46be mentor you know put yourself out there so that you know somebody can get
0:24:52your help and become as awesome as you are
0:24:57and also you know think about the beginners how like how would the beginner approach
0:25:02your project like have good resources for them have step by step tutorials you know
0:25:08be ready to point to
0:25:12easy tasks i think you know i said like we have too much of
0:25:18you know kind of scratch around each at this is where we just in well
0:25:23like your newcomer like you know
0:25:26what do you want to work on like to have a grand vision and really
0:25:31i just and that we need to do a better job in a directing newcomers
0:25:37small tasks that are definitely something that we want those that we maximise how good
0:25:44their experience of landing that first batch is how likely it is that we will
0:25:49help them and that actual and because that's something that we want to see landed
0:25:54so maximise in the good experience over you know prove your rock star it's i
0:26:02think it's a good approach
0:26:05and then a for both the opportunities that we ask people to promote when you
0:26:10know we have the internships and for any opportunities that you know but in your
0:26:14city you know we are now collecting you know
0:26:19information about women groups in different cities and different lot calls and those two links
0:26:29you know and both of them if you go to the outer sprung for women
0:26:31spread the word you can find they are the links there as well and i
0:26:35think it's just
0:26:37you know and the second link is basically like women in computer science groups in
0:26:42universities so if there is an advantage and you're like well women are just not
0:26:47sure not they're not interested i know that's not the keys just invite them invite
0:26:51them like take you know take make the extra effort to
0:26:56and information about events to of women in technology list in the area it really
0:27:01makes a difference
0:27:03and also and i think that
0:27:06we followed and like you know we're really fun this was quite it because like
0:27:10you know last year we had as many women at the conference
0:27:14but without us like actually encouraging women to
0:27:20to as well to supply talks and do talks
0:27:25i think fewer would have been doing that this year and that's something that a
0:27:29conference organisers across free software have found that you know when you typically approach an
0:27:36out and out some like do you have an idea for a talk at the
0:27:40conference they would like brainstorm five ideas was you and when you approach you woman
0:27:45she would say well i'm not and that i'm not the expert and like you
0:27:50know and the ideas that like you don't have to be the expert you can
0:27:53be an expert you know something talk about it and so making an extra effort
0:28:00to encourage women to say yes you have things to talk about please go and
0:28:05talk about it at the conference really
0:28:09make sense in
0:28:11promoting the visibility of women in the project
0:28:17you know more
0:28:20specifically also you know if you're the companies it's not yet sponsor not rich problem
0:28:26for women a please consider getting your company to sponsor an internship
0:28:32and you know if you're donating money to the confrontation you couldn't possibly here mark
0:28:37damped was the a control for women were basically go and each and sponsors outreach
0:28:42problem for women internships itself so you know and intonation to signal condition would help
0:28:49with that
0:28:53i also would like to talk about a couple
0:28:56other initiatives that are making the free suffers base more welcoming to women because you
0:29:04know we we're really need to climate change and i think what we're doing and
0:29:08don't is like at a really big part of the climate change but
0:29:13you know nobody can do it alone and it's great to have different decision approach
0:29:19and it from different angles and i'd say that all's serene like post can open
0:29:23teach an open hatch and need initiative are confronted in a question of a low
0:29:29participation of women in free software from three different angles and so here just kind
0:29:35of funny that like you know this looks like a chicken and then tag and
0:29:39we do have the bit over chicken an ad problem we are you know few
0:29:45women are participating in free software because few women are participating in free software and
0:29:51they don't think that the are culture is friendly to women's participation so those two
0:29:57organisations there are trying to solve this problem from two different angles open hatch is
0:30:03running workshops a for students
0:30:07at universities and they probably around like over a dozen workshops right now a believe
0:30:14all somewhere in united states but they're they have exceptional materials online for their workshops
0:30:20and write ups from sam and they usually try to organise those workshops rules the
0:30:25women in computer science other groups at the university like they open to all students
0:30:29but they would make this extra effort to invite women and basically those are introduction
0:30:35to free software like what is free software what is tools used for free software
0:30:42and help in a participants fix simple box across different projects
0:30:51eight initiative is
0:30:53approaches this from a different angle where they had taken make a really big picture
0:30:57view of what do we need to do to make a culture friendlier to women
0:31:02so they have a created an anti harassment policy of version of which we are
0:31:07has been adopted by over a hundred free supper conferences including quite that they're creating
0:31:13the running at camp of and
0:31:17once or twice a year is that a bring women interested in open technology and
0:31:23culture together and the last event had about two hundred
0:31:27participants and also had an L extract from an a to
0:31:33to help kinda
0:31:35distill how many can be helpful and in
0:31:40promoting discos and you know it like i've been to i to cams and it's
0:31:45a fantastic of and because you see a lot of like minded people you
0:31:52see a lot of people like doing things to
0:31:54to change you know to change the ratio and also just doing all some stuff
0:32:01in you know in their projects
0:32:05so more things that you can do a to help with those organisations which would
0:32:12also promote our participation of women in free software is the
0:32:16create an open hatch profile so like they also have an online component where i
0:32:22think norm should be better represented in the fact that we are friendly project and
0:32:27as they have
0:32:29you know profiles for mentors on their side that i encourage people to create and
0:32:35also they have contests material so you can austin open hedge workshop and they have
0:32:40like also like those like
0:32:42online missions fully cluring different batch and get
0:32:48and also you like installation instructions that you can use doing that workshop
0:32:55you know if you are
0:32:59run in organising a conference you should seriously consider have an anti harassment policy
0:33:06also at camp is a fantastic event in a the usually have a portion of
0:33:11it that's you know for women only and of course that for men and women
0:33:17so i'd encourage tendon it because
0:33:20you know that gives you a big picture of what's happening in free software across
0:33:25all of free software up to make it more diapers
0:33:30and also it can't i am so i recently be team and advisor for the
0:33:36E D initiative so i definitely feel very passionate about
0:33:41they of course because i think we need this big picture change when users
0:33:46all too much at the current for women in free software
0:33:53you know is doing something that's like very complimentary to what the confrontation is doing
0:33:59and they have just or their find raised in drive for this year and it's
0:34:06basically an organisation that's run by two people and one of them was a choral
0:34:12and filesystems hacker attract had just you know had to quit her job and start
0:34:17this nonprofit and they're not looking to hire third person and a i think it's
0:34:23just it's an essential organisation for a promoting to diversity in free software so i
0:34:30would really encourage people to donate to it and also open hatches a fantastic because
0:34:36the kind of few works that they're doing is much needed so you know as
0:34:44it run an open hatch workshop may university in your city would donate to open
0:34:49hexes that they can com to university or invite them to come to a your
0:35:01so i've tentatively scheduled the women attack a ball a two four P M on
0:35:07wednesday so we can
0:35:09have more of a discussions there and you know we you purposefully leaving this like
0:35:14very open ended you know we can just talk about anything to talk about doctors
0:35:19problem for women but we also can talk just about you know challenges that like
0:35:24why we're doing any sin in particular about women's participation in free software in technology
0:35:33like what is a situation like why
0:35:36like why we
0:35:38doing this write a so yes is there is a boston thank you and other
0:36:00so scores since D those don't so much from you know one just those
0:36:09to so many other or incisions this year you are
0:36:15experience like any growing pains
0:36:19if you see what i mean
0:36:20yes i most about growing pains have been technical which you like really well from
0:36:27are familiar with like we need an application system and you know i know that
0:36:33to be on an entry it's and we have some great to get involved with
0:36:37help that's build
0:36:39an application system because i couldn't handle and this over a mailing list and it
0:36:43kind of worked when we have like thirty five applicants will be known but this
0:36:47year we had like a hundred over a hundred applicants a across a the sixteen
0:36:53organisations and it became i completely unmanageable through mailing list so i said let's like
0:36:59our biggest growing pain that we need an application system but it's i think really
0:37:07like one
0:37:08abbreviations join us like they have you know basically like condor parts of me like
0:37:14they are who are like really excited to a
0:37:19to participate in to run it so it does have like this kind of distributed
0:37:24a few of google summer of code even though we do try to you know
0:37:28provide more ideas about how to make this work us as a user consistent requirements
0:37:35across all projects and i haven't really mentioned it but
0:37:39i had it on
0:37:41one of the slides and that's like
0:37:44you have to planet know it's my favourite login aggregate or i don't know i
0:37:49sure really big favourite between planet norman a women in free software planted i highly
0:37:56recommend everyone to like added to the roster of what street it's extremely it's inspirational
0:38:04so in addition to be included on the planets a of stay organisation organisations we
0:38:11possibly interns to be included on this planet
0:38:19any more questions
0:38:24you may not a how do you think we can improve and the you know
0:38:28the sticking around radio of participants i mean specially in google somewhere code a lot
0:38:34of participants did not stick around after two program and this is we could apply
0:38:39for improvement is more successful than some of couldn't to dot extension as far as
0:38:43i know but still there a certain number of participants that did not stick around
0:38:49but leaving we could do was a community members mentors all of us
0:38:58so i think like what been better
0:39:01about it for a whole summer of code as well so i definitely things that
0:39:06have an very high standards during the selection process it's very important have this like
0:39:12engagement period where
0:39:15the applicants already knows the mentor and have already like shown what what's a capable
0:39:21of during the application process is essential for us to be selecting the right candidates
0:39:27and then i you know i think
0:39:32mentioned you know i feel like the stickiness factor is good
0:39:37but i feel like it's not like
0:39:40and ultimate measure of success in some ways because
0:39:43if you like you know it's normal that you know people might develop also interested
0:39:48people might want to pursue other interests you know so i think it's
0:39:55haven't like people have a good experience and like learn what it is like what
0:40:01free staffers about what can almost about itself is extremely valuable but decided like you
0:40:08know we should just you know engage was people you know engage before they it
0:40:13a do an application process engage during the internship you know bring people to a
0:40:17lot of you know
0:40:18but you know like i feel like you know people are here because of course
0:40:23you know like there are a lot of winters in this room and of course
0:40:25we would like you to stick we you know we're happy to have you here
0:40:30but i also don't want anybody feels oppressed are just
0:40:35O B I minutes left any other questions
0:40:50have you run into any challenges term so maybe tour jury interactions that you know
0:41:00that you have to overcome
0:41:08it varies and
0:41:13i have the work individual pieces
0:41:18which i would say like would usually be pretty individual cases where
0:41:24i mean
0:41:26you know we you know we had some you know that there is the spectrum
0:41:30writing somebody might be like very much hands off as a mentor or somebody might
0:41:35be you know kinda you know we had like a situation where one person the
0:41:41ourself the mentor and like not and gone home but just
0:41:45the example like and
0:41:47started like
0:41:49really given so much guidance is that it was overwhelming and they it was like
0:41:57not see can experience we want people to have like you know we wanted to
0:42:00be a fellowship where you know you were accomplishments speak for themselves a and we
0:42:06don't what we don't want it to be a stressful situation and so you know
0:42:11if somebody decided that they need to micro manage an intern like you know that
0:42:15we don't want that a you know we will see don't want somebody to like
0:42:19really like
0:42:20not be present into i was like the inter reaches out doesn't like it's a
0:42:25spectrum and you know there is definitely human factor in this then you know sometimes
0:42:31interns like you know have things of their own have an and live that you
0:42:35might affect like you know how they are doing with the program so yes of
0:42:41human factor i would just try to make ourselves available offer both mentors and interest
0:42:45to talk to us of is the right issues and hopefully try to help resolve
0:42:50some and so this
0:42:53and also like mentors like happened you know varied expectations
0:42:59you know i think like
0:43:01again like i approach is very much as a fellowship you know people change direction
0:43:05a you know just
0:43:10i think the approach is more relaxed and like just like giving people the opportunity
0:43:14to develop themselves and you know some mentors that to use to like very like
0:43:20creature it like will some of course structure so we need to talk to sam's
0:43:24of this
0:43:25not helping would like just
0:43:29anybody else have any questions we just
0:43:41so what's next i mean we've been expanding the program a lot a lot of
0:43:46other organisations are participating and we have a lot of participants
0:43:50what what's next what's your to train and then there i
0:43:56i'm here
0:43:58that's a good question
0:44:00i still feel like you know the program has like grown so much in this
0:44:05year is that we just need to iterate and like
0:44:08like you know just be more mature was like an application system and you know
0:44:14of course you know there are hundred fifty of so free stuff organisations participating in
0:44:19google summer of code and like you know the percentage of women participating with a
0:44:25across a little what was like nine point five percent and percentage of women was
0:44:30organisations participate in both all P W and google summer what was more like searching
0:44:34point five percent
0:44:36i mean basically next is that
0:44:38the world joins us you know we take over the world
0:44:57no she
0:44:58so do you think there will be a meg you know she ask what's coming
0:45:04next and do you think there will be a moment when we want to need
0:45:09that next
0:45:10time to happen like you know like we feel like
0:45:15we are integrated right so it's a it's a great question and i think it's
0:45:21a great question "'cause" i have and answers that i thought of what and i
0:45:24like that question and which is a you know well internally we might feel that
0:45:31we are integrated and you know for all we know we will reach fifty percent
0:45:34participation right in a you know we will feel like that
0:45:38you know
0:45:40you know women and men feel equally comfortable in the community a but you know
0:45:45the world outside of us like has a lot of stereotypes and the lists are
0:45:49attached and not going to we easily so externally
0:45:55people might still like not know how open we are internally so we ice i
0:46:00think that will
0:46:02will needs to be doing this for a long time
0:46:17i just like sky you use an spoke about a contract
0:46:22in the air in E in the options we complement this within their first previously
0:46:28well what is this about how and where can we read more about it
0:46:32i'm just checking like are we running over no we have to three two minutes
0:46:39okay so
0:46:41so it's illegal contract for that mentors and interns assigned because we just we realised
0:46:50that you know we need to formalise it more like this has been very much
0:46:54a grassroots effort for the confrontation a but out as we have more actors in
0:47:00the legal sense in that you know we need to protect the confrontation so you
0:47:05know things like you know that's
0:47:08give a mentor is
0:47:10you know acting badly towards an interim but things are is that minutes use a
0:47:14confrontation it's that type of things and that the you know the basically that it's
0:47:20a contract that project that you know foundation
0:47:24from seen that are basically outside of our control and it's basically something that you
0:47:31know karen you know where really helped us implement and worked with
0:47:37as a rope and great a that this for us
0:47:41so that i will or a yes it's a little for it's a little from
0:47:45that the problem no work for norman diaspora wanna work for the common
0:47:50you know other for other things
0:47:53i just ask one more one last question a well what is that we will
0:47:59be the what exactly are the mentors agreed you went when we think is
0:48:06each you can put a contract because they have to be about even they can
0:48:10see no foundation that's all fine you know from a legal point if you that
0:48:13makes right sense are we started ignore foundation why you know how easy it just
0:48:21right it's a sign some so it's mentors across all those sixteen organisations participate in
0:48:28this year so it's people we don't know
0:48:31is it's not just the confrontation are a male members it's people across many organisations
0:48:39and i don't remember like this specifics of the terrace but i mean some of
0:48:43it is basically just saying you know how you will be available and provide help
0:48:47to see in turn
0:48:50i mean maybe there is like a reverse statement that like
0:48:54you know inter and you know all the problem for our mentors and ugliness you
0:48:59that know phonation like it's basically
0:49:02i mean i'll probably have to talk to cared about was a we can make
0:49:05those are public or you know like and show them to anybody interested
0:49:14but basically we just have like so many people involves this now that we have
0:49:18like that we don't know that we needed to formalise
0:49:23okay that's good
0:49:25anybody else i mentioned
0:49:29i think that you know if you know it's about time alright thank you thank
0:49:33you everybody number first of all