0:00:09i'm gonna tell you about on tell you know in the state of integration so
0:00:15review has heard of long sell
0:00:18and we use that
0:00:22okay so i'm young i'm the designer i do the about interface design and overlaps
0:00:29design and that's the plant design so all of you who don't know what i'm
0:00:33clout is it's a mainly it's like about that it's a it's a P H
0:00:38P website you can put on your own server and it has an interface for
0:00:42files file management has that's for calendar contacts and you can write your own that's
0:00:49and we have a does some thinking up so you can secure files that a
0:00:53desktop and what happened and i was that so it's like the files and can
0:00:59share thingy and i think so the topic of talk i think that it's really
0:01:05important that we cooperating collaborate because like i personally love you guys and there's been
0:01:14like i personally had a long history with or not a long history but known
0:01:20was like my first we open source project where i work with the people and
0:01:25i'm at the community and i think it's really nice
0:01:28and so it's also like the signal minimum cost or is also kind of like
0:01:33a personal story really personal story for me so it's mainly about desktop and web
0:01:40how we can bring the two together how we can how the one thing can
0:01:44benefit from the other one and we can work together where one project has resources
0:01:51for desktop and one of the reasons for web and it's like strong projects loosely
0:01:58coupled together and so that we that we deliver a full experience to people
0:02:04and of course everything is open source i because that's important for people's data like
0:02:11that they that they can hosted themselves like the reason then as a scandal and
0:02:16i don't know that we are using an open desktop or if we desktop but
0:02:21using a proprietary cloud is
0:02:24pretty much a problem i think so we want to change that but we need
0:02:28proper integration for that that's where good design and then
0:02:33and that's why want to also give a special shout out to become design team
0:02:37and all the designers that are sitting in the audience because i think non design
0:02:43thing has there's been like a big influence on my work also and how we
0:02:47do design and on cloud a so big thanks and that at that point so
0:02:54let me or also right the term because system i think is a is a
0:03:02kind of a maybe a weasel words used by like companies or the monopolies
0:03:09to strive like an experience that you can only have if you completely buy into
0:03:13that systems i think it's very important that we sink with or that we that
0:03:17we collaborate with proprietary stuff as well with open stuff so with nick know online
0:03:23accounts for instance we have like you can use a google account
0:03:27use facebook account so i think that is very important to get people who are
0:03:31using these accounts but we also need to tightly coupled with the free services
0:03:36so that we have like flexibly can system like i have a i have work
0:03:40from book running able to i have a firefox that's phone and i have an
0:03:44ipod touch and it's really help to just sink notes that's not even possible actually
0:03:50and that's kind of a joke if you think about it so
0:03:54we tell you a story how and that's about the past like the history of
0:04:00on telling you know so in early two thousand ten is actually funny because i
0:04:06done through and mailing list archives is the mail i sent in march two thousand
0:04:13ten about a three open source alternative to drop box but ignoring katie calibre collaboration
0:04:20where on top was still like it katie project or it was born out of
0:04:24katie uses a
0:04:25and it just send i what i was not participating in on call back then
0:04:29and just send a mail to the usability list was saying hey there seems to
0:04:32be like this effort about the on cloud and there was a another effort i
0:04:37call the design help i think and that was also supported terrible okay and i
0:04:44just wanted to bring these things together already in two thousand ten and i'm glad
0:04:51that it went it went further
0:04:54so in summer two thousand eleven know right that's actually two thousand ten that's a
0:04:57typo it was what i in haiti where that was my first like it was
0:05:06a really fun and i also didn't participate in code yet but i wanna like
0:05:11i saw that great just of and i wanted to sync with or i wanted
0:05:15to collaborate with the and a cloud thingy where you can sink your data can
0:05:20second stuff
0:05:22so in really two thousand eleven that's like the first on top access they didn't
0:05:28find a better picture actually it's prefix lever that's me out there on the board
0:05:33sketching for the new design an estimate maybe you some of you know from his
0:05:40on the right is the founder and of on call
0:05:43and so we were just five people like than packing on the scout thing
0:05:49and then in like two thousand eleven i post my thesis a goal usability in
0:05:53free software which was very much influenced by norm and pile work on cloud
0:06:00and to push forward actually that the design and usability and for software and
0:06:07then in late two thousand twelve
0:06:10no if you can read it but there's integrate own clouding know and it was
0:06:15push forward piracy i don't know if here you may so
0:06:23to integrate untalented norm
0:06:26sinking of calendar contacts and that was started like two thousand twelve also a somewhere
0:06:32times tree
0:06:34is here also serum
0:06:37okay hero to mail to the and what was the marketing this hey guys do
0:06:45you what you think about installing on cloud and the then shortly after i'm gonna
0:06:51share later it actually happened so thanks you also so what about the current state
0:06:57actually of integration
0:06:59we have grown integration into online accounts so you can you can synchronise you calendar
0:07:04and contacts with the evolution and you can sing files
0:07:10so it actually looks like is you have your files mounted as a as a
0:07:14lot of resource and not a list and you can access then do anything you
0:07:20want with it it's like a what if resource and
0:07:24we also have the as i mentioned before we also have the sinking client and
0:07:30that's actually sings
0:07:32your data on your device whereas this is like a network drive
0:07:37then we have a calendar integration and the contacts integration
0:07:44and we're looking forward to add more stuff and so that's why i've talked to
0:07:49a lot of you people and i think somebody a we have a deployment at
0:07:54the cloud don't know not or
0:07:56where you can we can use on top will
0:08:01check or you will receive this that's fine in screen and you can if you
0:08:05question account and andrea so currently it's like currently available to all going teams well
0:08:11if your foundation member a lot but basically is like ask and referent account and
0:08:16you will get an account at startup norman organ you can share with other numbers
0:08:21you can you can create groups three teams
0:08:24and you can just show you documents secure stuff secure calendars and have it available
0:08:36i think that's pretty cool i think that too
0:08:40and but i think it's like we need to look way forward or it's
0:08:45like even in the immediate future
0:08:47there's lots of things that we can we can we can do integrating more applications
0:08:52for instance
0:08:54so one issue that is still and from the norm online accounts integration is documents
0:09:00pick up the own code documents
0:09:04i think the norm documents integration from google from non one like council oops that
0:09:09was a
0:09:11the type of so
0:09:14it needs to like going on documents
0:09:17should be integrated so that the documents of the files that you have online your
0:09:21own proud or just send
0:09:23and then we have nodes we have like a very simple notes at and on
0:09:29cloud and there we actually have a collaboration i think here even is not here
0:09:33but he does the he does the don't know that
0:09:36which is a formally called be japan and maybe you heard about it and it
0:09:41actually already sense so you have like hello known thank you have a there and
0:09:45you can just edit it because it works and also via web stuff just use
0:09:49a second notes subfolder in the
0:09:53in the finals
0:09:55files that so it just gets and for free essentially and so you can you
0:10:00can already have like if you use the same client you can already sing to
0:10:04know what's you don't even need to wait for notes to be finished a you
0:10:08can just use your favourite editor and use it but i think that knows that
0:10:12is way better than just using the file system
0:10:17and then a we have a news that so as all of you know who
0:10:21would reader not existing anymore so if you use this it's too late now well
0:10:28you feel are gone that's kind of a problem so
0:10:33there is several attentive there's like newsletter which is also free and open source it's
0:10:39and there is a tiny rss
0:10:43which is like an it's also php software or something and then there's on top
0:10:48news which is a an integrated news at some but then it over there and
0:10:54i think it's really important because
0:10:58it's and
0:11:00it's quite a
0:11:01it's quite a
0:11:03but or it seems like it's quite a fringe at or quite a fringe on
0:11:08a use case like to read websites or something because nowadays like people use facebook
0:11:13introduced ritter and stuff but that's exactly the point we should be able to we
0:11:17them on our own space and we should be able to track the website on
0:11:21our own
0:11:23in our own servers in our own homes the same
0:11:28so and i also like to dedicate this slides to our and sports who worked
0:11:33on the process specification and in general on the freedom of the what
0:11:38and there
0:11:42customer i think you don't see a that's pretty it it's the news design documents
0:11:47on the left of numbered or weekly that no not or and i think customers
0:11:53working on a newsreader for known so that
0:11:57should be able to sink with that newsreader then and what you get for free
0:12:03is an android until newsreader you can already downloaded and support the developers like it's
0:12:08a it's a paid out
0:12:11and i think it's really good because it's an open source hey that's you can
0:12:14also download the source and compile it whatnot it's upon get help but i think
0:12:18it's really important also support open source so if you have a hundred phone just
0:12:23a have to the store and support the developer of it
0:12:29and it we have there's and i was a and in development it's karen in
0:12:33beta and there is a blackberry have i think and windows phone at development also
0:12:39and then next we have nice i think the i can and number you your
0:12:43can right
0:12:44you remember that
0:12:46okay so maps there is
0:12:49i just yesterday amenity S who's doing the masking on that set and we have
0:12:55some people working on there's also into sucks student for katie who does the marble
0:13:00and on cloud integration marbles the matched up of katie it's like a really go
0:13:06and stuff
0:13:07so i think that's really important because there's google maps and then there is
0:13:15nothing for a long time and then maybe there is like open stream and somewhere
0:13:21but you can't do routing stuff and so i really think it's important that we
0:13:26have a proper maps solution i we can just simply search get directions say favourite
0:13:32places and just have that things
0:13:35where wherever we are like whichever device we use because it's us
0:13:41it's just like it
0:13:45i forgot what i wanna say but it's important to have maps
0:13:48so the next with music
0:13:52there's music at the development and we have like a basic music at for about
0:14:02and there's also turn you go with some of coke student working on a sinking
0:14:05with achieve i think and i think planet already talked with the cool summer of
0:14:12course didn't of you guys and
0:14:16that of course we also need just think it's like very simple just do the
0:14:20dance and sing the data and have it on your desktop and
0:14:25whenever something happens have a new desktop and have it on all your devices essentially
0:14:31and then there's this
0:14:33thing like it's i feel is kind of the elephant in the room it's mail
0:14:37it's like i can almost imagine what we use for mail
0:14:43and i think it's a really big problem so where like our collective hacker intelligence
0:14:51when's that we all use this mail provider so i think it's really important
0:14:58that we have a proper
0:15:00mail solution that is that is
0:15:03looking good working well and just like basic stuff like fretting and moving stuff filters
0:15:11and that's some things automatically so we have a start at get about comes like
0:15:18jean claude such mail
0:15:21it's very basic but it's a start and especially there if you're interested i would
0:15:29invite you to collaborate there
0:15:32and so we can we can finally
0:15:36host their own email again
0:15:40and then there is bookmarks
0:15:42pretty basically we have bookmarks at and i'd actually any of the epiphany or web
0:15:52okay i need to talk to them later because bookmarks again pretty
0:15:57normal thing just synced bookmarks
0:16:00and there you also get another thing for free which is not bookmarks friend right
0:16:06also and you just have the have the have the bookmarks on your and right
0:16:10device even better would be of course to sink it like directly i don't know
0:16:15if that that's possible like with the browser
0:16:19but there you have it in the out in a couple of months
0:16:23then videos i thought question there is and don't videos that and there is in
0:16:29development i saw some commits a about a an uncut videos that so that you
0:16:34just have like peer videos on the web and just also have those and it's
0:16:39like it's just really basic i'm just listening actually
0:16:42the data just need to be saying and tasks i just heard is the land
0:16:47of here
0:16:49okay all something to talk to him later this is doing getting these things you
0:16:53know my heard and we also have like a basic test up and it would
0:16:58be cool to also
0:17:00i think that and i could i could continue on and on and on and
0:17:04there are so many
0:17:06well actually they're not so many more apps that could be sent a that was
0:17:10pretty much like the core stuff that what you get when you when you get
0:17:13an android phone when you get in iphone or something like the basic apps that
0:17:18everyone needs
0:17:22they they're like some tiny more that's but there's more than just data and aspect
0:17:27because data and ask i think is very tangible but you can you know where
0:17:32your data is you have your home folder and you can just copy over you
0:17:37can you can back it up on a hard drive a you know where your
0:17:40apps are you know what the ask you often use are if you miss and
0:17:44happy just install it or something but that's cumbersome and what happens
0:17:49and this happens
0:17:52your laptops brokenness on fire i don't know it's like yesterday you went too much
0:17:57to drink and you fell into the we have a river here in the city
0:18:00anyway if we don't have one something else happened and
0:18:04i think it's important that we also think about all this stuff because that's the
0:18:09annoying stuff that we need to always said
0:18:13like appearance like the that that's the background if i have a funny i don't
0:18:18know funny scroll picture on my background as my background i want everything to it's
0:18:23not that simple it's just some single file and want to have it when my
0:18:27laptops broken i want to have a manual a brightness unlock seems like what is
0:18:33there to saying well the time and it takes a lot or of brightness level
0:18:39of the what happens if you on market like to just ask for passport or
0:18:43not keyboard layout the if
0:18:48you change the keyword layout any keyboard shortcuts
0:18:52the other online accounts you have configured bluetooth which device you're paired with any specific
0:18:58colour settings displays when you need use project or something and you have specific resolutions
0:19:05it's like if you go on a non also touchpad like specific settings like sensitivity
0:19:10a network save wifi sweater passports power settings what happens if i put the lid
0:19:16down a printer is annoying as hell as it is so we should not make
0:19:20it more nine us so just a friend there is
0:19:24when i like when i connect to printer just save it and thank you don't
0:19:27have the configuration
0:19:30"'cause" otherwise if i have a new laptop i need to configure it all again
0:19:34and it's also annoying of the we have the i got date and time something
0:19:40as simple as that if it changed my change my regional settings or and also
0:19:47for sources like install software user counts alright like user images or something like your
0:19:53real name or so
0:19:56all of this like saying all of this
0:19:58i heard there's something called chi settings and we should plug that into and one
0:20:04line accounts to and just think that
0:20:08like to me as a design sounds easy enough but i would like to talk
0:20:12to the person who can do that
0:20:15so next thing is like everything that is there also need to miss and we
0:20:22have installed apps
0:20:24like every at i have installed every a i have not installed because i find
0:20:28myself when i set up a new computer
0:20:31and still everything and i uninstall also a whole bunch of stuff because i don't
0:20:36want certain apps to show up in the in the overview because i just never
0:20:39use that so i want that to be remembered as well and the favourite apps
0:20:44a the
0:20:46screen configuration
0:20:49like if you use if you still workspace i mean maybe even open apps like
0:20:55when you computer got smashed like when you were actually working on something like mark
0:20:59was not gonna give a then you want your
0:21:03current configuration saved as much as you can recently search items all that stuff like
0:21:08even the current volume i don't know that's really not that important but let's make
0:21:15then there's like especially for recorder see of the best receiver get comfy i guess
0:21:19age you could you can use all this dot files right we have this
0:21:24there's a strand of having a dot files repository upon gets out so why do
0:21:29we need that stuff i mean it's funny to share the can think but we
0:21:33should also just have it saying and have it set up when you found your
0:21:38new computer
0:21:40i just haven't work like i don't wanna go express the need to install get
0:21:44then i need to clone the repository and then i have to say i have
0:21:48set it up i should just login username and then everything is done
0:21:53next thing is like passwords like for wife eyes for websites like also for the
0:21:58browser again notifications like red states is like the most annoying thing you use different
0:22:04device even
0:22:06even if you just use two devices like you read it on one device and
0:22:10on the other device still there that essentially makes medications pointless because there's just a
0:22:15slew of messages that you don't know jittery this that we do not read this
0:22:20then there's fonts like all my fun files actually like i want to use a
0:22:24different font but it didn't work like whatever
0:22:28i want that saying and there's like a whole bunch of other things like an
0:22:32single think about we talked about that day before yesterday and we came up with
0:22:36like a long list of stuff and essentially of everything that isn't settings
0:22:42plus there's and probably some more things
0:22:46and then something which i really think is important also that high scores for games
0:22:51like when you are
0:22:53at this point
0:22:54or even further like when you many finish this thing right when you finish you
0:22:59know mine on this level you all
0:23:04i do that like maybe once we or something and i have new high score
0:23:09and then i want have saying that because that's very important
0:23:13because i can show it off to my friends and them on my computer hume
0:23:16pewter is broken
0:23:17i don't know that high score anymore and that's a pity because of them my
0:23:21friends think i'm line that people shouldn't have to like to their friends about the
0:23:26high scores so we should just so right it's like it's pretty basic a but
0:23:32that's a stuff you never think about when you when you think about data sink
0:23:36it's like
0:23:38only small things which are in inside the apps which are inside the configuration files
0:23:42all this all this difference
0:23:46stuff that makes up the whole the whole of what i put into the computer
0:23:51or what i did with the computer what i want to be there when i
0:23:55when and solid again or when i when i have a different device
0:24:00very simple actually
0:24:03so just have the apps and then sink everything and not only the data that
0:24:07is in there but also data vic the metadata and
0:24:12everything like you probably or most of you probably know more what's
0:24:16there is or which data there is
0:24:21so just think that just everything
0:24:24and if your mind blowing it then i would like to propose that we just
0:24:31do it i talked to several people you already which i mentioned also and i
0:24:38wanna or we like as long thought or in the on call community we want
0:24:42to talk to more of your and wanna collaborate on even more so that we
0:24:47can we can just have like
0:24:50have a free desktop operating system with police things like freak out service so this
0:24:56i think you have your of your old insulation or you started in on the
0:25:00door and then you can just one someone takes a hammer especially laptop well you
0:25:06just have to devices like i don't know i don't think happens that often that
0:25:09someone takes a hammer something but you just have to devices we just want to
0:25:13have everything same
0:25:15it can it's a pain right i just someone you have what i think lots
0:25:18of your people have like for three non devices and it's
0:25:25quite a pain to get those saying but we should always remember that it's not
0:25:31about the technology like it's not about on clouds not about can home and it's
0:25:35not about what do you actually do that if you think it or if you
0:25:38just have it online or whatnot but it's about people that we do it for
0:25:43and what they what they expect like
0:25:46if they use it if they don't use gnome if they don't use on clothing
0:25:49that's why like the come online accounts approach so much is that it just into
0:25:54it is able or it can potentially integrate anything like and it can integrate flicker
0:26:01facebook will whatever because people use those services but we should also make it easy
0:26:06and to integrate other services
0:26:08and so like with without for instance we also make it possible to month you
0:26:12will go drive to monitor drop box to plug in your i don't know what
0:26:16it's just what people use that's important that should be important for us
0:26:23thank you
0:26:40i so i heard you mention briefly own collapse
0:26:47no like how okay yes it's like step install on your own so that instance
0:26:53just run right and out of the base system i think we could integrate
0:27:00those guys specifically in into the online counts because it's a tricky thing right hunting
0:27:05on let's ever it would be it would have
0:27:09different capable right it would have different apps so
0:27:13i'm the francisco calendar and contacts you have like colour and conduct of these exposed
0:27:19protocols and working on a P R's for the specific that's like for the know
0:27:24that for instance in the future there would be an A P I for bookmarks
0:27:28should be an A P I for maps
0:27:29and i feel like to expose the you adjacent data or something and so they're
0:27:35like we need to we need to probably have something to convert better to have
0:27:41a common format
0:27:43well what you mean
0:27:45but you are do you can check like which apps installed phones please and then
0:27:51there is but like what's plan to be part of a colour right so you
0:27:55can always expect to be here right so that you never know that's the that
0:27:59something like the only thing you always knows that there's files so that there's matter
0:28:04and that's the only thing that will ever or that is ever fully expect to
0:28:08be there and but like i have said i guy i don't know exactly but
0:28:13i think probably when you do like a count of requests on the server which
0:28:17doesn't have counter enabled probably returns an error it's times like there is no counter
0:28:22installed and i could imagine i don't know
0:28:26but i could imagine
0:28:28and how
0:28:31wouldn't want the situation where you running against multiple instances alone about because assuming multiple
0:28:37instance because we have one you know where well company we have while they're we
0:28:43have one there a i want like no calendar to track the release date the
0:28:48free states but i want my office cal that attract the office ones and i
0:28:52certainly don't want my the disappointment in the ghetto calendar
0:28:56and the serious that these arts trying to you if you open up loaded like
0:29:01corporate files documents to the O is think how
0:29:06do we want to solve the privacy issue
0:29:09so you mean like i have two different i'm glad instances in the non online
0:29:14accounts for example i don't know if that's possible does anyone know that well what
0:29:21so earnest possible or so what you know what most is how should we solve
0:29:28the privacy issues that come from that situation
0:29:32because more things and moving to the cloud more things and moving their we using
0:29:37a various levels of drop looks accounts on various companies it's a bit of pain
0:29:41and yes to have voiced also drop offs and are running on four different use
0:29:45cup accounts because you can't login
0:29:48several drop box accounts is wants
0:29:52but if you have separate components is like yes not a problem where you when
0:29:58you be event in the calendar you can specify which calendar you want to
0:30:01and i don't get sick people
0:30:03make up to so all contacts and it doesn't accompanist but files for example
0:30:11it sings all the files
0:30:14it shows and it shows is a different but of resource
0:30:17it doesn't mix them up or anything
0:30:26if i can put this like that one
0:30:29okay where was a right
0:30:34i mean one thing for the
0:30:40you want to the first one or the other one
0:30:44okay anything
0:30:49well i'm here
0:30:58and so what managers okay take into help ensure the security of data is that
0:31:04saying them always terrified of and big corporations you have like millions of dollars invested
0:31:11sometimes still league lots of dater get so
0:31:15if like and using on cloud on a gnome server how can i trusted
0:31:20that's a good question actually do you trust and references
0:31:24i know like corporations that likes to provide security to us and we have an
0:31:29to so even but i was just okay so the thing is there is there
0:31:36is an encryption have a in or for about i don't know the state of
0:31:41it exactly and but there is like an effort to also have a host secure
0:31:48so that you that you don't need to trust your poster to secure your data
0:31:53the problem with that like we with or in our specific case without out with
0:31:58for example end to end encryption is that you wouldn't be able to use the
0:32:01web interface anymore which kind of makes the whole thing the mood point so there
0:32:05you could just use like to perhaps you could even use it with box for
0:32:10so that's a harder problem solved but we're working on it but it's like it's
0:32:15super hard but we certainly care about that
0:32:20does that answer your question
0:32:21just one thing i don't like the lee was previously being offered most is like
0:32:27a chrome extension and that's like firefox extension like will ever be possible for on
0:32:33cloud to have offer like a browser side extension that would be of the like
0:32:37transparently display things that would be encrypted don't know cloud servers
0:32:42so like they come back to your clients and they are the crypt that there
0:32:48overlap hard i'm not sure about that i'm not that much of a programmer tutor
0:32:55to answer the question i think we i think it would certainly be possible
0:32:59because like nearly everything is possible i guess but someone needs to do it that's
0:33:03like always from
0:33:09i think there's so maybe some of you know approvingly
0:33:17if you questions
0:33:19so i have a question
0:33:21but this is
0:33:23well the thing is that it has like if you compared that box right there
0:33:29is a nice
0:33:31notification when somebody and share the document or something with you a i don't associate
0:33:38client that's written in katie as when they will be when you see a something
0:33:46similar that integrates better make you know
0:33:50i so i don't think we have the resources to like to a native G
0:33:54T K implementation if that's what you're asking because like you typically vic frostbite from
0:34:00thing that we chose because we can do it on windows and michael's and the
0:34:04two people working on and are to T people so there's no i think there's
0:34:08nobody currently working on like you that on a G T K implementation just because
0:34:13like we just have to people and it's just on possible
0:34:18but i also have like a
0:34:20i have a last
0:34:21slide come and say hi to us where all the code is also open source
0:34:27gettable concert on cloud are see channel on content and on product design we also
0:34:33have a design channel
0:34:35you have enough
0:34:37i really like and i is there any way you like i had exchanged count
0:34:43there and easily in work out there's a will so we
0:34:49so that's a big problem right now you can you can export calendars where you
0:34:53can important like it's like
0:34:55that's a problem i know but in it will be in the in about six
0:34:59and the next severance
0:35:04so this kind of an extension of wondrous question number to have a very
0:35:09that i can see over files and i haven't talked to you guys maybe for
0:35:14you that's true
0:35:15are you thinking about having some kind of general data we are in the or
0:35:19parent are do you know anything about that
0:35:23i've i probably i could imagine that you have like we have so we are
0:35:28trying to do would like in general ache if i remember correctly i think we
0:35:32were trying to do like a general like generalise core api but i don't know
0:35:38how for that goes so actually
0:35:42not many ask use where am use files
0:35:45like the calendar and contacts used a database and you could basically saying anything and
0:35:52we were two we're trying to do like a proper api so and i think
0:35:56it's deprecated so i think we're in the process of that
0:36:00but you get like ideally you can you can ask on the mailing list or
0:36:04and get have issues because they like are developers know more about me probably
0:36:15a huge
0:36:19i think a problem at this point you for
0:36:23i think the
0:36:26the best thing about i don't know this also probably so please you know
0:36:31"'cause" i think it is achilles heel this that i simply this
0:36:36and that's the fact that there is
0:36:40there's no central this know there's a well hosting provider
0:36:46so if you tell someone
0:36:48i want to use and not out there is one way to do it you
0:36:52immediately have to be making choices and information user experience perspective
0:36:56and from kind of adoption perspective that's really hard and thinking about it from the
0:37:02nine perspective like if we want to really push integration of be great to be
0:37:07able to maybe even my setup
0:37:10and i'm clout
0:37:12account and you like first great you know what in initial sets of the something
0:37:16for example
0:37:17it's very hard to do that
0:37:20when you're in the situation where there's always different providers by different companies and
0:37:30you have the enterprise all that is that we do have i know stuff
0:37:38but i think the only for users right like if you install gonna on then
0:37:42you're not like you can't use product longer or for instance
0:37:46the nist you one way so i like the original or like still the goal
0:37:53of components like that everyone has their own instance so there would also be like
0:37:59what it would also be cool to have like a one click install
0:38:04but where does it install them it's is always kind of a problem like i
0:38:08do you need to trust someone
0:38:09you need to have a server where you need to have a friend a server
0:38:12where you need to have an organisation or something
0:38:15i definitely at that we think it's also problem also like from the from the
0:38:21work of perspective like are just to find people there like we have to we
0:38:26have to make sure it always works correctly with all these different server configurations and
0:38:31it just makes everything harder but
0:38:34as like on plot or of our own code that con we'll get it doesn't
0:38:40and i was gonna come upon and what was it but on the other or
0:38:44don't lot of comic we will not offer hosting like will not go into the
0:38:48hosting business because we don't want people's data and there are other people who can
0:38:51do that and with their companies and universities doing it and organisations
0:38:57so to linux there exactly this like the one click you install on some five
0:39:06and you can write a so you'd wanna do something similar probably them but it's
0:39:13it's a lot of work if you wanna so set up for them but if
0:39:17it but i think then that would be your call known like saying hey our
0:39:21users can set it up and like when you hardcode like amazon on that would
0:39:27be like a solution
0:39:32that should be the and the people right
0:39:35there isn't that's the problem there is not but i don't like actually get your
0:39:39point i have the same problem like this back with open idea because there's like
0:39:44only a website like a to is right and i which one
0:39:50so perhaps extendible elmo saying in the question of the front like five or six
0:39:54years ago like that this program groupon but i would like three years of doing
0:39:58the client side of this
0:40:02i think i'll in a few things
0:40:04and i would it mean your slide in on the basis of what i learned
0:40:07what on the signs not like think everything just sink everything on that because
0:40:12you do i combinatorial explosion of services the people wanna support and in this you
0:40:17can point is what of my at doesn't have the file format you support can
0:40:21i converted to another thing a plug into a system i to guy
0:40:26the danger of like a sink everything model is everything's a lot of things and
0:40:31an impossible amount of work so
0:40:36without wanting nine to get into the infrastructure providing purpose business of like untied instance
0:40:41everyone like
0:40:43what's the minimum amount of saying stuff that's useful that doesn't require us getting into
0:40:47business okay but i mean saying everything doesn't go very far beyond as far as
0:40:52data massive data goes younger actual data like all the install that's is just like
0:40:57a can fix which right if you'd be surprised
0:41:01okay but like
0:41:04okay maybe i don't know
0:41:07okay so it might make it easy for and think everything extracts on i think
0:41:12about the direct lex and
0:41:15so that i would advise everything else is
0:41:19very light problem
0:41:23there's also the possibility posting yourself on your own network and i think it would
0:41:28be really interesting to have a small machine that you can just likes to get
0:41:32an S D card that you just image for example and then it would be
0:41:36nice if you would automatically to discover that's we don't than anything and then if
0:41:40that would also somehow work with like U P N B or whatever and open
0:41:44up ports on the far wall so you can access when you leave your house
0:41:49can still extra data you don't have to worry about it being on you server
0:41:54like on amazon or something at the N S A says hey we want to
0:41:57get all your data you know then at least it's like within your control so
0:42:02i mean you probably or nearly everyone knows about freedom box if you much projects
0:42:06we words about having a server in your home like having actually all these services
0:42:12physically as like on a plaque computer in a some plug and plug into the
0:42:17internet and you can always access it from anywhere posting your own about essentially and
0:42:23that's a good point because you all seven physically amendment there's like they wanna search
0:42:27your data you know where it is you know that they need to get into
0:42:30your house for instance and then there's actually people installing on cloud on rest very
0:42:35high you need to optimize it's to make it work well and or unplug computers
0:42:40like pull plug and so you can you can already do that so that's already
0:42:48so you can post your own thing you can i mean you can even we
0:42:51have a just a computer that is in your home anyway maybe even running twenty
0:42:56four seven you can just install it on there and run it from there
0:43:01back on the topic a how there's no one sent like you know
0:43:06but you know
0:43:07there are some sharing
0:43:09and then it wouldn't address the first time set of issues but you have any
0:43:13plans like of anyway you know
0:43:15iterations thing where i could share between i would instances like i don't make about
0:43:21yours might
0:43:22what will address so definitely we have plans but that's also hard so currently you
0:43:28cannot share between two hundred instances so we don't have like federation like diaspora for
0:43:33instance we can follow different user accounts other that's definitely a consideration or like different
0:43:39something want to do because then you can have your like now we can share
0:43:43files so definitely that's a plan
0:43:48so with
0:43:51i guess all the ask that you end up producing and they're number popular sweets
0:43:55of web apps already available store you have are concerned about redundant efforts or just
0:44:01wasting like your own pro to because like than brand board of like a bunch
0:44:05of like the
0:44:07that we like nice to use or anything so that would be my answer mighty
0:44:12i mean there are these things and like i mean the duplicated effort things often
0:44:17something which is mention an open source but i think
0:44:20it's also good that we have like multiple things and sometimes they're just outdated projects
0:44:25and it's a it's like this behemoth of piece of software and no one actually
0:44:30like or some people like to use a maybe but i think it's good to
0:44:34just like start a new from time to time and to make something new something
0:44:42so i totally get your point but i think it's good to just make a
0:44:46new it was a newsreader for instance there has been time ten yards as
0:44:51which i think i wanna
0:44:55calling names or whatever but it like it doesn't look like that new right it
0:44:59does look like feebly or whatever and i think with the companies that we did
0:45:05a very good very simple newsreader at which looks very good it's very simple to
0:45:11and it's
0:45:13just starting from zero and we did something good
0:45:26i think it's not switch on
0:45:32okay also about and federation of any
0:45:37are there any plans a for the is showing without to users without account say
0:45:44i want to send a file to my
0:45:47a friend
0:45:49it's not very i think also well
0:45:51have to on a on a account
0:45:54and a it see that's we directed then locking page he will okay
0:46:01so there is already a publicly feature so you can actually already do that like
0:46:04you can you just say share publicly like it's publicly like it's really it's a
0:46:09tokenized link you can also password protected actually so actually private so you can just
0:46:15send that link to them and they're like if it's an image to get a
0:46:18preview if it's a "'cause" the pulled or something we can download it on so
0:46:23that's already possible
0:46:28any more questions or
0:46:31otherwise we can like just let's talk and that's let's try to a collaborate more
0:46:39thanks again