hello everybody

i'm going here to talk about how to write a you have the cases where

you talk with

it's not that we

see how it's going to use cases for something we've used buttons and a new

you know music so

i might just putting how these two reputation see are you seen we'll well we

probably be i was trying to so how we helps

a later i realised to talk about a couple of

nice cases that a people can have when and your



yes list we start with an interruption

so basically

well right in down to me application would be if you need to solve is

how we get access to the content

there are some kind of the content is local disk but we are trying to

second there is on some web service

you know basically it's what service classes it's all api so point in the case

of you to have a very clear specification of the pi so when you are

working out an application for

you don't you don't take that api anyway don't vacation

the program is when you one

i don't think is internet access to all the several sources at the same time

for is that the you want to play are

but different it to us a for you know

so if you check it's a source

or what service have a different maybe i anywhere you want to do is since

what simple right okay searching for videos or is going to be somewhat what is

in so you need to right different it yes

this is a becomes worse when you try to do way more information for all


so for instance let's say you are right to your with the project application you

are really you know some and you want to show for instance lyrics of the

song or you are implement in the eyes of the box

what you get content for on any better distortion movies and i do that want

to show information all the money lighted type a lot or who is the director


and information or it is supplied so basically you need to go to these charlie's

each of one provides a different

api and you need to integrate everything in the or

interpretation and this is don't for okay something

what you sure that's application i don't vision that must do a so for different

application well you know there are no shutting off of all this one origin of

these structure so

is really a there should be that's a calmly pi i mean for is that

you to email and all those servers is using it pi

so the we usually

i have a really simple way of integrating more information you know what i happen

information which is i have the subtitles but i could have another server that provides

for instance a question graphics for their music or

by your for your main a forward are just so

how to make this more we should

so here is more will tries to have

basically your is

it's a framework

not a is verification on

making a discovered of content and beta S is the condition might seem and it

just because it provides a single highland api to access only the sources informational for

example you are using will and you get access to get to

is the second the same like getting access for is not for a female already

have just to flicker for instance already access to event or rubber can is quite

to really so much you know supporting or more stores enjoy your problem

and the board

is like is that your bright so we have used and they all this also

so actually brightness

not developers can write separate if your problem you can plan training door your system

i know too much are start using that

so what is europe right now white with this applying for the emotion we is

it integrating my application because it will use the same type i'd like you to



just got a new we the nikon system will

as i was saying a drastic conference okay what we in how will works because

one of the sauce

source are basically the sort of information

right for is that you to origin mental or your and D V data base

okay so it's

the work will not get access to the content out of information that is over

the second one is our the media content the actually the our ability be zero

and the you much right because we're how to use mostly these three types of

medium that will hunters because of the end will have a story multimedia content

so basically what does that mean i mean what is something if you actually will

you can see any like a

you know quite hostilities your idea is for

but i mean that it that is but which is in this in the right

basically for instance i mean you could be before we are type of for instance


the outdoor dog whatever want to video is a locating you have to play you

can have some things like

S if you follow it or not i mean a lot of information that you

can provide so basically the combination is that

actually a

contains basically metods like this right so with it when you are waiting on of

you content of this owl is defined by the case size it has quite and

you typed on not just one or all information we want to what we

and the sources

basically a big weights you

actually have to roles wanna it's within the media for extended into providing


you content

right and this do to basically defines which kind of information can happen for instance

i got a process okay i'm able to how to do you whatever i got

it and it would two hundred a typo how to the artist or so such


there nevertheless other sources that astronauts a great content but what they do is with

content coming from one of the sources i can inject information waste on the i'm

T V right i mean is that we don't need work is it okay if

i have a

and the video i know recently i can provide you information and you can prewhitening

so i go trying to be a good deal with information i in which the

content of the

all these of these media work

so which is that we really works


how do you see i'm going to show i just us it to use case

but it is

what it is scary because it's quite well with what really suit to provide

so let's see let's see so basically and talking

well conducted there you have supplied for me looked is will to get content from

different places


basically i have to here someone then so is not a lot of things they

want to the red light with the different email want you to well so you

can use overall rating for your can disk

and then there are i

i'm sorry about it doesn't you very well it basically is how to ski screen

shots of talk to you can running different one is the browns you don't think


very in one of the options

i think that i would you to browse through the

content but is provided by one of the sort of points to decide into and

you can when he's really browse through it


the other one was basically argue for searching can to all is bright you are

actually where you can and if it will you can under your it at the

time all

the or one want to search for it in this case

i think is switching one week in the do i need provide information i just

cases using this a little information and on the title on the also on the

not be there right


but when what mission will to write talked in this case for display remote something

that you need to take that copy my

the first is what they want to show i mean

and going to show only be use only music

i think that in their application of together can finally finished and you stick and


i think talked and was later in the way on the past

not was moving just to show indeed you because is a gender on your content

so basically to define what you want to the show and then you need to

define which information and one two hundred for because thousand information but i don't want

to use an old information

so indicate for it and way we are

up to fifty five different type of information you can come in and it's all

just understands information sources got a polite

i knew

you type of information i can be a test of these a colour of peace

right to some then for instance they wanna the title that's i mean



in this case in the case of nothing

a there was a i don't want to show the viewers right so basically is


only is really

well sources come up and say hey and here how minor so what

don't think that is okay it checks what kind of information is the source people

to provide so for instance if can provide be use i don't i mean i'm

not interestingly so why just ignore it for instance in the create source comes up

a say okay i'm unable to handle if with the english okay i know it

so i i'm going to hundred is not that source


then for those it is not know sort of those sources provide to be used

i need to check what i'm like what i'm doing

so if a if i implement deliberately you what i want is only you sources

the provides

the rounds feature

and is because and also facing willow decides which of these features like an improvement

so lots of design implement the searching well is a not on a not implemented


all than it would operation some basically you can check what was operations are implemented

version way to do some price sum up or something like that are always not

event because and then the sources just working on the what service so you have

a web servers up for example something like the search it doesn't make sense to

for you to implement this it's because the only way been going down this you

know cash in all the information you're probably as i see them and that's of

inefficient so

in greater this list doesn't right and morphing about possibly be what is services provided

so in this case points and meeting my rooms i don't do so i checked


you highly blows no okay i know here in the case of fit in the

same form we

for mission feature and china czech okay now this of away in the

this should yes okay i will surely in my i will use it in my

have my application

so given that

so basically i am i right okay going to be scared to browse and now

i'm going to use conditions

the thing i need to sentences is what kind of ways and want to have

actually so for instance in the case of a search

as you can see a

i it well i think so they will show one in toronto ten and performance

it which is nothing in this idea something which is so you can see it

below is the

i don't they video on the optimal maybe so that's kind of which i want

to show

i so i want to

hundred whatever because of the end they want to play so i will also want

to hunting what information i want to show you know for instance if i have

a gps information why content i don't want to use it

so i that is quite or if i have for instance and

well any other to write a fireworks or size so on the video more when

i when i don't know that information i don't want to use

going to say and it is a stage i'm defining information wanted

and you take a look at the blouse basically i not show in the out

because of the and this new is on a show in the title unjustly duration

so basically i don't are a lot of them global fine so i know going

to ask for it


so is okay the we this employee so we will prevent

we well this is just a really someone


the it is that what the a movie is the only resentment is for the

search but it's not finished and if and then is an information want to show

it is are based on for a duration signing right title


i using markets and also because depends on the on the sources are some sources

that use also on what most of the shoes aren't so i'm going to use

will and this czech one with the show and then thilo is the information to


so basically this year just

it's quite simple basically i

see the cells dataset shows this is this wasn't going to should for instance of

et cetera youtube that the something going to use

is a real good one idea

they have the text i'm going to search for instance what i want to see


the you know this it's case ask for our we used about is just on

this list of all information want to show

and what the options which is available you to control

more how the this is what we perform write a social change some things right


and then we come back basically is not

when they when you start research

the colour would be broken every time if i was i was shot it will

be and look at the release colour so basically we receive the is we defile

so information you are asking for in this complex okay so if i ask for

ten minutes

i will receive i mean a list of a ten comics are listed and such

such a lot of elements

when this is basically this year which is and the process question mean divorce is

exactly the same i have the same partisan within this and realise it's quite simply

because i

i written always make and they maybe i for the web servers

and i making it more simple i don't need to the hundred west

one with X M L or whatever everything is not maybe i'd will


as it is now well to projects

my result

the first one is

not all they information line want to show a hundred by the source for instance

one in this case well you do is

you don't want just think you were out on

but i am as website with the criteria but not that's over white the something

doesn't quite a phone so that's one of the point we need to so

what happened with information that is not provided

but the but the sort of their something really for instance if you are working

without anybody who are working and your that the works of vacation you want to

show the for instance the

telephone okay probably you are browsing through

your work on this and you know how they are the really from but the


i mean that's stormy day a

there are two

so how to have this kind of misinformation

and the point is about what happened with

use that are quite expensive directive

i think there is in the case of it too

way to come you to works the entirely is not one when you want to

us is for content want to look service before the shirt and if website signal

with all information right

the point is that

that information the same store they wanna

not too many whatever you need to go to that entry

great us based you know and one and page and go there to get away

on learn so it was not points you are asking for

to have two hundred elements for instance is that

if you don't ask for more than and we only need one request i was

i know but you want to ask for you want to will be to

two hundred and one request for one for letting eczema and then we request or

each and to just video right


and of course that's put in a inefficient because my application will be okay we

showing them in is quite slowly

england i don't want to use you wanna right because the end i don't want

to show you wanna write one use it later

so that's probably

okay so

basically where have you been so it is

these are probably just using some relax to control how we should

reykjavik and so basically than the normal when you

yes the what the first thing this just button or something to do right

you with the north like this guy most we need to

gets the content and tries to

to provide all the digits whatevers it has so

if there are some information like with the can provide for us a speech okay

like you had a look and white it's very the ending okay little can provide

but then we are some influence that takes a lot of time to work if

you will be or different anyway so basically is that okay i want

this case all this case

from this source

the second of for lack is fast only first one is that okay like the

normal way but i'm dinosaurs okay some key that it takes too much time were

different place over it

and this

it takes much more time actually depends on the on the source right

why because what is day about

going to snoop to

is quite is no more than in the data from your from this

but the point is not from the U two point of view it anymore and

gets more time because we need a nice

so a request the results

we're running before is allocated or you know a newport one request

the way to get in the are these name is already typed of them into

you know just one request it in the casino so you know you are asking

for right

or maybe for found something in some cases them sources getting design something that requires

and it's just that

so i don't like to maybe a stuff too much as well i guess is

the flower

and then there is a the wonderful one which is the for

different for lack it's if for like six okay i want to and this condoms

and it do not make all the possible i mean ask on the so this

if it's possible just to feel what was and wasn't you


it is not a case where all this office cooperate the weather like in a

the someplace to do

the beginning

all this was alright together to provide information

so for is the same site i don't see the save a not in top

and what for to see in

bring an application and rossi german and i say okay i want to show on

the back to the something i don't want to show actually X M L simple

i believe X

so we us before basically what this is than is going to is okay that's


brains information have that like what the possible to provide a simple like to user

traditional singing to you know to

then how to integrate all information with my hand a standstill will be one but

this provide a way of doing so

how to use it this

well there is

first of all a

i'm going to do it is just because is the something you can see in

your and you want to we used to think and the first thing is that

i'm going to request content the chunks i me you know if i can request

one for some elements i just want to last this importance one hundreds

unless someone there is that fits in my screen right to show

so it is just colours now i will press more information

so this way i'm not making stuff so i can friend that maybe they should

is don't know by the czech

so that the first the first stuff first point is a combine that and if

you have this for most of the content i want to show information as fast

as possible use in the first one way because already use it

and see information with some missing fits the simply something sorry

but maybe she's is not interested in the in this

it information want to scroll so what we want is not block everything until it

question and so basically it's okay i don't

right now don't brno remedies you know so please

okay so once the a this person is performance and if you see reason not

we are scroll the say yes something about well we just okay know in because

i thought it okay i have this really we just the solution is showing is

seeing it in your this i think

so okay last ask for information that i get from the british school so

i it

and i do the same for each element

no but in the one that initial

scrolls i stopped doing it right because i maybe they don't really so profound a

special it doesn't make sense to represent the finally because this is not going to


so it's point eight and a

you know about right

this one this basically is easier it is because you ricky because actually we don't

know so we knew wanna in the screen so what we do is the saying

but when you sit directly on the you know and so when you should know

we click on there and we check okay it has no well you know because

it was race okay so we was not the way before okay no less bright

this search for it is really for you know flat

so i can break

right so it is this is

i we have initiative actually how will have to integrate how many former second is

a low cost and this case and number in the most altercation

one right can you really and you want of any concern will the performance only

us because of it


you can use


the sickness see the centre something how many from that works okay

this kind of the food or not

or to know how actually groupon will enjoy this information

okay so you know time browsing

fourth and the recoveries right you have your content next

and there is simply a trucking a real blank is instructed right and most used

talking to provide information like you can you can bring from to do is just

applying so just think you how your industry what type lot you don't have a

standing okay so one roasting with pop in one without and now because one hundred

eighty but in the past you could browse on the contents of this thing you

got to know that you want browsing the can local content anywhere the so this

one may for example i don't know i don't well that so how it works

well when use the for a okay what is going to use okay first i

ask what information to track right so i great all the content that has more

information a truck across you know i check that and see that okay not based

on is missing so what will us is

okay who is able to provide

something so busy taking the we can you use media only which created and start

the last which one who come for why not see

so they can be to isolate three actually works when you ask consoles gonna be


no i can countries information right

ukrainian where these media i can point


okay going to score

the second one probably hey yes i can provide you information directly for finding i

checking media we i can twenty that information okay and i to ask if you

understand so that's not source we integrate this time in the media right and the

end immediately sortiment to be to the user

i don't think is not asking for information

they some cases

well this source can have it one hundred E find about

you know well that is not so much information long all that they had to

do it

an example is

there's a source control white and they school right

you know and

doing it means that it needs to know we are just

and we on right so we can of the on the similar down can afford

to last three and i'm first that we

this information

so basically you would say so okay i can because i don't have this information

so what on the core last is okay

there's moving reporting way ask we are just

for a for the

for they all that right

so we go to tracker

and honestly i mean your is no okay this ask okay what is the is

the are just main which is the only okay now i have it so i

go again to this

i can run source and asking not having and twenty yes i can order to


okay so i will just use all supposed to last a fan in checks i

have i would be


in what it can base okay i can do it okay let's try visible source

put this is and on a totally transparent for your service and this doesn't need

to hi this is case

so this is for is the that is that we are the most common way

of using we write it is using you presumably provides

a use them to get to come to the shows in rooms

i different this is you know music

i don't want

i'm going to talk of the ignition but about racial we

so the first thing is not at this moment

you know miss it gets the content for your local is right

but eventually it in right

you know in the will have the your function disk your roads and this and

then thrown that if you in one alone

but it's


basically screenshot

where a is showing the i mean you have the type of the my the

are this

so what's the problem here but what i'm saying it's only going to use most

but you sort which is track right is not going to use first and german

a niche market

this case what is darker

because we want to show exactly that i can of the of the island the

a our to see so that's the practical way i mean we can go to

the final system already because they're not meaning you know to the calling usually don't

want to sort things so we why did he was always been we are going

to use it worker

so the point here is not a music actually define systems talked

in top then you just check talking because some problems which in the three that

is created

of to browse which can do that we is defined by the bias works source

if i is that right it was super why just a that knows

but in this case and this a given us you want to use all the

structure you know we want to use

i will for mobile on are dysfunctional and some for men


just checking talking money it doesn't win the structure presentation one so that's a first

boring we have

it's one is not you know we don't have where you at this moment companies

become simple artist

which can your

well they contain a nominal

finally can you don't know only or you much or

or billions article boxers works is like

a container

but you can wear all seen site and it

remote customer meeting point and you can see got nothing going in a looks like

are just happen are or i don't have an on we just like a container

credentials right so i wanna some box and this all solving real media out


so you don't have that

but information that sort of the commission and the other one is not


you know issue wants this to sort the results

well there are other ways of sort and then abroad well new readers providing

is not know since fit and their requirements


is an example of some of this patience to so all that information and you

some basically is the first one is the islands which shows on the arms the

second one basically pairwise they are this and then for each are this white williams

but you can get that information from indirectly right

because it doesn't have the system that doesn't have this doesn't that you bros one

is it getting accustomed to russell so we are busy getting only on the on

my and person that went anymore of the source

ideally the truck and i explain different well we can think okay just change the


to that they do that then probably on a week and we have a very

different requirements

we don't want to


out that is the one that's

actually two ways of all of fixing this that everyone is okay as i want

to use my on the starter

and nine get indians from talking this year struggle directly right so i don't are

going and use a sparkle to getting a D all the music and want in

the alright one when it great it's fine undefined

you know what comes doesn't use your stalker

but take the condom right

from not

so what happened willingness information want to show first of the cobra

right because a lot of using that feature from very so wanna supposedly okay well

that's a with this information that's great a real media one and then i will

ask to do will okay have these million because when you can right i kindly



so that's one way that we is are telling willow trajectory will talk is how

to posted in minutes

okay so we are right to say okay remember that was in the are this


we're bring me the content in this way

so i'm getting a know i'm and i'm going to of course design thing okay

you actually for these articles

this when you want great this i would like that to present the duration is

the population of the all the song from them

good so


will you can do it

and based on factual

the basic e-shop stupid ugly

we do and those you get into this look shows

and this is a function not

but what it

which is exactly like to show which buttons of specifying us X to show it

is defiant way


the point is that this is why most effect apply the twenty four want

is it worth it it's a prime so i'll waste and do you based source

it has a clean when you can put your own a shots

and it what it on which is basically like a this in a language

the idea or something or something because of talking this is ask us are currently

right so

this place missy by this market what but were actually i will

okay i instead of original i just have to will and we display and went

to turn okay how to carry the can so in this case for instance eh

i want to create content basically or we like less this selected the columns different

when i say okay i want this to be and we do or books and

then i'm going to up okay it's cool to it's me to talk to angry

so was guy i'm saying okay the direction will be this different quarrel in this

way okay and then i have to wait here

so in this case a

well they're not it works like the your

like total

once i ask twenty i can using for that so it is talking in queens

elements so we check six on a

can there is missing and you have to the to these

okay so basically a i'm not sure if you something because actually this pocket when

it's quite make i can produce it because we fit the screen

that's the idea is that we are use that that's what we were together content

and that's my case basically tell you how to build you a result

and we do not the works like it will so basically this verse think that

playable is that some way off

okay i don't is very specific

but they want to have the right choice of

you know first break we'll need features on the what can just provide them

without recently school it i the deeper lights

so this are most easy to use case

okay so we're not

well there is this of course one of use case that you can use in

your application for instance

this a you are a you know because when you want to allow to a

blue content

is it as well something like to do so missed a lot of russian you're

going to in

local you want to up ability to you do to see is there is a

function which is basically crystal which means a secondary and they mainly girl function but

instead of getting content in just able content or something we have function you can

implement i don't because and it's able to provide can do we distort condom only

only lecturers

and it and one is for the i mean opinion with "'em" two or so

feature now bring it also are you want to a week or remember where are

the last time we're pretty so basically

they so we have a need right now is okay and playing the nist all

again do you know the what is we

took one for listing of whatever i store in a local disk money local database

within a moving to do some this time i'm going to play i can recover

okay so

and it seems you it's which because there is a key in we don't which

is call play that into overtime a so basically if i want to show what

they i guess a for information the last did a lot of the time and

like the consumer time contains the

where survivor shown the you can be okay

so we can bring it

now i not only so but what i mean is that i'm going to they

just merely mean i change the value of the productive that is a function which

is that you basically this

storytelling to store that information

so this again do that we had to watch is okay use all the sources

for instance maybe they're not

is not available you to present your be and the different it was is clear

a play back into time is not enjoyable what happens because it's

is story in the rock hours may not obvious which i play which price information

like idea but it is get why the P like into of down from this

point of this one is i especially is what is going to is going to

touch take this are key

a baby at a nice so next time to the progress it

i will be hunting you money right so basically this some is just case is

that you can the with you know

wait a few more my name is we put them isn't enough



just twenty

this is an opera some of an application will

is working quite amusing the introspection bindings

and when is application those is

you know i want to create a this is

we my from and content so basically this room you specify our system responds no

i don't know metallic remove or

argus and we checks it's just

all the other content in one the service i don't know you know in your

mean orange a local these common ubm detection on the basis and this for it's

a big list

i'm sorry twenty eight alliance

but in doing some cool

so the main a

an impostor

the into lying for still it quite device

you really want to store the is basically be a reservation i don't wanna

okay then in line aiding i mission this appears but

mission before you have to start how many illness i want and just to do


hundred and then i use this function which basically means

should one applies this which are there

and we were something this is not a single for instance consistency one so the

results ideas so phrase i mean i'm just checking okay it isn't it is a

i a you know i print it

get into racing i think that i think in

right so when one is for me speaker it's a

based and this is i don't care how you need to do that we know



i but here are some others and you can use

and we had to make a we have a so called in the you know

have i so the call the duration in cup

one point work for we have the actually or join and you see

so that's all

want to ask something


visitors so that the bars here the programs on the don't them for tools

and really want to know we've

if you think

you can use i can use the same you can is the version

dissimilar the bars is the implementation

just for

there you were supposed for it


well that's i mean there's some kind of sources the rhino this moment we can

using window


someone our the radios

break on this because

when you want russian it and you can be sure

you get a bunch of content and there is no we're station well something a

one element and then play tennis or play the press one don't have anymore station

to complain one because of

things like to find

the point is that of course you only can get just by just a small

window we what's ones are going to be playing and we went can do is

i complain one

but it can play the previous one why can skip one

but not going back you know this

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