hello everyone

we're going to be talking about tracker

i'm not sure if you already know about it

and it's not on the more that and this is how do not so we

have a problem a german company providing consulting on but for the C services

and we are one of the backup of the target developers

we have been working target in the last years

doesn't mike

so we have some of the target developers

we have been working target for the for the past years and in our company

we also have the maintenance target which is the one doing the releases is martin


so let's see

would be talking about are care about the sparkle maybe

mainly sorry and this is like a beginner's book an introduction to sparkle have to

use it and that some of things you can do it okay

so what is second to business started structures college it's been don't know with differently

mormons the maybe once a target store which is the real idea of storage i

exposes some sparkle interface called applications even both to sara and internal applications although there

is another part of that which is the mind of us just the one that

the team or call your file system again unless information from the files and getting

that information which at the drugstore and that's where the real database let's say that

the real sport then you will have your application started talking to practise would be

less we have only practise park library that can use because for did right period

and if it's a little bit here to do you use that that's just the

as a database

so in fact that

information is just want a cigarette

so you might in the ground you we don't have tables liking playing skill databases


what you have is about this is we don't we thought the objects and you

have a it just well like connecting the different but this is which of the


this is obvious for the one familiar with it


when you when you said they didn't tracker

what you really i do you are you mainly do insert people's of data people's

of data which are split in subject predicate and object

something object doubled that's a about this as objects of the database and the project

the very content ages that those really the properties so you have an object of

property and the value of the property which is also an object the didn't

and now we compare some example we will go for the slides

looking at really see the simple examples this tool social and you can just start

learning how sparkle works

and first one is that in sept example since i've been an elementary just about

passing a set of tables when you have the subject the

the actual property and the value of the property in this case we could you

know information an object which is kind of genetic kind of object only a button

different kind of properties with different kind of bodies

in this case it's people it's

so by the by the about at the end and you don't need the last

lot in the last table that's popular you can put it if you want and

this is completed people into this next one which is

it's just or meet in the subject of the of its trouble people and that

using centre going to separate

we might in terms of the people's identity all share the same subject you can

do this and that's what we usually do for

so it's a

if we

we have got we already have that we already have examples in this files a

yes create it

should be said on here

somebody asking so the

this element that it's set here with three properties

so in something that adamantly just seven people that you want to do the second

that should be

when you clearly in the storage you will be using the selector where you words

which are mainly us in sql with the difference that you're working with that's here

so you don't play with tables and come to the table you really playing with

graphs so the select course

that you to find the data to be we don't know what close but you

to find the minimal graph it's a you put a set of conditions and the

minimum draft to define all the conditions that the drop but you're going to get

we don't and for that we use name variables with the a question much time

which i as place holders and it was a close and ask actors the like

i don't know what feels

and we have a simple example here we he we will be shooting the key

eight or of the results what we just did that before

as you can see that we can place them that body able in whatever base

we want here we have what we need to the object others you have to

was a become place it also in the subject i mean that in the probably

so we can just

on the second example i'm using minus you because we are updating now of the

you suggest minus F


that we just jury liked it also a bit in this kind of curious it's

really simple you just need to know what you need to create that one of

them most difficult things and that's what we're going to focus afterwards with your vote

somebody followed one example

really good you know the problem is one of an object now we play the

viable not only in that in that


but also in the pretty good so we had in the values and the properties

of you can opt so we will look at all of them

it's run it

and that you go so we have the basic probably that we said when we

could the element of you'll we also get some of the of this which other

what we needed to buy a truck i was

and it and things like that

because if you all elements with a kid also instead of we got also on

the body able in the something itself so as you can see you can are

really P you can put it whatever you want and make it as complex as

you want and this case we will be jury an old the elements which have

disappeared the property

which that would be

quite a lot because of the end


we have all the resources K that they talk about the twenty minor first of

all the find that you have so those are all the people of you want

and you see and that's that the last one is the one that we have



and then that we have been selecting minimal droplets a when use able different well

closes you what you're saying it's you're selecting lots of them out of the graph

to return but we what we can do as well is to would feel doesn't

have done by data so that you can for example let's say you can competitions

you can do something matching you can fill this can apply are gonna buy arbitrary

restrictions on the content and we are next example salty so this is the same

here that we have before you all the to all the basically it does not

do we are all the resources with a basically the property in the scale it

what we're going to do is to of filter it so that we are only

going to get those are starting with the sting making

this year that applies to the whole body

so if we have a longer string and you this example is with the starts

with filter you would be looking for values that start with the kingston the horse

think should start with that turn of information

and we

right now instead of this whole list of things

we should get

they have the one that we that we want to look for computer is just

i quite handy to use but there

sometimes very slow for some possible things that you want

for much


for much fast search what we have is if this


so at this is the full text search

that it's a building contractor you can actually the same we did you know needed

it consumes more resources more things knowledge and sepia process

but then they are very it's very useful it's about you something so we have

the S instead of life interest for example this start with is that was applied

to the start of the force thing which is the value you can apply filters

to specific words so that is more works at one level five this will pass

the hosting in two different words and then apply

the condition that you're busting to a specific what for example at is that you

play with for example you can ask for let me

guinea resources where at one of the bodies has a word starting with it too

or more complex things like give me is also where the value has this war

and this war but not this war so you can have an or not process

indefinitely as much as

and it gives you a lot of i want to do

like for the subject which is i think that you would you with have

and we can see

so we will be what it sure

it is this thing that be a so we were looking for

bye rules where there was awards that we with it to and actually to results

the previous one is attempt i don't have a book so it's all it's a

lot of some

and we also have a for one

so that's a lot

basic introduction course but we want to

okay i will talk more about the ontologies

well so


and don't i

well it

we try to

we have trying to extract the ontology the concept of ontology here because well it's

very important at work with a stick to track their i think

so basically we trying to put it in a down to

to some common time say many of us know we already from simple or whatever

so didn't on the is mainly a an asset of the ski months for

for the date that contains interact there

it separated by the main something that which said try to focus on a specific

since a battery A S

things you

very specific things says that she's such as context or

emails or whatever so it's not just you know right they tie it price to

redefine everything in a farther a number but to the

a set of data which is comprehensive and very detailed

and one very important thing is that it's defined the same time stand think itself

so given pull you it's actually loaded into the target but at least it's a

set of rifles

such as the late that within so we before

and these all you had some properties can be of redefine farther and

and how we did

in order to create a more specific in combinations of some property or whatever for

example with it B C also man creator property it's

very basic one it's

dublin core one what

first of all i should be so windy

how we query the schema night names basis and then

egg get to learn a really



the best you could see in the queries before and there was a very long

prefix for every property on the sats that's well mostly the finishing from

from how the than the whole R B F works but well be it's all

abstract it into be simple mostly three letter prefixes which you can use on your

what is and makes the that where you say and everything more white more readable

and it's one focuses on very specific artisans that

so it

here's a basic list of well that an application developers would be more most interested


so we get that most basic data types and the basic definition of resources some

properties as you can see and on top of that and you

a start create in and more specific sets of a test sets us back so

right since the which to apply to and what documents for me D R what

the other and you have contacts which to specify

everything all around the contact

and then you have files of course there's a there's a whole minor i interacted

with a price distract everything out of your home

and then that's got and there's and we comedienne and it's and whatever so

so and

the basic they that and

finds the

the basic relationships and then of all on this all the risky must say those

basic properties are defined even farther

and then and it made something

right to make something coherent out of the most basic date that which is send


as comprehensive of course us

as the most

the find the data


for example and we can

yes i set the with director all the ontologies and all this is scheme us

are defined to all on the sparkle it's a so we can actually wear them

through and sparkle

so you have a or B and we have us resource side

as we have when it here

it's one of the basic

all gets it the most basic of yet say in drug are in a simple

you and most of the things actually inherit from that

so this could be the definition

of the of these of yet in the ontology so you can actually worry

weights and of that the types

and as you can see that there's this long prefix with a results to the

those longer prefix is

i've been so when

and it basically comes with a description of the

of the object itself and

and a few more i'd maybe the that the may need to belongs to and

i would say that be this or

all that information it's actually defined in the ontology

so you can actually get to worry

so many things because well a sweetheart display and i about the sparkling that in

that where everything is that right

you can actually and

well you can actually connect to those notes on the sat so we can worry

actually wary there that they hire T of obvious

within don't W

here we are actually asking for every stuff plus of

every up as resource everybody looks up lots of that


what we have here is

every object in day in the ontology that's and that's us of glass it's out

of rbm best resource which is basically anything in darker

we can see that there's plenty of the of those and we can see there's

also a very this

source assessing well related the message into to media or whatever


can be

you using

uses but well okay you can actually get to pick a on all the entire

hierarchy of obvious and how they have to find it

respect to real

so here we can see for example

here we can see and white some many of yets in the ontology quits and

the second column would be then that the object it in her it's from

so well a thing is that

introduce a being that

i can wrap of notes a you can

documentation and that's a very nice documentation but it's a white splat

for example here

if you bill right there and with the

with the right flax seed you get to see the dental your friends but this

is very flat then there are so many feels so in this way you can

actually get to be and yourself the on the on the ontology and how it's

defined rather than looking for some lace on somebody's the for that the right property

you're looking for and the sets


and with it talking about top units but and then there's the properties which established

have relationship between does opiates for example well you can have that document

i do and also are but the else or could be collaborate or would be

that means i'll for up to be so these properties that are also subject to

you know everything's and

and therefore the right definition

so for example here we are going to peak on every property of a of

a resource that and that many because this is the basic opiate

and this is that in the list of properties defined on then are be offencive

resource itself but you can of course pretty

whatever and then and she also or and that would be a not yet would

define a full name and maybe an email address and maybe and

all there for the field with the fine

which can result do a person


and these

of course

first part well you can also get to find a every


every property which is in the domain of any object

so this is would be able relax sporty because we are actually waiting for

every property on every of yet but you get to see that we like

we didn't know

so your and we can see

the list of properties set and we can see at the sell the property to

encourage from and of course well the thing evidences in is a white saying that

see and nothing's going to change widely on the supply a nasa property

that's the you can also get to wary of course you know get their related

to and that's so in this is

this can be a best way to do to get to pick on the ontology

and then

and how is the better defined


and then here

we to get to

with this example we could get i then there are the of properties

and of course you will also feel there or specify farther whatever

you in the example or whatever so you can also people and on the smaller

pieces i'm trying to so in a


that and we were fine

he we are for example

every probably and

which is also property and something those for example i don't know these the first

much would be they that i told you that you can assign on a on

a document which is also lots of

i feel a which is

has no that's meant to any of

or on the second

example you can have a well i know what's

what so it's whatever this is that it on the third one content last modified

think it place the files

and but it's for the recognition of the of the second one so the second

one is a support plus of modified a state or

or at the creation date about document or whatever

so you can see that the properties that can be fine farther and depending on

the on the context

they are used on

well and that's mainly minutes passed this time i

so this is not a little tool to let you a i we don't to

spend you to learn about all these like with this example because i know about


like how problem and sometimes about if you want to learn more you can just

play with and apply them we don't yourself on spend some time trying to understand

what about it example last and it should be i would like to stop or

not have to use programs part

and what

maybe what we try to

the point we try to make as well this is that was a controller D

can be very last resource

but and you can actually that will it use might be say use in the

right tools

not having if you go to the documentation as i said you can be maybe

have it's the

maybe disappointing for these doctors and that's but it's a week right in many ways

to improve the documentation there's no sets easy way so well

that the roads would like to thank you all

it felt a bit more on

getting to know what's right there is and how that the places thought and help

and you wait and

and it be useful


okay so

a questions here

can you still your in schemas

at there's basic support for that you that you that base

but you that there

well a right there yet about that so make it is the like for to

see if you use trucker you have to stick make practically promote radical one of

you have to stick to whatever schema so they're usually restore your levitation they don't

have a if it's not like a generic which can be sure to about complications

it doesn't make conditions are right here so why would use are installed you let's

skip because the schemas another cannot express

what i'm trying to store

anyway it's a regular then make right

and i don't want to hijack a questions habits for example here in this list

more that way then


that was below ever example we have some that's them support for always simple which

is what's meant what this

so well the we have no problem within your abilities interactive right but

thing is that a suspect in the that based on your state is not to


it's something that you can see you one that


so that's

so really question is so you have a query and it gives me market a

bunch of results

these are nice almost trigger supports the one of are learn new elements

the full in be school that query or some of those are removed

gonna get that in a in a notification bases some twenty to query retirement will

be is between the two results that was something about that

we well we have an a emphasise in all fall on this page on that

we could there's plenty of resources of a tractor and there's some examples have a

that i can buy

with a


a one

if it's going to take too long maybe

we can take this

you know and we actually examples about that okay you don't i just one it's

you can do it there's at least some minor support it you there's actually some

properties don't you could buy a property

i would actually that's it's a set also property on

something it's so you those a get specific with the database and you can wear

it so those there's also property so it's not like the case okay properties you

can get the case itself select it's all of that scene so is not okay

yes so and my last question is don't you think that trucker will benefit

from having like more vertical you guys first as well up

so that you know have to do these park will yourself so like i can

kinda really because i think for a long time would been trying to push trucker

to developers but it's

is the right to hopefully application developer to use we do see we in it

seems to me there is way too low in the start and there's nothing in

the middle it in it depends on be

that's what am i would say right

so it's like real and yes it makes a lot of sense because that's the

kind of right level of integration they wanna and they it's a very nice thing

for us it's will about this to displaying anything about that people use it right

so i guess it's also very difficult thing i think that a provide library like

a very generic library for i'll set of don't that's why i mean they have

to be vertical now we have to have like a very specific proposed just trucker

remember long and a way we could get more people using it i think i

think a thing there is that

thanks at the white to see okay it'll aim out of necessity S

no one about sports right so those things not really not i was summary a

question is not definitively a benefit to the project it's not like i'm asking you

to do it that more like small i feel like for a long time we've

been trying to push this and i'm not sure everybody gets it for based on

the reason is sparkles we can find ways to hide it for very specific consider

it or very specific no you know i want no i possible

you mentioned the in the beginning it's clear grasp the so restricted data to call

but i think using S Q i just the store back and so does that

mean you're do some kind of mapping it to make it the relation of the

road like some old it or can you talk a bit about so

all the storage works O you know well i think it's that's a well

simple light your is anything like they said is that as a basis highly to

normalise and so we it

could be made as possible but it's not really one for double

be a

it's every table this break it might well also

a top you know so basic

itself is not the best system

you might actually

okay sits there and it specific recent to use muscular button to use features

or could you something more those are just to annoy it first hand and we

focused on what i a because of a space and say well we also

work a lot harder to make it work

and so we must be

white thirdly we

souls to focus mainly on simple like a the beginning is that was that so

we don't rely the cygwin like that maybe a yes but you know

that well so that there's no

hard and then is maybe

and my question is more on the architectural trucker and in particular and the doctor

store is it supposed to be a persistent store or just the replicating that it's

this is elsewhere because it start right now and not cash which can be cleaned

out quite a i'm skipping plug-in so is it suppose the application story not that

there are also have on people's activity minor that where you only clearance

i don't think should be we who by the


okay well

dot caches clean up automatically if you are full space

so if you

and i mean you should move that elsewhere you expected to be persistent

well that's an interesting question that well

should be persistent are used database anyway i mean


but in the same way

on the other hand there's

also i feel things that

make it works at for your application this to get some data so for example

the full text that thing and what we have to it's torque that

for example but we pretty process it we try to remove the spaces so it's

not are really one copy of a date that you a application you might have

a case

it's more meant for service a and actually like it

and sorry

so you guys are storing stuff and sequel i and it's a very like a

triple store which is

really a bad idea for sickle like but


the state is like mostly metadata and things that are being updated all the time

and i assume therefore they're variable length fields and sickle like

which means you're gonna result in a huge amount of fragmentation in your sickle like

data store is there anything that's being done to clean up that fragmentation is there

anything that's being done to keep the memory used by the application in the page

table cash whimsical light down

and additionally is there any

work being done to keep track of the amount of power this is consuming my

laptop like how much battery have i lost by having track and stuff

for about everything that we tried oracle was that we tried to the

so whatever you would and how do you shop on the computer clearly a

target that i can not control stuff

one think is right guy is a minor that i system either

i've actually knows the miners not too bad in terms of churning C P U

but i mean if i have a time enabled and i have files of change

for those getting and i know if i call back and then


and is that data than being updated in sequel i am too polite is not

very good about overwriting date and place

which means you do churn through a lot of yes

and you know the way the filesystems laid out of trying to do the stuff

did you a space

and you know terrible

that we had anything specific and you got into there will any option to be

perhaps repairs simple light at some point

with something custom written for this that i got an actual triple store

but is there is there any opportunity to replace equal light with something that's an

actual triple store

there should be a there's a lot of good but that's a you know a

some but

we had people come

about that the target something like suggested be is it is but well this one

isn't that what records that

those times when really suitable at the that so

okay but there is about performance and that's it that's obviously waste is that you

have so you would

you don't see well or with the sparkle

so it that

that is also performances with so what is that could be made faster but also

are mostly about

with do in the way ready in that way that that's that


or whatever

okay i guess might as a user the thing i would like to see most

is from release to release

information on power consumption filling something like power top data something that's telling us like

this power gain power consumption going up released really stores are going down

because as it is now it's taking too much power

like that's my battery life by like third

okay we'll talk about that

and it

okay so thank you