0:00:09i'm gonna talk about evolution ask that you know that you may service for the
0:00:15best role
0:00:19it is also popularly known as you know be previous for us
0:00:24so will be falling give this for us would probably don't know this don't make
0:00:29really a spend know it's all happening
0:00:33before i talk a about why we need mailing you did or why we you
0:00:39know need you made of this
0:00:45first are the problems so why we need it really
0:00:51you may it's isolated you know evolution lenses a single monologic have and it doesn't
0:00:57have any interface
0:00:59but you know
0:01:00any of the peace let that stop so we give
0:01:03if not just want to you know send them a it probably would use you
0:01:07know maybe do you wanna left you know one form or come and then the
0:01:11second day you know any that application karen interact with evaluation so
0:01:18that's one make one main reason why
0:01:21it need to battery interface
0:01:24and innocent G may everybody know use just one for that in slow all you
0:01:30may going to just one forty well you probably have some tax on it
0:01:35you know labels to know sort of you may but if you really see all
0:01:39you may only in one for the involved so which makes your account target you
0:01:45may hugh to
0:01:47and what comes with that is you know us little
0:01:51a former sign melody issues if you keep trying to get it relation it probably
0:01:57know keep holding a good amount of
0:02:00but i mean you are in your computer it's gonna slow down axle
0:02:04you just can't keep do that all the time
0:02:10lot of all people know about may notification maybe until you start evolution you really
0:02:15want get any note
0:02:17so you know if you got you might until you start evolution so exactly the
0:02:22other which are being it should be back know if it's not avail you see
0:02:26that you have an e-mail and probably should do when you evolution to rate it
0:02:31there too late it's actually doesn't mean
0:02:34and that's not you are your computer has i don't i'm venue not that or
0:02:39you know do you what's movie are leaving the presentation i don't buying which could
0:02:44be legalised for a of
0:02:48there based on the things you know which would not you when you are at
0:02:53and i didn't have to say
0:02:55not are that applications need you know you may service one example i gave is
0:03:00not unless you know that you know consumer could be only but also it's for
0:03:05things like may much that you know you to form a custom document to be
0:03:09you might depend people you tested me much feature what actually know right now you
0:03:14create ten documents later you have to go home and then you know one of
0:03:17the document and then send and into the you might you that is interface probably
0:03:23you know it could all be automated
0:03:25no liking to liberal for us
0:03:29it's not just the they don't know even more problem so before i start with
0:03:33what i'm going to do or what this company that i just you know picked
0:03:37a nice you how it could be it but you know it back to be
0:03:42off to be do this
0:03:46you know a very easy that's probably so know yes at tiny little process call
0:03:52a you may factory stuff it's
0:03:54so it starts up it's you know if you having apples going to get you
0:03:59don't know what kyle it's fine to dissect it but it's
0:04:03so you so that's a false time startup your computer
0:04:06and probably create an account so you go to control take the goal on medical
0:04:12you create a idea may or probably all wanted a copy to come i don't
0:04:17see i want may cat and that and you know contacts
0:04:23one second it's created
0:04:25the plug in the control to plug in you know start so that you may
0:04:29factory see that you know it's not only that's an account created you may fact
0:04:33that comes up
0:04:35and what it's easy technical this that so you can this is a light with
0:04:39the past what it's a very you know why doing that you know creation
0:04:44it seems that you have a boat and for the probably involved with the most
0:04:47important for that you get the somebody of you know involved
0:04:51the summary of inbox actually mean you know you have how does your from subject
0:04:56to know all would be and all those things you get these kind of us
0:05:01and then store something into the best and then at it goes off which means
0:05:06want to got you might actually not being active unseasonably next that
0:05:12i had open connection this of a
0:05:15if you using i map and you have some support you know i didn't push
0:05:20you might it have to one connection bad
0:05:22this is a course just seem and the you may factory actually the see the
0:05:26uninstall to this going back nothing else is an ordered nothing else is running
0:05:31or if you have configured your account to periodically check it makes like every article
0:05:37you might you probably just one thing they're not and probably come up chicken emails
0:05:41if there anyway download them and install that
0:05:48so assume you know if and you may come
0:05:52and you will get a global notification saying that it and you may have so
0:05:58right you probably click that you might
0:06:00you don't will point evolution instead of you what can start with actually shows you
0:06:05might you can not apply button i dangling evolution pop so you're gonna you later
0:06:10play bingo just type it and percent that's it so
0:06:14but i need to actually keep running evolution or that you made application you actually
0:06:21very but it'll be ready to the activities with bad let nobody consumption and very
0:06:25less inclusion
0:06:30it's much easier these the
0:06:32and off to being used to smartphones sign know what but so you actually want
0:06:36you full audio like that you might to be always money but still not loaded
0:06:41that actually possible if i made of idiots
0:06:50if you are not of the best your to litigation if you obviously have the
0:06:53list of you make it seem like that and then you know probably see
0:06:59so next how it could be done
0:07:02so that's little bit technical into you know a what evolution is that know what
0:07:07could be break what we cannot break and how we
0:07:10all can be taken
0:07:13first of all
0:07:15you know getting evolution so all the people who actually now evolution to be and
0:07:19outlook fake playing can still be happy that you know it'll be to that for
0:07:23the whatever
0:07:27you would be learning exactly
0:07:30so that it still just all the goodness of you know i didn't download i
0:07:34know all the other things but you still get one no
0:07:38these that
0:07:40you know it has all the features that everybody loves for ever
0:07:46so first thing is that we should be everybody knows the be it's yes it's
0:07:50huge cody that's only more than so many steps that you know predates a lot
0:07:55of like these that the you straight
0:07:58so one what i think that's very important as
0:08:01this plating a the main basis logic of you may into what i really that
0:08:07this reusable i'll say it off evolution
0:08:11we call the best lead you make in shouldn't but just currently that today
0:08:16is that things three point four so it's possible now to write a us a
0:08:21you may team and we just outset of evolution still that's all the double what
0:08:25it is doing it and so you know still works fine
0:08:30once you have the million should
0:08:32but it demon out of the it actually pops up you know then there is
0:08:36an you may or if that you know if your time for checking you may
0:08:41find a to go for that time just what your account about a tackle in
0:08:45terms of don't know that you may you know double headers
0:08:49probably store them in this if there's any moment new you may enter the publication
0:08:55that i'm goes back
0:08:58so apart from having a demon that
0:09:02not very important thing yes
0:09:05having interface in two which are the application can interact but then you may find
0:09:12so what are the see the four main components in the U matrix is that
0:09:17your account
0:09:18tools told us some in sorry tools for the somebody and you may so story
0:09:23stepping with your accounts
0:09:25for this you don't know unreal at somebody's your head as and that you may
0:09:30actually you may find you make that you know you actually the see
0:09:35so you want to be that
0:09:37to which
0:09:38what applications can get hold of that's
0:09:43if a third party application let's take for example you know not the last thing
0:09:48a lot less want to sydney you may that send a document to someone
0:09:52it should actually you know create the session to the give us a demon and
0:09:57then it should get the account which you should bring
0:10:01and also messy and then you know i did that a lot on the close
0:10:04so you might so the demon once it seems to the message and i'll walks
0:10:08yard we descended of the back so there's no need for devolution to come up
0:10:12and i don't running in the foreground
0:10:16so then when we do all these things lot of you know slowness and
0:10:24be able so issues with all one of the think that must be done us
0:10:31thank you may is on any other huge do it out you know primitive padding
0:10:35three F T so that you know all of us you have no you have
0:10:39to be but it's you know it's better to use yep even to see passing
0:10:43that we you can when you need a whole
0:10:46and for the important thing in all this thing is that should be agree that
0:10:51external applications cat and nimble your composer than message you what but don't having a
0:10:57lot of you know need to launch evolution
0:11:01what you do for that there's a couple sort of the that's a separate library
0:11:06which could be likeable so you are a for the name and you at what
0:11:10you know that way if he function in the library should actually present you are
0:11:14independent bingo exactly the domain
0:11:17but the ability to in launching like able something that and so no
0:11:23so the need for you know wanting of you may not again be know reduced
0:11:32so be i i've been looking for the it working but this you may factor
0:11:36for about like two years or something now so i have something working up to
0:11:41three point six so it's a
0:11:45emission have so
0:11:48want a lot of changes the last couple of you know so i'll be back
0:11:51and trying to keep up with all the changes thanks to map
0:11:56so i have i have a even team enough to running up to like three
0:12:00point six i haven't even for two to three point it but it shouldn't be
0:12:03a huge of for given that you have already don't bend all the good double
0:12:07breaking evolution into smaller components of that
0:12:10you actually chef the demon chapter one nine if it was a bit of a
0:12:14poor with evolution so it's all up to do to libraries so what we are
0:12:18making actually is about the things like to changes i and a you know some
0:12:23behave intended that at all
0:12:26most of those things so
0:12:31this is not been you know managing the you may factory who i don't think
0:12:35it's full
0:12:38half of this message
0:12:55this illustration it i that you know
0:12:57you could create a session object from the bus and then you see get local
0:13:00folders we you give you a list of you want to use for real for
0:13:04once you have the you wanna for the local for that you connect we have
0:13:11okay so what you have the full object they could do things like to give
0:13:15the for this and all want to put up and up and them at age
0:13:19or you know you could things do things like get but you don't get ready
0:13:22to which you actually the message or the you way list of them it's either
0:13:26that or that in the fall
0:13:32the store the store is nothing but an owl so once you could pass a
0:13:38are don't you widen to the session object which gets you don't distort object so
0:13:44once you have the still you can actually get your for the information in one
0:13:48of the folder that up and intersect down how many of them i don't like
0:13:53how many portal may is you know you could get to jan for the a
0:13:57trash it involved so it on special type of for those everything from this one
0:14:03and it so the you name is very similar to what family the exposes so
0:14:10if someone has to use can but before so they could is exactly similar and
0:14:14i think that brings another point that this should be the you that you know
0:14:18be that you know that it's it could be easily done even better than camelot
0:14:23something like that
0:14:26parts of these things it also
0:14:30so that's another object call operations object so what it gives us so see most
0:14:36of the you made operations are time consuming a network operations or you we one
0:14:41of downloading you may which added in and get actually that probably go to a
0:14:44couple of minutes so that should be a be for you to you know find
0:14:48the state as well you know can sell it if you don't want to so
0:14:52you know operation
0:14:54that this create that you know you get that a operations object with which you
0:14:58collected friends do this and although all the other you know control that if that
0:15:02operation so it's completely i think you'd be i signed it use lot of flexibility
0:15:08one you know that a lot about a family yes
0:15:15that the presentation
0:15:24yes okay so i said i have a X M L be but specification which
0:15:30actually nist don't you know very similarly be a to camp
0:15:35you use a D V but a cogent to gently like pretty form and weighted
0:15:40lucian uses and we still don't have a support that you might anybody could be
0:15:46built on top of that you know it's all like to do still pending
0:15:51i said it makes more eificient in terms of what you guys want with that
0:15:56can be that what about like ten years or more than that now so i
0:16:00the you case table but it's still need to look really look to all that
0:16:05simple this to do with what the what the application so for a you know
0:16:09a mobile notification to have you know even better integration if you could make it
0:16:12simpler know that event for us not just
0:16:19and then it all needs to be done
0:16:21maybe as well as you near that data consuming operation should be done with them
0:16:26it's possible to speak
0:16:28i'm not a big as the
0:16:32you know
0:16:34how do in loading you may system people are used to like having a and
0:16:38open you might very well the normal if you seem i could make so you
0:16:42probably have more than a million always this but accounts that
0:16:46and with that situation
0:16:49it is not wise you lost all the messy summary no whoa to be but
0:16:54so that should be some things like trying to say tell us like access so
0:16:59you maybe that can stop the demon reading everything from the you know all that
0:17:03somebody thought cool stored in a table since like so which gives us the flexibility
0:17:09that if an application wants to read you don't i for some things of that
0:17:13being part of the bus you have been in put you know have an active
0:17:17having access to the dbn you could actually really might like that we will somebody
0:17:23spectrum that
0:17:24it's all like not that but you know it's all more ideas you need and
0:17:28it's that it is possible to me i never spoken about they that you know
0:17:34you may factor but before so
0:17:36i'm just shy discharged yesterday probably notably come up with more ideas more issues that
0:17:43we think you know could be performance is obviously don't when one find even evolution
0:17:48use of the you make factor the people don't want to see the floor and
0:17:51they didn't think i used by don't know would slow so we don't wanna hear
0:17:55that we want you know of predictive adam of the choose could be find out
0:18:00i think how we could solve it with actually moved that the more than some
0:18:03of money not to buy this is that but we just want to say that
0:18:08we got a critic
0:18:14so now we said you know a what is that like this happen
0:18:19i just want to say about like you know once we do this walking a
0:18:23can be done
0:18:24some of that could be exaggerated but still it is actually a possibly given
0:18:29you that happens
0:18:31we could actually do it
0:18:32you know we could actually have a very likely the publication that
0:18:38you know a speech to the about gets you that count accomplice and it could
0:18:43show you the folders and the somebody so but then but i mortified the can
0:18:50well if you guys for
0:18:52you may factory one of the thing that i did was i did i did
0:18:57watch the ability to either a window or
0:19:01you know math expecting system so between so only everybody knows as much for it
0:19:06actually shows your most recent kind of messages or something you could say that you
0:19:11almost interested messages it really doesn't cannibal been affecting somebody's for messages that out of
0:19:17your old it doesn't do that you could configure go together your that easy i
0:19:22do not check it all right but just get the new us and may have
0:19:26hundred meg once you have what kind of my gonna have a button which is
0:19:31you know get me the next hundred and you yep the can one understands that
0:19:36we need to get the next hundred it's easy producing the cat
0:19:41it will affect you otherwise would like to contact back this over get to the
0:19:45summary and give it back you between if you have you know a million a
0:19:51year you know in your in box
0:19:54you really definitely won't take you twenty minutes forty four start you could actually see
0:19:58you know given experience that actually happens in like less than a few seconds exactly
0:20:03show you tingle
0:20:07the other possibility is always so again that that's all you can actually build something
0:20:12very like make you know it that a new laps we have for calendar and
0:20:17context of the boss we don't have anything for me because again it there is
0:20:21no interface it's one thing about after this is possible to write a fresh new
0:20:26like you may at because
0:20:28that is that you know
0:20:30we should have at least with the use of like lot of places you know
0:20:33especially on the enterprise people really want one single piece like evolution but there are
0:20:39places that we can actually do something like this and still make use of all
0:20:43the goodness that have happened innovation for yes and still make happy with
0:20:48rather than newer uses
0:20:50second it is about i don't doubt it up messages and deeper integration so
0:20:56there are times when you know the user is not using you know what's a
0:21:00movie or a big presentation it actually know text may thought you know at that
0:21:05time consuming operation
0:21:08one get lot you know in a need to be to that i don't the
0:21:11user solve their operations
0:21:14and the other but it is saying or you may split or launching any and
0:21:18what that so
0:21:21you're not gonna send to can actually plus impeccable so but then attach and send
0:21:26actually has got some real already a ford escort nothing lot of the kids just
0:21:31go straight you are able to method get thing so
0:21:34it actually that users
0:21:37you know a the number of cycles that you have to dispense in loading you
0:21:40know all the unnecessary job which otherwise would not have you know any of that
0:21:45i need
0:21:47and the important thing if i did you hear also project to search interface so
0:21:53if you want to search for the you might use you really have getting to
0:21:56have to do research it actually providing if you can search for the you may
0:22:01you can still cut attachment out it evolution and you know have a have a
0:22:05better integration to desktop so i haven't seen you know how well so that's looking
0:22:12at what it is possible but you know the diva fifty to search for it
0:22:18but don't need or you know all the other thing that happens that you know
0:22:22this like maybe which means that gain like in a bit of a real well
0:22:29your memory is if you are mostly free otherwise and fostered experience so see most
0:22:35of the time what happens is the use the stock solution he has probably five
0:22:41accounts so it's can somebody for all the five account then it for just one
0:22:46you may still the entire process is completed you can see anything
0:22:51what he has an option to you know french if you sign up somewhat like
0:22:55demand might support push emails and you may have a configuration to you know check
0:23:01twenty minutes if we are but emission was running about what but this
0:23:06before he starts the you may have you know all his messages have already downloaded
0:23:11that the of the this then she starts the you may have exactly already so
0:23:15exactly zero let's start for only in you made most of the times you could
0:23:22and not a less have can what i'm not this integration gonna what that
0:23:27not just the so
0:23:30you could have little it's not clean integration you know that don't a lot going
0:23:34to chill will send you might part be even more data into it or
0:23:40you can have a of bubble popping up with a you know a subject and
0:23:45somewhat different than the problem we did that you could have that in the like
0:23:49that you like it it's more volatile point that with a quotation you could type
0:23:53and percent of don't know what that don't even have to you know have a
0:23:57happening for them typing
0:24:00the and another possibility for don't we have something like eleven happen linux
0:24:05if that's possible that then you have messing is all you know source but not
0:24:08a lot
0:24:10the you may fact that could actually check you maybe actually gives you the provision
0:24:13to do that
0:24:15when we have all that i can project that it is the possibility to do
0:24:18may fitting on common
0:24:23i think a bit fast
0:24:28it's good i think more questions probably and see if i i've heard about you
0:24:35know second screen that's present you notification you don't have to when your laptop to
0:24:39see or they know you have modifications
0:24:42that have been some prototypes and you know these no reason i think he would
0:24:45use you a us tell screen if you have a notification that kind of integration
0:24:50you could actually have you are you have and notification push slide down that like
0:24:55from that we factory
0:24:59and what is done and printing
0:25:04i've been i think that i've been working on this part of all about more
0:25:07than eighty and now last six one time and then anything but otherwise so lot
0:25:13of things have been done
0:25:16for some the foremost thing we will condition you to one people reusable each of
0:25:21you name it the new email in jean and lee you menu tells which is
0:25:25now accessible loaded evolution which doesn't have the you way off evolution being enforced all
0:25:31that so which means anybody who wants to write a small you make playing linking
0:25:35to them because a team it's possible
0:25:39and i have an you may factory up and running on top of three point
0:25:43which links tool that you may the engine and events emission accounts which means it
0:25:48fact is your main sort might do it actually downloaded somebody it gives you a
0:25:53new when you need this method yes but it's a let you know that i
0:25:59would like to listen to it and shovel billowed vacation
0:26:03i deeper cbn very similar to the caramel interface
0:26:07essex a modified but which i accidentally collect really using D but fortune
0:26:12but you can use i don't have and my like said and that important thing
0:26:18have a layperson should so
0:26:23lands all the E P that have written so far and that's it all on
0:26:27every but
0:26:29but it's something everything lack for quite some time you that we don't have a
0:26:33test we haven't will be of finding out what went wrong then you know are
0:26:37user comes and reports about the last so that's one thing i make sure that
0:26:41the you may fact that we have a other existence we that every it in
0:26:46that we you can
0:26:49and writing first the full a very good like really you may on top of
0:26:56the D betsy pi is messing it's
0:26:59it's definitely needed and you should have a
0:27:04not don't qualification not using other you may factory
0:27:10thank you did that you have to pi the planning saves so much and no
0:27:18no of
0:27:21of pasta face options i think that other quite
0:27:26hi and very important thing and the most time to make your mission used
0:27:32it's a it's a that it against it's a it's a which one big piece
0:27:36of who and to make you really shouldn't use the you may fact it's definitely
0:27:41not one person job because if i start it
0:27:45it makes me you know by then you know that matthew when madonna down to
0:27:49be having a motivation like to do this is okay so it's definitely other one
0:27:53person topic actually well then want people to do would but you know definite goals
0:27:59and i think should be broken so it's important that should be done
0:28:04i'm not that important thing for other apps to start they right that that's one
0:28:09of the composer
0:28:10couple suddenly you for much should be a library you need to get with people
0:28:15can link to give any like with you be library which shouldn't have any the
0:28:21you know
0:28:25you why are any that requirements to work
0:28:29and of course for everybody to use
0:28:34everybody like you made up
0:28:37like engine so something that i enjoyed working on for quite some time or something
0:28:41like that this more like
0:28:43the be learn i mean that could run on top of for a you know
0:28:47that you may find
0:28:49in out of the evolution for other uses that separately something that spending
0:28:59i have sole source of the you may factory
0:29:02of thank you know and
0:29:07i think i have no problem
0:29:09already stuff question
0:29:24so this still looks really good because i've always wanted to see a much smaller
0:29:30evolution then would be group we have
0:29:35i've found that over time that there's always been the experience on evolution always never
0:29:41been perfect and always something or another that
0:29:45that you have to deal with and because evolution is one of the only ones
0:29:51that uses E W S
0:29:53it's i don't have a lot of choice and as an engineering manager i depend
0:30:00on my email
0:30:01all the time
0:30:03and i am and just recently i have ice email that's not there are knuckle
0:30:09plate the someone
0:30:11i had i had a bug where i can't see a certain emails person's email
0:30:16unless actually search for first
0:30:19and so things like that so being able to move a lot of this up
0:30:25and having a much lighter client seems like a really good idea
0:30:33what's your time frame
0:30:36something like us so if
0:30:38matt that's she get it
0:30:41that are but actually if you're thinking
0:30:45well you matt's he's not doing a really sweet you do that and
0:30:50i you know like really actually i have for effect at least three times and
0:30:59whatever that maybe i would then i'm very clear that i will finish i thought
0:31:03i was working like now with some batting able to about that because
0:31:08we shot of old ninety three button republic or that i use our in your
0:31:12vision so it's only have very a small possibly that i need to like that
0:31:17what's for things like an or training from and i hope that i'm from changing
0:31:21change she appears needs to be all migrated to the be the father otherwise that's
0:31:25very simple but it's actually not what not for example the like that need to
0:31:30be to your vision need to use this for at least one big thing will
0:31:35be modest ready for consumption
0:31:38i'm not used to happen but if they don't have anything exactly for that one
0:31:44i don't i would think that all michael mean market but part of all the
0:31:47other side of which still debating it's a good thing for the fact that you
0:31:52have all the second but we'll do the best it and
0:31:56you will have left data because of course we have a lot
0:32:02so and we thought maybe like working with some we like europe was also your
0:32:08of a
0:32:11the another there's a know five by this one thing
0:32:16because you're about
0:32:19okay it
0:32:24i'm sorry
0:32:25i mean it
0:32:29so people so that they could maybe you know so
0:32:33i guess what i'm saying is that
0:32:35we get we get an we get a choice find a number of clients right
0:32:41not just one
0:32:46so that fix
0:32:49i'm just saying a is that going to fix the problems
0:32:54i mean more the one plan on wouldn't be called someone else
0:33:01i had i slowly i was saying you use exchange so you i don't i'm
0:33:06assuming you don't expect to have a chance support in lightweight
0:33:10you may find we
0:33:13repeated mike downside so
0:33:16i guess what i'm trying to say is that we will on this
0:33:19small clean right and i know crying about that point you know gonna get the
0:33:25you gave us that it that right because it's not
0:33:29well i guess i i'm not i
0:33:32other where everyone anyway so what i'm saying why don't we concentrate you have foreseen
0:33:36making evolution role
0:33:39even if it has you know
0:33:42and to press features
0:33:45so i mean this is a nice
0:33:49proposal in terms of making things trying to make these moment animal and be more
0:33:53flexibility to all the components of the best a but i don't think that the
0:33:56point of it should be that to write another email client
0:34:01i mean if someone was to do it out once top them but i don't
0:34:04think that that's where okay that's the best use of are visitors
0:34:10it's just my opinion a writer
0:34:32so you use a discotheque to your
0:34:36you use it is acoustically year we do you just do tend to spend
0:34:41but i'm only or is it something is it like a side ribbon you might
0:34:45spend time you don't no what
0:35:03i have a short question he said about that the and ask you had a
0:35:13like that and why of the two calves that they are a client our client
0:35:22our rather than in that that's a lot of all is it
0:35:26seems like the networks
0:35:30i am my question is why to cash that they have our client instead of
0:35:36a having the it global cash for the whole best
0:35:45as to why cash data a lot
0:35:49and trying to try and instead of the for the whole desktop
0:35:55so we don't care about like so many see you might act the actually cash
0:36:01it for they that that's so
0:36:03you download you may somebody store like that are actually could access that's what i
0:36:09meant it's not like okay exactly forty that this
0:36:13sorry it
0:36:25thank you