0:00:10so this is this for yes
0:00:16the future of G D case where we want to go we had a
0:00:21i first
0:00:23in april
0:00:25well we sit down and natalie botched all the also believe it is that the
0:00:29fee is introduced last all
0:00:32but also talk about the future and how we see
0:00:37things going
0:00:41i know presenting my ideas for a i mean things are saying i've presented and
0:00:47everybody else so far nobody can play i hope this will change in this tall
0:00:52or develop
0:00:56so for wider "'cause" that's consumption is what we mean
0:01:00where we want to go
0:01:03in the future and how
0:01:06things will be able next year
0:01:09ideas and G T K is going to
0:01:13first talk about technical things like what features do we want to G T K
0:01:18that about practical i called practical because it didn't find a better word yes what
0:01:25kind of two teams G T K going to be
0:01:29is there is a difference between huge and H T M L
0:01:33and G T K and release other to get
0:01:37that's all briefly about G T K three buttons G T K two
0:01:43the question might lose every well is that gonna but T K for it when
0:01:47it's gonna be that
0:01:49and what's it gonna be about
0:01:55so technical
0:01:58is it all this is not a road map
0:02:02this is what we think we want to do next so all the things that
0:02:06presents here a still so abstract
0:02:10that we don't know how they will look and code and we don't even know
0:02:15a year from now you'll still one that this
0:02:18but for now we want
0:02:26the first one is his classes
0:02:29if you wear it demanded store
0:02:32this morning he introduced his ideas away he sees things or what so i probably
0:02:39shouldn't say much more about it
0:02:42i agree with that
0:02:45go for
0:02:49but that the general thing is we want to have the features that about that
0:02:54and be able to use that not just
0:02:57make application developers able to use them from inside G T K application we also
0:03:02want to use them
0:03:04to create a widgets
0:03:07have a look like
0:03:09one which is
0:03:15this is
0:03:19part of what emails that animal you know with P that we quiet
0:03:23be it is the idea to you from the kind of way when you draw
0:03:29G T K you just have a draw function that draws everything like modifies a
0:03:34bunch of variables that draws this that modifies the variables again and also that by
0:03:38the variables again of that
0:03:41so you don't know
0:03:43and you think about what you just roll at you if you want to go
0:03:47to is the mouse over this stuff but i do the arrow that's that you
0:03:52have to compute that us alvin S gets really complicated
0:03:56so is that we want to have actors
0:03:59ideally class or active
0:04:02we can use it is that
0:04:05you around and that do all this stuff automatically for
0:04:10and that should make it easy to write complex which is with lots of things
0:04:14that you could move rather than screen and still try easily of them out as
0:04:19on a lot of what i
0:04:22it also makes it easy for you guys just i really because we want to
0:04:26make our actors conform to the C S stuff but we right
0:04:31previews yes
0:04:32so that you can lend
0:04:34at borders to them that patty model
0:04:39so for sizes for every single out
0:04:47great if we had nobody writing and which seriously thinking about that we have
0:04:52i have a proper experimented with it
0:04:55i'm cat program
0:05:01just use our input system is still essentially the egg synthesis the
0:05:07so when you want to handle something with the mouse that is more complicated than
0:05:12about press or
0:05:15pressing to but a double take
0:05:17like even the long press you have to
0:05:21track time and at a time out somewhere and no wonder what happens and you
0:05:25need to remove the time out that you would widget gets hidden or
0:05:29the mouse moves and things like that a really complicated
0:05:33and for common interactions that people do but with the mouse and even with touch
0:05:39like imagine what you need to do you want to have a to think guess
0:05:42white that you need to track
0:05:45touchdown events for one finger in for the other thing and then you need to
0:05:48check if they move of the same speed in the same direction and
0:05:54the you if one of the thing is leaves this screen do you that make
0:05:59that we do that of all the gesture or not at all these complicated stuff
0:06:03i need to think about it makes it really complicated
0:06:09to track all these complicated gestures that
0:06:12i so simple on these other
0:06:14devices you
0:06:17wouldn't want to do that manually on every which is so we want to have
0:06:20objects that you can just trying to say
0:06:24do you please have a
0:06:28and i will take just it is everything and you just connected to your button
0:06:32and when somebody clicks on it you will get a this gesture was just done
0:06:36signal and that's it
0:06:41on top of that we want to have that with which is that one which
0:06:45is handling at the next which it can because
0:06:49you want to do scrolling on top of other widgets then that's probably needs to
0:06:54happen so that's a bunch of complicated stuff
0:06:59that we seriously thinking about that we have
0:07:03i was gonna actually is ill i was still
0:07:06alice's be working on that
0:07:09i am working on the think that use this looking at it and excess the
0:07:12looking at it i've talked to and about that we all have ideas of how
0:07:16that might or might not well
0:07:19but ideally it should be so simple to just say
0:07:23this widget is listening to slide to the left or right tell me whether what
0:07:28that you can use what stuff like swap to the lexus
0:07:31split to the next day
0:07:37there is are
0:07:39technical long term goals
0:07:43it's still a lot of work so
0:07:47stuff but stuff especially happening moving into the right direction
0:07:53also if anybody wants to comment what really i guess
0:07:58talk about it with me on I C I
0:08:01people experimenting with this crazy stuff give me new ideas gives other people you it
0:08:07is it sometimes something turns out very simple
0:08:11we just put strategies E K O
0:08:22the practical part of the talk is
0:08:25i gave i gave at all asking a bunch of questions about what G T
0:08:29K's about two years ago
0:08:33boston some
0:08:37since then i've talked to many people about what they think so than what i
0:08:42think is reasonable
0:08:48and this to these are not necessarily the ounces i
0:08:54so don't shouted neva be stupid person because i wanted that way i think there
0:08:59is a beyond says that a car wreck on system questions that
0:09:06and i want to put them out because i think you use there's a guide
0:09:11ins of how we want to look at to develop and how we want
0:09:14to make things happen like if somebody
0:09:18things G T K should do this
0:09:21i want to tell them no i don't think there is the right thing because
0:09:26because of this practical decisions that we make
0:09:33first one is
0:09:34i listen back and support
0:09:37how many back as do we support what kind of operating systems do we support
0:09:42how well do we support
0:09:47do we can have it every feature that we add is available on every operating
0:09:52system and back and we use all
0:09:57or do we
0:09:59how do we do
0:10:01so i think it's
0:10:03we have one primary
0:10:06thing back and we support
0:10:09and then in this case please G okay back and apparently this is X eleven
0:10:15and the future
0:10:17that will most likely waylon
0:10:20we have a bunch of have a beckons but the other back-ends have to make
0:10:27with what we give like we ride in A P I that works already i
0:10:32will work well all waited
0:10:35and that is the primary get like G D K will be an abstraction that
0:10:38right away
0:10:40it should definitely be okay on everything else next that
0:10:46okay window plots whatever somebody else comes up i still hope for it am aspect
0:10:52and so we can easily pull shell
0:10:55to be a way to post a very well
0:11:01i lots of backends but in the if we also question how do we implement
0:11:05this feature we'll look at weight and how the way to do it and that
0:11:09and you like where for currently we look at that like
0:11:16like to say it example what we implement the frames for three point eight
0:11:21we implement of the frame for all X eleven
0:11:24and i will did
0:11:26lots of what figure out is it is it implement able and everything else
0:11:30particular how did a whale and all but then he implemented in the way
0:11:37that was good for X
0:11:39and for the people i don't have a right or we just use it idol
0:11:44souls that takes every sixty milliseconds i'm still
0:11:49all for the ones where it's not implemented i think windows uses the idols
0:11:54might have been fixed by now just
0:11:58we make sure what some X eleven and family of it and works okay everywhere
0:12:02else but those
0:12:07this is the reason for that is that if we make sure it works really
0:12:13well everywhere we would be so far behind on these
0:12:19until we fix i think it G D K base by the supporting a new
0:12:23feature that i problems would take weight
0:12:38i'll come to that when i talk about platforms which is a kind of different
0:12:42things like to but the general thing is
0:12:46work them make sure stuff works it doesn't have to be perfect like if you
0:12:51don't have any frame synchronisation you probably can with it
0:12:55make sure it's possible to implement it
0:12:59if the platform supports it the reasonable way
0:13:03like we try to make a right the i smell
0:13:06but i just next that you tried to make abstract them in a way that
0:13:11they can be able and everywhere but if we have to choose
0:13:15either X eleven or everything else we will choose X
0:13:22the good news is we're currently in the process of switching from X eleven to
0:13:26wait and so we have
0:13:28currently having a very bright extraction that accommodates two very important back-ends
0:13:34so it's easier than ever to write you one so if you want to experiment
0:13:38is that like android back like K M S like that
0:13:42as the best time
0:13:44please don't write another direct
0:13:52for better is the question of what size of devices do we
0:13:58care about
0:13:59do we want to run small lobe i'll devices do we want to run on
0:14:03devices without a floating point unit to we want to run on
0:14:09i really don't supercomputers what devices do we run and i think this question has
0:14:15been onset last what i've already that know focus is on laptops
0:14:21so we will with a single lap tops
0:14:24but i think is that there is lots of devices that are very similar to
0:14:28laptops like fall factor tablets that have a screen that looks like a laptop screen
0:14:34the nap rare is simple a very similar C P U power memory
0:14:40but if we have to decide why how we do we make file choose a
0:14:45we will not make sure the file choose it fits into a three hundred twenty
0:14:49by two forty three we will just
0:14:52go with the do regular laptops
0:14:56and we also make sure it looks good
0:14:59size to something
0:15:02like i was
0:15:09input devices
0:15:12how people going
0:15:15to in that stuff
0:15:16this is attach question that's always come out
0:15:21at the other but that is still because laptops obviously i was it P
0:15:26laptops are getting taxable so expect people to look at what more
0:15:34also back from the technical stuff without the gestures is really complicated apparently to
0:15:42make something complex like leaving this why
0:15:46handle without adding lots of extra variables to your five widget privates
0:15:54we're trying that in the scroll window explode with the is
0:15:59you can see
0:16:07this is an interesting one
0:16:11you can either decide to be the bad form
0:16:16to define the platform all to try to integrate with existing
0:16:21i you can say G T K tries very hard to be able you look
0:16:26at tries to look like K D E applications he tries to look like it
0:16:32was X application a low cost lights look like windows application
0:16:36windows and doors look like real application of you know let's the easy
0:16:42i tried to look like an X F C application all next see in tries
0:16:46to look like to make a recreational thing
0:16:53i think we want to be a platform for us
0:16:56and to integrate sec
0:16:59i means
0:17:00a real example with that is
0:17:06let's say it interesting example is that is middle mouse paste
0:17:10you know that you can select text and then use the middle mouse button to
0:17:13paste it anywhere
0:17:19on you know you could do that you know decided to disable it so somebody
0:17:25wrote the passion to remove it from G T K
0:17:31that didn't go well with lots of
0:17:34you know uses i think
0:17:36it's turned off by default of into currently and all the J fedora hasn't still
0:17:43do we still have a turn all those a daily of the next release i
0:17:46don't know
0:17:48next really it's
0:17:49so from next door release you cannot middle mouse place anymore you need to do
0:17:53use control C control
0:17:58you need to ask people that decided that was that's the goal excuse that i
0:18:06and it's a different discussion to
0:18:09to might fall so you
0:18:13find the right people i'm not sure visit john allen
0:18:18some of the design is
0:18:22so this is well not me
0:18:26it's a it's a good example of why i want to say i think we
0:18:30need to be a platform for us to decide we don't want to do something
0:18:34even though they're not all that do it because it's
0:18:39that to support these things when nobody of the call develop is ever going to
0:18:45and also what people write applications than not going to test
0:18:50the case where this platform features different
0:18:56they will sometimes even the pen almost
0:19:00a depend on those platform feature being set one way or the other
0:19:04like somebody might decide hey the middle mouse button on an entry doesn't do anything
0:19:08i will at the feature to my entry that i saw on the middle mouse
0:19:14suddenly that featured is weapon open to because it's about that all the case
0:19:22to get back
0:19:27of course if it's possible to integrate and it's not very hard and it's not
0:19:31very confusing we want to do that
0:19:34like sometimes we even go out of the way because we think it's really important
0:19:38like the menu work
0:19:40that ryan did where you men you can be in the title volume using go
0:19:45shall the full menu can be a like nudity
0:19:48or in katie you still have at the window
0:19:53something as i think it's important but
0:19:58if we are in that we will be a platform and the platform we yes
0:20:03of course but you know platform because most of the people it develop
0:20:08at G T K i know us
0:20:12which means that if we have to argue with X it see develop is about
0:20:17that time for the different
0:20:21sure if we can integrate their ideas but where the whole
0:20:31but of course and that goes back to the question you awesome
0:20:35we want to work everywhere
0:20:37there simple reasonable limits like probably not work
0:20:42on a commodore sixty four
0:20:50i play somebody has and also lowers box and wants to run the G T
0:20:54K three application of that
0:20:59it would be nice if we could do that i think we still do that
0:21:02like we have we have support for X eleven call protocol features that
0:21:09at the end of the X so we can run with features that have been
0:21:13in the X server for ten years and then you get everything you
0:21:20we we're trying to keep it that way it's also great for D by the
0:21:25we want to run everywhere we want to run on all operating systems of all
0:21:31platforms we definitely want to keep running at a you don't want you know replicate
0:21:36press we also
0:21:39a new machines that you have somewhere with at the end
0:21:43well whatever
0:21:45so that means you propose in new features that
0:21:48for require is the greatest opengl extend have a i will probably complain
0:22:02this one is an interesting want to like we develop is the use G T
0:22:07what kind of application of a people
0:22:09are we developing a smallish have slight
0:22:13my favourite example is always you know clocks because that's just a bunch of box
0:22:19well i developing huge applications like
0:22:26we brought it stinks capable
0:22:31and we also to this one
0:22:35which you "'cause"
0:22:36can almost guess it's you have the in the T as tall as we focus
0:22:41on smaller
0:22:43the new widgets that we add it make it really easy to write a small
0:22:47that looks
0:22:48the way that you know designs and that is really easy to write smaller
0:22:56and i just because but
0:22:59the people as well on all the to get like
0:23:05i know guys that you know it's focusing on small house we want to make
0:23:09it easy to have an actual listen to that's for where people right smaller fast
0:23:16and we want to make it easy for that push that
0:23:20onto the best
0:23:22there also is the case that the big applications
0:23:28right that road toolkit or at a lots of bells and whistles and widgets and
0:23:37so like we're offices the best example it's build or i have fox to build
0:23:42on top of G T K but they only opened a window in the draw
0:23:45everything themselves
0:23:47like they tried to call into the seeming layout maybe of G T K but
0:23:52that'll using you could be a G T K widgets
0:23:54and even applications likings K have lots of the road widgets
0:24:00so if we want to go and at a docking which is okay
0:24:07you guys would complain but it doesn't look like the docking behaviour the escape doesn't
0:24:11can play that doesn't look like it's good talking behaviour the nobody user
0:24:18the way this is worked out is that small developers a currently running this the
0:24:24G T K development so we're focusing on small
0:24:35yes that of course makes life harder for all those of real application feel like
0:24:40the applications
0:24:46i defining the difference is some is
0:24:53so this
0:24:56it's like it's a spectral like that is applications that a small and tiny that
0:25:02obviously all like thoughts about one of the big the
0:25:08so it anyways an example that when i wrote this talk presented somebody is that
0:25:13you brought up i think to me epiphany is a smaller because epiphany is essentially
0:25:20but prove around
0:25:24at if you take what you would wept it is easy
0:25:30what it had which
0:25:32and if you take that out it's just few
0:25:36like compare to the my amount of which is that you have and that regulate
0:25:40you window
0:25:42where all the settings
0:25:44layout dialogues layout dialogues set
0:25:49is that
0:25:56i would i would give you i would give you the definition if the if
0:26:00the highness hot of porting the application
0:26:04yes porting all the dialogue boxes that it's a big
0:26:10which was the big thing for the liberal disguises big thing for the numeric guys
0:26:14like imagine
0:26:21it's something we're looking more at the smaller side a lot
0:26:27this might change next year because suddenly lots of develop a show out that want
0:26:31to make really awesome P T V and i really great to look at the
0:26:36suddenly we find languages what
0:26:39but now
0:26:41about this some more
0:26:48there's always people making
0:26:51often times making jobs but
0:26:54sometimes being serious a why should i use G T K three
0:27:00i have adjudicated application it's also
0:27:06should i still use G P K to select what the G T K three
0:27:16we have been very clear from the beginning that we want everybody of the G
0:27:22we ninety to get we think G T K three's also
0:27:27but in recent times
0:27:32i've kind of started to die
0:27:37G T K two is stable
0:27:40this change
0:27:41like every change that happens there even is just a simple but big as a
0:27:46high chance of breaking some application somewhere
0:27:50and it's essentially board
0:27:52that there are people out that the like to stable changing or
0:27:59there's people that and say well we're targeting route a
0:28:03ralph i've recently learned as G T K two point ten
0:28:09do you can two point and already has cairo
0:28:12doesn't have points that windows
0:28:18it's very
0:28:20if you write an application that is targeting G T K two point ten
0:28:25you're probably doing yourselves this service if you're porting it to G T K three
0:28:30because suddenly you have another pull you to make
0:28:34unless of course you want to take advantage of all the great features of G
0:28:37T K three and want to be integrate really well into you know
0:28:41but if you want to be integrate really well to you know you have to
0:28:45keep a with you know anyway because you know it's still
0:28:49changing rubber
0:28:55sure if you want to do that and if you like that and you have
0:28:57the manpower a prodigy okay three
0:29:00so if you have more busy porting your favourite application to all the tools
0:29:06at removing millions of lines of loading
0:29:11who for
0:29:12outdated file
0:29:16well that might be better to keep using
0:29:23also do you think a three and this is one of the things you can
0:29:26three is very
0:29:28and state people always come to me and say well you doing at i brace
0:29:32you doing avi breaks
0:29:35and i always say
0:29:38we both
0:29:39we are trying things and see if we can get away with it
0:29:45like a clutter integration is not something that happens without it
0:29:50i suppose it doesn't have without a cup i don't know how much of a
0:29:53magician men yes but probably
0:30:03i mean we we've managed quite a bit of things them actually quite happy with
0:30:08how a little we wrote start with all the things that we introduced light
0:30:12see is that's rendering change the way we do the
0:30:16three releases and applications you
0:30:19look okay
0:30:25i also quite happy that all you know develop this that right more complex applications
0:30:30keep up with us and when we introduce frame clocks
0:30:33and they have
0:30:35been done sink some ways they that their applications that suddenly that all
0:30:45so that's right i
0:30:47we like
0:30:49that we can be but of course
0:30:52if we're both and you know from the technical changes that we want to have
0:30:56that we probably need to be bold like if we want to introduce gestures and
0:31:01redo or input system that might be things happening to people that care about input
0:31:07more than the usual person that this has about clicks
0:31:11like you for example
0:31:18but we can be both because it enables us to do that so
0:31:25which brings us to be able
0:31:31what are we going to do G T K for
0:31:34why don't we
0:31:38when i don't know
0:31:42i don't think about you know there is a lot of text to do the
0:31:45clapper stuff i you have no idea is active stop words and if so how
0:31:51long take
0:31:57we want those things ideally before we duty for because we want to get the
0:32:02G T K two advantages be boring
0:32:06table in particular we want to have those back
0:32:10we'd like to have a to hear that is modern that works sometimes and has
0:32:15all these great advantages
0:32:19but that is also stable and that we can tell people with a huge
0:32:24application if you all now this application will run i change without problems
0:32:31five use you
0:32:35i think this is one of the girls that we have used it you for
0:32:38the other one is the
0:32:41the other one is how long can we be bold until our application developers throw
0:32:46rocks as us for breaking random stuff
0:32:52there are of course everybody always throws rocks when i find the by that
0:33:00it's about is that we need to take of course because they also want a
0:33:05we definitely shouldn't regular application when we implement and it should work out of the
0:33:09box and they should
0:33:11like an application developer will need to change not thing actually just
0:33:14what about
0:33:18and if it doesn't extra rolls and we throw the rocks back and as long
0:33:22as we still have a chance of winning about okay
0:33:25we will draw
0:33:27but and then i think we want to
0:33:30G T K two
0:33:33the stability that you take a have
0:33:36i would like to do a new major release
0:33:40rid of all the deprecated a the eyes
0:33:43and i tried to be
0:33:46a lot more careful we do an advertise to a forest we had done with
0:34:00i ask you saying and the beginning with
0:34:05and of long as you laugh
0:34:08we will go
0:34:27as a contributor to G T K even a small one about a couple of
0:34:32projects going to the toolkit
0:34:35i think that the domain interesting having widgets you can so i G T K
0:34:40is they need to be
0:34:43widely used we need to be able a pick-off to name all doesn't applications that
0:34:48we use that particular widget three to be useful
0:34:54what we try to do well but you know those widgets is also make sure
0:34:57that they match the good on designs
0:35:01so that means that the behave and the look and feel of the of the
0:35:07new widgets should match
0:35:09should match the designs and that makes it that much easier to write applications that
0:35:14do the right thing
0:35:16yes something i didn't talk about with it i actually like a lot this the
0:35:20way that we currently develop the new widgets at the kind of we just we
0:35:26like they
0:35:30requires so behaviour from your application see which it so we kind of
0:35:37match you in the right direction if you use the widgets that your application looks
0:35:42kind of okay without lots of input from people in advance doing more things like
0:35:50at those widgets mature in libraries that are using the what the G D
0:35:59and sometimes they make it
0:36:01and then they get review then we also the accessibility we usually fix accessibility issues
0:36:06already only G D because we use the which is you know and sometimes they
0:36:11don't like it and then they end up in those few applications that actually
0:36:16use the widgets sometimes the widgets you can type budget to the different applications use
0:36:22at the nice thing so far is that which is that have shown up in
0:36:26G T K are a really useful for a lot of applications be the A
0:36:30P I is actually a well thought out
0:36:34at the widgets
0:36:36i'm going to work because they had been used in that way
0:36:41for a while
0:36:43a very different thing
0:36:44so yes i like that very much so if you have a which is that
0:36:47you think lots of
0:36:49applications i using attic you know develop
0:36:53get in touch with
0:36:55best and probably me that in doing that too late G D's one of the
0:36:59cases i don't know what they act for a list box had it's a repository
0:37:05but that's
0:37:06does that still exist there's still of the box and that's so there's about a
0:37:11repositories that we have that you can also use if you want to try those
0:37:15we just but they of course don't have G P case
0:37:19i guarantee
0:37:23if you're not again develop
0:37:25you but it's definitely interesting to look at them from time to time to figure
0:37:30what we're
0:37:36that you
0:37:41i use you spoke a little bit of a of the back and so you
0:37:44want to support but you didn't really talk about what might be on the other
0:37:47side so a lot of people are saying she'd it is rapidly becoming to can
0:37:52home toolkit how do you things like access to your and likes to you that
0:37:56want to use G T K but you know maybe don't want to use all
0:37:59the can don't hurt
0:38:01so that's what i sat we want to be a platform bust integrate second
0:38:07so if you want to use G T K to do your own that form
0:38:11but it
0:38:12but all that is very different from G T K
0:38:16you that complaints probably for doing all those setting patches
0:38:22i mean if you want to use G T K
0:38:27you kind of
0:38:29i mean the place where you use G T K
0:38:32so you to become a G T K develop that push the to look at
0:38:36in a different direction i can tell you from experience that takes quite some people
0:38:46or you
0:38:47have to pay
0:38:50i'm not saying you have to take what we give you but you have to
0:38:53talk to as and
0:38:55i have to be prepared to get an though
0:39:01yes i mean if you if you want if you want to write a lot
0:39:04of all that uses G T K of them to look at
0:39:07you better dissipated G T K somehow guy G T K to be the to
0:39:12look at that you wanted to
0:39:14otherwise certificate will be the going to because they can do people do that
0:39:25this is just a theoretical concern like "'cause" i was i can tell what ecstasy
0:39:32melody are just clones windows ninety five we kind of support that in you know
0:39:37the menu success and i mean id is there actually any design coming from that
0:39:42or there's various questions coming up but the they are very capital
0:39:49to save like that like one of the things is when we did the place
0:39:53a sidebar
0:39:57the place aside box of the places side but have an entry for desktop
0:40:02because we don't show the desktop and you know
0:40:05but the desktop get show that it would do
0:40:08and ecstasy
0:40:11and i like stevie searchable file to the have an entry for the best well
0:40:16that was one of the questions that showed up that i remember
0:40:53so the best top needs to tell you
0:40:57like all windows you probably one problem
0:41:02all i was X you probably won't want to do they sell at the best
0:41:05of what's the time
0:41:09the people you get making the you know to look at comments are not just
0:41:13talking about designed other also talking about like you approach to especially the pace of
0:41:18the development you know we change things we make sure mostly works with gnome applications
0:41:23and then that is that is what i sat with the people like we still
0:41:29hobble we think we still want to be bold because we still don't have a
0:41:34we still don't have G L
0:41:36we want based things and everybody ones us to have a stake even the people
0:41:41that play in that we are not stable a saying you should be stable and
0:41:45also have these features
0:41:49i guess that i don't think there is anybody right now that's as G T
0:41:54K C D's today looks also let's freeze it and never touch it again and
0:42:00then we're right applications
0:42:10we still somewhere in the pros is what we do they will that
0:42:15i would like this to be back sooner rather than later but
0:42:20it's work and somebody has to do it doesn't happen it's
0:42:27and that's all i can say about it can say we'll that year we set
0:42:30that two years ago and that the what
0:42:36any questions
0:42:39okay thank you very much but