i one what about it


i'm aware that of and well posse whatever don't worry about it


just so you know though i will be any means this year exactly boring slide

that so don't worry

no unique or enough money nothing and expecting i mean


this so you

that's the presentation more of an intervention

if you search for intervention on a flicker that is one picture comes out i've

no idea why but it's one

so it's a it's a dimension

because us for about two years i've been doing well i think i wanna and

i've been doing what now commonly known as the clock that all i want to

which mostly is recap of what happened in clap the land for the past year

namely your T I new features you deprivation

and a little bit of planning about what's gonna happen in the next year

you features i need to okay


during the last year nothing much happened what collateral

actually some bug fixes some performance improvements and some experimentally pi for the benefit of

can i'm shell mostly

but compare connectivity between two thousand eleven thousand twelve when i wrote the apocalypse document

and implemented yep also

easy years been year we want in terms of the me

not much


one of reasons laws i after writing but apocalypse as and implementing then i was

kind of burned out and another one i switch on jobs

and i start having a lot more than just

but the main reason after sitting down for a while in front of my

my G H field terminal is that i think that lot or have it is

it's pretty much where wanted the

i don't think it needs much more work i mean

there are going to stop that are completely wrong and we fixed

them and painting is affection

and all of then basically require an it guy break



so you don't have to do this during this year what it what it was

let's face the master each and just

make it the playground for


make it

the playground for like branching out to two point zero and one point next becomes

stable brown and we can do

crazy start breaking pi and

no thanks to get the road a lot of two point zero

so i guess the better point know the project and more


it's the

no can be there shouldn't be a what we when you're at all

so before you bring out that pitchforks and porches

i'll clarify that statement

i don't think there should be a standalone plotter to bring your at all


i i'll try to explain the reasoning behind it

the next

but i don't know

two years


and also reserve the right to change my mind you can dream this talk and

i will be not i every have or at any other looking at don't worry

this applying the midway point before i know i talk and look at the there

is gonna be also

just prepared


let's start

with a simple


as that intervention

the needs in the mission from the first and that is

being on the receiving

sorry i my name is manuel that i'm the problem a and i have

but i do we need water at this kind of them right

now the turn of the notion

hi your data developers and we water at your personal


i just



if you look at the long and probably three or water for of seven

okay i said here but i was not meant to be at general to it

was not meant to be i can possible to it was meant to be a

media centre

at i drive full screen application running on the better


or report to be a part for somebody what for

i wish not


if you know

there are users of products i don't know but not really much

on user product in that number


i'll come to the other uses of water in a second


it's really the show

and is that

no and rate is if you could be and

because the show is very far cost and like

often lose we da


but everybody's at i've stability there

it's not

not that i don't

and you are all order radii

that is market experimental access on the C and C using doctor but there

so you say that you lay all the important there to a point three at

the stage because the background of the shell or that and so and the stage


it in a it by you all i seem out of the whole back so

that show and

i mean information there are

which is absolutely solely for whatever

they are what we but

not there for like to and

plus there is actually

actually writing up to it popular actually a i you know

when you


that's one but hours are from and it's very bad job be but chuckled and


but whole see you replication

that they told an

and widely known and she's using actually a lot

it was really a pity on the screen just ignore


it's basically impossible

a can manage to do legal or from problem

just one using properties remote

because it's easy shot up

make sure on the

and that

that tells you

two things one is the better in each kind of

usability i and so you do you should so

that you should we get to be

it should get


then there's boxes

boxers uses gathered today because they need to do animation

also but

be possibly do that a lot of all the widgets and

if you want to combine cutter other and you can you can do it

a your financial

and this is G case all as much as lot of full G cased on

and better with a friend paul and now we year we could get for well

over at the bottom not for

i don't know that



we are a

show where

because you


the real problem then is that you have right

told you want to use part of for your break you want to use powder

on also you have just pictures and text maybe

and maybe we'll that would be all right as it was

but the only seven

but if you want to do something religion more generic i quit whitens and stuff

you know right well i for us much as possible in a lot of for

all the gesture stockholder the trap that it's meant i mean and

well there are still a lot of stuff missing that i don't want to implement

but it's

and on X M and wait and then we notice on mac last and i'm

replicating G K Y my life so bad i don't want to do


problem buttons on a


so here comes

and okay and then there comes an S and then i see for a remote

and you realise that write a book example you really


but we if anybody wants to start a new toolkit based on potter

just if you think you can do better than people that for last year

my guess i don't

i'm just reserved right to point and laugh


there is

another thing that is

a problem with having water and a the same like a lot of that

yes and from in the and then going a

in and all its own will stuff

but also clutter at the sound management and family and brian will are completely separate

there is fire sometimes they're better because i have benefit all your and last year

G basically

but me

means that in action do

how to learn from other people


we are standing at also lot makes adjusted

what should i use through the use

caught are G P A should i use both

what will happen to G okay

if you think that these questions are not coming my way much attention to the

problem cannot are channel or apropos apartment english or might or might we could be

basically every and i still get like that there

but it was



well there is be used by composer there is not application

and then you if you want right for the twist

and just

but we all the time and we and we think so but one

in order to

making it can post can possible and not too

applications that used water use that i didn't libraries to work for the I features

you may remember and even if that

what we don't want to do that actually

but you have to like to get on top

and that eventually net


and usually and we are sending messages



that's really retro and we need to change the bowl

and problem


all the funds also so you can social what we are this is

for example L's



i think if you start lamenting the drive like that

not outside separate



it's we

we don't even need to call it a lot or and all

we can call that i don't know


okay well

and well some fine

i hope

so we shall receive the side

maybe as a separate share library so we can a and we don symbols wrong

part and or maybe in that it

but in case of a library


i see and all know basis and world and they will probably say


okay have a

he's a relationship between widgets and reverse that can actually is all from bill even

those notes to

and we know and

do size negotiation and on what the right

so well done


we're going the french logically was written in nineteen ninety seven

and if our design goal and our a one goal we are gonna work


good job what we can do or not

you know of the

it's a linguistics


it's all contain inside and

the walls marking this is not exactly so all can do but it doesn't think

about what


you will see


i mean i think that

okay i but i will see that everything you do that


so we actually

so knowledge this last fall the impostors

and then the children passes you want to one some button because you want to

identify be but then you get punched in the face by the a that hold

later all information side but so want to but a box well good luck because

it works on a i have are michael

we don't want to change because wisely right part one

but wow


also the layer management is so you side again we know we know that in

that objects because

java so awesome definitely see

and we have to have might be here please of plastic and then choose what

not women

and we know that that's and her

but then if you want to subclass to get rid of the want to find

that are so fast balls and implement

she stuff


that men precise the first size celebration that from and drawing a line a we

are to resize stuff





that might just for a lot of them which i

okay so or whatever that actually want


my last we gyro what do you case which everybody okay

so let me

to me like and we actually figure in a

just we didn't bother me i


i don't and that's why and i hated by everyone that doesn't the actually


so this is all

this one that in such a that well and this is a well all

i that right on

and i know that it's ridiculous because

i actually wrote the document to move far away from that very same model to

a same role model

and completely and it took me six months implement i don't know but it will

be six months implement and works

so we design

we are design sure but


we see

i see are the guys that so we need

so that you know hopelessly out of them


we're gonna get a couple of constraint

another state you don't ever search for them straight liquor without enables


thank you we say so you will get some interesting not say for what style

this is


but we a simple constraint

you can just

a i don't want to write and you really in the back

that you don't know what

she has the connotation

one of issues that the right from a that it than a that was in

waiting for when

is a lot taking over next round advantage

i have a long way from over the fact i have the comments that old

mac wise we are now and before that are the end for that rainbow

and we still

so what is better than any other at all in the

and never look back with you if you are for mac and






usually do you have the one thing that just use it and that's what and

had signals to add what does you know sometimes want to get the future


actually maybe not single because i don't want

to spend the next three years finding out


for next

so i don't know constraint that we should have is


that's right that's

they were just a

so that

and i say that because

we have so much stuff

well i have a and start that one and two is that

it's a small place so

it should be a if you

it should be known

young and you mean something about this

i'd be score next

what is the ad


the other thing is

it just to be

so we

we the goal using i wrote but we do you bowl and one of that

we actually can

and when it


we yelled at all

and we use it but you

also it's what your browser does every single they can render every single page you

have or is it

and it works for the browser what should work for the crown around the product


the last point

is that we should be and

and i know people with a lot by an orange that a lot

it must not be actually that issue should is through this all

it must not

i huh

well break here you are you can you can basically just punch in the face

and we can say

burning to the ground

i fourteen

which we should forget

we should definitely but we should we should break i did you can

i want

because it's

we've gone i mean we she break if you are which is not ready for

nine years because that


wishing you britain's enough



and it so also point where nobody switching and white

even we make the best pi and the best we can look applications in the


people want



what i mean by not breaking if i mean it just for this

we can particular


i'll come to that



well it from the big and all

and i think i would work on it or one and design

or whatever i think about our guys radio i it's actually pretty decent

it provides you with ways to

not you hardware not entire reversed it and you start you start laughing that you


right now so this is this the children is so whole because it's pretty not




you can sign me the

but that shouldn't be case all sort in the list of your website

but not

and one comment and thank you this


also we should not have

i hope level actor


existence it is like a random acts

but the

we didn't have a proper wrapping the why a we needed a who

container for each in

and based on if you that we could just say that are wrong


everything else

brought that everything else below


and also one in is so i you can and drawing and basically having seen

that show


so i

if you say

you know when match

doing that like six different read




i know that for instance when i have the

said that it's not gonna be a problem i don't

actually try and work

even at all

another thing that

we have found out for can and i that's an and

and that

one six seconds

each line to do stuff if the to get the way more than percent of

the time

during the your world for or

not that we are about that

it's not

let's implement everything troubles to solve

i a is


maybe we have a way just intercept

for all the nodes you know

or local

all the we draw and we start so that

i can still that you case the size and change at that level

a or in case the you are going to have on a proper or whatever

it's a way to avoid

just or i know i reckon i the other one point one point so well

also i just said this is not gonna be impostor so you kind of anyway

unless you're right part so

that com when




three transformation

or a sore point we just for then because

well i percent no

okay competing remotely second for good and nice


the case we have like

only confirmation we should just don't stop

on the part that something in the middle all the route

besides to translate by on the y-axis what about the

then separate

and we do advantage

that was said stopped

you know require

right guy

will be in your

and we probably sure right side that you want

there is a very good chance

i mean you


more about that we can transition is this the composite widget

i'm not home

do this

did this is roughly you are that you don't know that will generate like


and we can do that

at least you can take that you can we get

and as a whole and shove it inside

so we are not feature i saw that right but

if we can do it

if we can all i break up with her and at the very

i just has so


well i guess

but that's question from one of the that's right or but i hope for that


so i want to work with differently

so value unless it was use up and well

i'm sorry


what i don't and i was where i don't have and then the

so what i've done is

so on the actors that we have in boston that in and of it

you or what

first thing i did was create and you have a library that is cool we



inside which

and it doesn't much that have the forms that's

that's the czech the see that others and

that's going



so that that's one the other thing i was

start well on


but what about a year so


i actually com is this a and that out and that


well so we don't need fancy also at all

we just you know but

and we created about and i think are

but i

we G L

to look at the scene so that we can write a for more



but still one work write a one

is you know to

draw your products and you side but you

and actually i

well if i don't all about our is that it's not

and that is


and you can one and then a that is that really a phase all trunks

you can get G

broken you can

basically you know you can be to just save it or

i don't but

well this

no one show you okay she went there and or something and then


and that happens and suddenly in terminally we can create a stable see

on the and on the and

first when we have all on

though go from you hundred and two for the and then we can but well

i don't

as any i that is the last that i can or

if we have make it and we should probably work

but i that


and i'm

so sure

but actually work on and the other G T K O K and added you

with that


and we are sitting between you can tell

render each non we won

no or inside a company

come to be used a

the L and then

and sure that looks and the embedded inside and i'm sure

that on try and they compose



so all that basically


so that this idea and i for one of them out

so question so

if you know your because we don't hide or we have time and your shot

for you have the



i have a scrolling

so i know is that


we already have a lot or


i know exactly how expected it broke about you were but i know


so i don't

basically the last that you decompose five

i work mostly just stuff well

i don't know this

i know that


there's just way to find of all figuring out the clattering we are like

get this we take

stuff that


it work pretty well

yes the way you it is

okay well


i think it's a thing is i

be to make sure




doing well


problems coming out

well for right

but generally and

i we find that plan and all that well i thought about that


it i that like to

i didn't and if we don on we would like just a couple of questions

they say i have my own scrolling

and like all the problem to get everything

if i have my own scrolling which and i call the drop function to get

everything drawn into my scroll area that i'm gonna do some transform on it's a

cairo service but now all of these widgets that are inside the are know using

screen it's

we can know we can make that in for like

you say i want all

i might be on a so

i will i will i promise you a you know

so then all of the children of that which it would still

if you drop me when we don't do that for are on

E G okay with break


but the problem is that you might have a which is the that is you

know inside the container that somebody's made in the containers assuming that the children or

maybe dry minutes or

but you might even have a container that somebody subclasses

and by know something that

or applications and to nontrivial thing

okay i


so let's see how this would work for the rendering side but

keeping com that it's on the input side

which is highly dependent on the T window three that every word

where we

i mean how would be do i can see how we can position the whole

rendering stacked using geo it didn't and we could be allocating of screens for what

we did it will be nice points but

the input

yes we you hundred percent dependent on the educate window direct which is clean i

mean that doesn't do well scaling rotation

right now where they live a lot your from think we

we are right now right

for me

i mean it

i mean everyone just to be windowless that would


if you see how you do or what

we know we just and it

i get are from a five hundred

and what about but she can actually nothing that a little bit not a remote

if you if you look really closely and you read between the lines i don't


so but i'm also and all

seriously i don't want some of the color title

if you to level

and i think have done this for

so you wouldn't see dial and

your think that

we read on program are you that much

it's just for


and also time if you're not have formed you will be

then but it i'm just with it or no to the fear a friend really

on the part

which is that

and then we have a sure



use vertex shader okay

that more of them all the or so or more about


i honestly

one time complexity and the pen and one G L but we don are all

like for probably really glad that lots of it and it's

really for you want write a very complex


so we see your to you need all three changes so we don't we don't


and also we don't i mean i don't recall that because we allow you are


our me

i know about this is all about just a your for all

and down and you know anything about

i work and


well i don't want for one

would be possible to completely hide it you'll stuff and usually so could

have non G implementation yet used like

G D X rated rest reply people should whatever you know

i think so too


i know you could go on



guys sorry that question there

so it because with we can integrate

maybe this isn't

very feasible will because we can integrate that with can sing graph into the G

to casing


that and i think that would be very

you have your

the what

i'm not i mean it's gonna we already and yes

but we can see and use more what why


if you're using you can create on

well we can make very don't yell on that and then assume that you know

complex is that you can use for stuff

so you see you know a thing about that we are already and just

without touching the T G seen but


but we

and then don't wanna go for down


that someone

a bunch of links of the future one or that

no but what my work zero which i guess ellen