0:00:10because you i think everything that talking on the
0:00:14so question you know
0:00:16i can join us like product this year
0:00:20i so you know nice easy question this talk with what's your sixty second package
0:00:25for while and
0:00:32better that's a so that that's common question in this one that that's always hard
0:00:37times of but i think the key idea is that if you look at the
0:00:42way most modern uses a mix use X today isn't that they've don't actually use
0:00:48X we have a composite or that that's responsible for presenting everything on screen
0:00:54we have clients that really just wanna put push your content to the composite are
0:00:58and it find we have input going into the X to which we don't know
0:01:02with window we should be going to and
0:01:06in the middle there's the X i was sitting there trying to talk clients and
0:01:10talk to composite or with an external process but what we were you want to
0:01:13build today second possible the talks directly to the kinds not had any middle name
0:01:18that sits there and doesn't do anything so it it's
0:01:21a big part of the idea is to just cut out there's this big old
0:01:25me demanding and get a straight path five to composite are and we got a
0:01:29lot of in small benefit from this and big benefits in the in the process
0:01:34you know
0:01:37what the basic idea is that if we look at the system we have today
0:01:40and if we were to design a graphics that tools to support that user experience
0:01:44there's just no way you wind up inexorably to
0:01:48okay thank you know the more than six seconds by get like
0:01:53so you know what way to form of this one side a few questions prepared
0:01:57but anytime i wanted to get some questions to think that or question myself of
0:02:04an owl and
0:02:07so if you do any questions please makes visible we when we have a question
0:02:14first question gets is michael sorted you can think about a nice mission which is
0:02:18you know
0:02:20and who
0:02:21there might be the i so do you said you see when in the dark
0:02:24as it the X eleven
0:02:27you know what you she's it key advantages
0:02:32well i think it is a competitive to X in many use cases but and
0:02:37you can you can state it like that you can say is wailing competing with
0:02:40X because there is there are two different especially
0:02:43but if you look at it in this case like don't shell and yes we
0:02:47could definitely use X M use brain and if there's a comparison we can make
0:02:52if you're using thilo be among it has to be happy with you do timit
0:02:56exterm there's no reason you should switch to wait and we can improve that situation
0:03:00for that use
0:03:01if you're building a new system for automotive
0:03:05in entertainment in your car then if you're building a clean slate system there you
0:03:10can also use weight and we can make the same comparison they're not does this
0:03:13way to get other
0:03:17so would you say is the way to direct compared to tell you it in
0:03:20some sense
0:03:22that that's nothing in there that that's try to them at the school where you
0:03:26can use weighted it's not time for just a bone formal but only but at
0:03:30the same time is a different system and you can
0:03:33you can make the comparison for a given
0:03:38you know open when we point of the spectrogram you see the model come amount
0:03:41in terms of these of underlying stack them used on that and building on exactly
0:03:47the same underlying technologies the more taxes bill on
0:03:52data sharing resources and very bugs yep so that was a lot of what and
0:03:57one of the really it is a brilliant is that we have a in for
0:04:01infrastructure now that's great of into modular components all the hard stuff about painting input
0:04:06viruses don't you get
0:04:08three drivers so independent a big star can be used and came yes
0:04:12"'kay" misses most addicts bit of the X to is that we can use it
0:04:15without having to bring up a next over of course on the clients that we
0:04:19for a long time moving we things out of exhibiting two times
0:04:24font rendering
0:04:27hydro is it'll as a five hundred are now
0:04:31so all the all this complexity has moved out of clients or how to fix
0:04:36the rain to as well eight zero in two times in the online stack we
0:04:41can we can now scale that bring of a different place
0:04:44so it's a this is wise feasible that old we talk different space to because
0:04:48all the hard not think it's now market right
0:04:53everybody libraries a private so
0:04:55we can see are the
0:04:57the driver running
0:04:59driver rider really for we can see are the libraries
0:05:04retyping our way
0:05:06one go all the stuff this year we will have a lot of the same
0:05:10basic we just have
0:05:13and what lot of active
0:05:15of mixes what we from
0:05:20but i mean you don't think
0:05:22some events you don't know what recently on that trying to avoid some of the
0:05:25some of the problem we have an X M S between the compose the you
0:05:28know a extensions to a for you know in hot rendering and shoulder we kind
0:05:34of get tools manage the weighted manager of every frame is perfect and X
0:05:38do you know that do you think that
0:05:41there is just immiscibility need all waited given the improvements you be making to the
0:05:47composite and that there is no individual problem you can't solve the next are like
0:05:53a little bit better with the break ticket working for three eight when a rabbit
0:05:58it done well the resizing in that
0:06:01you're taking away the who is not a probably what said okay i have we
0:06:05don't create my window resize like that too but i mean the thing is
0:06:10you know it's not every problem individually eventually the number of messages in a context
0:06:15which is and just draw to have so you doing in there really becomes unattainable
0:06:21and you know some things are really easy to do with max and some things
0:06:25are really hard i mean there are things where they get with waylon that would
0:06:29require whole new X extensions and of just the all you know i'm really looking
0:06:34for that year we don't sell say i no longer have to talk the X
0:06:38server whenever i want to do something to display hardware i connected this access to
0:06:42display hardware instead of like sending everything process X interface it's not that we can
0:06:48devise solutions there and i think the other case where want to devise solutions short
0:06:52term to get people improve performance before we consider every do real and but
0:06:58you know the more given doing that the more pay more suffering from so i
0:07:02think it's a great opportunity to clean about pain and make so the new things
0:07:06why do instead of being really hard the this recording easy
0:07:11it to give an example of one of those features is it there
0:07:15how coffee to go feel where we had we had it it's extensions to come
0:07:20find me it the on the motion to that corner when you when you for
0:07:23the corner of the over that contraband of the old you then we had to
0:07:27and extension to can find the cursor into that corner and we have to make
0:07:31known to use it we with the weight and based don't feel you position the
0:07:36cursor inside don't feel we waited work on the screen you want you can find
0:07:40the motion however you want so in you know what is don't feel finally because
0:07:45it's just a matter of adding that were to occur some okay so i don't
0:07:49feel you have to go by export called X extensions for that
0:07:56because on any questions nutrients
0:08:02rich can so you could
0:08:06but just to add want one that and then to follow elevator pitch question this
0:08:12is why it's hard to make a elevator pitch will it because there is it
0:08:15is one of those days where we have a thousand apricots and if i have
0:08:18to listen thousand caught in an elevator pitch it's gonna be model sixty seconds but
0:08:23that is that is the problem is that we can always fix something in X
0:08:27what it takes a lot if we're in and
0:08:29it takes a lot of all of topics and
0:08:33it is just something that
0:08:35there's too much work involved
0:08:41okay some question that you don't want sorority but we'll suspend just with system composites
0:08:45a and
0:08:46G and or what's done
0:08:49i will be you we using G i don't shout was the system and section
0:08:54of the whole one
0:09:00things like whether or not we're using a range create any composer is the system
0:09:05composed rapping that idea of a system post a piece aces
0:09:11coolness a bit by the wayside to what's the name
0:09:18david letterman david have
0:09:22you so is the recent progress explaining
0:09:28thinking at the moment is more like having
0:09:33halvings assistant be basically deal with a lot of challenges or moving in a
0:09:42privileges between can post as a spy
0:09:46the different sessions if you had different user sessions you're switching between
0:09:50might have
0:09:51composes the need to where you need to repair privileges of the you could have
0:09:57devices and the
0:09:58the around device we to switch between mouse to
0:10:02my and
0:10:03that's yes it in
0:10:10that that's what i tried but you can do it it's possible you have a
0:10:16policy expertise that in one you between these different
0:10:20session composed this you have a i'm starting might have to switch from one section
0:10:25to another but the problem is if you go for the session can post a
0:10:29model now your inputs being rudy
0:10:33another part
0:10:34and so we don't really want that actually like see we are and
0:10:41the king or it's very hard we you don't you don't need it us to
0:10:46do with the new frame to the
0:10:49just a very possible so that basically so i think the like there is to
0:10:52instead of five to put W process in between the composer and hardware the ideas
0:10:57to maybe add a few but i hope tools to be that's that we can
0:11:01be devices
0:11:02and we already had defeated okay so we take away came it's nothing from india
0:11:07so that is to just put the arbitration into a small process so that we
0:11:12don't have a process in the hot that between input and make living and so
0:11:16on what a process that you know
0:11:21and as well as the sexy part and there's a few things we can do
0:11:24the that and
0:11:27one thing is that when you be to switch the way if we if we
0:11:29do process sessions which might be to switch you can still get that an estimate
0:11:34on the screen so you can still go to get away on if you
0:11:36or fate something else on top of it but what you what you're missing there
0:11:39is you can have it like any meeting and she's been a waste get caught
0:11:43that snapshot of what was on screen anyway so and we can get that to
0:11:48a thank you did you could be the process it does this so when you
0:11:53switched away from usa i
0:11:58thank you guys that are uncontroversial question coming up so you know why just we
0:12:05don't expect to draw decorations for that we can of themselves well try to in
0:12:11can system user interfaces you know
0:12:15you made that decision
0:12:18well it's a
0:12:20that's a lot
0:12:22it is that that's a lot of
0:12:25reasons and everyone of all the deep technical reasons is that we want to have
0:12:30a line window you want
0:12:33so one text
0:12:34so we don't wanna spit
0:12:36what is like one screen at one unit
0:12:39one atomic going to like different
0:12:42texture so that you have to have decorations
0:12:45so the same from want to extend called the same from another take to because
0:12:48we need to rotate or scale down or otherwise transform your window you end up
0:12:53with there seems that seems but it and eighty S
0:12:57it is between these parts
0:13:00the window but if you if you all same thing from one protected so this
0:13:03is this is really deal
0:13:05details of hardware that we what we could do simple one big text a that
0:13:09you get bilinear filtering on the same can you give nice very nice
0:13:14it is between winners to and from behind the point of you i think it
0:13:18also makes sense to have application percent the higher window it's one unit that's the
0:13:23you and percent it
0:13:25so when we thought what consistency there's like just two dimensions you can see this
0:13:29well one window do we talk about consistency
0:13:32within that window do we want it
0:13:35title bar and the decorations to be consistent with the rest of that we know
0:13:38content what do we want to talk about maybe inconsistent between the contents but be
0:13:43consistent with all the time lost on this
0:13:45and that that's
0:13:46so that's a trade-off there can common as well on the had a
0:13:51cases where it's kind of nice having
0:13:53that's why decorations if you're working with designers
0:13:56sometimes they want to have the model be where you can somebody applications contents will
0:14:03over that's where you might wanna close button for winter objective start when we are
0:14:09working on the case
0:14:10as you go more than this but is we have the browser you are where
0:14:15they wanted to be able huh
0:14:17location bar top browser
0:14:20no need to have
0:14:25i'm sorry
0:14:27to the right and that you are
0:14:30about within sprite
0:14:32class wearing
0:14:41so their case
0:14:43by design choice
0:14:45you want
0:14:47and of course inconsistencies enforce we didn't want to look at because it's not something
0:14:51that an application would do it's a toolkit which are just like boston and the
0:14:55scroll bar to which is so there's just this parliament indicate we know that there
0:14:59is a toolbar that you kate also forty to get see it's gonna look the
0:15:04and you can and if you were going up and
0:15:09exterm function and an X okay since i will and that guess
0:15:12a decoration from the X window manager
0:15:14and look that different from your rest of the gnome desktop what exterm those different
0:15:20from the rest of
0:15:21so it is probably fair that it gets a different great
0:15:26that the biggest concern i guess is it consisted interaction so you don't have like
0:15:31buttons and different places but the windows you don't have a close button right click
0:15:35windows those point
0:15:39you kate make it
0:15:44so on any other questions millions a gym on
0:15:53there's actually another problem we do we tyneside decorations implement right now is that they
0:15:58include that input our a and it shadows what we what about we don't want
0:16:04to change the channel for example in the other you know that none shall we
0:16:08have a what around the we know and we don't want that's the into space
0:16:12on the wind attacks
0:16:14so about this is that when you application when this is yellow and borders
0:16:21you have to annotate
0:16:23the card with the composer and you re the one thing about snap you don't
0:16:28wanna step windows will see a stop they need to annotate window thing this
0:16:34thirty two pixels inside of exactly where that we know this starts the when you
0:16:38wanna move away the rights that that's what was
0:16:41so snapping
0:16:45we of against we are still be computed based on that
0:16:49content big input is a different we see this is we will take so that
0:16:55way you don't
0:16:57you can make that market so you can pick up to resize
0:17:03that any if we from their job of that window which is again different of
0:17:12well for
0:17:13over an extent
0:17:16so but then besides basically the actual size of the window which the visible part
0:17:23a great part about part that you don't know which stands outside of this because
0:17:29you have invisible board of writing and then you have the shadows which is it
0:17:33actually tells pointed part and from the composer to you want to do it you
0:17:38was high to control that
0:17:41to treat them separately
0:17:43from time to time
0:17:46yes and it was one of the you didn't mention which i guess was the
0:17:53still it's
0:17:56that's you
0:17:59so if you know if you need to blend certain regions of your window come
0:18:03close to wants to limit how much event spending is kind of expensive especially considering
0:18:09screen a
0:18:12it's just it's
0:18:18but your windows do but region are just implementation it does not directly map to
0:18:24the visible are we know because we know might be transporting inside
0:18:31i mean going further we have the possibility that you could enhance the winner particles
0:18:35that say hey you know if well i meant easy cake one and i'm talking
0:18:38to name shall and this is what you should be presenting for the in the
0:18:42energy but then it fullback this heuristic of such as what the dog was the
0:18:47dimensions with the actually in the region and then click on that but hey maybe
0:18:51percent applications at that very small maybe to make a lot of sense at the
0:18:54way that rule not big be drawn back to sell that's a that's a graphical
0:18:58representation pull than inside a that useful so you could actually hand house having a
0:19:05specific vertical a specific lines talk to because
0:19:13well what is question
0:19:20what about network transplants
0:19:27as well and
0:19:30wouldn't be too difficult to implemented in the future
0:19:36which is not
0:19:38transparency what like that that's entirely possible and the think that people focus on where
0:19:49we don't discuss network transparency is whether or not remote rendering it's worthwhile
0:19:54so the what X does is that you have out just industry rendering commands you
0:19:59save rented this gleefully here or there
0:20:03rectangle here what is
0:20:06why are we here and there so you used and the scheme of entering commands
0:20:11and they it's that's a nice concept that every can understand that you've got a
0:20:15big ball for use in the be coming a time to commit to feel that
0:20:19with the break thing that's a very efficient encoding of the result
0:20:24but what we have today is a that all the rendering command that you have
0:20:28to sing to rent any given web page so
0:20:31three D C is that the that the data have to send to render that
0:20:34is also bigger then the final assault
0:20:38so encoding it it's not as simple as
0:20:42as most people think that there's a there's a trade off for some scenes obviously
0:20:46the big rectangle it's not more efficient us and that one minute maid for most
0:20:50break there
0:20:51we're just to use cases it's a
0:20:55it's a especially when you're back compression to be the end result
0:21:00it's not clear that sending the comments is a better choice and then if we
0:21:04accept that is sending them and it makes is not necessarily a win then there's
0:21:08really nothing and weighted that prevents you from the remote rendering you have for every
0:21:12application in the system have between the content
0:21:16and you can you can either take that window content that's in people's pictures across
0:21:21with some kind of encoding or you can you can do would be in C
0:21:24start a remote waiting tightest of after can possibly more windows and some that is
0:21:29and since we know when a kind of it's window we know the damage we
0:21:34know exactly what we all react phantastic position to do right here because we have
0:21:40pixels we have there
0:21:42information about what changed and we just need to call this and cost
0:21:48that that's the something that that's that can be done and what i think what
0:21:52we can protocol is that it's optimised for
0:21:56if you want to say
0:21:57and in general will be trying to do is when you any meeting something we
0:22:01only one of context with into also the ones and then back into the time
0:22:05once frame so if you wanting six different to say can you have occasionally runs
0:22:09sixty times a second to render that you free so that means that we can
0:22:12just in kind of events back and forth
0:22:15to that frame it's all optimised so that
0:22:18it is started for you receive what eventually composite that you need to render that
0:22:22frame what you're gonna frame you send everything back to impossible that the composer needs
0:22:26to know about that next right
0:22:28and it turns out that optimization is
0:22:31it works real well for network transparency to where we're not becomes way more expensive
0:22:36so if we if we're animating something we are
0:22:41receiving input mentoring in response
0:22:44a over the network then that think mathematician that makes sense in local case for
0:22:48or maybe embedded devices what we have is our that makes a lotta sense in
0:22:53more cases well because we don't have a lot of our kids over the network
0:22:56we have a protocol that is very asynchronous and doesn't have any round trip so
0:23:01i think so they're the protocol itself is
0:23:04it's good promoting the pixel constant something we can send us very silly
0:23:10so there's really nothing in the way of doing remote will and i have a
0:23:13have a prototype that i'm working on a no
0:23:17we have an R P you were that the less you run and wisdom
0:23:21instance and then connected not peak onto that you get you get an are you
0:23:25into your desktop so this is if we're just the top
0:23:30but the only thing that we not gonna do is remote rendering
0:23:36the way will it works is at all times to whatever entering locally and we
0:23:40just take
0:23:41so but well
0:23:45but in so the short answer is no nothing in the way of remote rendering
0:23:49and we will do eventually one way or another
0:23:55what he will bring we could do we have it
0:23:58a custom extensively and then it's to create able for an instant when it rains
0:24:02to brand without that awful content and that you can use
0:24:06for a moment
0:24:08so there there's the
0:24:11i guess most people's concern is that from saying that is possible and describing our
0:24:16submission might work to actually having something that works at that's opposite other way
0:24:21there's no guarantee that it will
0:24:23so i think you can say that just because it's possible that we will be
0:24:27there once waylon
0:24:29achieved world domination but it will
0:24:34next question
0:24:35so rob you're working on
0:24:38maybe in name shell with that through bit marginal what you been doing a problem
0:24:42pattern and for the composing side to so that you can have them show runs
0:24:47away the composite and includes point one like it's applications through experiment
0:24:52how's that going
0:24:56making pretty good progress were if you have so
0:24:59but in two thousand eleven i guess is wanna go we did a concept of
0:25:03this we don't matter
0:25:05where it's
0:25:07running as a what we call a hybrid X away and compose the
0:25:14matter and i'm shell essentially becomes display manager they are
0:25:19remote sensing they are diapering what they are in the input devices
0:25:24and it's
0:25:26we have X whale and which is how we deal with compatibility on the fact
0:25:31that matter is basically
0:25:34as much of an accent as you could ever have sorry realise on
0:25:40X way
0:25:41to start with
0:25:43and it's become the window manager
0:25:45correct way
0:25:48so we've updated the what we did for the whale and one two parts go
0:25:56one of the changes pop this generate cleaning up thing since we did that concept
0:26:02is that we may to say that we support runtime selection of running as a
0:26:06whale and
0:26:07compose to buses
0:26:10traditional X composed to which was to
0:26:13try and make it easier for us
0:26:15get this code upstream
0:26:19it would be kind of nice to be a
0:26:21that this place just ship the builder martin supporting by
0:26:26there's some questions as to whether or not this try to the trade off of
0:26:29this is
0:26:31what well with the complexity is introduces but
0:26:35just for being and
0:26:37different tracks
0:26:38that weeks
0:26:45news been doing work on the input side of things
0:26:49a bunch of great the spits out from waylon to do
0:26:53utilities in
0:26:55and moved into
0:26:56to don't know so
0:26:58up to now
0:27:01we're looking at opportunities to check i with some of the
0:27:05guys working on
0:27:06an announcement can post a
0:27:08so they're looking at
0:27:10spitting out some in and
0:27:12very that we might be able to use as well as
0:27:16and so then there's a bunch of things deal with
0:27:21gonna might setting and something a bit like i don't have anyone seeing what's in
0:27:25there is this privilege process question or which at the moment is the way we
0:27:29deal with things like
0:27:33but switching privileges for their am and it's a i dealing with the be to
0:27:38have a device privileges and that's talking about idea we've got this idea that privilege
0:27:44right is probably gonna move in the system they are
0:27:47in the meantime where working to be have to shed some of the sky between
0:27:51west and the lunch
0:27:54name show
0:27:56eventually bunch of that live it become done
0:28:16so i guess and nice thing relates that as you have a nice stuff helping
0:28:21out actually recently with the
0:28:23one of the an issue when we first met step one of the are and
0:28:27it's time was well
0:28:29how we deal with display configuration to make this
0:28:32something you could actually shipment at this ther is
0:28:36you need to be able type name control centre figure out the change your my
0:28:41your machine
0:28:44so now we're looking at having at the bus service
0:28:49name shows to
0:28:51controls the controls and to
0:28:56what the
0:28:58that's the sort of
0:29:14thank you well so many more questions on the audience all yes
0:29:21is a question that iteratively after a long time so million least someone so well
0:29:27no it wasn't intended to implement those but either a there are some did some
0:29:33decision to take on for example that i hear
0:29:37i'm just the was mentioning that you but not clear
0:29:41E mentors will be a something that
0:29:44to be minus by the client would like computer
0:29:47and expertise mention in the one term used yes the complete control and i'm sorry
0:29:54and monitoring implement of doing what we can with the one hundred and sent to
0:30:01to the client is all essentially this was at some of the little a do
0:30:07you know the reason the conclusion of about
0:30:10so i mean they're all their dirty proposed that there is a proposed article for
0:30:15implementing a method since current substation area for a right schools and it was to
0:30:22ask to house a particle that a client implement to talk to the composite which
0:30:26is all about communicating so the texture information that the method say so this is
0:30:32that these are the character the meantime to also suffer the client to tell the
0:30:36input method about the context is
0:30:39and then come actually there's a particle for input methods to communicate with composite and
0:30:44i think the right way forward that would be for name shelved implement the same
0:30:48into method article that we implemented inside western so that we can reuse the same
0:30:53the methods
0:30:54inside the
0:30:57got women and i'm channels are running on the other people's
0:31:02and that is working right now i mean is because i think that you say
0:31:05that there are two proposals or you have got many not like that away but
0:31:09then there is not to a system it is one interface is from the client
0:31:14to the composite and
0:31:16i need to look at the patch and find someone who understand implemented to help
0:31:20review and integrate that passion to G T K that's one issue and every to
0:31:24okay nice is it than that but this piece of the talk it's can talk
0:31:28to any can post and still have input methods and then there's a implemented particle
0:31:34for the composite to start to talk in the method process which means you can
0:31:38use any implemented the implements that particle with any composer to and than any client
0:31:43so you can get the multitude of functionality so the you can ensure that you're
0:31:48not having to do special work inside name shell just you have to reinvent every
0:31:55implemented in every time and that inside magellan simile
0:31:58specialises in every took we can have these
0:32:01protocols to allow us to we use well
0:32:04i mean is because this is the pushbutton my second button
0:32:08i don't know you remember that i mean that was the on a lot of
0:32:10to switch allows you have the right to present or something of that and i
0:32:14just was wondering if they're just tools we use these kind of problems in order
0:32:20from the things that right now we can do with X that this from someone
0:32:26you use training for humans for some one shown before our i'm going to look
0:32:32example this is something about a screen reader is doing right now
0:32:37but right now i would probably implement that
0:32:41application need to should be here is
0:32:45we have to be right so we that because and it was you happy past
0:32:49event they have to tool it's to exactly eight one consumer not you don't understand
0:32:55at the best event to application something that i mean is
0:32:59so i think you need to capture every time you might so one thing that
0:33:03i didn't quite cover in michael was that the ability to have sort of trusted
0:33:07clients so when it the can put also to can start a client and if
0:33:12folks applying it can get a particular the socket that it should the file descriptor
0:33:18that it should communicate with inside as viral and then we can go wrong to
0:33:22access the interface is that wouldn't be available to generic lines so if you could
0:33:27have a particular accessibility process that you will you know was gonna manage something any
0:33:31says hey you know you the way it works is by getting key events before
0:33:34sending them to the clients you could have a protocol that you could create a
0:33:39they compose it would send the key event to that accessibility process is a hey
0:33:43july centre cynical i don't you want to swallow it and that you can solve
0:33:47some of the you can remain the you could just initial the security and they
0:33:50isolation because you would be a trusted wanted composers started and knows to only use
0:33:55that interface for the idea is not a lot for every possibly to maybe a
0:34:02beep or something like is pi that's very receptive to provide just well and i
0:34:09mean and you and you have to people would be asking for the service to
0:34:13peace problems so i suppose you must but what you're saying is that should someone
0:34:18starts in the place about and you probably should on that stuff news okay so
0:34:24that's that you see body hit the you know this is a great example of
0:34:26where on the weight and we don't have we can actually use we can generally
0:34:30create specific purpose particles to solve a problem wrong trying to use whatever mechanism we
0:34:37may have inside actually walking window trio all sorts of maybe racy or you know
0:34:44tricky things we can actually say hey we can do this the right way and
0:34:48we can set up
0:34:49the way we need okay so for someone from the don't wanna be people from
0:34:55us fifty is making at least one needs
0:34:59i mean right because the problem is that know what we have resulted in cost
0:35:03of experience with william so maybe i don't know that list of meets a as
0:35:10well sometimes that are
0:35:12but i would that there is two point two to one i that's the one
0:35:23or two you
0:35:26the other part is how we split composed what we have
0:35:33exactly say
0:35:38so when you take the key
0:35:43we can so the cost of course get input events from there you be the
0:35:48hardware devices and guess before anybody else so this has nothing and you can i
0:35:52can do to save the keys coming from the heart of the you have full
0:35:57access on our way to save any given input event and i just send it
0:36:03to the kind of not send it to the time we can decide to send
0:36:06that input event to implement instead of sending it are to the time so we
0:36:10have for flexibility in there and
0:36:13the other protocol about rob mentions what was is a protocol between the composite and
0:36:17it that we use to communicate out input method to
0:36:23to send a key events out and maybe get a text doing that before nine
0:36:27but and that's currently wailing protocol and we can restrict access to that as a
0:36:31detailed but we can also say that and people's protocol that we wanna talk but
0:36:37nobody was we can we can we can do that and then send the results
0:36:41back to the time we don't even we can even build the input method into
0:36:45the composite one so we could do or like
0:36:49input method in there longer model or probably some
0:36:52so that there's a lot of flexibility how to structure the incremental change and important
0:36:57parts of we have a protocol between possible
0:37:00clients to talk about what can i think so it it's them
0:37:07i think the this we have we have all the big do we need for
0:37:11the there is that we need review and feedback on it but i think that
0:37:20okay agreement
0:37:22thank you so you know in summary i'd that not all school the on the
0:37:26panels a on this questions i
0:37:29what do you think the biggest challenges are facing the way the project
0:37:34in a mixed i would
0:37:38well i'm not sure i'm qualified to talk or the world products in general men
0:37:42as a lot of things outside we don't but a male talk about science get
0:37:45we just need to have this pretty soon in place because you know we want
0:37:50which are a and we want to get their it not like five years now
0:37:54but really within the next year would like the you know ideally every singer and
0:37:59what it next year using real on the laptops that that's a short time scale
0:38:04the lot of things to make that work i mean and that extends from
0:38:08no basic we're getting don't sell unwilling going to all do pretty all these back
0:38:13together that's all the places and it us up or we use a little bit
0:38:16of extra one thing or another male that be covered waylon and also extends a
0:38:21little bit it up next i mean i think
0:38:23we're pretty lucky with the free drivers is that we already have everything set up
0:38:27so will and broadens you seem of like to we have the X server but
0:38:30when you know people have you know is it in video drivers of the lab
0:38:34or something then there's a bigger challenge there to make that work with waylon so
0:38:39we have a lot of these we have to put together we have to quickly
0:38:42and that's a basic count but there's no one technical problem that's going to i
0:38:46think also it's
0:38:47you know re
0:38:48this you draw them
0:38:52i guess some hours once or a similar but it's
0:38:57it's about the fact is that it takes to really get some thing and
0:39:03and a large majorities hands how do i get
0:39:06name show basically working as a welcome post a shipping it destroy the lots of
0:39:11people are using and what are the italy all the tales that we need to
0:39:16figure out like this just in the integration and G D M integration and there
0:39:24is real blockers for
0:39:26actually shipping this
0:39:27the people to play with
0:39:29even if it's got some wards
0:39:32it's just about the basic stick
0:39:33and people sounds really "'cause" i think it was noble once this more people able
0:39:38to contribute and but it's more relevant to
0:39:42to people when you can get this running on your laptop and can contribute to
0:39:46the to get an application where that's gonna build on top of this
0:39:58so i so i think the biggest challenge to wait a nice to get out
0:40:03there and before in take so
0:40:06because i think really that angle this is the that out holding but increasingly we
0:40:11see and a beta system and then
0:40:15like what i had is it is a problem for about that this discover what
0:40:19is not restricted to embedded of this to be a wide
0:40:23a shot anything this place to about
0:40:27and i think tangoing
0:40:30colours of the cases where you want somebody what thank you want to more modern
0:40:34display server you want support or
0:40:37they've been achieved it out there and on the on the other end of the
0:40:40spectrum have X and which is good enough for people i think X is good
0:40:43enough so if you think ex's finding stick X you are something more you might
0:40:47go with an assistant what used like impulsive thing apart and so wait and five
0:40:52to have a fit into that gap between
0:40:55people to want to improve X and people are just wanna go in and
0:41:02i think i so interesting not a lot of
0:41:06these opportunities and i think we can get without their we have a chance to
0:41:10actually model i see open source graphics technically control that that's part of the community
0:41:16and define infrastructure we have an option to actually get it out there and provide
0:41:21a new standard for graphics on the next that that's all you instead of just
0:41:27see seating there they opportunity to who the end structure
0:41:32so i think that that's the biggest what is it is a bit of
0:41:39right thank you question so you know that's what we heading towards the year the
0:41:43wailing desktop then next year so thank everyone thank you thank you and raw question
0:41:48for opposing the power and i just wanna say we do have a you have
0:41:53session to on monday in room at wanna i twenty thank you