0:00:09you can you can be
0:00:11wonderful like to would start my suspicion is that like small some you know is
0:00:15just too good you know and i'd be the myself one for this so i
0:00:21completely understand i going to have you thank you for coming so you this is
0:00:24one gonna say let me know so for
0:00:29religious i'm using this very trendy remote control it here you know what you press
0:00:32the buttons and it those you know those the this which is kind of cool
0:00:35right one promise the next actually working now which is even better
0:00:40so i dislike talk about lee roth is generally lots of lots of different things
0:00:44about this
0:00:46so i in this case
0:00:48i think it's you have a whole like this light saying basically this well i'm
0:00:53just gonna come down to one because it seems like a better idea you know
0:00:56a you have the punchline call for already great book on that you have to
0:01:00do open source software full layman's gonna i mention them is the people here do
0:01:05it by getting involved in the community and just feeling it right you know that's
0:01:09how it's not right you immerse yourself but if you're a very structured type of
0:01:13person and you don't know anything about open source what you do is you like
0:01:15also book and you read it and it's almost as good so anyway and recently
0:01:20he tried this for the sound says you now what is ridiculously easy to build
0:01:25so thanks to the great work done by all sorts of people including but they've
0:01:29you david
0:01:30i have also this is david that saddam and who is never been seen you
0:01:34know so we have actually seen this with what's coming to bring to just for
0:01:38that so great work that and red hat think that role here which is that
0:01:43so all that she in this room but you can shake them by the hand
0:01:47later we could work
0:01:49sensei you probably be lot people to contribute changes like changes we want you need
0:01:55people to get stuff in and improve this week it really need so
0:02:00we got to i'm and this to people talk with you know if you want
0:02:03if you wanna diverse community that's launching drawing and fun and full of volunteers and
0:02:09also some backup units corporate heavy lifting and so on what degree well we pretty
0:02:14harsh but
0:02:17so who yes the other thing is the people find a kid based intimidating you
0:02:21lost and for be provided you know you can build it but now you have
0:02:24to get into it see recently as several things of happened one is that they
0:02:28did and peter have helps me build a trough for all the dependencies and various
0:02:34ways you can slice and dice this it actually starts to make sense
0:02:37so we get the two hundred modules to make up and down to the ones
0:02:39mass so we actually stop see something that you can actually understand remember and but
0:02:45also slide where and this to do some training for various people coming into the
0:02:48project that's quite like what useful against rita model structures and also so the basic
0:02:54quite some string types windows also just the design of a little of so you
0:03:01these things together and make more sense but i look at them fun right you
0:03:05know that good to work with and it's great
0:03:09i think it's reasonable encouraging is the recently we had even more companies and organisations
0:03:14want to join supportive roughly we particularly pleased to see in the and then tell
0:03:19which is kind of get in a are we have you have a staff and
0:03:22it's pi which is good i don't have a website yet but you know maybe
0:03:26well there within a press release anywhere assign if it's also like gonna to get
0:03:30this holes that in a way we also joined the french government's into ministerial group
0:03:35in to ministerial groupings of joint which is great a saudi arabian government has a
0:03:39research is too cool taxed
0:03:42and they've joint which is which is great will need of course and well maybe
0:03:46some reasonable familiar from previous times
0:03:49so i would pretty cars
0:03:51i really slides from los tea i'm i realise that the whole of things the
0:03:55room for points or that we didn't mention back then because we still three point
0:03:58six that's like to hear some nice new things i've full sorry what is it
0:04:02is you and pulled so in a timely versions of is year ever release that
0:04:06we're aware of can we do you know reasonable job of importing stuff but we
0:04:10connected the stencils out as well say that you know you can start to reproduce
0:04:14these drawings
0:04:16a license faithfully there's a particular cool if you've if you've ever wondered why a
0:04:23you know told in schools i have people seen computing tools children these days
0:04:28so can but unfortunately a leasing you take as being toothpaste to a what processing
0:04:33spreadsheet using type calls you know so i have i have done computing i can
0:04:38out like a document and copy some clipart into it it's not great you know
0:04:42i'm now a software engineer and said also that was that runs all this one
0:04:46of are all one is here which is you need to put logo in slide
0:04:49what process you know so you start off with all these bad intentions of teaching
0:04:53people what processing accidentally you might even be able to teach them a simple programming
0:04:59are which is quite fun and it produces pretty pictures as you can see this
0:05:02is from would like normal that just kind of
0:05:05i'm not the room with books help to you know i might that make the
0:05:09sharing of classrooms all
0:05:13i mean something's attacks guys been doing getting you might select schools right
0:05:17well in it so
0:05:19what qualities i hope or pretty embarrassing but so you know if you if you
0:05:23are in right to left my then you have not only embedded object shots or
0:05:27something you click on it when you started to move it you know if you
0:05:30try to move it right it would move left and vice first you know there's
0:05:33good fun stuff and so this quite a lot of this is being nailed i
0:05:37which is an improvement are getting the present the future actually work
0:05:42and a number of other of the such things is going to have you know
0:05:45quite large team of people that doing useful work an area that's perhaps not familiar
0:05:49to you too much
0:05:51gratuitous graphical blaine from the reason we're gonna integrate and i actually a customer want
0:05:57to use you know just the you silly but the top of the screen and
0:06:01if my mouse's night so gonna work but they were you see the birds that
0:06:05will improve the productivity enhancing michigan it has been conclusively prove the us you know
0:06:10improve anyway so what else have we done lots of work on interoperability improving that
0:06:17i guess it's kind of drawings work those awful not seen but sometimes actually has
0:06:22features in the course well see previously comments were what focused on a single point
0:06:27in the document
0:06:28and usually people to comment a range of text
0:06:31pretty much what happens the problem is we could represent as a normal low told
0:06:34we couldn't read only to insecurity when you'd important document comments and we would flexible
0:06:39list a single point exported people be unhappy well so now we do the right
0:06:43thing we're under it and we interoperate
0:06:46that's just great
0:06:48this is a random interjection just as so you know get board certified pdf school
0:06:52does use the hybrid pdf like these
0:06:55thank you have used by the video
0:06:58okay a so there is an apathy problem but will break through that and then
0:07:02a perfect well so these part of you then we could be craps hell that
0:07:06so hyper pdf it's really easy to use them to and so you have to
0:07:08use it it's actually just one check box
0:07:11i mean get actual this is the yes this idea
0:07:15which you can see let me i just try putting this is that that's in
0:07:20this is the biggest export dialogue when you click export more some it makes a
0:07:23big that's great but i'm but doesn't checkbox up here
0:07:27and when you when you when you do it change you idiot document encyclopedia and
0:07:32of sort of magic matches stream on the side so that's kind of cool so
0:07:35if you wanna lady and it is you get a full fidelity documents just great
0:07:39and otherwise if you're lame and you don't have clear office you can just see
0:07:44the media which is this gonna second
0:07:48but at least it looks like it should you know a life is good so
0:07:50that's what kind of cool thing that not enough people know about the some of
0:07:54the clinical thing that not enough people know about let me find the thing that
0:07:57as well so it's like we just but she like this wonderful feeling it's gonna
0:08:01get or
0:08:04so i'll expertise so that let's have a thing here that says hello and world
0:08:10and so i think should not be republic actually what i'm saying when we say
0:08:15that we can she use it is flat idea so if we can easily ten
0:08:21we can have to ideas like that but if you put a little at from
0:08:26like that
0:08:27you get a magic file
0:08:29that was even won already that
0:08:31so at this testing estimate
0:08:34that's just terrible
0:08:37reinstall the fun
0:08:38so i practising it's
0:08:44i think that can just i'm just not supposed to
0:08:47anyway we got right so that we can that if we can remember where well
0:08:56perfectly ships nothing ways that
0:08:59what happen we want so
0:09:01tell me gets problem
0:09:06or that still the is a little like this talk it's a miracle of multi
0:09:12okay anything that "'cause" i like that
0:09:15and it doesn't
0:09:17one look
0:09:19so a perfect so this is that file and only society others a list beautiful
0:09:24X amount well this all this xml anyway and that way we need there's a
0:09:29lot of configuration options which are of new meaning we used to anyone
0:09:33but the bottom you see how they well if you want to that you see
0:09:35that little
0:09:36slightly gonna pretty print it helps and so this is really cool and it's very
0:09:40cool because two reasons the first thing is that you can wear any anything you
0:09:43like in their be much a whole idea file you know can be represented this
0:09:47way in the just play sixty four included but the second thing the school is
0:09:53it's really fast it's as far as the zip file
0:09:57i'll give you could be faster and so much pay sixty for encoding you need
0:10:01to do so you seem to write a little script a little postscript a little
0:10:05web tool the whatever just print have a whole lot of the stuff i mean
0:10:08you get a beautiful now the other and say that has to get right that's
0:10:13my a brief musical interlude
0:10:15on hyper P S i discover the last minute is actually in my
0:10:21abstract so if i would say something about it
0:10:23which are just it right
0:10:25this working where i have to mow switch back to something we get out
0:10:34is presented so you'll
0:10:37i can see the next like it's not dating are perfect
0:10:40just very smart
0:10:43first of all that
0:10:45okay perfect so we are back you must one so that was four zero that
0:10:48was really all boring stuff i'm sorry about that but you need for one is
0:10:52just being released so for one is the bees knees it is it is so
0:10:57brilliant for the rest aligning the bugs out of it but for one will be
0:11:02even better one local things seriously font embedding say for many years we've had a
0:11:06brilliant explanation anytime soon excusable way some explanation
0:11:12important semantic difference the is often lost on you know a point that manages we
0:11:18had an important explanation when the document looks absolutely nothing like it looks in microsoft
0:11:22office what we typically say is a lot it's a phones issue like this and
0:11:26we waving hands covers all manner variables unit the phones were different right unfortunately well
0:11:33fortunately there is now a way to embed these fonts in the document so this
0:11:36explanation is gonna run out of mileage
0:11:39so it's exactly the same fonts on either side
0:11:42and some degree of subsetting craziness is going on and this will see some you'll
0:11:47each copy protection microsoft as implemented here and it's something else you know honestly and
0:11:53it so you take a whole load of forms and you embed them in as
0:11:56it while effectively how do you stop people just unzipping the zip file taking the
0:12:01fall straight "'cause" that i would be bad right
0:12:04you know like copying things unauthorised copy has to be back right so
0:12:09well here's the solution what you do is you know you'll the first four bytes
0:12:12of the file and you put zero sleep of them
0:12:15so that is no longer to type for it's a missing a magic number the
0:12:19beginning okay
0:12:22it's really sick here has you can see anyway so what rollins the files have
0:12:26that with true type font so there is in them in the beginning if anyone
0:12:29wants to write a circumvention to in four lines of C and get you know
0:12:34so walks away for it the most welcome so you get
0:12:39what else we have okay photo album that building obvious is like say you know
0:12:45the will has a problem which is a marketing fundamentally a marketing problem
0:12:50i mean this is very is critical when you take a picture of me for
0:12:53example did you take in the highest resolution possible any preferably like ten gig a
0:12:59pixel something like that because then you can see every single floor in my face
0:13:03as opposed to you know just most of them and saving the camera manufacturers every
0:13:08when they this is so every year the phone you know increases and giga picks
0:13:11diligently takes of a longer to use this males because
0:13:15blinking thing is unicode gpu trying to scale it down C D you know whole
0:13:19for make a pixel screen you have a this is side
0:13:23when you've got lose a gigabyte images what you really want to do is you
0:13:26want to create a photo album presentation may which replaces there's
0:13:30"'cause" i remember when we used have so gelatin square so you put in a
0:13:34in a box shine the light for them and you know that is sort of
0:13:37mobile right maybe in the way probably could know that is a powerpoint presentation which
0:13:41is you know thirty gigabyte small packed full massive images and so we can make
0:13:47that easy to so that's brilliant
0:13:50and will be that's a and only just a this is a one big a
0:13:52pixel screen if that so sorry got it's panels time so placing them down
0:13:59another problem we had this pretty irritating to us is that we can rotate images
0:14:03so you know if you import you'll picture having got the excess information screwed up
0:14:08whole the rotation of it wrong i don't do we are doomed forever to be
0:14:13that orientation and say now we can rotated by ninety degrees really helps you can
0:14:18do that twice if you want
0:14:21perfect so that's of this is a major usability when i'm i use this not
0:14:25just to the point i wanna make usability when it is but also that you
0:14:29could have done that anyone of you in this room gonna could have implemented this
0:14:33feature given enough time and trying and if i write indiana and got the glory
0:14:37you know it can you only in that's to the
0:14:39now i don't have pronounce that he's hungarian i i'm gonna get smash is it
0:14:43a and anyway maybe walk one hundred later on but thomas did a really good
0:14:49job right now that's also well so people thank him and what are the reasons
0:14:53interestingly is this is the perfect is the enemy of the good anyone systems this
0:14:56problem is but i want you all the truth workstations in strange things rounded and
0:15:01text flow around and so nothing ever happened now these you can never take a
0:15:05pictures which is night so use the lines getting charting she's lines from eric just
0:15:11little features run place like also you'll features other we have a for one clearly
0:15:15would take too long and many of them a graphical
0:15:18but actually if you it has a as a around of really key features you
0:15:23know so if you like idea the label document formats we had writing a whole
0:15:27load of dingy documents in the distant past into idea so if you use microsoft
0:15:32word for mac five point one
0:15:34i we can guess you one bits images in finally inside i will i look
0:15:40slightly different anyway i've screwed that up somehow try that one okay perfect mac right
0:15:44per one point five say
0:15:47ski is looking good apple work six wonderful was not all this good stuff and
0:15:53moving into a yes lance which is which is fun
0:15:56we don't have a slide well originally from by the M symphony many years ago
0:16:01which is been a finally i contributed an inflated just gonna cool and some pretty
0:16:05gallery pickpockets with it and some moving all existing pieces to make them more accessible
0:16:12and easy to find
0:16:14accessible is kind of a is related with these days and it's experimental because it's
0:16:18well if you tell you don't you start point some interesting crashes around place but
0:16:25anyway i'm you can set it on with this enable experimental slide well i think
0:16:29agonies is the base components as being unloved you know stepchild of the project for
0:16:34a long time and it's got significantly worse in recent times is java has got
0:16:39slow running needed "'kay"
0:16:42we got some good news coming that but it wider small think just going into
0:16:45it's an L so you whole is of a limit affix is one was doing
0:16:50nanosecond timestamp stuff which deference help them all sorts of good a good things going
0:16:54on in place
0:16:56and there's a lot of stuff energy stream a one point zero S for
0:17:00i'm less we say about use true one point sorry
0:17:03say for everyone is a lens a bug fixes you know number of them from
0:17:09ten thousand can it's just kind of good you know commit we commit often so
0:17:13lots of inter incremental intro when's the should too tedious to see individually i like
0:17:18this is that as a little you want you thing in it is firefox like
0:17:21us as well
0:17:23you know incremental such a bottom where you expected heights when you don't want it
0:17:26isn't a huge dialogue with the just use you document kind of nice and again
0:17:30volunteers the marking in doing kids
0:17:34so that's what actually exists as of today we're gonna go into the star trek
0:17:38future for i think small star trek feature gonna try and these into a crystal
0:17:43i don't like this was like that anyway
0:17:45this might be what happens so lots of great work going on in google some
0:17:49of code which is it is a good way to see what's going on save
0:17:51the L C integration
0:17:53i mean sounds out that despite integrating at the same time with G stream a
0:17:57point that point i know ten and one point zero can do but i can
0:18:03guarantee and we should be the L C as well a because all mondays it
0:18:06turns out that that's okay tech support in the L C than there is in
0:18:09the operating system so is a waste of time filling the operating system "'cause" it's
0:18:13not gonna be able to play you'll see in so for format of the day
0:18:17course we'll see inevitably will "'cause" is this giant one of stuff works and the
0:18:22same is true all mac say we we're hoping to improve things that
0:18:26i you know say for example the banal example be all support i don't have
0:18:30windows media framework plays or videos or web and video so anything let out a
0:18:35box my suspicion is
0:18:38which is really lame a but of course if you have the L C installed
0:18:41as a million people today do install it
0:18:45interestingly then it's like this
0:18:48so how you find the database a perfect guess i mention the java problems was
0:18:52the students working now on greyhounds a to replace all be full in embedded expects
0:18:59should give a massive performance improvement of a local databases three two
0:19:04that cms connector all talk about here in a mess of the and will make
0:19:09just being completely rewritten and improved in so many ways that it didn't actually working
0:19:13at all quite a tried tested earlier save "'em" i spent a few minutes trying
0:19:18to debug but at the time you get it will be fine if you if
0:19:22you don't like this from the place still a this version works with what's that's
0:19:26about a body weight as you can see it looks different and pretty a
0:19:30i'm actually that cmos integration this light religious my S all talk about it a
0:19:34bit more in a minute but either way people drive integration built-in actually profits which
0:19:39is kind of nice miles remote control so it's under the end would thing we
0:19:44should you know well maybe we should sproat off the of pride tree will of
0:19:49apple and sat units is gonna somebody a student doing fast which is a kind
0:19:53of to see if you have one less things
0:19:57other some other stuff going on here to say count
0:20:00from old timers have scaleability problems in with a vengeance really and that's okay just
0:20:07been working pretty aggressively on fixing the internal data structures of power which well
0:20:15written very quickly i suspect and then optimised but not you know
0:20:20got right instructor
0:20:22and so this should be bringing a lot of a performance improvements much reduced memory
0:20:28size i'm if you happen to have a gpu that's opencl compatible because if you
0:20:33happen in do you want so it's really wheel so then hopefully it'll be viewed
0:20:36amazing speed beast the launching complicated that spreadsheets "'cause" we stopped calculate spreadsheet on a
0:20:41gpu aware if we can just click
0:20:44so case doing that and the multi-core where they funded by a date which is
0:20:49also and this is the picture about work say if you object orientated or would
0:20:53you orientation guru
0:20:55object oriented
0:20:57i think i have to say of the oriented the cleanest people sailed you orientated
0:21:01events that you know so you say
0:21:03simple and you know that it like if you want your oriented type person if
0:21:08you sit down a look a spreadsheet you think what's the objects you know where
0:21:11is the old wearing objects and so you create to sell the field jackets like
0:21:15seems like this whole later them around say we should have an object for that
0:21:18and it turns out to be in the worst possible design decision to making a
0:21:21lot scalable spreadsheet in the long run and problem is that when you make this
0:21:25design decision it's breads always we can say every other piece of cake that the
0:21:29charts engine is about cells conditional for the you know all the final fills as
0:21:34know that sells this concept is very deeply into the case and if you only
0:21:39get rid of it it's pretty bad so we can his we factoring basically did
0:21:46yes so now nothing indicate knows about it which is kind of cool is just
0:21:51invaded in this school document model local sums miss rate is that efficient will move
0:21:56around it but just a massive cleanup tool that can just kind of rules
0:22:01and so the whole it'd knock on things that currently if you have a whole
0:22:05column for the same formula broadly the same formula you know this will be duplicated
0:22:11many times in memory one for each entry this is really lame way to waste
0:22:16memory and a lame way to make everything slow as you will caver so we
0:22:20fixing case current fixing that making some great progress that sits on school it's that's
0:22:26the biggest cleanup of the count cool i'll are gonna decade also is that i
0:22:31well i care is the about how are so
0:22:34given the be
0:22:36this is wonderful
0:22:37so that
0:22:40so callously profits like to probably brought as a great length so let let's talk
0:22:44about limited more i would use focus i'm silly processing the name
0:22:49so do some things that we do we can i'm the best thing i guess
0:22:52is that should you'll synchronisation we release at the same time
0:22:56the reason is pretty obvious i suppose that you know your name is gonna release
0:23:00all these just raise gonna release the stuff we want to get the latest greatest
0:23:03features users so
0:23:06well i think lot we just kind of cool
0:23:09yes synchronisation extra so that we also use lots of glen technologies that's to other
0:23:15things like name pfs getting
0:23:17it's a great technology isn't it and so they had it's only you know designing
0:23:21it all these years ago and sitting down it was that the time the most
0:23:24all something you can ever imagine and also used cool but between different threads to
0:23:30and got a lot better if the years i tell you but i'm even so
0:23:34unfortunately was that integrating that i forget why i think probably on very old systems
0:23:38actually the reason a very old systems we have to probably rest you are so
0:23:42right places
0:23:51right so we have to build a real fine if it is or L five
0:23:54will doesn't build on route five or has stupid dependency is that mean you'd have
0:23:58to upgrade the whole overall five to make even compile and then we didn't fight
0:24:02against a list in a generic linux builds of course the vast majority people get
0:24:06this magistrate then the and they just install the package like it us able because
0:24:10it's built again and again and again and again and again one for each version
0:24:14of every operating system you have right
0:24:16wanna separate system any linux bush it looks distribution
0:24:21the way we do but which is great and we have two constables another victory
0:24:25anyone wants to pool tikhonov you know will fill with that warm welcome how hard
0:24:30can it be
0:24:32we need a glory hound here and
0:24:35they must so used impossible things actually holding of the screensaver some menu this evolution
0:24:41we have a wonderful switch statement an evolution deal aprons wipers in terms of place
0:24:46a speak
0:24:56also won't work well really pay for me with a patch you know of your
0:25:00own and then i will be fine you know
0:25:08a key comp is not available on rail five okay perfect also i would point
0:25:14out the real fight is the radical new based solution not the role for the
0:25:19we were compiling on until ones or something i think will point you know it
0:25:23six months ago we took a radical step about dating to role play so
0:25:28anyway at least the resulting binary actually runs able linux is just which is good
0:25:35so but i actually i don't have to read about
0:25:38in various ways to get you about countdown you know one is to redefine as
0:25:42features or an enhance my name i mean the silver cylinder pricing tree also a
0:25:48some kind i need to read that but that's usually the patch the patches a
0:25:53you guys that are perfect for a very good a in the way so that
0:25:58you can argue that right
0:26:01so evolution we in ideally penalties at i changed wiper is some group about some
0:26:06them to get stuff and just kind of good it's a bit of a bullet
0:26:09point i don't have everything anyone actually use that anger and i mean
0:26:13it normally works it S that but
0:26:16sympathy to take a pretty deeply all of all windows on T K window this
0:26:21underneath you know they may look like to be sealed windows on top but deep
0:26:25down they all do you take a one that's a which is just great and
0:26:29of course we use that you live mainly inside it's pretty good would be nice
0:26:32to you have a more G late mainly like mainly on top of it so
0:26:37we could do more cool stuff like a prioritising events a little like finals and
0:26:43gee cave fast like to of course actually people is that just a print integration
0:26:48which is a list of on and off you know easy ready is it not
0:27:02we gave up
0:27:06right something one day to be a redesign of decay print dialogue and then will
0:27:10integrate it again but i think they've it was it was you the riddle before
0:27:13integration was quite know i'm is the someone clever the did a lot of work
0:27:18and it's would be nice to have music halls now i discovered this last night
0:27:22along the lines of
0:27:24that's a crazy thing we shopping without telling anyone see if you would get wrong
0:27:27apparently hasn't yet so that's good so i think we have it so that the
0:27:31abstraction if you can figure in just such a way you can use that
0:27:37well whatever is like that
0:27:39this is quite loans contribution as albany a few weeks ago so it's a
0:27:44it's brilliant
0:27:46you can you can find someone like that menu some of them what it's all
0:27:49about that we do it like that which is good and we also have G
0:27:53menu integration if you like the other thing which channel be name i would the
0:27:57skits medic name and then that means greater that which is great thanks a chronicle
0:28:03did some good work the see the
0:28:05it's great that
0:28:08just to
0:28:10even though are called different well let me switch back and you can something will
0:28:13be a menus before
0:28:19actually means very those X already perfectly
0:28:25going on to the work energy so question walls is gonna give us a slide
0:28:29minutes on a six no stress
0:28:47that's energy
0:29:27so it's a mess and one big points of the mass is this G D
0:29:30K to dedicate three bifurcation and you know the share amounts of work to make
0:29:36it used indicates rate which is quite staggering
0:29:40and i mean there is indeed if you back and
0:29:44but remember problems of it and some of them are by design
0:29:49i'll talk a bit about it's ballistic on the positive side that's the question is
0:29:52if we if we want to use G T K free properly how can we
0:29:56do it and say thanks to this relatively short list of people who off the
0:30:00two and a half years of work or any halfway through the problem
0:30:04we have nearly combust is you know what dialogues to add to a new did
0:30:08cable the base
0:30:10played and it's able sexy layout simple
0:30:15you have a structure which is which is cool acquittals really let the lead the
0:30:18way in the i think with other ten to do this but actually succeed which
0:30:23is very impressive
0:30:24and the good news is lively when we have this in like this we can
0:30:28start you may youth dialogues optionally if you're running a name or you want to
0:30:33three will or whatever to actually use native widgets and once you do that each
0:30:38day three pools become significantly easy a so you currently the problem with that you
0:30:44could report is that you know you need to be able to drool these guys
0:30:47themes of using today things right
0:30:52my expectation that each case for a as a naive
0:30:57posted this i was a lot so that's of being put into seeming design and
0:31:01this is will be redesigned it was all gonna be beautiful and it will be
0:31:04easy to use and it will be also and
0:31:08unfortunately that well much of the redesigning is true at the end result was nice
0:31:13usable full what we want which is a great shame
0:31:18there are many reasons for that one is that we like to group a hold
0:31:21of colours out solve the system
0:31:24so what else what a good colour is different or something and right you know
0:31:27it's gonna be a note on the side of thing or surround or levels or
0:31:32something so you can thing the colours we want to be a comedian on holidays
0:31:36in the operating system the problem is the C S fundamentally doesn't like you do
0:31:40because you have these random colours that could change will have to find varying magic
0:31:45in them and say a listing abstract space you know possible
0:31:49and that's before you get all of these animated effects you know so when you
0:31:52move your mouse and all it focuses it because grey will what a this whole
0:31:57late of
0:31:58funky things that can be done we call really do easily in labour office at
0:32:04ski i was ashamed so we pretty much stuck with each day to and despite
0:32:08my best efforts to encourage people to digit a framework they inevitably spend lots of
0:32:14time heavy lifting fixing the feelings adjudicate to and you know the volunteers the we
0:32:18have spend the time doing that's making it you know actually not sock for whatever
0:32:22the latest team breakages
0:32:25so you i mean i guess i think then the great white hope is actually
0:32:29finishing this thought of migration
0:32:31which is going really a lot quick and i think is that right
0:32:36it's going it's going pretty well
0:32:38so optimistically in another changes so if you will be done fibrous time to take
0:32:42a for the real possibility
0:32:44and then there will be a you know i would be happy
0:32:47so anyhow that's the that's the state of words that might not that means is
0:32:51that you can't really tell and of this you know a good number about studies
0:32:54indicate to i hope of various reasons and say the thinking matches
0:32:59and we don't need to
0:33:03so that's blathering about that a perfect
0:33:07so this is a crazy idea right have lately profits trying to make we brought
0:33:10is actually be usable
0:33:12so we have a gigantic strict scripting and see a
0:33:17okay remote control api surface
0:33:21on the siamese frequently know actually use and i think a lot of the problem
0:33:26is that it's quite difficult to get me profits so the points that you can
0:33:30do that
0:33:31zero all the libraries you need to link was quite a lot of cage around
0:33:34the place you need to be instructed in relatively unpleasant ways and but then you
0:33:39can do some ready apple stuff so the question is how can we get the
0:33:43really powerful stuff and make it easy to use and make program is less scared
0:33:47of doing this and at least well this is a on the temple i'm a
0:33:51looking into
0:33:53so here's you have a tiny static library the static might be basically service we
0:33:57need to D L A from find you profits dealy open it and who is
0:34:01single but twenty point out and you have a large number of abstract interfaces you
0:34:05actually compiling with nothing and you're at
0:34:08it's all being sucked out of me process itself and then you can do funky
0:34:12things so in this case you can look documents and gonna save them and format
0:34:16shift them and that kind of thing
0:34:18it's gonna cool if you we how are gonna documents is currently a rendering you
0:34:23know spreadsheets for example
0:34:25you know it's phones apply conscripts cool you know call which forks a liberal first
0:34:30instance headless my other completely starts up with documents a thousand pdf and then has
0:34:37itself them
0:34:38and so it is innocent significant cost to do that you know wouldn't it be
0:34:42better if we could just persuade people to link to labour office writing suck it
0:34:46into the process and see what happens
0:34:48save that's basically where i'm trying to encourage people to go it sounds a bit
0:34:54mad but
0:34:55i think we can make it work and it should be quick and best actually
0:34:59we can also ultimately documents avoid rendering to pdf and then living again events and
0:35:04then re rendering which is
0:35:06well that's quite old things so i'm you got to have a child a renter
0:35:10and so i documents
0:35:12the will present holy the pixels and move them around of textures very quickly so
0:35:16you can and read documents every snoop way like people used to make all the
0:35:23and it's
0:35:24and have that driven by lee profits
0:35:28and perhaps even a separate thread
0:35:31so he's not a cool thing we have this light because maybe see i'm a
0:35:34C M I S thank you which stands content management interoperability services is a new
0:35:40and that's actually implemented which is encouraging it's one thing it also there are multiple
0:35:45standards and no one implements a list just complete set the standards as you get
0:35:49a document formats
0:35:51in a draw to standards and that's how it's gonna be a maybe will be
0:35:54another one at some stage at the same eyes actually is implemented by microsoft why
0:35:59are and buy a C P by al fresco but all these guys which is
0:36:03cool and say if you have a document management systems somewhere you can talk to
0:36:09it we also have a i couldn't box full for it obvious yes not see
0:36:12a my S but it's in the same time the same abstraction
0:36:15and as a little standalone my prequels literacy a my S you will fill and
0:36:19say you can check it out that we have a prototype G D F S
0:36:22back and so integrates in the can and so this is kind of liberals innovation
0:36:25going the other way which is which is always nice and we have a to
0:36:29draw for the actually with multiple us unique connecting to an owl for a scale
0:36:33server browsing this and
0:36:35the fiddling around that course i could easily a checkpoint server I B M's of
0:36:40you any other kind of crazy see honestly
0:36:43so the some workers needed that finishes "'cause" this is a hack week project never
0:36:49quite got finished
0:36:51but you know some useful stuff so great to you to get that done a
0:36:54packaged up in widespread use
0:36:58so that was michael pretty much you know conclusions is the boss is cool it's
0:37:02getting better and it's growing and we actually executing which run to make this kobe
0:37:07something you can be proud all the you can recommend your friends the components and
0:37:11look for the next release off in a in a positive way i would work
0:37:15well with the name obviously we thought what better with all platforms number and we
0:37:20love contributions that we have implants but
0:37:24small numbers of packets it made it sounds like a lot when you look at
0:37:28the draw for the reality as you know people always welcome and you people can
0:37:32make a big difference
0:37:34and finally i'm just thank you feel supporting you are here but backing it thank
0:37:38you for supporting we brought this to making it what it is "'cause" we couldn't
0:37:42do without all not just uses but the people you know back a saw and
0:37:46helpless prerepair freedom and free software so be scalable
0:37:51thank you feel patients you very good
0:38:00we have
0:38:02five minutes for questions
0:38:04although actually any makes francis is if someone also question then someone else will
0:38:10i know why that is but i see we now have questions well what
0:38:16one is that i don't know why is that what is that right we see
0:38:20i think it's the you know we need a social psychologist tell us of the
0:38:23on that question but you know i'm betting out of someone else also question you
0:38:27see scott in i know it
0:38:32i think me breaks the ice when we need someone brave you know sit to
0:38:35make it ski permission for questions
0:38:39what work is going on there for like online like interactive help
0:38:47these features
0:38:49see a tutors for programmers or for uses all for users uses
0:38:55so we have a new A X significantly launch chunk of hell
0:39:00i think it
0:39:02i mean so just tell you some useful things i think probably exist to frustrate
0:39:06translates as because it is a large
0:39:09from is this really know it's been over a small enough help we have "'cause"
0:39:13a really lot of features and so with energy distribute bass when you down lately
0:39:18profits typically so we have a weekly help so when you look to help be
0:39:22innocent you language and what you're looking at to do what you think and then
0:39:27with a following wind you get the right help page we just kind of nice
0:39:31that lexus than in a hundred fifty megabytes distribute every single translation that we have
0:39:37which means we knots discriminating against you know
0:39:42well in some minority language because become a welsh right so it's it was translation
0:39:46is in that right and that's important so that's and so should be
0:39:50so you so you're we don't distribute help translations one fifty languages "'cause" that would
0:39:54you know just sort of sink the ship "'em" but if you do want to
0:39:57you can download it separately what is as does that help
0:40:01pun intended
0:40:02well also more specific question likewise the help more good enough what is it not
0:40:07bigger and more verbose or
0:40:10i know things and the questions that so it's in the other thing is that
0:40:12we will have think we're thinking of having a week each to translates
0:40:17to extend helps anyone could extend it improve you know what can we keep edie
0:40:20a stopping
0:40:22i'm we thought that would be will someone why from want to limit either of
0:40:25us you know we could pack the with the off into a small block can
0:40:28let you down late if you want offline
0:40:30does that translate system all that and it was get that would be something in
0:40:33one language the wasn't in another language and in some locations you have to have
0:40:38a hundred percent translation
0:40:41that's really unclear you know attracting who that i did was an eligible chinese language
0:40:45and what was truly translation of something else that's all
0:40:48it's kind of a whole
0:40:50so searching
0:40:52another question
0:40:54if we have a quality of a subscription
0:40:59so as a large complex application firefox has a lot of work on extracting like
0:41:05performance telemetry and stuff like that i saw a recent post from you do about
0:41:10this but how far along is that sort of stuff for you guys
0:41:16why not build so use standing in line at six O K we do a
0:41:19lot of what can performance the most promising performance thing i've seen is the cool
0:41:23grinds tinderbox this and she runs a number that's on the colder and the reason
0:41:27is that gives you timings that out
0:41:30plus or minus point zero one percent pretty much so you know if you didn't
0:41:33break it it's completely flat if you if you did suddenly you see a step
0:41:38and you can see that this is the get can minutes
0:41:41which is kind of nice
0:41:43we still working on actually making that more reliable and again putting into production
0:41:48in terms of telemetry so we have to understand about missile it is that they
0:41:53have market they have like three hundred full time i people what you wanna project
0:41:58and we have
0:42:00that see tops
0:42:01so our ability to go away and invest the whole you know team of five
0:42:05people for three years on performance improvement is practically mail say a price every release
0:42:12there is kind of a panic you need to do we have a mess of
0:42:14the full as regression and so you know you most really goes away in profiles
0:42:18it and so that we can it doesn't we something right and so then means
0:42:21that from you know if any about trying to fix you know what is happening
0:42:26and then if we should something that you see the best role know was like
0:42:29that's the reality of what happens
0:42:33i would love to brief that gonna if you if you have good ideas i
0:42:36had it i the remote charting things the noise that i'm for something that money
0:42:41they thing is you have to run crime and was run the results
0:42:44my name and
0:42:48say so i'm sure is pretty cool but i can see it for myself so
0:42:54one just to answer also so before those
0:43:00don't know we have any the worked on the integrating the problem you own profile
0:43:06you were the from one you were with the with the purpose but the good
0:43:10thing is that there is a standalone you were which can read it in deeper
0:43:15so the final goal i to be able to basically for anybody without and the
0:43:22knowledge of programming to launch the true a to either an option most the profiler
0:43:30then to do what you want to and then with the data i with the
0:43:35special with of course something column is are actually cool you know if you don't
0:43:39the terrace collected some please of almost seems like this also you know and they
0:43:43goal is getting to structure we should clearly we use it i mean this is
0:43:46made out of that it's just a matter of
0:43:49doing it or using the current version a lot if it's better whatever
0:43:53and so this laser things we want to steal from their sins looking for you
0:43:56know like online
0:43:57transparent updating windows you know it's
0:44:01the next version you didn't even know something but
0:44:04i one day
0:44:06the question also community it's oats you know exactly complex of don't so feel free
0:44:12to say okay don don't talk about how great is it i question is what's
0:44:17the state that it is tedious of you profess on online
0:44:22we both online it's pretty much where it was last year which is why didn't
0:44:24bush and it sort of works
0:44:26you know relies on stayfree improve why but i might mentioned uk freeport is not
0:44:31in itself very effective my
0:44:35i mean there's parts like we could run here and moments is whatever show you
0:44:40it's not something i'm handing to be inexperienced use
0:44:47so things need wrapping around it was a couple hundred thousand dollars what the work
0:44:50and it's that's usable that's much i
0:44:52question is
0:44:53and we find a safer this thing just got it accidentally whistles life savings and
0:44:57then we'll just do it so
0:45:01the questions that we are trying to
0:45:04or less thank you speak gracing