0:00:09hello everyone it's nice to be here
0:00:12one again so is that is gonna be about to be for you or web
0:00:17it's just collect web
0:00:21my name is claudio you probably know make it on
0:00:24well i'm been working on for like eight years now or maybe more to work
0:00:29forty alia
0:00:31we do web stuff
0:00:33and contrary to my the web the
0:00:37fast say sometimes obviously i'm not gonna natural stuff
0:00:43so what why are we here in the first plane why to make a talk
0:00:47about the be for and what to make what to talk about the web so
0:00:50you ask you know when is the browser we have been it's a project that
0:00:54started very long time my goal we came from this a valiant grocer you testable
0:00:59a lot and it has always been sort of a secondary actor in the whole
0:01:06wide world because well
0:01:08the other that ended the roads are sort of the mainstream browser so are usually
0:01:15much lower year or month manpower so to say but anyway so we tried always
0:01:22will be for the last year we've been trying to find a way to make
0:01:25in a web have sense in the context of non and that's how we have
0:01:30this model which is we have to integrated desktop us will just we can and
0:01:34that's what we have to go and that's our goal and that's the only thing
0:01:38that we can do people one of the main things that we can do you
0:01:41serve that unified box or from can do
0:01:45they may because they don't care but we care and i know some of our
0:01:49users get and they appreciate this and that's what we do i used give him
0:01:53up with that yes that but from the less i think this defines seen in
0:01:58one line what we have been doing and what we want to do in the
0:02:05so what do we stand right now and this is a bit the first eight
0:02:07this update
0:02:08with regards to last year saying are on the same time
0:02:14one of the really pull things that we've been
0:02:18what is stitches okay one of the cool things that we have and i think
0:02:21that it was really nice that we need this source that are working on these
0:02:25couple of years ago is this well application concept which you would let's you like
0:02:30a web page and run it so
0:02:32dedicated application inside the desktop and not to have to worry about whether this is
0:02:38going to affect some for your browser or what it is gonna makes your focus
0:02:41would browser cookies and the really neat thing is that as the web app has
0:02:47been aboard been and it has been getting more and more complex more and more
0:02:50applications or more web applications in the internet have been moving in a direction in
0:02:55which this makes more sense and this is for example and if you have price
0:03:00forty five web application it's really me
0:03:03it's mostly H T M L five and that was then and if you're right
0:03:07that's what application it's
0:03:09it's really cool i think it this is filler
0:03:16what's so what does the we come that's new we have you probably so we
0:03:21this weekly the overview with some kind of start page where you get the but
0:03:25you that you use more often and i think we can so
0:03:32so right now it's three ten using G T K and three using some of
0:03:37the stuff that you can find in documents
0:03:42is not so clever that's we will at the belated about some of the ideas
0:03:46we have what for that i mean i think it's a huge improvement in usability
0:03:52one of the coolest feature lookups is the last
0:03:58release is this what kid to end in which is powering the browser and it
0:04:04is good because it has a lot of changes in the architecture that make it
0:04:07really mother and it's can make what comparable to
0:04:12chrome or so far T S process some of the things that work it rings
0:04:17are well we want to process architecture which means that
0:04:22the web content is being worked on in one process wilder your you why use
0:04:27run in a different one
0:04:29i'll supply needs some run in a different one and this has a lot of
0:04:33advantages for example
0:04:35you probably seen this guy a couple of times by now if you use web
0:04:41it now we usually the one of the most common reasons why browser crashes because
0:04:46of the content not being able to deal with the content or somehow a boxing
0:04:53in the javascript engine
0:04:55so with this
0:04:58stay multiprocessor give actually we'll not question your browser that much anymore
0:05:02when the content crashes the what but also the web process tells the you that
0:05:08you like process that there has been a crash and then
0:05:10we try to friendly that's need this possible and you can just reload the page
0:05:15and continue from there
0:05:19because we moved so much stuff outside the U I crosses the us much more
0:05:24responsive and that you can know this i think i mean really another feedback from
0:05:27users in into either running the solution maybe and they all say that it briefings
0:05:31very responsive of and that's fantastic
0:05:35well i say answer was saying before that this plea learning process that let us
0:05:42have a can flash or back into where which was one of the features that
0:05:46people were like really complaining about for long time
0:05:52there are other things that come with the wood working on not specific the work
0:05:56it to what but that our lights recent features which one of the next X
0:06:00innovative compulsive thing which is a considerable boasting in performance in the rendering of the
0:06:05web pages on and on and the smoothness these means that basically or the complicity
0:06:09not like years or of the web page and also some C S transformation of
0:06:14coral in the you of that that's a really we impacting in performance in especially
0:06:20complex pages
0:06:22what you have i know if you have seen already the then you will maps
0:06:29innumerable maps obligation it's really nice and you'd runs i would say that runs very
0:06:35smoothly and in the befriended or where
0:06:39there is what i'll give support to a by the way we web G and
0:06:44what about you are not by default can it be funny there under us which
0:06:48because the they are well i think that what we do web but well they
0:06:52can work to be but that i think we might leave it for the next
0:06:55release to make it on by default but if you're brave you can you can
0:06:59you can switch them on in you simply because
0:07:02and students
0:07:04us i'm not gonna talk much about work it to are marking was somewhere there
0:07:10he's gonna be talking on sunday about working to so no miscue store excuse gonna
0:07:16talk a lot about colour so what it can be using other applications and what
0:07:21are the best ways to the best practises and more details on what's
0:07:26a recent in the project so not now let's talk about the future because i
0:07:32have a friend my friend messing my family and then messy love to talk about
0:07:35the future and he's always have to make a the what about the future whether
0:07:39we wanna do in the future the future is coming a nice and so we're
0:07:44been doing some things not custom anything so we would like because where it's very
0:07:48small team but
0:07:50so one of the things is that this came up as an idea and the
0:07:53last you what you did to get factors including the last year a nice to
0:07:58integrate pdf documents inside web which basically means we used load the E D S
0:08:04and what you see that means for the base and as of now there are
0:08:08a few patches in back see that sort of do most of the things but
0:08:12there are a few important features like search for example missing i think well
0:08:19i try to be optimistic and to think that maybe we get it for the
0:08:21next release but will see
0:08:26all i think that we're working on and this is something that concept very frequently
0:08:32or bend or send and people who want to use epiphany us there but also
0:08:37because of people like nice and everything is that yes "'cause" that we use it
0:08:40does like your school running make installation some put a web there and related run
0:08:45forty people to browse the web in i don't know office and places like that
0:08:50so one thing we've been doing this secure small basically me that well you know
0:08:54you have the dedicated one real surveys you're gonna the skip from and from there
0:08:59you can access some information and there is work in progress i think maybe some
0:09:04of these features will appear soon but i think it's gonna take that we more
0:09:09time before we can probably should also think that it would be really nice we
0:09:12can discuss about this with the design team because it will be great that well
0:09:18or be shown in this area is a line we there's so that we can
0:09:22go in a know that's and that's one
0:09:26basically you
0:09:28and known like
0:09:41there's a video here i don't know how it for a couple see that or
0:09:44with pinpoint
0:09:47anyway so that i think that need to be fixing deprecation more for example when
0:09:52application what race some what we used try to fool you into loading a page
0:09:57in a different domain we right now what we do is we just lunch the
0:10:01me in a different amber also process awarding than a regular browser process but sometimes
0:10:07that doesn't really what that something that's not exactly what you want to go for
0:10:10example in the case of
0:10:14in the case of goal applications in general they
0:10:18they take you to a different place for the for lodging and if that goes
0:10:23to what step different browser window of course that's and what you want to do
0:10:27so i this is this video to also beat what what's been going on this
0:10:31is a bit stalled
0:10:33but i think it hopefully during whether we can reproduce or i think you market
0:10:41no have some one idea some of this on your but basically what this is
0:10:46this one when you when you try to do
0:10:49obviously that would be
0:10:51actually he's is talking about you can do really
0:10:59so look at this it's a look at this be there because you probably remember
0:11:04when you try to looking here or when you try to our system a would
0:11:09like to looking
0:11:11wait this
0:11:14there is this
0:11:15but it's just be this cell phones you can lead see
0:11:20well basically to be able to see when you are opening a different you are
0:11:23to and to see that okay this is taking me somewhere else do i want
0:11:27to continue that i want to use open is in the process or and we
0:11:32really want to get this or something along these lines in because it's one of
0:11:36the things that stopping locational to work really
0:11:42something other would been doing and this is because many people tell us we don't
0:11:47want we cannot czech epiphany because it's a pain in the S to compare working
0:11:53and that's understood so we're being going with this idea of having what key G
0:12:00T K packages that you can installing fedora and dbn and maybe other your distributions
0:12:06so that you can just install that be the be funny or even install packages
0:12:09of epiphany and then give us feedback try things do with the code et cetera
0:12:14we need that it would have been doing this for a little while it's is
0:12:19still we haven't probabilistic i think we will do very soon or they just to
0:12:23have some kind of counting is marketing running all the time so you can always
0:12:27cover recent efficiently and of working package what do you with that you can use
0:12:31to test to be fine and i'm not sure that for example jen is gonna
0:12:39they documentation team has been working in the use of my not because we decided
0:12:45to remove it some time ago it's it was definitely to outdated for what we
0:12:50had been doing in the in the project so they can be working then you
0:12:56use amount no i committed to review we tend to upper we this day so
0:13:00i'll do and right there are here but i have any not your emails
0:13:05just me
0:13:08so that's one thing and
0:13:11and a host and all
0:13:14well so we have some ideas of things that we could do for the future
0:13:18and of course your comments and your feedback on your participation is must encourage because
0:13:25my family and it's always complain about the future and i have to
0:13:30responding so
0:13:33i think that the word about this with the watch at some point but we
0:13:36never did anything about it would you would be really nice to have a or
0:13:39nine accounts integrated we web locations like for example when you create your online account
0:13:44for facebook maybe cool that's a create a web out that has a so there
0:13:48so you can you can just facebook without having to login again in the browser
0:13:52and the same will be for all their services
0:13:59a smart that overview also was commenting before there are some limitations in the what
0:14:03we implement it would use in G D K and i mean it's not so
0:14:07flexible is it will be an incident that where the web browser about what engine
0:14:11i think it will declare maybe just use H T M L and just get
0:14:15so i think one of my colleagues is playing with this idea and let's see
0:14:22what it goals of from the anything with and then probably what are nice excel
0:14:27and if you have try problem better i was trying to studied now but at
0:14:31the you didn't have what i had seen in the windows version which is that
0:14:35they then integrating these overview with the most people insights qbc together with the
0:14:41this search and three like in the same page so you have them together and
0:14:46i think we can we will do things
0:14:48on that the direction and there were some mock ups from the design in that
0:14:54bit more complex or more the
0:14:57interesting that what we currently have and i think we don't we don't but this
0:15:01and that but i think that
0:15:03before we move to which the email and then javascript i don't i wasn't really
0:15:09pretty much with the current code
0:15:12on the same line i think the if you look at the history you are
0:15:17you on the bookmarks you idea really so
0:15:20we need to change them and i think the needing integrate them in the reading
0:15:25them into the we know what base over to be able they will that will
0:15:28be probably the best place for you
0:15:34and we definitely need to improve the management of obligation because right now it's a
0:15:37bit like they're like you create them and then it's really hard if you don't
0:15:40know exactly where to go if you want to change the money them we need
0:15:45to fix that and we need wouldn't logos we need guys you in the corner
0:15:52so we need to something team to improve the management maybe even in the way
0:15:56they are
0:15:58maybe from the shell itself it will be nice to be able to the need
0:16:01them or
0:16:03basically treat them like well that applications if possible
0:16:08so if you have ideas you know public see learn from at least on and
0:16:12around here you can try to find me and
0:16:17i think i think we would really like
0:16:21a little more time to make it between web a
0:16:28better than then there is i think it's also but i think we already one
0:16:32too much but on the problem is that we're really small fishing where like two
0:16:35three people are working in this and not even myself i've been like really the
0:16:40voting really don't i'm busy with other projects
0:16:45we really more we need we need you guys and we need more crackers and
0:16:49we need more a you can control it in many ways even if you know
0:16:52the developer you a how many of you use web regularly
0:16:58well at that school that's why you're here right
0:17:01okay coming and you use a different also regularly as your it's okay i'm not
0:17:05gonna get and okay you know you i
0:17:10we have to talk about this
0:17:14with the get up around about the picture of course at least try to what
0:17:18obligations in your common i mean if you for your regular browsing you use a
0:17:21different also because we're not as will be that will have that one that unique
0:17:25and useful extinction that your browser has that we don't at least right away applications
0:17:32just some stuff there will your online banking
0:17:36i don't know do you can you can you can probably use it
0:17:39best feedback at the end of the talk i or later
0:17:45go to the main years ago to the are your see talk to us fight
0:17:52you can join us hard we does you spectacle and on and on and try
0:17:56things i think that see i don't know if it was too short but so
0:18:01thank you thank you were not thank you everyone
0:18:05that's even if you want to discuss things we can do it now
0:18:19zemike for
0:18:22the guy in front is in and this just in the presentation and i'm sure
0:18:25he wants to participate
0:18:29how does the thing is the web application load work together with the new privacy
0:18:35deals we are what the new privacy goes
0:18:40because currently we will applications sometimes leaks identifying and information leaks what identifying information a
0:18:53you mean these do not try are that we and that's so as well this
0:18:59could be is and it is run is running advertisements from all external sites and
0:19:04so that i think that can definitely maybe improve i mean that we have we
0:19:08have support for this will not track thing and maybe
0:19:12this could be enabled in publication but i think
0:19:16privacy is not the me of concern of for publications also it's it helps but
0:19:22what i think you it can commented inpatient the words
0:19:27the worst or see of
0:19:30running who cares
0:19:34if you we get this i think it's not you know multiple how we to
0:19:40the settings of the
0:19:42or the process of the
0:19:43there is us as you take enough information as possible
0:19:47but that you have anything in particular in mind you can always file about and
0:19:50okay we can probably get
0:20:01i like the bass the well do mainly it's but there are actually that this
0:20:06the integration do me into or some extra functions i mean the shuts me sink
0:20:13in the reserves
0:20:15well for example well applications they if you don't know can
0:20:25no it supported right by other bands it's the applications
0:20:30but well we have we have some advantage that they don't we haven't what we
0:20:35did not community where the saying this or working the same pro you have like
0:20:40a similar goals and we have an opportunity that that's my point one of what
0:20:44we needed to integrate the world so
0:20:47better than probably another
0:20:50basis well in a sense them but i feel like to ask the
0:20:53mm with them in exactly the integration like i don't know the small icons or
0:21:01well just know that web biggest wanting the regulation with the line accounts is a
0:21:06different thing notifications for example
0:21:11of our meetings
0:21:14they go not only on the application level but also in the find the where
0:21:18use in this what we did it did you think a part of the what
0:21:21could which of course allows to use the same libraries and services that the rest
0:21:26of non user so in that sense we have an advantage there
0:21:41i couldn't help but notice in the if an e-mail use the required the lately
0:21:46and if you say that well we need help but we need more competitors that's
0:21:51boast about it on the maybe just
0:21:54i followed list
0:21:55i know thing like that
0:21:57i mean i mean trying to keep more
0:22:01it's just personal every like really see find i mean anything so that's why lately
0:22:07it's been difficult but
0:22:08but right we've probably do better on that front
0:22:16well but time is limited and that's i think the main constrained not motivation to
0:22:20or two
0:22:27a are there any plans to work with the new a high dpi stealing "'cause"
0:22:33you'll notice if you run it which age building heidi pi
0:22:37well the application widgets look fantastic the actual content rendered pain is
0:22:44and so i think we need to flights
0:22:47i'm not or
0:22:50i think that's something probably what get related
0:22:54i don't really know what's that i think mark in most but do you want
0:22:59to make any
0:23:03you know so you're not addressed is probably in the
0:23:07talk or
0:23:10i think it's something that market
0:23:15so you have not told about and the reaction to plug in of course as
0:23:22but how about the situation when a plug in and just it's one hundred percent
0:23:27of the C P U
0:23:29friends battery and so one is there are there any plans to find that
0:23:35but what the flights of the situation what and browser plug in for example F
0:23:42slash place at
0:23:44it's a one hundred percent of these you the bases a responsive bodily battery is
0:23:51the right and again well i think now
0:23:56because some dispute model of processors this is much better but so
0:24:03we definitely need better you better management of those things for example so i think
0:24:10or the roses come tools to let you see what brought what the like assorted
0:24:14win and maybe that we can do better and
0:24:18that's definitely something to look into
0:24:30might be suggesting that is ready push to uni finally jasper engines within no sorry
0:24:36is ready push to uni fine jasper engines all you know
0:24:42i really have comments no i really no i cannot tell you
0:24:48i wouldn't say so but
0:24:52you know what it is just
0:24:55one direction use in one and
0:25:00i don't i don't know if it's
0:25:02would be useful for us you know that the what we just in two
0:25:06to use a custom one different on the working surface use so
0:25:11i don't know on the other and i cannot comment on what
0:25:17the show thing is
0:25:19a going to
0:25:29so sort if you if you set aside and this that i apologise but we
0:25:33can see well application men would you support package taps
0:25:37not at the moment but there are there are i forgot to mention that it's
0:25:43one of the experiments that we have there is something one bug report there is
0:25:47a couple of patches that let you install applications from
0:25:53this crone upstart or whatever it's called anything in for firefox one
0:26:01i think that there are some things that don what where and on the other
0:26:06and i think there are some concerns with regards how
0:26:11you system you can do that right do this work like
0:26:15and a lot of those things are focus on mobile like far five so was
0:26:19really more focus on the device if you i things one
0:26:22you your body utters are have to worry about
0:26:29i think we're really focusing the desktop and also
0:26:34right to
0:26:42and i think that's well thank you enjoy the comfort