0:00:11so well just kind of going off from what she was saying earlier for the
0:00:17for the social everything first of all there's the order for you doing here so
0:00:21you can use pound whatever have to you know go through a noticeable take some
0:00:25delay to do that
0:00:28in more importantly it's really important because
0:00:33i remember week if use your something we saw that there was an article like
0:00:37a couple weeks ago it's last are actually hit my inbox multiple times
0:00:42about this is going to be last quite like is gonna be the last one
0:00:47it's like us it all i remember is that it was you know just a
0:00:53couple of negativity fall there absolutely wonderful comments section a and but the thing is
0:00:59i when you try to slight evidence that you know these kinds of events are
0:01:05i when we invited me to do this i look at what i know what
0:01:08it was like nothing all there was the old he doesn't well so stay with
0:01:13that schedule but i try to you know to see what i should be doing
0:01:18i know
0:01:19there was like one and i don't even think of the whole thing so it's
0:01:23say what everyone
0:01:27our so just decide that you want things to remain relevant gotta put evidence that
0:01:34it lists
0:01:37or so
0:01:39want to
0:01:40be doing so
0:01:43i need to be you if you're wondering one first pronounce it in the middle
0:01:49is pronounced a so they did you buy though we can just go with you
0:01:53can just go with flip it it's a lack for to be more informal and
0:01:57first place
0:01:58i kind of they know thing on the what i can make it is bad
0:02:02and i'm real see the actual to correctly that never happens
0:02:06like well to be fair people would give me tighter do this thing they just
0:02:11match the keyboard and the one
0:02:14and it kind of funny but
0:02:18well what i work a lot of work that i do as a game but
0:02:21i'm not really a designer at this point are not really doing are or what
0:02:25you know i'm all intact i specifically ports you linux and which is i take
0:02:31the code that works on windows or had maybe had some progress on any review
0:02:36for no i had and then
0:02:39i will ship it either you the three stores like to go on our double
0:02:43store on any particular with probable are
0:02:48okay good i would assume so it's still pretty big audience for them i think
0:02:53and in usually on ski just you know what exactly great and
0:03:03is there rosenfeld maybe i wrote something here but when trying
0:03:07we want fast like so the first thing reduces as far as an is getting
0:03:11record it
0:03:12and i know is
0:03:14when intention especially for some you're supposed to be official slides if you wanted only
0:03:20slides that address
0:03:22they're not really that important i said about to find out so if you want
0:03:26that it's just my alias a lot of to be
0:03:34there is this deal with a
0:03:38i see this all the time various conventions for like specifically need for things where
0:03:43free software and open source kind have to contend each other so i wanted to
0:03:48put my foot down and now
0:03:49we do i sit most of you use linux
0:03:53or should i say can you minutes
0:03:57well the thing is
0:04:00there are perfectly good reasons for both and
0:04:03we think is
0:04:05i know you've all seen this comment on direct about sports
0:04:08so we like sports there's that one guy that says for instance they have an
0:04:13introduction this game it means it'll you work when it's just it's the same thing
0:04:19and but i think it in so normally other things i will try to use
0:04:24these all and you one expired you all you desktop linux on pretty sure you
0:04:28already so if i not entirely accurate in these matters
0:04:36just know that i know to and you know same things of the terms like
0:04:40free software open source of those type thing
0:04:45so this guy that some of you may not heard of and that is already
0:04:51in the first few minutes of his presentation you can speaking in such a coupons
0:04:56and from so i've image of them except for i was always doing these kinds
0:05:04of things i've most of my in career and if you minister using music and
0:05:08audio tech
0:05:09mostly production rather than you know are open L for instance
0:05:14and i a little bit of programming for all but the one time i did
0:05:20try to course
0:05:22is two thousand six and it was visual basic six
0:05:25you say i didn't really do any programming after that was a great first impression
0:05:32but it's
0:05:34a few years in the college
0:05:37in i don't know how it is elsewhere pretty nice days in your college
0:05:41not really doing anything so if yours and mine
0:05:45how to do
0:05:46i'm reinstalling windows and slapped i know just installed or what's a good happens
0:05:51and it start
0:05:54and then about six months later i decided to go and actually you know instead
0:05:59of just waiting hope you get a triple a job outside to attempt to make
0:06:02games with a couple male friends in the model me i didn't really go anywhere
0:06:07"'cause" none of us really had experience entire engines and we didn't have money for
0:06:11like something like unity pro thing like that the only thing that we came out
0:06:16of that are the first like actual open source project they did it was like
0:06:20project you it was basically to except it was a on other platforms
0:06:26so and then there's another product that we did not of them really went through
0:06:33they were bad enough to write an open source that wants to that so that's
0:06:37the first fourteen go think that you for your do or at least through problem
0:06:42here to do a important for about not even a year and a half a
0:06:47so not that much time on the other hand in that your to have
0:06:52poured all yees select mass some of them i think it works not for this
0:06:58their data mac version sensitive something go for linux but all means and then
0:07:04the three in the bottom of our same problem regarding that's actually are not yet
0:07:08but i'm i can say that i'm working on them and there's of course a
0:07:11lot more than i can talk about is that you things like that the recent
0:07:16one that's that were speakers all after it was a point against and there are
0:07:21like five dollars thing can get "'em" from next time you know how great
0:07:28no one is you probably noticed a problem because you gotta know how one you
0:07:32may you may not gotten it for that game but you probably do most of
0:07:36easy don't know
0:07:37that's else team in hubble backwards seem to work
0:07:42so i would i problems to earlier but most of the reason that i can
0:07:47do you as much as i did as i sure you know last like this
0:07:51"'cause" these guys whole
0:07:54i don't in sparta actually get some for
0:07:57in the first place that we kind of got me do use linux the first
0:08:01so you can kind of thing can for that means different linux really accelerated people
0:08:05who didn't think they're gonna get into a bundle which is pretty typical but hey
0:08:09we can make it works versions
0:08:10find a guy was one do you
0:08:13you versions one of those cases
0:08:16but i know all that or
0:08:19but so you probably want you know actually free open source software in there somewhere
0:08:23so i don't a lot of that actually the last
0:08:27this year lows was where i did a lot of new projects
0:08:32you know we can see chart because
0:08:35there's a market of sports that was largely unattended which was microsoft X and a
0:08:41something you might have noticed that microsoft kind of killed acton a are nowhere sort
0:08:46of and
0:08:48the in people or you know panicking for sweeney exports why any games needs kind
0:08:53of anything you know what we do you X H do anything it but there
0:08:57is particle wanna game that reimplement so you can send it on multiple platforms is
0:09:03so thing
0:09:06and directly implementation it's phantastic i can their accident some pretty sits down things in
0:09:11getting X in a working every problem is the platform support with absolutely no
0:09:20to the point where like i'll put it this way you could not reliably set
0:09:26window size
0:09:28twice in a row
0:09:30you just like if you hit six forty by four eighty it might if it
0:09:34right again you know the same resolution if you could still we export it was
0:09:38all so
0:09:40after some various internet arguments and that sort of thing is you find a mailing
0:09:45list like i said screw it i'm just gonna without their platform code birds break
0:09:49out the old so that's gonna do it with a skill to which
0:09:53i actually see pretty much every single game i've worked on these just yell if
0:09:58you're not where to of the best a lot or
0:10:00if you're going to work in games and it's
0:10:03C plus we're sure you just because it would you about nine percent of the
0:10:09work you would have to do a lot of be writing to ask which
0:10:14thank goodness for way one this point hope we i know that's been a topic
0:10:18that's come up for school i mention we have some
0:10:23very popular something somewhat here that a so
0:10:29we're gonna so if you exercise in because you sure
0:10:31so i still future can be and then created opengl male whining so it's also
0:10:36one library has all see loads of the L dynamically centre about looking and then
0:10:42one of my games capsized
0:10:44and then of our somehow mayor on at video playback as microsoft gives you disability
0:10:49to play windows media video on the X box things you can render it is
0:10:53texture eighteen i mostly we don't have that so i decided to take you're play
0:10:58which lets you just really look your files and you can do whatever you want
0:11:01data not i miss your prep that not i hope that into
0:11:06on again with a steel to and you could get opengl accelerated video is great
0:11:12"'cause" i think that pretty video i resolutions is really nice little a and then
0:11:18all that in the not being the end product was something i called wanna gayness
0:11:23guilty which
0:11:26basically instead of having be right now we have be windows back and now back
0:11:31and we expect and what is eight back windows i think i think the windows
0:11:37so and we just go back and all this stuff but nobody cares about so
0:11:43i just made my name is still to which you know that is a one
0:11:46product for windows mac linux and anything that's for still to you compiled this and
0:11:50lose a single time input run of the symbols on a windows mac linux with
0:11:55our recompiling and it will work you know be fully comply
0:11:58so for instance when we do say i'm not the application support et cetera et
0:12:02cetera number next will be the activities that because
0:12:06that's what it should be will be or what
0:12:08and we're trying to pull that and now
0:12:12you will notice
0:12:14i don't be one
0:12:17actually can say i start as part of april and since i just five nine
0:12:20shipping about seven by the in your so it kind of works so the money
0:12:27in teams now kind of looking to getting them are estimated great about that and
0:12:31we also have a little bit of working market start which is
0:12:35thing is
0:12:36when you have a can see sharp you have to distribute it but people think
0:12:40you should install vinyl euro
0:12:42that doesn't always work because for so long as you know it's a lot like
0:12:47a lot of the hardcore linux guys have like arch extremely minimalised mean one is
0:12:52a lot
0:12:52and plus and it's like installing time every time to this packages of map
0:12:58but most games to use all right
0:13:00so at work right reaction for from
0:13:05which is one of you or original might imports actually not doing well
0:13:11he may just market start environment where the entirety of wanna be contained and i'll
0:13:20like maybe ten see shortly wells into binary files and it's like i think thirty
0:13:25makes you don't strip the binaries it's a significant improvement and it does it means
0:13:30you don't have to have people install tenancy they just want to run again i
0:13:38i know that an export that and some other stuff
0:13:41you can export i so
0:13:45so this is my links this was actually the last like that i have because
0:13:51i am next project as long the because i don't really like using slides i'd
0:13:56rather just kind of
0:13:58talk instead of
0:14:00try having to kind of job between these two things and only you know say
0:14:05one thing double the time to trying to work with the stuff so you know
0:14:10those are our links
0:14:12and you can fall amount were and all these things
0:14:15know how to mention earlier their own might get accountable along some other stuff like
0:14:20that for other
0:14:21so most of what i want to talk about her dress the time is really
0:14:27just general things i come across it's really the operating point where it's you know
0:14:31a sweeping generalisation what you know perspective let's
0:14:35half the reason i get my ports is because can that either don't know what
0:14:41to do with it or they try and they hated
0:14:47well sometimes it's because they can just afford but that's very rare free in the
0:14:51independent scene
0:14:53so a lot of
0:14:55what i'm gonna be talking about now is
0:14:59how i hell other developers get over those hurdles and things that
0:15:04are a real pain even for some like i for us that we kind of
0:15:08go we just have to you know do you can figure it make install and
0:15:13all that stuff that other does like
0:15:17channel just use a single installer
0:15:20pretty please on things like that and
0:15:24i have to kind of speech for all those developers use all in that slide
0:15:29like fifteen or something games
0:15:34just one and i can kind of tell stories what they say but
0:15:38or i can kind i have to look at what they say i do you
0:15:43it's like once winter like some wanna be like i cannot this
0:15:47those you know start off for free systems where that's basically what tutors for
0:15:53you know kind of soup and that's usually how like my contract we see someone
0:15:56get mathematics and i don't all do it for you an ace and if you're
0:15:59angry enough to we see
0:16:04so lot of it
0:16:05so for anything
0:16:10so i don't wanna like start going on a horrible rambling mess but
0:16:15some trying to make it on what i'm trying to stretch and was structure but
0:16:22one of the
0:16:23i have the what's think about development from
0:16:28perspective of someone who uses like visual studio the whole time or discover what you
0:16:33hold time and they just kind of have everything
0:16:36trent it's all pink to that where the only thing they know about compiling stuff
0:16:41we don't like a come the idea other compilers like the thing that knows that
0:16:45you when you get a semicolon
0:16:47well it's not a program you run it's a little have says bills
0:16:52and so it's we have stuff like model and all that sort of does that
0:16:56but for a lot of that six each are quite in are still and you
0:17:00know and a proper native language that's it's you may
0:17:08in we don't really have
0:17:13we don't have a community that
0:17:17simplifies that because we do you guys think is when we see someone say this
0:17:22on the socks and i don't know to do the first thing we do is
0:17:26it's always like the you know did you
0:17:29do you have
0:17:32do what are this is less or whatever they whatever someone has a problem it's
0:17:37always what's try to fix the problem bit by bit instead of you know why
0:17:42was this problem and what can we did not have a problem for instance
0:17:48the issue that
0:17:50i've we terriers hands which is hexagon where
0:17:53i don't he you can problems "'cause" you didn't wanna
0:17:58you i think use developing on a map so complexity most sensible option
0:18:03and we can time to make still he just are just use the code what
0:18:08project problem is
0:18:10how cool blocks most let's go you just use at get for young
0:18:17you know
0:18:20or as some people will go at the usually the first thing someone says as
0:18:25you ask and then that is an you can just for were something ridiculous
0:18:32you know or lack of ability to focus on what the problem is instead of
0:18:37like these underlying things like you know if your problem is that you using the
0:18:42but you know sometimes that makes sense and depending on how good murders when it
0:18:47comes out that they actually make sense but
0:18:51you wanna be able to say
0:18:57it's you what you wanna be able to say you know this is a well
0:19:01i you can either say i know how to fix it and i can do
0:19:03it for you and you know
0:19:06and sometimes if we have a lot of time to say no or even better
0:19:09because they don't wanna spend one it's a you know if you're especially for you
0:19:13guys i see most of you are golfers of desktop software and things like that
0:19:17so you should be able to say
0:19:19what's the problem just like if you see someone again but first problem complain about
0:19:23it you write it down some
0:19:25and you go okay
0:19:27if i'm to make a tool for this person that would make it better or
0:19:30if there's some component about single inferences that supposed to do that and they couldn't
0:19:36figure out that it with vigour
0:19:38a how can we
0:19:41make it is that it's it immediately here because with microsoft's like it's history a
0:19:48"'cause" that's what everybody thank you can you can you must use like mean G
0:19:52W or something ridiculous that nobody will use
0:20:00not kind of in exploring a little bit where
0:20:03one the products that i and i don't really think that all have been using
0:20:06one's motives which is
0:20:08well i think when you make game make saw for
0:20:13you have to have are but are able something always of stuff when notice that
0:20:20not only i know something seconds else comes the really nice interface to so you
0:20:26can tell when someone is talking you just you know you
0:20:30you say that executable you run and then you go three steps with and that's
0:20:35pretty for the user but one of the worst think numbers so that is that
0:20:39trying to if you're if you're not familiar with that trying to make "'em" are
0:20:42just a package is
0:20:44is insane and
0:20:47i haven't spoken with right about this yet but i kind of want to it's
0:20:51like imagine i like i put it in the king dollars prospering i say you
0:20:56know you go to set put this is examples then you run build and hopefully
0:20:59should work
0:21:01and of course nobody you know bingo brisket be if you're not really with linux
0:21:07it's we have trouble installing linux there are gonna be able to go to figure
0:21:11out you know how to make words that package when there's all these steps that
0:21:15are a lot that are completely unnecessary when you could just on so i kind
0:21:20of want to be able to
0:21:22for instance because where you're trying to make a package you get like again a
0:21:27description and then
0:21:29maybe install actually not just of racks things like that i mean you really important
0:21:34and they should be things that
0:21:36i wanna be like
0:21:38the apple that methodology words like you know even in any one user or you
0:21:43know it's
0:21:44you wanna be understand "'cause" a lot of it is
0:21:51you that you had over if you a lot of U S folders knowing when
0:21:55you're struggling with something that's supposed to be fairly basic the last thing you want
0:21:58is for someone to be like all i are you having problems that's but what
0:22:02was adults of for you just you know
0:22:05you want you want to
0:22:07when making tools for that's all you're making a build environments or any sort of
0:22:12thing you want to do this
0:22:15so it's easy not because you saw it's easy because that's what it's supposed to
0:22:21be a "'cause" I S that offers it's like
0:22:26okay but that's not this kind of supposed to be easy to use are supposed
0:22:30to know how to launch a haitian
0:22:32like it's a really basic that
0:22:37you know sometimes we require like polarise i know three
0:22:42it's probably i don't know "'cause" i was using don't you for version of your
0:22:47time and then for fifteen came out and that's when gnome three happened so
0:22:51i don't know how long are do is that possible i'm assuming it was agony
0:22:56and it's probably still is trying to recover but you know that probably was a
0:23:03lot of us mean actually that's a question i should ask this is
0:23:07this is serious question because i know
0:23:10there probably actually ask people know when some actually very curious this like be honest
0:23:15i know there are new people in here but you just have to be brave
0:23:18permit how many action use gnome regularly hands
0:23:23guess i was wrong
0:23:26"'cause" like
0:23:28i'm glad i'm
0:23:29you was weird "'cause" like i remember what we were thinking about what i and
0:23:34you really nine ski like
0:23:36where you know use like awesome for us
0:23:41to be fair i mostly use cinnamon used a special is not task
0:23:45basic is known so but
0:23:49i'm hoping to go back some but you know
0:23:56it was we're "'cause" and the other thing was when i was
0:24:00getting to talk together i asked liked where are those people like what you will
0:24:04like i'm doing this thing is the gnome conference what you want me to talk
0:24:08like this is right bonus points know okay nothing
0:24:12no skin your why because
0:24:16and i actually ask people like i think people i know like they're people that
0:24:20one your mentions list like they give a pen you opinion i'm like
0:24:23you really have no idea for a top like a topic like anything no like
0:24:28who cares about their first court your first even if you caters "'cause" it know
0:24:33reports that or comes up the last one in it's here
0:24:38and i'm very classy the numbers high that's because it's i know conference and that
0:24:42you wear but
0:24:47it's it would be a for shane if something that was
0:24:50that if something that was a meeting standard it's just some you know what the
0:24:54way specially what we have things like unity are and all these new that's like
0:24:59cinnamon make all these branches know everywhere and
0:25:05but when the last thing that we should be doing is point especially when all
0:25:09this starts happening likes T and you know someone's getting bigger and bigger and bigger
0:25:14and where were fragmenting more than ever
0:25:17it's insane
0:25:19you know you would work so that's that sounds like class someone use it and
0:25:24then made differently assays
0:25:27no started or
0:25:29or some inane thing like that when
0:25:33you know
0:25:35you can point about little things like one place
0:25:41or fragmentation the justification like is like you like is that like
0:25:45would does little whiner things just five making an entirely new that's
0:25:50likes like at least cinnamon it's original like for was just extensions for known three
0:25:58you know pretty cool in its kind of a shame they had to branch off
0:26:02i think the replacement every for you can like the login screen they're replacing they
0:26:06like they're getting really serious
0:26:14it's really it's really disheartening when
0:26:18a community that was doing like words not desktop industrials a and at a time
0:26:24when in of awkward
0:26:26but exist commercially viable to some degree see exactly try installing linux are working legs
0:26:32and the first thing we do in the same timeframe this fragment one desktop into
0:26:46so especially
0:26:48it would there's all these doctors like it's a it's a perfect storm just like
0:26:52complete and help us
0:26:59and it's one of those things were even if one thing was improve to be
0:27:02better like maybe we could have seven desktop environments if we could just agree that
0:27:07maybe someone will like it even if you don't like really basic training but we
0:27:12could be doing here improve on just is click is developers
0:27:17you know
0:27:18we development event of sanctions you know source product like if
0:27:22someone doesn't like this thing and you can fix it than should probably except for
0:27:28bonus points for you
0:27:31a lot of linux users
0:27:34but don't have
0:27:36data do it they just don't care about that they don't wanna that whatever
0:27:40i mean
0:27:43even if you're at all or intended we are like supposed to be like the
0:27:47higher or like just the thing is you more the higher so
0:27:51we really anyone it where developer user need to
0:27:55we just need to figure out
0:27:57how to
0:27:59have the slightest civilised conversation about the sort of things people who are just right
0:28:05like that right click the dressing you're trying to like this is the you we're
0:28:09desperately trying everything is fighting against you
0:28:12it's like it's like a
0:28:14i think that's and gamers
0:28:17sure hands again
0:28:21well there's always that
0:28:24your story we are trying to like be very are like really don't to like
0:28:28see some you one of them up like you're rooting for this thing you saw
0:28:32the trailer and you play or you see it and it's
0:28:37and you're like and your brain is trying to go would know this is okay
0:28:42though that that's not for and all those are
0:28:46but that other thing is dumber than existing okay all these things we could be
0:28:52that are just not
0:28:55or suppose like make us feel better but first one i don't if you better
0:28:59and then it everybody else are in your
0:29:02for gained a particular there at because
0:29:06blooming great linux gaming a really long time it's a it's terribly V the them
0:29:13happens at full force
0:29:16it's awful it's
0:29:18it's actually pretty terrible for porters as well because
0:29:23when you see a rat for someone's game one might seem you need to we
0:29:27wanna linux version if
0:29:29the community itself is not
0:29:35if they make it out we were even if you gotta making it and they
0:29:39make some money if that people the customers you're getting to come out come off
0:29:44as like it
0:29:46so maybe in like triple A where you know customers forwards put you on hold
0:29:50not you will take money anyway but independent as well words like me support or
0:29:56any other i did we're to okay you know
0:30:00if it
0:30:01if they don't wanna do it just celine "'cause"
0:30:03the community itself socks where
0:30:06do you look ninety nine percent what makes lex great every say is the community
0:30:10if the community looks like a sauce then they probably you want what surrounds
0:30:19it's really important that
0:30:22if we're going to you know put up community ask this as like the leading
0:30:27that it's kind of important we make sure the communities actually you're gonna do that
0:30:32"'cause" we it it's
0:30:34experiments liars
0:30:37it's not cool
0:30:42criminals that i'm trying to not think into that too much going to i think
0:30:46you get it's like
0:30:48don't be initiate on the internet don't be like and if the you don't
0:30:54make don't make one problem that somebody has been to set
0:30:58he either you know the solution that is one solution it's great for us to
0:31:03me solutions and you could say there's a lot of maybe someone
0:31:08you had find help or you computer guy goes
0:31:11i can diffuse and how just you know mean i can i have this thing
0:31:15you're having trouble with i can help
0:31:18that's my job for instance
0:31:21so enough about
0:31:23okay getting all up in arms about community so like i know something trying talk
0:31:30about loaded up stuff to
0:31:36so i small you just tell the i'm sick it's gonna see so
0:31:41anybody here explicitly working on real and
0:31:44okay or
0:31:47that's kind of slide
0:31:52so i mean don't have anybody doing anything with more
0:32:07i it's weird "'cause" i "'cause" like this is
0:32:10that seems to be that your words finally starting to
0:32:13it's a shame that it's it looks like we're with kind of thing that kind
0:32:16of set all it we should work on this new success attacks thing it just
0:32:21peacemaker socks i don't know it does
0:32:23i heard that song announcement in happened like how it was pretty much
0:32:28objectively wrong in a lot of ways that either i did your about it all
0:32:32i know is that shipping about two thirteen ten i to what they're doing
0:32:39well i think it's all really not so i think i think i think you
0:32:43can like look at what they're doing but they're telling anybody
0:32:48never telling me i think that i think if you that
0:32:54i'm assuming we it's not contributed just roll for maybe like here if you guys
0:32:59fronting like crazy
0:33:02well like
0:33:03we should as it it's going to be in a major just grow by default
0:33:07like i want to the twenty thirteen ten when we shipping you are by default
0:33:14maybe go back to one side only X performances and break that's the one thing
0:33:19i've heard but
0:33:20you know fact is we can so we went which most of us ready for
0:33:25actually i suppose all you because
0:33:30four point one okay
0:33:35okay that's really good because
0:33:37you know it in a race where the base is that weird the base feature
0:33:41is that hey it's not yes
0:33:44it pretty much means you we in so at that point the racist you can
0:33:47get a first and it looks like
0:33:51you're right i kinda sound like kind of the way what i am stories myself
0:33:56i don't care which one works as long as it got really sorry in your
0:34:06it's i think is if you
0:34:08if not it was gonna be way on one time you have to make it
0:34:12you have to you have to be than some it's you have to like it
0:34:15and some other way if you if will wants to be standing everyone's like everyone's
0:34:20madam are some i'm saying if you want to have an event or then
0:34:25and they have time just like nine percent i'm saying
0:34:28even if like if you if we don't works to some degree start making out
0:34:32if they're libraries that have like an X pac and make a will back for
0:34:36like and still too right now use it has will and that and works great
0:34:40all like if you might ports you just deal to like volume fifty of these
0:34:44are because replace my love that's the L one that we don't write it should
0:34:48work and if there are any libraries like that's the mel are things that have
0:34:53that's the thing you should take it back and forty two working with will because
0:34:58"'cause" very down there are really any apps for i and when someone puts therefore
0:35:04down to our faults manager is this
0:35:08that force them to have use that
0:35:12that if you are like well not really making immersed now when one thirteen ten
0:35:17comes out when they're phone stuff and i don't know that much about the model-space
0:35:23are there that you we're gonna finally you know go okay i guess i have
0:35:31actually is it
0:35:46okay i
0:35:49maybe if
0:35:51but if you're reading i
0:35:58top notch market which
0:36:03yes get
0:36:05so i mean the thing is it's reasonable to the highway and does not really
0:36:11of the old things
0:36:12they wanna use like their library that may only may have terrible export
0:36:17if you want to just make a linux version would and just have like a
0:36:20testing like again if you want to work and like a really driver still it
0:36:25works maybe there's some buttons have a what if there's a problem again it's just
0:36:30a still to really thing in texas and the more libraries that have that sort
0:36:35is for
0:36:36you could be we'll and i'm saying i'm saying like we were a lot but
0:36:40we can see and he does not software for anything the software that has a
0:36:44global stuff and
0:36:46there's a library to a lot of to use but it doesn't use your stuff
0:36:49you should work on that like it's a it's a break
0:36:53"'cause" one of the like
0:36:55you see like in like linux new lot like but it's amazing wailing that and
0:36:59it's like a
0:37:00to the rendering of like a triangle it's "'cause" it's like that's like the best
0:37:06thing to do it's like they have to rate of what sell trying to mean
0:37:09example when they're probably kind of examples you have
0:37:14you if you just right if you just make a use make your
0:37:20whatever software this use the popular library you can say well it's fair this morning
0:37:24and we would like
0:37:26people pay attention to that like when
0:37:29when i was i didn't see any like we are using still on someone writing
0:37:34three right that was really cool people on this remote that this like
0:37:38i actually came running on this thing as opposed to a we have a cute
0:37:42little triangle right
0:37:47you know you someone else trainings your advantage so you know if there's get involve
0:37:53that wants to use when it's in your like what happens that you want me
0:37:57to get myself working with yours and you want to do anything probably say sure
0:38:02they'd like the extra attention
0:38:07for you know when all these competing back home like to go and right that's
0:38:12the other thing that's all that's all people that brave people are leaving G T
0:38:16K for keeps
0:38:18Q T i don't know how it's fine which one that's but you know if
0:38:22that's true
0:38:23then you gotta find something that needs
0:38:27like a an interface percent of the source and you'd interface make it easy katie
0:38:31thing for like show how would you do okay
0:38:36ins you know it's not it's not good enough to just say we have a
0:38:40lady i
0:38:42what we use it
0:38:46you don't wanna say are for anything that people like asking he speaks publicly it's
0:38:53you don't want to be black you want to have a definitive answer
0:38:58like what games you just killed to a lot of things in the contention from
0:39:02on it once you know what we just don't you will you have three back
0:39:05and don't mind didn't work this and what in jesus your few i can say
0:39:09keep to use
0:39:11the entire this one sentence what you might games using the unreal engine use it
0:39:16now runs you'd unreal sports that you just be able to all reports and we
0:39:21have actual evidence
0:39:24you know you have like
0:39:27that was enough for it and say okay we will actually include your version
0:39:35the thing is developers
0:39:38we think that is going over time to come to us but i think if
0:39:41you really great if i still course you are before so passionate about our a
0:39:45we should be able to say we have this really cool thing and we like
0:39:49to like help you
0:39:57i don't know
0:39:59i'm trying to try to come up with a good metaphor for but i mean
0:40:03you can E I setting lot of i there are some students in here that
0:40:07are to be looking for jobs at some point you can expect someone to just
0:40:10whole you can be like hey you wanna work for us something like we probably
0:40:16you get your number you have to you have to call them in
0:40:19be very communicative with
0:40:21the person who is a higher out like someone is trying to hire you and
0:40:28you know
0:40:29so my the point about this campaign is
0:40:33as user it as a developer
0:40:35you have to be able to accommodate developers instead of developers coming and having no
0:40:40idea what to do and going we'll fix it and fixing fix it and there's
0:40:44gonna have to go through every single step and george through it and they're gonna
0:40:48hate it
0:40:51i think i have a few minutes lots of right to one another horrible attention
0:40:55i know this is it's you know but i really want a couple questions and
0:40:59we have
0:41:00i show a hand made and we any questions at all
0:41:05you know
0:41:07and there's one year
0:41:13we with a question
0:41:19you get any other
0:41:26at a more
0:41:29i other than graphics stuff
0:41:33and the will and back and that kind of stuff what sorts of infrastructural stuff
0:41:37from the known games using or is deal fact is the game still really use
0:41:44anything specific you really don't have much more than at but
0:41:49but that's mostly games but here's yours example where might be really important is where
0:41:54tools like a lot of game editor like level editors like i know what if
0:41:58as editor at this point in a lot of as she case we like when
0:42:02forms were like to use just a little in this to form fits each are
0:42:08you know there's really no way to i mean things you have to port anyway
0:42:13like you know when it comes to your faces for editors where moderate want to
0:42:18you just a that's where stuff like you know like G T K last that's
0:42:23gonna come you know really so the that would be i would see games whatever
0:42:28you stuff like that but if you want to work with editors like if you're
0:42:31a martyr in which you have more modern tools on you probably because toolkits more
0:42:35people "'cause" i mean you detail those work on windows but for some reason people
0:42:40you gotta find so if you're one of those that's it works on those things
0:42:43she try to find out why
0:42:45"'cause" i don't know the answer
0:42:51and you know
0:42:55okay so
0:43:06the a traditional problem when it comes to game development will seldom be just synchronisation
0:43:12and the most real deal and the is that's all problem these days
0:43:18can you actually do five and one O do i'll do from the game developer
0:43:22the what do you should be able to like was pretty much all my ports
0:43:26it's ask you all to for everything except on an open a lot of details
0:43:31fine and i've done it there are very few case right had like write directly
0:43:35also it was fantastic but i can audio these days make people think like
0:43:43you have to write directly to all the stuff when
0:43:46we have open al smart open solution as well i
0:43:50and i think if we have some problem select the fact is they do a
0:43:52pretty good job getting a lot stuff done so audio
0:43:56you know as much as we well putting up that trying graphic all these back
0:43:59ends like airlift of each other it's largely saul "'cause" you just told an use
0:44:03open you know and then it then it doesn't matter the banana works so
0:44:08is always you just say as long as we can agree to the say open
0:44:12"'cause" there's really nothing else there is the you use that's right directly told stuff
0:44:16and now we don't do that anymore
0:44:18so your question
0:44:25i mean if you if you have any questions they don't wanna say here on
0:44:29okay and i'm here or somewhere around here so you can just talking we are
0:44:33argue with me or saying mean things me i don't know so
0:44:40thank you all showed up in the what is a blast i'll be here for
0:44:44the court is just wanna talk "'cause"
0:44:48you know i mean were days and this is like you know so that was
0:44:51that's got it from a sob i'm going to hang out you guys are
0:44:56or see and you have presentations tell help show up to so next one