News from the GNOME OSTree project

Colin Walters

This talk will look at what's new with the "GNOME-OSTree" project, which is deployed in the GNOME infrastructure to do high speed continuous integration and testing. It provides downloadable images for QEMU that can also be updated online using the "ostree" tool.

We will look at topics like:

  • The high level goals of the system, who should use it, who shouldn't
  • How gnome-ostree often achieves on the order of 2 minutes from git commit to test booting in QEMU, and how that can go down to 30 seconds.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of abandoning the "package" model in favor of a clearly delineated (OS, app, "OS extension") split
  • How the "ostree" system implements (almost) atomic, safe upgrades (in contrast to packages)