0:00:15so i think that we can start
0:00:18let me officially invite you walmart's czech republic
0:00:23for i don't know how many times you already had use asr you know there
0:00:27was nineteen eighty five
0:00:31the first say
0:00:34let me think
0:00:37ieee speech comedy for allowing us
0:00:43not to have the workshop
0:00:45in place like this
0:00:48not to have a
0:00:50workshop place like this
0:00:52but rather to have a workshop
0:00:54in the place like this
0:00:57because we actually wanted to see who is coming
0:01:01for science
0:01:03who is coming for each is mostly
0:01:05so those of you why you're seriously we take very seriously and we take the
0:01:12finance and you remember these spaces
0:01:15because we know that you are here because of speech
0:01:21so this is this is very good
0:01:25at the same time we want to remind you that even that almost doesn't have
0:01:32or ski slopes it is that which they recognise not in the score is one
0:01:37of the unique styles in europe
0:01:39it's very or more at and i will
0:01:42actually i'm coming from but nobody to admit that normalcy number base is nicer
0:01:47and if it wasn't forced me this trends doing a bit more senior up
0:01:52would have probably you know capital for more at a they were unlikely because they
0:01:57got right out by over by sweets and they're not even so the balloon inside
0:02:02growing somehow
0:02:04routine to more important in spite of that there is still a big university on
0:02:08a lot of nice houses and all classes and you see some of them even
0:02:13i mean in a sequential possible for
0:02:18wednesday insulin so please take that it sometime i'm not encouraging you to skip the
0:02:24technical program but if you to choose so if you choose to do so you
0:02:29made what we is not five about ten minute walk to two thousand so
0:02:34so that
0:02:37i would still like to take a possibility to remind to a friend and colleague
0:02:41a tragedy like you would be totally the idea to see that to asr you
0:02:47eventually maybe the czech republic
0:02:50you know there is one of activities in speech and czech republic and i believe
0:02:54that large the actually maybe also because of right
0:02:58because he was always helping people here trying to encourage people to get into speech
0:03:04so as i said i mean i would be i'm sure that you would be
0:03:07very happy to be among cost which unfortunately didn't happen or so we take this
0:03:13opportunity to be mean to remind us
0:03:16how the asr start it was in i believe nineteen eighty five are at the
0:03:21house in these days the workshop was very different from conference
0:03:25where was the place where we discuss
0:03:27current state-of-the-art future of the i beam and very heated discussions that mike and eighty
0:03:33five i remember that was when
0:03:35stochastic approach is what they came over and the knowledge based approaches where somehow going
0:03:41to be to but in background that words and basically dispense pdas discussing the right
0:03:48way to go
0:03:49we would scale like to see the asr you to do this rather than be
0:03:54yet another meeting where we present latest and greatest we still do that because we
0:03:58have a posters and so you can always bring the only is the greatest but
0:04:02as far as discussion satisfies talks are concerned
0:04:06what we try to do is to bring up something issues which are important as
0:04:10we speak about the technical committee what a lot topics in speech recognition and you
0:04:17will be discussing i think mozart chernotsky will tell you more about the details of
0:04:22the technical program and everything so i will pass
0:04:25the microphone to be
0:04:28okay thank you can actually i will try to do with the other microphone well
0:04:34just the about the program that the are gonna see the this P
0:04:38so the core of the program us it is usual are talks
0:04:42we have the combination of you know and invited talks
0:04:45organized in three topical there is so we are very happy that the organ and
0:04:50the right and the accepted the that organise the first one or neural networks which
0:04:55is gonna take place today then we will have low resource is my gym class
0:05:00and the rnn johnson
0:05:02and then applications done by lies by better maureen on the you on the sharp
0:05:08then well
0:05:10we try to ask you guys
0:05:13what should be presented on the on the fourth day so we add at the
0:05:16question ari for the do we within the paper submission and we look the at
0:05:23the on source of all sorts of the accepted once and actually the topic that
0:05:26was requested the most was the fragility
0:05:30for the robustness of asr so rather than the classical topics
0:05:35we a so that would be it would be appropriate to invite our icsi colleagues
0:05:39jordan cohen and steve ekman to talk about the old
0:05:44project which is an and even investigation of why the asr systems fail so that's
0:05:50what we will see the last day
0:05:52and sure they are the regular papers so just a little statistics we had the
0:05:57one seventy two
0:05:59regular papers submit it at very accepted which with us with us to forty six
0:06:04and something
0:06:05acceptance rate and the i would like to think our technical chairs for great work
0:06:11in organising correlating these reviews so then what we
0:06:16or was the main guy and look out where get jason williams sound you could
0:06:20on would i'm not sure and the any stereo no we're working it's technical chairs
0:06:26well of course papers need to be reviewed so i think that many of you
0:06:31guys served as review or something you deserve our great the things
0:06:36then the process was done technically by C M S
0:06:41and the everything that this the printed material whatever if the proceedings or the conference
0:06:48they were checked by on the high each and i thomas hain
0:06:54whom i would like to thank as well
0:06:57and that well we
0:07:00for the organisation of the posters
0:07:02i got many questions like when is my session
0:07:05i actually the answer is no nowhere
0:07:09never and ever
0:07:11because if we tried to do a little change in this it's are you
0:07:17reacting opened the usual complaints that we year in every conference like
0:07:22it's too crowded i can see anything
0:07:25and the to other one so we tried to launch something but with maybe a
0:07:31be more pleasant for people
0:07:34and that is that the all the posters are training all the time so we
0:07:37had just
0:07:38three half an hour slots or the authors are really requested to be at their
0:07:43and then otherwise they can plan their talks and discussions the for any time during
0:07:48the munchies coffee breaks in the middle of the night if you if you wish
0:07:52so we hope that the this arrangement will make it more presents and of course
0:07:57you naked myself are ready to receive criticism and Q tips if you like it
0:08:05and we have a demo and the toolkit session one thursday that was organised by
0:08:11using to guide by young the knows that we didn't have as many submissions as
0:08:16last time in have i
0:08:19so we are open to receive also ad hoc you mode so actually if you
0:08:24have a product if you have a toolkit or anything that using would be versus
0:08:28the presenting to the slu public just
0:08:33stand up talk to us before in case there are many arrangements you need to
0:08:39do and this possible to show it on a thursday morning
0:08:46well no conference
0:08:48would make it without sponsors
0:08:50so i would like to thank our industrial oblique publicity chars that was my cribbage
0:08:56any the at which parts
0:08:59actually and patrick when for great help actually getting a is sponsorship
0:09:07so we had to do but you know my sponsors in our office of naval
0:09:12research and the and google
0:09:15the gold level sponsorship
0:09:19i shouldn't say sponsorship this is for beaten by ieee because actually the chief sponsor
0:09:24of the conferences the signal processing so cyclic so support sorry this should be support
0:09:30well you dance microsoft and the newton technologies from chick group from the czech republic
0:09:36and silver support
0:09:39was done by phonics see a and the idea of research
0:09:43and you have a five runs the supporters so calypso from singapore
0:09:49linger are ready a that our local companies a well and the ubm
0:09:57well there was the local organizing team so i would like to think of the
0:10:02guys from
0:10:03i L C I or out see even agency
0:10:07these guys are responsible for the local arrangements and
0:10:11sasha combining should be somewhere around so i would like to thank him
0:10:14and his team and of course there are some people from but that were helping
0:10:20so but each got over there at the khmer
0:10:24of great help with the vet web page then the silver how about what you
0:10:30can you counts
0:10:31an article are all doing all possible little things that the tell the success of
0:10:36the conference and among over our students
0:10:39i would like to thank you don't necessarily that was the most helpful but of
0:10:43course all the other guys that were rescored veggies so if you spot someone with
0:10:48the yellow strips of the badge don't hesitate to ask them about some very practical
0:10:52things like for example the longest one or less check word
0:10:56and the and so on
0:10:59then well i come to these practical things about eating and drinking so you know
0:11:04this is czech republic globals is somewhere to the east so definitely there is here
0:11:09everywhere but it would like to critically remind you that we have also examined when
0:11:15they are in some more area
0:11:17so we specially dry
0:11:19white wines excellent
0:11:21but in the north
0:11:23of more area with have also many people this delighting pretty much anything that's a
0:11:27contains sugar
0:11:29so if you if you ask a for anything that is ending with the I
0:11:33C E this is not to be pronounced the size but it's a
0:11:37next remove it simmering curve it's dictionary so whatever the you won't be disappointed but
0:11:42you very much stronger than any are probably used to
0:11:46then well one
0:11:48eating and drinking there will be location
0:11:51the exercise this activity in the in the bank at of course so we will
0:11:55have it in a very historical place are should bishop's palace so for all of
0:12:00as unix said this place was established when no one ever heard about but also
0:12:05actually of the time or not was kind of
0:12:09small which in the middle of nowhere
0:12:11and we will have a music entertainment by a group that is centered the long
0:12:15symbol on word symbol a local music instrument
0:12:21so actually i won't say more about this will have the opportunity to listen to
0:12:26these guys
0:12:27and try out if they can play something more than four or tunes
0:12:31then still pretty much around the food and drinks
0:12:36well not the first one you have your tools that are organised
0:12:41so the first tourists a guided walk through the city of all modes
0:12:47which takes place today tomorrow and the day after tomorrow lasts for two hours and
0:12:54actually if you are interested in these just the let the guys know at the
0:12:59at the reception
0:13:00then for the day there is some here tasting in the bigger brew very smart
0:13:08the vast lusty the U R
0:13:11and for use the
0:13:15there is actually a two are organized to the wine cellars in community
0:13:21it's seventy kilometres from here some the price includes way that the travel wine
0:13:28some food
0:13:29and the well you probably won't be able to see all these beautiful gardens because
0:13:34gram usage is known for their gardens but i think what is gonna happen in
0:13:39the source can compensate for the for the beauty of the gardens
0:13:44okay so that was the bunk at the two Rs now i'm at the very
0:13:49important point and then this is the prices so we had three of them
0:13:54that's the student paper and word
0:13:57that was sponsored the by microsoft
0:14:00you have best paper award sponsored by I B M and best poster word that
0:14:05is actually our own thing
0:14:07so let's begin with the best the student paper
0:14:14well the normally would be just why it with and this over which unfortunately cannot
0:14:20be years so i would ask hynek maybe two
0:14:23and these places these prices over
0:14:27so the papers were selected by the technical committee and the third
0:14:34the student paper those the hierarchical system for word discovery exploiting dtw based initialization why
0:14:41all over water be more courthouse and hold it will but
0:14:46weeks not around
0:14:48any of you guys here
0:14:50very nice
0:15:04so maybe guys we can pose for the for the for the graphic so
0:15:07so that you have a nice photo
0:15:15so the
0:15:17second prize
0:15:19knows the fixed-dimensional acoustic
0:15:21embeddings of variable-length segments in low resource settings like these live in
0:15:26get are in an array
0:15:28and jensen
0:15:29currently the school that's it
0:15:54as you
0:15:59actually things
0:16:01and the first one so the best student paper those two unsupervised induction and filling
0:16:06of semantic slots for spoken dialogue systems using phrase semantic parsing you mention ubm younger
0:16:13on alex we need to P
0:16:17okay very nice
0:16:35okay so that was the student papers
0:16:38for best papers that was sponsored by id and we had to that a site
0:16:43here that is organized the thing and that and over the prices
0:16:47so there is a staircase somewhere over there data or you can jump actually is
0:17:01if you use the unit it's only the point one
0:17:04so the third one goes the convolutional neural network based triangular crf for joint intent
0:17:11detection and slot filling
0:17:14we are two we study carry out
0:17:19and we like any of you you're right
0:17:24anyone else from microsoft that they are
0:17:27for these yes
0:17:49very nice the second price that all of atwv probing the mysteries of keyword search
0:17:56performance is my steve big men out of area atoms in can be neon how
0:18:02much and the mortgage
0:18:23and the first one acoustic data driven pronunciation lexicon for large vocabulary speech recognition by
0:18:30the anglo are not what shall steve renals from anymore
0:18:40okay in regard still sleepy no is T Vs there
0:18:55thank you very much think about
0:18:57so it should it ever there are some the amounts of money on this and
0:19:02the so far enough just the checks
0:19:04so the one that's very important we stopped at the reception very many real money
0:19:10well then we had the best post reward
0:19:13which should be selected by you guys so everyone that got the attention there is
0:19:19on the black arrow the badge
0:19:21so just the latent cost it's to develop what it is the registration please no
0:19:27later than and then there is they i am so that we can so that
0:19:32you can do the scrutiny
0:19:34and we will announce the best based the best poster
0:19:38the closing the thursday before lunch
0:19:42well i'm almost that the end
0:19:44so in case
0:19:47you have questions ideas suggestions
0:19:49there are basically three points so there is the registration desk
0:19:53with the all C stuff
0:19:56that is gonna help you with all the practical the matters
0:19:59then that hynek the and myself would be around
0:20:03and if you need anything and you are not able to find any of us
0:20:07just speak to anyone with this
0:20:10yellow strip
0:20:12batch this is you default so usually they know where to work to find us
0:20:17and does the variance so i've issue
0:20:20gerbils they you normals
0:20:22and the well
0:20:25have a nice week thank you