ASRU 2013

The growing role of speech in Google products

Pedro Moreno (Google)

In this talk I'll give an overview of speech at google, its history, the products where speech is a central component, our existing API's, and how these products and API's have evolved over time. I will also talk about how we see speech in google becoming a more and more important component in google search capabilities. I'll describe the challenges we face and some of the research problems we have to tackle in the coming years to fulfill the dream of a star trek conversational all knowing search engine.


Dr. Pedro J. Moreno co-leads the languages modeling group at the Speech team at Google. His team is in charge of deploying speech recognition services in all supported languages and improving their quality. He joined Google 9 years ago after working as a research scientist at HP Labs. Dr. Moreno completed his Ph.D. studies at Carnegie Mellon University. Before that he completed an Electrical Engineering degree at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain.