ASRU 2013

Speech technologies for data mining, voice analytics and voice biometry

Petr Schwarz (Phonexia & Brno University of Technology)

Several use cases how speech technologies (mainly speech transcription, keyword spotting, language recognition, speaker recognition) are used in call centers, banks, by governmental agencies, or by broad cast service providers for speech data mining, voice analytics or voice biometry will be discussed. Each client and use case has some specific requirements on technology, data handling and services. The requirements and its implication on technology development and research will be mentioned.


Petr Schwarz joined Speech Recognition Group at Brno Univerzity of Technology (BUT) in 1997 when it was based by Honza Cernocky. He helped to lead this group to one of the most successful research group in the world in these days. Petr worked on many research projects sponsored by US, EU or Czech grant agencies, and on many industrial projects. His main research interests were neural networks and phoneme recognition, but he worked on many technologies including speech transcription, keyword spotting, language recognition, speaker recognition, gender recognition and others. Many of the systems were evaluated by NIST. Petr was awarded by silver metal of Brno University of Technology for research. In 2006 Petr and his colleagues based the Phonexia company where is Petr director. Phonexia focus on speech data mining, voice analytic and voice biometry. The company provides speech technologies and solutions to call centers, banks, telecommunication companies, governmental agencies, broadcast service providers, universities and others clients from more than 15 countries over world nowadays.