Biosignal Estimation and Classification

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Presented by: Gaurav Sharma, Author(s): Gaurav Sharma, Arif Harmanci, University of Rochester, United States; David Mathews, University of Rochester Medical Center, United States

TurboFold, an iterative algorithm for estimating the common secondary structures of multiple RNA homologs, is presented. The algorithm is motivated by and has structure and attributes analogous to the turbo decoding algorithm in communications. Instead of solving the joint problem of aligning and folding multiple RNA sequences, TurboFold uses an iterative process to fold a collection of RNA homologs. Beneficial information from inter-sequence comparisons is incorporated by using feedback from iteration to iteration in the form of pseudo-prior probabilities for base pairing which are incorporated in the computation of base pairing probabilities. As a result Turbo-Fold retains several of the advantages of join alignment and folding while maintaining a per iteration computational complexity comparable to single sequence RNA folding. Experimental evaluation of the algorithm, performed over six ncRNA families, demonstrates that TurboFold achieves high accuracy, offering better performance than available alternatives for estimating RNA base pairing probabilities.


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